Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – siRiya thirumadal

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siRiya thirumadal – 1 – kArAr varaikAr Ar varai kongaiHaving the divine mountains (of thirumAlirunjOlai and thiruvEngadam), which are laden with clouds, as her bosoms
siRiya thirumadal – 1 – kArAr varaikaNNAr kadal udukkaiHaving the expansive ocean as her sari
siRiya thirumadal – 1 – kArAr varaisIr Ar sudar suttihaving sun, with its beautiful rays, as thilakam (pattern on the forehead), a decorative ornament
siRiya thirumadal – 1 – kArAr varaisem kazhaluzhi pEr ARuthe huge river (kAviri) which is reddish and muddled
siRiya thirumadal – 2 – pErAra mArvilpEr Aram mArvilbeing one decorated with distinguished chains on her chest
siRiya thirumadal – 2 – pErAra mArvilperu mA mazhai kUndhalhaving huge, dark clouds as her tresses
siRiya thirumadal – 2 – pErAra mArvilAram nIr vElihaving the AvaraNa jalam (water around the periphery of universe) as her protection
siRiya thirumadal – 2 – pErAra mArvilnila mangai ennumbeing called as SrI bhUmippirAtti
siRiya thirumadal – 3 – pArOr solappattaip pArOrby the people living in this world
siRiya thirumadal – 3 – pArOr solappattasolappattathe purushArthams (end goals) mentioned by them
siRiya thirumadal – 3 – pArOr solappattamUnRu anREaren’t they three?
siRiya thirumadal – 3 – pArOr solappattaam mUnRum ArAyilif one were to analyse as to which these three are
siRiya thirumadal – 3 – pArOr solappattaaRam poruL inbam enRu thAnEthey are dharmam (righteousness), artham (wealth) and kAmam (love)
siRiya thirumadal – 4 – ArAr ivaRRinivarRRinidaiamong these three purushArthams
siRiya thirumadal – 4 – ArAr ivaRRinadhanai eydhuvAr Ar Arwho all would attain the purushArtham of kAmam (love)
siRiya thirumadal – 4 – ArAr ivaRRinsIr Ar iru kalaiyum eydhuvarsuch people are considered to have attained the other two purushArthams of dharmam (righteousness) and arththam (wealth)
siRiya thirumadal – 5 – ArAnum uNdenbArArAnumthose with deficiency in knowledge
siRiya thirumadal – 5 – ArAnum uNdenbArchikkena maRRu uNdu enbArwill say that there is another stable purushArtham (of mOksham, liberation)
siRiya thirumadal – 5 – ArAnum uNdenbArenbadhudhAn adhuvumthat which is mentioned (by them)
siRiya thirumadal – 5 – ArAnum uNdenbArulagaththAr sollum solthe word and the deed which is mentioned by the worldly people
siRiya thirumadal – 5 – ArAnum uNdenbArOrAmai anREaren’t these mentioned without analysing properly
siRiya thirumadal – 5 – ArAnum uNdenbAradhu OrAmai Am ARu uraikkEnI will clarify (to you) that it has been mentioned without analysing
siRiya thirumadal – 5 – ArAnum uNdenbArkEL AmECould you listen to that (by lending your ears)? (Please listen!)
siRiya thirumadal – 5 – ArAnum uNdenbArkAr Ar puravi Ezh pUNda thani Azhione which traverses the skies, reined by seven horses and having one wheel
siRiya thirumadal – 6 – thErAr niRaikadhirOnthEr Arone who is fitting well in the chariot
siRiya thirumadal – 6 – thErAr niRaikadhirOnniRai kadhirOnsun, with complete set of rays
siRiya thirumadal – 6 – thErAr niRaikadhirOnmaNdalaththai kINdu pukkuspeeding away, piercing through the sun’s orbit
siRiya thirumadal – 6 – thErAr niRaikadhirOnanguparamapadham which is at a long distance
siRiya thirumadal – 6 – thErAr niRaikadhirOnArA amudham eydhiattaining the supreme being who is like the most enjoyable nectar
siRiya thirumadal – 6 – thErAr niRaikadhirOnadhil ninRum vArAdhu ozhivadhu onRu uNdEis it proper to say that one who goes to that paramapadham will remain there forever, without returning [to samsAram]?
siRiya thirumadal – 6 – thErAr niRaikadhirOnadhu niRkalet that matter be, for the present.
siRiya thirumadal – 7 – ErAr muyalEr Ar muyal vittuleaving aside the beautiful rabbit
siRiya thirumadal – 7 – ErAr muyalkAkkai pin pOvadhEwill anyone go behind (the useless) crow?
