siRiya thirumadal – 55 – ArAnum AdhAnum

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ArAnum AdhAnum allaL avaL kANIr                                        65
vArAr vanamulai vAsavadhaththai enRu
ArAnum sollappaduvAL avaLum than                                    66
pEr Ayam ellAm ozhiyap  perum theruvE

 Word by Word Meanings

avaL ArAnum AdhAnum allaL kANIr – she is not any ordinary person (she is very intelligent)
vAr Ar vana mulaiy vAsavadhaththai enRu – she, who has covered her bosoms in a corset, is known as vAsavadhaththai.
ArAnum sollap paduvAL – she is praised by all
avaLum – that vAsavadhaththai too
than pEr Ayam ellAm ozhiya – leaving aside all her friends
perum theruvE – in a huge street


ArAnum AdhAnum allaLArAnum allaL – she is not having any deficiency in her intellect. AdhAnum allaL – she is not without intelligence like insentient entities.

avaL kANIr – Hear about her demeanour as I narrate.

vArAr vanamulai – this talks about her youthful state where her bosoms cannot be left on their own and have to be covered in a corset. They should be supported by the beloved and if the beloved is not there, by her corset.

vAsavadhaththai enRu ArAnum sollappaduvAL – Isn’t she very famous? Isn’t she praised by all the distinguished persons? Isn’t she celebrated as a person without any deficiency in the assembly of sIthAppirAtti?

avaLum – parakAla nAyagi says that it was not she alone who followed unacceptable means to attain the beloved; even she [vAsavadhaththai] did the same.

than pErAyam ellAm ozhiya – I am saying all these words in order to make you people (parakAla nAyagi’s friends) agree with me since I do not want to let go of you. However, did she [vAsavadhaththai] not leave the large gathering of her friends in order to attain her beloved?  Just as a person cannot step on to fire, she could not stand amidst her friends; is she not more determined than I?

perum theruvE – did she seek a corner of the palace after leaving her friends? Despite being a princess, did she not walk on the major road?

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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