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vArAr vanamulaiyAL vaidhEvi kAraNamA                             41
ErAr thadandhOL irAvaNanai – Iraindhu
sIrAr siram aRuththuch cheRRugandha sengaNmAl            42

Word by Word Meanings

vAr Ar vana mulaiyAL – one having beautiful bosom, donning a corset
vaidhEvi kAraNam A – for sIthAppirAtti
Er Ar thada thOL irAvaNanai – rAvaNa, who has beautiful, huge shoulders
sIr Ar siram aRuththu cheRRu – severing the ten great heads, and killing
ugandha – (having destroyed the enemy of sages), feeling happy in his divine mind
sem kaN mAl – kaNNa, with lotus like eyes


sendhuvar vAy . . . . – after kara was killed, akampana was the only survivor who could carry the narration, dressed as a female, to rAvaNa. Soon, rAvaNa, with the help of mArIcha came to chithrakUta and separated perumAL and pirAtti on either side of the ocean. With this as the reason, SrI rAma killed rAvaNa and this narration is described further.

sendhuar vAy – one with deep, reddish mouth. SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam 64-78 “purEva mE chArudhathImanindhithAm dhiSanthi sIthAm yadhi nAnyamaithileem I sadhEva gandharva manushya pannagam jagath saSailam parivarthayAmyaham II” (If the princess of mithilA, who is without any fault, is not returned to me with her smile as before, I will invert the earth with its mountains, dhEvas, gandharvas, humans and snakes). sIthA’s smile was such that it could make SrI rAma, who is the sustaining force for the world, like a shed for supplying water to travellers to quench their thirst, to take a vow to destroy the world. When the golden deer appeared in their hermitage, sithA requested SrI rAma, with a smile on her face, “Oh Lord! Please get me that deer”. SrI rAma said that he will destroy the entire world, much like severing a bunch of bananas, if that sIthA is not back in his presence, with her smile.

vArAr vanamulaiyAL – Just as it has been said in mUnRAm thiruvandhAdhi 3malarAL thanaththuLLAn” (emperumAn resides in the bosom of SrIdhEvi), isn’t it the place where SrI rAma dwells?

vaidhEvi – isn‘t she having the pride of being spoken often by SrI rAma of having been born in the clan of vidhEha rAja?

kAraNamA – on her account, who has such a fame.

ErAr thadandhOL irAvaNanai – hanuman, who will not bother about anyone other than SrI rAma and sIthAppirAtti, says of rAvaNa, as in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 49-17 “ahO rUpam ahO dhairyam ahO sathvam ahO dhyuthi: I ahO rAkshasa rAjasya sarvalakshaNa yukthathA II” (How amazing is his form, his courage, his strength and his radiance! How is it that he, who is the king of demons, has all the identities [of a great person] fitting well on him!) This explains how rAvaNa has such qualities to be respected by even hanuman.

Iraindhu sIrAr siram aRuththu – if all the ten heads were severed at the same time, rAvaNa cannot see how he appears with his heads severed. Hence to enable him to see that great sight and to feel distressed, SrI rAma severed five heads at a time.

sIrAr siram aRuththu – severing the great heads. Greatness of the severed heads is that even as they are getting severed and are falling down, just as it is mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam “SathrO: prakyAtha vIryasya ranjanIyasya vikramai:” (an enemy who had a famed valour and who has to be praised for his activities of bravery, such rAma’s), they praise the bravery of SrI rAma with a smile on their faces. Alternatively, instead of fearing being severed, taking that [being severed] itself as a sign of bravery, is their greatness. In other words, even as the severed heads are falling prey to the eagles and vultures, the heads which are still on his neck are desiring to get severed and to fall down so that they too could get the fame of having fallen in an act of bravery.

seRRu – instead of killing the person [rAvaNa] who came to fight with a single arrow, SrI rAma destroyed his divisions of chariots, elephants, horses and foot-soldiers, killed the horses which were drawing rAvaNa’s chariot, killed the charioteer, destroyed the chariot, brought down the flag flying atop the chariot, removed rAvaNa’s crown, as if tonsuring his head, hurt his shoulders, severed his heads, and making him suffer at all such ignominy, finally killed him.

ugandha sengaNmAlugandha – feeling happy that he had destroyed the enemy of sages and crowned SrI vibhIshaNAzhwAn. Isn’t he one who carries out activities for the sake of others and feels happy about it! sengaNmAl – showing in his divine eyes, his affection and motherly love towards his devotees, thinking “We have removed the enemies of our devotees and made them feel happy”. When the eyes are full of love and motherly affection, they will be reddish in colour. mAl – one who has affection.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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