siRiya thirumadal – 7 – ErAr muyalEr Ar iLa mulaiyIrOh women with beautiful, youthful bosoms
siRiya thirumadal – 7 – ErAr muyalen thanakku uRRadhudhAnwhatever happened to me (I will tell you; listen)
siRiya thirumadal – 8 – kArAr kuzhalkAr Ar kuzhal eduththuk kattitaking up the tresses and tying them up (so that they will not be dishevelled)
siRiya thirumadal – 8 – kArAr kuzhalkadhir mulaiyaithe resplendent bosoms
siRiya thirumadal – 8 – kArAr kuzhalvAr Ara vIkkibinding them tightly so that they would fill out the corset
siRiya thirumadal – 8 – kArAr kuzhalmaNimEgalai thiruththiproperly wearing the waist cord which is decorated with gems
siRiya thirumadal – 9 – ArAr ayilAr Ar ayil vEl kaNin the eyes which are beautiful and sharp like a spear
siRiya thirumadal – 9 – ArAr ayilanjanaththin nIRu aNindhuapplying powdered black pigment [mixed in oil]
siRiya thirumadal – 9 – ArAr ayilsIr Ar sezhu pandhu koNdutaking a beautiful ball in the hand
siRiya thirumadal – 9 – ArAr ayilnAn adiyA ninREnI was playing with it! (during that time)
siRiya thirumadal – 10 – nIrAr kamalamnIr Ar kamalam pOl sem kaNone who has reddish eyes similar to lotus, which is present in abundance in water bodies
siRiya thirumadal – 10 – nIrAr kamalammAl enRa oruvanthe purusha (supreme entity) who is called as thirumAl
siRiya thirumadal – 10 – nIrAr kamalampArOrgaL ellAm magizhasuch that all the people of the world are happy
siRiya thirumadal – 10 – nIrAr kamalampaRai kaRangawith the musical instrument paRai (a kind of drum) reverberating
siRiya thirumadal – 11 – sIrAr kudamsIr Ar kudam iraNdu Endhiholding two distinguished pots in his hand
siRiya thirumadal – 11 – sIrAr kudamsezhum theruvEon this huge street
siRiya thirumadal – 11 – sIrAr kudamAr Ar enach chollicrying out “Is there anyone (who could escape from these pots)”
siRiya thirumadal – 11 – sIrAr kudamAdum adhu kaNdulooking at the way he was dancing with the pots
siRiya thirumadal – 11 – sIrAr kudamEr Ari La mulaiyArwomen with beautiful, youthful bosoms
siRiya thirumadal – 11 – sIrAr kudamennaiyarum ellArummy mothers and my friends, all of them
siRiya thirumadal – 12 – vArAyO enRArkkuvArAyO enRArkkuTo those who said “Hey! Will you not come to see?” (in agreement)
siRiya thirumadal – 12 – vArAyO enRArkkuen val vinaiyAldue to my cruel sins
siRiya thirumadal – 12 – vArAyO enRArkkusenREnI went (with them to that place)
siRiya thirumadal – 12 – vArAyO enRArkkuAfter I went,
siRiya thirumadal – 12 – vArAyO enRArkkukAr Ar maNi niRamumthe colour of bluish gem (that I had attained earlier when I was together with him)
siRiya thirumadal – 12 – vArAyO enRArkkukai vaLaiyumthe bangles which were on my hand
siRiya thirumadal – 12 – vArAyO enRArkkunAn kANEnI lost
siRiya thirumadal – 13 – ArAnum solliRRumArAnum solliRRum(among friends and relatives) if anyone says something good [for me], even that
siRiya thirumadal – 13 – ArAnum solliRRumkoLLEnI will not listen to that
siRiya thirumadal – 13 – ArAnum solliRRumaRivu azhindhugetting (my) intellect destroyed
siRiya thirumadal – 13 – ArAnum solliRRumthIrA udamboduwith the body which will not get destroyed
siRiya thirumadal – 13 – ArAnum solliRRumpEdhu uRuvEnI, who was like a mad person
siRiya thirumadal – 14 – ErAr kiLikkiLaviEr Ar kiLi kiLavi em anai kaNdu irangimy mother, who has a speech which is similar to that of a beautiful parrot, took pity on me, seeing me
siRiya thirumadal – 14 – ErAr kiLikkiLavithAn vandhucame on her own (near me)
siRiya thirumadal – 14 – ErAr kiLikkiLaviennaifor me
siRiya thirumadal – 14 – ErAr kiLikkiLavisIr Ar sezhum puzhudhikAppu ittuprotecting me by applying the powder from the divine feet of great, distinguished bhAgavathas
siRiya thirumadal – 14 – ErAr kiLikkiLavisem kurinji thAr Ar naRu mAllai sAththaRkufor SAsthA, another deity, who wears the fragrant flowers of kurinji (a hilly flower)
siRiya thirumadal – 14 – ErAr kiLikkiLavithAn pinnumshe, who hadn’t so far [done]
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRunErAdhana onRu nErndhALshe carried out an anjali (cupping the palms together as a mark of worship) which she had never carried out.
