siRiya thirumadal – 27 – ErAr idai

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ErAr idai nOva eththanaiyOr pOdhumAych                          29
chIrAr thayir kadaindhu veNNey thiraNdadhanai
vErAr nudhal madavAL vEROr kalaththittu                           30

 Word by Word Meanings

ErAr idai nOva – such that the beautiful waist gets hurt
eththanai Or pOdhum Ay – for a very long time
sIr Ar thayir kadaindhu – churning the great curd
vEr Ar nudhal madavAL – that yaSOdhA, who was perspiring from her forehead (due to the effort of churning)
vERu Or kalaththu ittu – keeping it in another vessel


ErAr idai nOva – such that her beautiful waist suffers. Beauty for her waist is that it is decorated with kaNNa all the time.

eththanaiyOr pOdhumAy  – due to the softness of her divine form, yaSOdhA, who starts to churn the curd once the eastern sky clears up, will not stop even after the sun sets [she churns for such a long time].

sIr Ar thayir kadaindhu – churning the eminent curd. What is the eminence for curd? It has kaNNa’s spittle [echchil in thamizh] before it is churned; it has his spittle while being churned [when he dips his hands in it and eats the just generated butter] and even after it has become butter, after churning, it has his spittle. Isn’t the greatness of any entity arising out of its exclusive existence for him alone!

veNNey thiraNdadhanai – butter which gathers [after churning]. Once curd is churned, butter will gather automatically. What is the purpose then in saying explicitly “Butter which gathers”? Due to his craving for butter, it would appear as if butter gathered on its own (without even the need for churning the curd). Is he not the one who is spoken of as in thiruvAimozhi 7-7-2Ittiya veNNey uNdAn” (ate the butter which had gathered)?

vErAr nudhal madavAL – due to the effort of churning the curd, yaSOdhA perspires from her forehead. Just as the celestial entities, once they started churning the ocean, became tired, this lady [yaSOdhA] too became tired after churning the curd, and as a result was perspiring from her forehead. This indicates how soft she is.

madavAL – one who is complete with the qualities of being a lady. She is without any shortcoming in the qualities of her AthmA too as mentioned through the sounds of the words in the verse sIradich chenduvarvAy vArAr vanamulayAL.

vEROr kalaththittu – If she keeps the butter in the vessel in which curd was churned, kaNNa would know from the smell that it is there. Hence she filled it in a vessel which is used for filing with other materials.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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