siRiya thirumadal – 49 – sOrA maRukkum

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sOrA maRukkum vagai aRiyEn sUzh kuzhalAr                      56
ArAnum Esuvar ennum adhan pazhiyai
vArAmal kAppadhaRku vALA irundhozhindhEn                   57

Word by Word Meanings

sOrA maRukkum – creating tiredness and troubling
vagai aRiyEn – I am unable to describe the ways to trouble
sUzh kuzhalAr ArAnum – any lady with abundant tresses
Esuvar ennum adhan pazhiyai – due to the blame from their abuse
vArAmal kAppadhaRku – to prevent from reaching
vALA irundhu ozhindhEn – I did not do anything


sOrA maRukkum – makes (one) to become unconscious; once one becomes conscious, it also causes trouble.

vagai aRiyEn – I can only say that it bewilders me and  hurts me, but I cannot explain as to in which way it causes bewilderment and hurt.

sUzh kuzhalAr – those fortunate women whose tresses and beauty are not disturbed by this cold wind. The opinion is that those women have not fallen in love with this person [emperumAn].

ArAnum – among the people that I know of, there is none who will mistake my distinguished act [of engaging in madal]. Unknown to me, there may be a few people. They may be ignorant and may not be apt to be spoken of.

Esuvar ennum adhan pazhiyai – the blame which comes out of their abusing the nAyaga [emperumAn] and parakAla nAyagi. Wouldn’t they blame him saying “What a great way in which he is helping her when she is suffering in separation like this!” and her, by saying “When he has separated, instead of waiting patiently, could she behave like this?”

vArAmal kAppadhaRku – to prevent any fault from occurring to his greatness and my simplicity

vALA irundhozhindhEn –  just as a person starves when grains are available in plenty, without having to even assist in the process of cultivation, when he [emperumAn] incarnated, manifested himself as a simple person to everyone and engaged in dancing with the pots, I remained quiet. Instead of engaging with madal amidst the people who were watching him on either side of the long street when he was dancing with the pots, I wasted time by fearing for the blame which would have come my way.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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