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRuadhanAlum en sindhai nOy thIrAdhudespite that, my mental illness has not been cured.
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRuen pEdhuRavu thIrAdhumy distress [bewilderment] too has not been cured.
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRumAmai vArAdhuthe colour of my form, which I lost, has not returned.
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRumaRRufurther
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRuAngE ArAnum mUdhu aRiyum ammanaimArsome old women who were there, familiar with stories of old [happenings of past]
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRuadhu kaNdulooking at my state
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRusolluvArstarted speaking (to provide means for overcoming my disease).
siRiya thirumadal – 15 – nErAdhana onRu(What they said was that#8230;..)
siRiya thirumadal – 16 – pArOr solappadumpArOr solappadum kattuppaduththir El ArAnum meyppaduvan enRArthey (old women) said “There is a practice called as fortune-telling [predicting as to what will happen in future], among the people. If you carry this out, whoever (had created this disease) would be revealed truthfully”.
siRiya thirumadal – 16 – pArOr solappadumadhu kEttuhearing those words which they were saying
siRiya thirumadal – 16 – pArOr solappadumkAr Ar kuzhal koNdaione with black tresses
siRiya thirumadal – 16 – pArOr solappadumkattuvichchia hilly tribal woman who is an expert in fortune-telling
siRiya thirumadal – 16 – pArOr solappadum(coming on her own, without anyone inviting her)
siRiya thirumadal – 16 – pArOr solappadumkattERipossessed by a divine power
siRiya thirumadal – 17 – sIrAr suLagilsIr Ar suLagil sila nel pidiththu eRiyApicking a few grains of paddy from a beautiful winnow and throwing them in the front
siRiya thirumadal – 17 – sIrAr suLagilvErAperspiring
siRiya thirumadal – 17 – sIrAr suLagilvidhir vidhirAbreaking down
siRiya thirumadal – 17 – sIrAr suLagil mey silirAhaving goose bumps
siRiya thirumadal – 17 – sIrAr suLagilkai mOvAsmelling the hand
siRiya thirumadal – 18 – pEr AyirampEr Ayiram udaiyAn enRALshe [fortune teller] said that only emperumAn, who has a thousand divine names [caused this disease]
siRiya thirumadal – 18 – pEr AyirampErththEyumfurther
siRiya thirumadal – 19 – kArAr thirumEnikAr Ar thirumEni kAttinALshe showed (his) divine form which is like monsoon cloud, as a simile.
siRiya thirumadal – 19 – kArAr thirumEnikaiyadhuvumpresent in his divine hand
siRiya thirumadal – 19 – kArAr thirumEnisIr Ar valampuriyE enRALshe showed through gestures that it is only the beautiful conch, curling to the right hand side.
siRiya thirumadal – 20 – thArAr naRumAlaithiru thuzhAy thAr Ar naRumAlai katturaiththALshe showed through gestures, the fragrant garland made with divine thuLasi flowers
siRiya thirumadal – 20 – thArAr naRumAlaikatturaiyAthus, having shown all these through gestures (she said through spoken words)
siRiya thirumadal – 20 – thArAr naRumAlainIr Edhum anjElmin“You do not have to be afraid”
siRiya thirumadal – 20 – thArAr naRumAlainum magaLai nOy seydhAnthe one who had caused (this) disease for your daughter
siRiya thirumadal – 20 – thArAr naRumAlaiArAnum allanhe is not some lowly deity
siRiya thirumadal – 20 – thArAr naRumAlaiavanai nAn aRindhEnI have found out as to who is that person (who had hurt parakAla nAyagi)
siRiya thirumadal – 21 – kUrAr vERkaNNIrkUr Ar vEl kaNNIrOh women, who have eyes as sharp as a spear!
siRiya thirumadal – 21 – kUrAr vERkaNNIrumakku aRiya kURugEnOShall I inform you (about him)?
siRiya thirumadal – 21 – kUrAr vERkaNNIri vaiyam ArAl adi aLappu uNdadhuby whom this earth was measured
siRiya thirumadal – 22 – ArAl ilangaiilangai ArAl podipodi A vIzhndhadhuby whom was lankA blown to smithereens and destroyed?
