siRiya thirumadal – 16 – pArOr solappadum

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pArOr solappadum kattuppaduththirEl                                 19
ArAnum meyppaduvan enRAr – adhu kEttuk
kArAr kuzhaRkoNdai kattuvichchi kattERi                             20

Word by Word Meanings

pArOr solappadum kattuppaduththir El ArAnum meyppaduvan enRAr – they (old women) said “There is a practice called as fortune-telling [predicting as to what will happen in future], among the people. If you carry this out, whoever (had created this disease) would be revealed truthfully”.
adhu kEttu – hearing those words which they were saying
kAr Ar kuzhal koNdai – one with black tresses
kattuvichchi – a hilly tribal woman who is an expert in fortune-telling
(coming on her own, without anyone inviting her)
kattERi – possessed by a divine power


pArOr solappadum kattuppaduththirEl – The old women said “Without any distinction between the ignorant and the knowledgeable, all the people in the world will say ‘If you go through the process of fortune-telling, you would know the reason for the disease‘. Do that “.

What is the benefit of carrying out this activity?

ArAnum meyppaduvan enRAr – whosoever is torturing her, will be revealed. Even if it is kaNNa (krishNa) who gives troubles to women but will not manifest himself, not knowing the sufferings of a woman, he would be revealed.

adhu kEttu – The old women said “Go by fortune-telling”; the mothers and the friends [of parakAla nAyagi] acceded to that. At that moment, even though they had not invited her, the hilly tribal woman [who is an expert in fortune-telling], finding that they are willing to check with fortune-telling, came on her own. In the special meaning for this narration, the tribal woman is AchAryan (preceptor). Once the AchAryas come to know that people are willing to listen to matters relating to emperumAn, they will fall head over heels, out of their mercy, and explain the difficult meanings to the ones who are desirous to learn. Prior to the time of emperumAnAr (bhagavadh SrI rAmAnujar), AchAryas will explain the subtle meanings of matters relating to emperumAn, only to a distinguished few (two or four persons); even that, they will reveal only after examining the disciples deeply, for their basic nature, real intention to know etc. emperumAnAr instructed the meanings to those who, in his opinion, had the desire to know about emperumAn. This fortune teller is similar to bhagavadh rAmAnujar.

kAr Ar kuzhal koNdai – more than the words spoken by the fortune-teller who had black coloured tresses, her tresses were enjoyable for this mother. In the special meaning for this verse, AchAryan’s dhEhaguNas (qualities of physical form) are more apt than his AthmaguNas (qualities of soul).

kattuvichchi – kattuvichchi is the one who would be able to point out as to which deity has possessed her.

kattuvichchi kattERi – the kattuvichchi became a dhEvAvishtai. In other words, without yawning when one is feeling sleepy or stretching oneself due to laziness [signs that the person is not in his/her control], through the influence of deities, she will speak, without being conscious, by herself.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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