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kUrAr vERkaNNIr umakkaRiyak kURugEnO
ArAl ivvaiyam adiyaLappu uNdadhudhAn                                              25

 Word by Word Meanings

kUr Ar vEl kaNNIr – Oh women, who have eyes as sharp as a spear!
umakku aRiya kURugEnO – Shall I inform you (about him)?
i vaiyam ArAl adi aLappu uNdadhu – by whom this earth was measured


kUrAr vERkaNNIr – since she has said that she has found out as to who it is, all the people around her look at her sharply as well as expectantly as to what she is going to say. Looking at their sharp eyes, she says “Oh those with sharp eyes similar to spear!”

umakku aRiya kURugEnO – I will tell you, who are bewildered to such an extent that you are willing to fall at the feet of other deities such as iyanAr, so that you would know as to who is troubling her. Will you listen?

They were eager to listen to her. Hence she continues further . . . . .

ArAl ivvaiyam adiyaLappu uNdadhudhAn – By whom was the entire expanse of this earth brought under his foot? Since she is using the term ArAl [by whom], just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 2-2-2IpAvam seydharuLAl aLippAr yAr” (who will protect due to mercy after saying that all the sins have been removed?) she is readying herself to give the answer as “he”. ALavandhAr (one of our important preceptors) said the same in his sthOthra rathnam SlOkams 12,13 and 14ka: Sr:I SrIya: paramasathvasamASraya: ka: ka: puNdarIka nayana: purushOthama ka: . . . . .” (who is the one providing opulence to SrI mahAlakshmi herself? Who is the one having total goodness in him? Who has lotus like eyes? Who is the best among all AthmAs? . . . . .)

ivvaiyam – Just as it says in thiruvAimozhi 4-4-1maNNaiyirundhu thuzhAvi vAmanan maNNidhuvennum”, the person will wallow in the expanse of the earth, saying that this is the soil from the footprint of vAmana and smell it. When SrI rAma went to sage viSvAmithra’s hermitage in order to protect his yAgam (ritual with agni, the god of fire), he asked the sage as to whose hermitage was the one which they passed. The sage replied that it was vAmana’s when he had incarnated and that he had carried out penance there. Immediately, SrI rAma said that he would remain there itself for that reason and smell that soil. Thus, just like nammAzhwAr and viSvAmithran said that this is vAmana’s soil, the fortune teller also said “this world” to denote that it was the world which carries emperumAn’s footprints.

ArAl ivvaiyam adiyaLappu uNdadhudhAn –  thiruviruththam 69 says “buvaniyellAm nIRERRu aLandha nediya pirAn aruLAvidumE” (will the one with a tall form, who measured all the worlds after accepting water [from mAvali] not shower his mercy on you?) Since he had taken to alms in order to retrieve his worlds, will such a person let go of her [parakAla nAyagi]? Among maNNAsai (desire for land), peNNAsai (desire for lady) and ponnAsai (desire for gold), desire for lady is superior to desire for land. Thus, the meaning implied here is that if he could retrieve his land, would he let his lady suffer?

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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