siRiya thirumadal – 22 – ArAl ilangaiArAlE kal mAri kAththadhuby whom was the hailstorm prevented
siRiya thirumadal – 23 – ArAl kadaindhuAzhi nIrocean
siRiya thirumadal – 23 – ArAl kadaindhuArAl kadaindhidappattadhuwas agitated by whosoever
siRiya thirumadal – 23 – ArAl kadaindhuavan kANminthe distinguished person who carried out all those activities
siRiya thirumadal – 23 – ArAl kadaindhuUr A nirai mEyththugrazing all the herds of cattle in that place
siRiya thirumadal – 23 – ArAl kadaindhuulagu ellAm uNdu umizhndhumswallowing the worlds (during the time of deluge) and spitting them out (during the time of creation)
siRiya thirumadal – 24 – ArAdha thanmaiyanAyAngu ArAdha thanmaiyan Aybeing dissatisfied, having to be in paramapadham
siRiya thirumadal – 24 – ArAdha thanmaiyanAy(incarnating as kaNNa (SrI krishNa))
siRiya thirumadal – 24 – ArAdha thanmaiyanAyoru nALon one fine day
siRiya thirumadal – 24 – ArAdha thanmaiyanAyAyppadiin thiruvAyppAdi (SrI gOkulam)
siRiya thirumadal – 25 – sIrAr kalaiyalgulsIr Ar kalai algul sIr adi sem thuvar vAyone having a waist draped with a beautiful sari, having beautiful legs, having deep reddish mouth
siRiya thirumadal – 26 – vArAr vanamulaiyALvAr Ar vana mulaiyALyaSOdhA, who has beautiful bosoms, draped in corset
siRiya thirumadal – 26 – vArAr vanamulaiyALmaththu Ara paRRikkoNduholding on to the churning-staff firmly
siRiya thirumadal – 27 – ErAr idaiErAr idai nOvasuch that the beautiful waist gets hurt
siRiya thirumadal – 27 – ErAr idaieththanai Or pOdhum Ayfor a very long time
siRiya thirumadal – 27 – ErAr idaisIr Ar thayir kadaindhuchurning the great curd
siRiya thirumadal – 27 – ErAr idaivEr Ar nudhal madavALthat yaSOdhA, who was perspiring from her forehead (due to the effort of churning)
siRiya thirumadal – 27 – ErAr idaivERu Or kalaththu ittukeeping it in another vessel
siRiya thirumadal – 28 – nArAr uRinAr uRi ERRikeeping [the butter obtained after churning curd] on a pot suspended by a network of ropes (such that even a finger cannot enter it)
siRiya thirumadal – 28 – nArAr uRinangu amaiya vaiththadhanaikept in the most protected way
siRiya thirumadal – 28 – nArAr uRipOr Ar vEl kaN madavALthat yaSOdhA who has (sharp) eyes which are like a warring spear
siRiya thirumadal – 28 – nArAr uRipOm thanaiyumuntil she went out
siRiya thirumadal – 28 – nArAr uRiOrAdhavan pOl poy uRakkam uRangifeigning sleep as if he knew nothing
siRiya thirumadal – 28 – nArAr uRiaRivu uRRuwaking up (soon after she left)
siRiya thirumadal – 29 – thArAr thadamthAr Ar thada thOLgaL uL aLavum kai nIttigetting the divine huge shoulders, which are adorned with a garland, to go right down to the bottom of the pot
siRiya thirumadal – 29 – thArAr thadamArAdha veNNey vizhungieating butter, which does not satiate him (however much he eats)
siRiya thirumadal – 29 – thArAr thadamarugu irundhalying beside (the pot of butter)
siRiya thirumadal – 30 – mOrAr kudamuruttimOr Ar kudamthe pot which is full of buttermilk
siRiya thirumadal – 30 – mOrAr kudamuruttiuruttimaking it to roll (to manifest his lack of desire in it)
siRiya thirumadal – 30 – mOrAr kudamuruttimun kidandha thAnaththEin the same place where he was lying earlier
siRiya thirumadal – 30 – mOrAr kudamuruttiOrAdhavan pOlas if he did not know anything
siRiya thirumadal – 30 – mOrAr kudamuruttikidandhAnaikaNNa, who was lying down
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAnavaLum vArA kaNduthat yaSOdhA too, on reaching and seeing
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAnthAn vaiththadhu kANALnot finding the butter that she had kept (in the uRi)
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAnvayiRu adiththubeating herself on her stomach (wondering if eating this amount of butter would lead to indigestion for kaNNa)
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAnaiyar ivar allALother than this great person
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAningu pugudhuvar Ar Arwho else can enter this place?
