siRiya thirumadal – 64 – OrAnai kombu

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OrAnai kombosiththu OrAnai kOL viduththa                       75
sIrAnai sengaN nediyAnaith thEn thuzhAyth
thArAnai thAmaraipOl kaNNAnai eNNarum sIrp                      76
pErAyiramum pidhaRRip perum theruvE

Word by Word Meanings

Or Anai kombu osiththu Or Anai kOL viduththa sIrAnai – having attained the greatness of being partial by breaking the tusk of one elephant, kuvalayApIdam and removing the suffering of another elephant gajEndhran
sem kaN nediyAnai – having reddish eyes and being unreachable for me
thEn thuzhAy – (being separated from me) thuLasi with honey dripping from it
thArAnai – donning the garland
eN aru sIr pEr Ayiramum pidhaRRi – incoherenty reciting a (new) sahasranAma which reflects his innumerable (curel) qualities
peru theruvE – through the main street


Will I stop with destroying his greatness in archAvathAram (emperumAn in idol form) alone? She says that she will also destroy his great qualities in his incarnations.

Or Anai kombu osiththu Or Anai kOL viduththa sIrAnai – while both are elephants, have you seen the partiality that he has shown in killing kuvalayApIdam and protecting gajEndhran? From this itself, you could see that he has nectar in one eye and poison in the other.

sIrAnai – he is similar to a sweet which is full of jaggery on the outer side and plain [tasteless] puffed rice on the inner. I will announce to the world that outwardly he would appear that he is protecting everyone but in reality he has inferior qualities.

sengaN nediyAnai – what is the purpose in having lotus-like eyes which manifest his motherly forbearance? He is unreachable for me. He is like a cup of cool water with sweet fragrances added, but kept at a place unreachable for me.

thEn thuzhAyththArAnai – It appears that the garland which is decorating him will drip with honey only when he separates from those who are dear to him. Though he is decked with honey dripping thuLasi garland, he is one who is thArAn i.e. does not give that.

thAmarai pOl kaNNAnai – he displays new eyes everyday after separating from me.

eNNarum Sir pErAyiramum pidhaRRi – he has a sahasranAmam (thousand divine names) to reflect his auspicious qualities. I will recite another sahasranAmam which will reflect his cruel qualities.

When told to recite the sahasranAmam which she was intending to recite, she says “Will I recite that from a corner which will be heard by just a few people?” What will you do then?

perum theruvE – I will recite it in the middle of the street, that too in the main street.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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