siRiya thirumadal – 34 – OrAyiram paNa

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OrAyiram paNa vengOviyal nAgaththai
vArAy enakkenRu maRRadhan maththagaththu                              38
sIrAr thiruvadiyAl pAyndhAn than sIthaikku

 Word by Word Meanings

Or Ayiram paNa vengO iyal nAgaththai – kALiyan, having thousand hoods and having a cruel nature like yama (the deity of righteousness)
enakku vArAy enRu – calling him out for a duel with him
maRRadhan maththagaththu – atop his head
sIr Ar thiruvadiyAl pAyndhAn – jumped and danced with his beautiful divine feet
than sIthaikku – for sIthA, his consort


vem kO iyal nAgaththai – he is not just anyone else; he is yama himself who has taken the form of a snake! vem iyal kO – yama who has a cruel nature

Or Ayiram paNa nAgaththai – why is she saying that kALiyan has thousand hoods while periyAzhwAr, in  his periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 3-9-7 says “kALiyan poygai kalangap pAyndhittu avan nIL mudi aindhilum  ninRu nadam seydhu” (jumping into the pond, agitating it, and dancing on top of  the five hoods of kALiyan’s which reached up to the sky) that kALiyan had five hoods? Since he was a small child, the moment kALiyan came to fight with him, it appeared to the fortune-teller that his five hoods became a thousand.

vengOviyal nAgaththai – the term kO refers to yama; the phrase kO iyal nAgam could mean that it is a snake having the nature of yama; alternatively, it could mean that it created cruelty even in yama through his activity; or, as a non-existing simile, since the yama that we know of cannot equal this snake in cruelty, this snake could be assumed to possess the cruelty of another yama, different from this.

vArAy enakkenRu – Just as each monkey in the army of monkeys kept saying that it wanted to destroy lankA, each of the thousand friends of kaNNa invited kALiyan to wage war with him. But kaNNa asked them to be quiet and called out to kALiyan, says the fortune teller. Since he cannot bear to see his friends being hurt, he stood upfront.

maRRadhan maththagaththu – on the hood of kALiyan. It appeared that he fell into the mouth of the snake.

sIrAr thiruvadiyAl pAyndhAn – the divine feet are so soft that if periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi), who is as soft as a flower, keeps his divine feet on her bosom, she would be worried whether the feet will become sore. With such soft divine feet, he jumped on the hoods of kALiyan. Was the divine foot not described in thiruvAimozhi 9-2-10vadiviNai illA malarmagaL maRRai nilamagaL pidikkum melladi” (the soft foot which was massaged by SrIdhEvi and bhUdhEvi who are incomparable in their beauty) as being very soft!

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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