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAn(There is no one else. Making sure that only this person has stolen it)
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAnidhu seydhIr nIrAm enRusaying ‘only you have done this’
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAnthIrA veguLiyaLAywith uncontrolled anger
siRiya thirumadal – 31 – vArAththAnOr nedu kayiRRAlwith a short rope that her hands could reach out to
siRiya thirumadal – 32 – UrArgaL ellArumUrArgaLellAm kANa(such simplicity) to be seen by all the people in the village
siRiya thirumadal – 32 – UrArgaL ellArumuralOdEto a [grinding] mortar
siRiya thirumadal – 32 – UrArgaL ellArumchikkena Arththu adippato tie down firmly and beat
siRiya thir umadal – 32 – UrArgaL ellArumArA vayiRRinOdu ARRAdhAnone who stood with sorrow and his stomach hurting
siRiya thirumadal – 32 – UrArgaL ellArumanRiyumfurther
siRiya thirumadal – 33 – nIrAr nedumnIr Ar nedu kayaththai senRugoing to a deep place in a huge pond which was full of water
siRiya thirumadal – 33 – nIrAr nedumalaikka ninRu urappiagitating it (along with thousand others, mischievous just like him), in such a way that water would flow out like a flood
siRiya thirumadal – 34 – OrAyiram paNaOr Ayiram paNa vengO iyal nAgaththaikALiyan, having thousand hoods and having a cruel nature like yama (the deity of righteousness)
siRiya thirumadal – 34 – OrAyiram paNaenakku vArAy enRucalling him out for a duel with him
siRiya thirumadal – 34 – OrAyiram paNamaRRadhan maththagaththuatop his head
siRiya thirumadal – 34 – OrAyiram paNasIr Ar thiruvadiyAl pAyndhAnjumped and danced with his beautiful divine feet
siRiya thirumadal – 34 – OrAyiram paNathan sIthaikkufor sIthA, his consort
siRiya thirumadal – 35 – nEr AvannEr Avan enRuone who said “I am equal“
siRiya thirumadal – 35 – nEr AvanOr nisAsari vandhALaione who came running, the demon sUrpaNakA (asking SrI rAma to marry her)
siRiya thirumadal – 36 – kUrArAndhakUrArndha vALAlwith a sharp sword
siRiya thirumadal – 36 – kUrArAndhakodi mUkkum kAdhu iraNdAmnose which is like a creeper and the two ears
siRiya thirumadal – 37 – IrA viduththuIrA viduththusevered and drove [sUrpaNakA]
siRiya thirumadal – 37 – IrA viduththuavatku mUththOnaikara, her elder brother
siRiya thirumadal – 37 – IrA viduththuvem naragamfor him to go now to another cruel narakam (hell)
siRiya thirumadal – 37 – IrA viduththusErA vagaiyE silai kuniththAnhe [SrI rAma] stood with his bow drawn, giving all sorts of troubles which kara would undergo in narakam such that he need not experience more troubles (in another narakam more cruel than this)
siRiya thirumadal – 37 – IrA viduththusem thuvar vAyone who has very reddish lips
siRiya thirumadal – 38 – vArAr vanamulaiyALvAr Ar vana mulaiyALone having beautiful bosom, donning a corset
siRiya thirumadal – 38 – vArAr vanamulaiyALvaidhEvi kAraNam Afor sIthAppirAtti
siRiya thirumadal – 38 – vArAr vanamulaiyALEr Ar thada thOL irAvaNanairAvaNa, who has beautiful, huge shoulders
siRiya thirumadal – 38 – vArAr vanamulaiyALsIr Ar siram aRuththu cheRRusevering the ten great heads, and killing
siRiya thirumadal – 38 – vArAr vanamulaiyALugandha(having destroyed the enemy of sages), feeling happy in his divine mind
siRiya thirumadal – 38 – vArAr vanamulaiyALsem kaN mAlkaNNa, with lotus like eyes
siRiya thirumadal – 39 – pOrAr neduvElOnpOrAr neduvElOn ponpeyarOn AgaththaihiraNya kashyapu (always) has the battle-ready long spear. That hiraNya’s chest . . . . .
siRiya thirumadal – 40 – kUrArndha vaLLurgirAlkUr Arndha vaLLugirAl kINdusplitting with sharp, divine nails which were close together
siRiya thirumadal – 40 – kUrArndha vaLLurgirAlkudal(plucking out) the intestine of that demon
siRiya thirumadal – 40 – kUrArndha vaLLurgirAlsIr Ar thirumArbin mEl mAlai kattiwearing that as a victorious garland on the chest which is the dwelling place for the valorous lakshmi
siRiya thirumadal – 41 – sOrAk kidandhAnaisem kurudhi sOrAk kidandhAnaithat demon who was lying in a flood of blood
siRiya thirumadal – 41 – sOrAk kidandhAnaikungamaththOL kotti[emperumAn] beating himself on his shoulders which were decorated with v ermillion powder (as a symbol of having emerged victoriously)
siRiya thirumadal – 41 – sOrAk kidandhAnaiArA ezhundhAnone who stood up tumultuously
siRiya thirumadal – 41 – sOrAk kidandhAnaianRiyumapart from that
siRiya thirumadal – 41 – sOrAk kidandhAnaipEr vAman Agiya kAlaththuwhen he took the divine incarnation as dwarfish vAmana
siRiya thirumadal – 42 – thArAy enakkenRumAvaliyaiwith mahAbali
siRiya thirumadal – 42 – thArAy enakkenRumU adi maN enakku thArAy enRu vENdiasking him “Grant me three steps of land”
siRiya thirumadal – 42 – thArAy enakkenRunIr ERRuaccepting the water which mahAbali poured on his hand
siRiya thirumadal – 42 – thArAy enakkenRusalaththinAlwith the deception of showing small foot and measuring with large foot
siRiya thirumadal – 42 – thArAy enakkenRuninRurising up
siRiya thirumadal – 42 – thArAy enakkenRuulagu ellAm aLandhAnmeasured and took possession of all the worlds
siRiya thirumadal – 42 – thArAy enakkenRuArAdha pOrilin the impossible-to-achieve battle between dhEvas (celestial entities) and asuras (demons)
siRiya thirumadal – 42 – thArAy enakkenRuasurargaLum thAnumAyhe and the asuras
siRiya thirumadal – 43 – kArAr varaikAr Ar varai nattuanchoring the manthara mountain (a celestial mountain), which has monsoon cloud (as the shaft for churning)
siRiya thirumadal – 43 – kArAr varainAgam kayiRAgausing the snake vAsuki as the rope for churning
siRiya thirumadal – 43 – kArAr varaipErAmal thAngisustaining that mountain so that it does not shift sideways or below or above, [during the churning process]
siRiya thirumadal – 43 – kArAr varaithiru thuzhAy thAr Arndha mArvan kadaindhAnhe churned the ocean donning a garland of thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) on his chest.
siRiya thirumadal – 43 – kArAr varaithadam mAl varai pOlum pOr Anaian elephant in exultation, which was like a huge mountain
siRiya thirumadal – 44 – pOrAnai poygaivAypoygai vAy kOL pattu ninRu alaRifeeling distressed after being caught in water, in the mouth of a crocodile
siRiya thirumadal – 44 – pOrAnai poygaivAyOr nedu kaiyAl nIr Ar kamalam malar koNduwith a long trunk, taking lotus flowers which had just then blossomed
siRiya thirumadal – 44 – pOrAnai poygaivAyO nArAyaNA! maNivaNNA! nAgaNaiyAy!“Oh nArAyaNa! Oh one with blue gemstone like complex! Oh one who is lying on the serpent-bed!
siRiya thirumadal – 44 – pOrAnai poygaivAyvArAy en Ar idarai nIkkAy enayou should come; you should mercifully remove my great sorrow” crying out loudly, like this
siRiya thirumadal – 44 – pOrAnai poygaivAy(hearing that cry of despair)
siRiya thirumadal – 44 – pOrAnai poygaivAyveguNdugetting furious (on the crocodile)
siRiya thirumadal – 45 – thIrAdha sIRRaththAlthIrAdha sIRRaththAl senRugoing (to the bank of that pond) with uncontrolled fury
siRiya thirumadal – 45 – thIrAdha sIRRaththAliraNdu kURAgaas two pieces
siRiya thirumadal – 45 – thIrAdha sIRRaththAlIrAsplit (that crocodile)
siRiya thirumadal – 45 – thIrAdha sIRRaththAladhanai idar kadindhAn emperumAnemperumAn who removed the sorrow of gajEndhran
siRiya thirumadal – 46 – pErAyiram udaiyAnpEr Ayiram udaiyAnone who has a thousand names (which reflect such innumerable activities)
siRiya thirumadal – 46 – pErAyiram udaiyAn(only that emperumAn)
siRiya thirumadal – 46 – pErAyiram udaiyAnpEy peNdIrOh womenfolk, who have lost your sense of knowledge
siRiya thirumadal – 46 – pErAyiram udaiyAnthIrA nOy seydhAn ena uraiththAL(the fortune teller) ended her narration saying that only he caused such incurable disease.
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmaiengaL ammanaiyum(further) my mother
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmaimaRRu ArAnum allAmai chikkena kEttuafter hearing firmly that no other lowly deity is the reason for this disease
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmaipOr Ar vEl kaNNIrOh friends who have eyes like a spear which is battle-ready [implying that the eyes are sharp]!
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmaiavanAgilif it is emperumAn (who caused this disease)
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmaipU thuzhAy thArAdhu ozhiyumEwill he not give his prasAdham (mercy) of thuLasi which she [parakAla nAyagi] so desires
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmaithan adichchi allaLE(she is) his servitor
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmaimaRRu ArAnum allanE enRu ozhindhAL(the mother) left without any worry, after saying that there is surely no one else who has caused this disease
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmainAnI (meanwhile)
siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmaiavanaihis
siRiya thirumadal – 48 – kArAr thirumEnikAr Ar thirumEni kaNdadhuvE kAraNamAworshipping his blackish form, as the reason
siRiya thirumadal – 48 – kArAr thirumEnipErA pidhaRRA pinnaiyum thiri tharuvantransforming (from thirumangai AzhwAr, as a male, to parakAla nAyagi, as a female), talking incoherently, and furthermore, roaming around [aimlessly]
siRiya thirumadal – 48 – kArAr thirumEnithaN vAdaithe cool breeze
siRiya thirumadal – 48 – kArAr thirumEniivvudalai IrAp pugudhalumentering my body after splitting it
siRiya thirumadal – 49 – sOrA maRukkumsOrA maRukkumcreating tiredness and troubling
siRiya thirumadal – 49 – sOrA maRukkumvagai aRiyEnI am unable to describe the ways to trouble
siRiya thirumadal – 49 – sOrA maRukkumsUzh kuzhalAr ArAnumany lady with abundant tresses
siRiya thirumadal – 49 – sOrA maRukkumEsuvar ennum adhan pazhiyaidue to the blame from their abuse
siRiya thirumadal – 49 – sOrA maRukkumvArAmal kAppadhaRkuto prevent from reaching
siRiya thirumadal – 49 – sOrA maRukkumvALA irundhu ozhindhEnI did not do anything
siRiya thirumadal – 50 – vArAy madanenjEmada nenjEOh mind which has lost its intellect!
siRiya thirumadal – 50 – vArAy madanenjEvArAyget up (to go as a messenger)
siRiya thirumadal – 50 – vArAy madanenjEvandhugoing near that emperumAn
siRiya thirumadal – 50 – vArAy madanenjEmaNivaNNanthat emperumAn who has a form similar to a bluish gem
siRiya thirumadal – 50 – vArAy madanenjEnamakku aruLishowering his grace on us
siRiya thirumadal – 50 – vArAy madanenjEsIr Ar thiru thuzhAy mAlaidistinguished thuLasi garland
siRiya thirumadal – 50 – vArAy madanenjEthArAn tharum enRu iraNdaththil onRadhanaia word, whether he will grant it or not (word which I sent him [as a message through my mind])
siRiya thirumadal – 51 – ArAnum onnAdhAronnAdhAr ArAnum kELAmE sonnakkAlwhen you tell him [my words] without anyone, who is not favourable to him, listening
siRiya thirumadal – 51 – ArAnum onnAdhArpaNi kEttuafter hearing those words
siRiya thirumadal – 51 – ArAnum onnAdhArArAyumElumwhether he enquires (affectionately)
siRiya thiruma dal – 51 – ArAnum onnAdhAradhu anRu enilumor he totally denies knowing about me
siRiya thirumadal – 51 – ArAnum onnAdhArnI pOrAdhu ozhiyAdhE pOndhiducome back here, soon, without staying there itself
siRiya thirumadal – 51 – ArAnum onnAdhArenRERkuagreeing with my words
siRiya thirumadal – 52 – kArAr kadalkAr Ar kadal vaNNan pin pOnaone which went near the dark ocean complexioned [emperumAn]
siRiya thirumadal – 52 – kArAr kadalnenjamummy mind
siRiya thirumadal – 52 – kArAr kadalvArAdhEwithout any thought of returning
siRiya thirumadal – 52 – kArAr kadalennai maRandhadhudhAnstayed there itself, forgetting me
siRiya thirumadal – 52 – kArAr kadalval vinaiyEnI, the heinous sinner
siRiya thirumadal – 53 – UrAr ugappadhEUrAr ugappadhE AyinEnI was in ruins such that the world celebrated.
siRiya thirumadal – 53 – UrAr ugappadhEenakku ingu maRRuno one else here, for me
siRiya thirumadal – 53 – UrAr ugappadhEArAyvAr illainone with whom I could talk
siRiya thirumadal – 53 – UrAr ugappadhEen Avimy AthmA
siRiya thirumadal – 53 – UrAr ugappadhEazhal vAy mezhugu pOl nIrAy urugumstarted melting like wax kept near fire
siRiya thirumadal – 53 – UrAr ugappadhEnedu kaNgaL thAnthe long eyes too
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilumUrAr uRangilum uRangAeven when everyone else in that place sleeps, they [the long eyes] will not sleep
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilumuththaman thanthat supreme entity’s
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilumpEr AyinavEonly his divine names
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilumpidhaRRuvanI kept saying incoherently.
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilummElumfurther
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilumkArAr kadal pOlum kAmaththar AyinArthose who have unlimited lust, like the deep sea
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilumArEwho
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilumpollAmai aRivArwill know what is not in line with one’s basic nature
siRiya thirumadal – 54 – UrAr uRangilumadhu niRkalet that remain
siRiya thirumadal – 55 – ArAnum AdhAnumavaL ArAnum AdhAnum allaL kANIrshe is not any ordinary person (she is very intelligent)
siRiya thirumadal – 55 – ArAnum AdhAnumvAr Ar vana mulaiy vAsavadhaththai enRushe, who has covered her bosoms in a corset, is known as vAsavadhaththai.
siRiya thirumadal – 55 – ArAnum AdhAnumArAnum sollap paduvALshe is praised by all
siRiya thirumadal – 55 – ArAnum AdhAnumavaLumthat vAsavadhaththai too
siRiya thirumadal – 55 – ArAnum AdhAnumthan pEr Ayam ellAm ozhiyaleaving aside all her friends
siRiya thirumadal – 55 – ArAnum AdhAnumperum theruvEin a huge street
siRiya thirumadal – 56 – thAr ArthAr Ar thada thOL thalai kAlan pin pOnALshe went behind vathsarAjan [her beloved] who has huge shoulders with garland decorating them, and who had his legs chained
siRiya thirumadal – 56 – thAr ArUrAr igazhndhitappattALEWas she spoken ill of, by the people? (no)
siRiya thirumadal – 56 – thAr Aringuin my present state
siRiya thirumadal – 56 – thAr Arenakkufor me (who has this determination)
siRiya thirumadal – 56 – thAr ArmaRRum kaRpippArthose who counselled patience which is opposite of my determination
siRiya thirumadal – 56 – thAr ArArAnumwhoever it may be
siRiya thirumadal – 56 – thAr ArnAyagarEcan their words be binding on me? (I will not listen to them)
siRiya thirumadal – 56 – thAr ArnAn avanaiI will, his [emperumAn’s]
siRiya thirumadal – 57 – kArAr thirumEnikAr Ar thirumEni kANum aLavum pOygoing from place to place [one divine abode to another] until I see his divine form which is like a dark cloud
siRiya thirumadal – 57 – kArAr thirumEnisIr Ar thiruvEngadamE thirukkOvalUrEthe eminent thiruvEngadam and thirukkOvalUr
siRiya thirumadal – 58 – UrE madhitkatchimadhiL kachchi UragamEUragam, which is within the fortified kAnchi
siRiya thirumadal – 58 – UrE madhitkatchipEragamEthe sannidhi in appakkudaththAn, thiruppEr
siRiya thirumadal – 58 – UrE madhitkatchipErA maRudhu iRuththAn veLLaRaiyEthiruveLLaRai where kaNNa, who broke through the two marudha trees which were erect, has taken residence
siRiya thirumadal – 58 – UrE madhitkatchivehkAvEthiruvehkA
siRiya thirumadal – 59 – pErAli thaNkAlpErAli thaNkAl naRaiyUr thiruppuliyUrThe famous divine abode of thiruvAli nagar, thiruththaNkAl, thirunaRaiyUr, kutta nAttu thiruppuliyUr
siRiya thirumadal – 60 – ArAmam sUzhndhaArAmam sUzhndha arangam kaNamangaithiruvarangam, which is surrounded by beautiful gardens, thirukkaNNamangai
siRiya thirumadal – 61 – kArAr maNi niRathiruviNNagar, which is the divine abode of kaNNapirAn with the complexion of bluish gemstone, the great thirukkaNNapuram, thiruchchERai, thErazhundhUr, thirukkudandhai which is full of water bodies, great kadigai mountain (chOlasimhapuram), thirukkadalmallai
siRiya thirumadal – 62 – ErAr pozhilErAr pozhil sUzh idavendhai nIrmalaithiruvidavendhai which is surrounded by beautiful gardens, thirunIrmalai
siRiya thirumadal – 62 – ErAr pozhilsIrArum mAlirunjOlai thirumOgUrbeautiful thirumAlirunjOlai, thirumOgur
siRiya thirumadal – 63 – pArOr pugazhumpArOr pugazhum vadhari vadamadhuraiSrI badharikASramam, which is praised by all the people of the world, mathurA which is in the northern direction
siRiya thirumadal – 63 – pArOr pugazhumUr Aya ellAm ozhiyAmEwithout missing any of the divine abodes (entering all those places)
siRiya thirumadal – 64 – OrAnai kombuOr Anai kombu osiththu Or Anai kOL viduththa sIrAnaihaving attained the greatness of being partial by breaking the tusk of one elephant, kuvalayApIdam and removing the suffering of another elephant gajEndhran
siRiya thirumadal – 64 – OrAnai kombusem kaN nediyAnaihaving reddish eyes and being unreachable for me
siRiya thirumadal – 64 – OrAnai kombuthEn thuzhAy(being separated from me) thuLasi with honey dripping from it
siRiya thirumadal – 64 – OrAnai kombuthArAnaidonning the garland
siRiya thirumadal – 64 – OrAnai kombueN aru sIr pEr Ayiramum pidhaRRiincoherenty reciting a (new) sahasranAma which reflects his innumerable (curel) qualities
siRiya thirumadal – 64 – OrAnai kombuperu theruvEthrough the main street
siRiya thirumadal – 65 – UrAr igazhilumUrAr igazhilumeven if all the people abuse (me)
siRiya thirumadal – 65 – UrAr igazhilumnAnI
siRiya thirumadal – 65 – UrAr igazhilumvAr Ar pU peNNai madal UrAdhu ozhiyEnI will not stop from engaging with long, beautiful madal

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