siRiya thirumadal – 46 – pErAyiram udaiyAn

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pErAyiram udaiyAn pEyppeNdIr num magaLaith
thIrA nOy seydhAn ena uraiththAL – chikkenamaRRu                     52

Word by Word Meanings

pEr Ayiram udaiyAn – one who has a thousand names (which reflect such innumerable activities)
(only that emperumAn)
pEy peNdIr – Oh womenfolk, who have lost your sense of knowledge
thIrA nOy seydhAn ena uraiththAL – (the fortune teller) ended her narration saying that only he caused such incurable disease.


pEr Ayiram udaiyAn – he has a thousand names in order to protect his devotees, by indulging in such noble work. The term thousand does not refer to the numeral one thousand but to an inestimable number, just as it has been said in purusha sUktham 1 “sahasra SIrsha” (thousand heads). nammAzhwAr too said “pErum Or Ayiram piRa pala udaiya emperumAn” (my swAmy (lord) who has a thousand names). Just as emperumAn has innumerable qualities, forms, wealth etc for his devotees to experience deeply, he has thousands of names too for them to meditate on.

pEyppeNdIr – Even though I said that she has got this disease because she has not attained emperumAn, didn’t you people doubt whether this would have come about because of other deities? You have lost your knowledge [of what is correct and what is incorrect] because of excessive love [towards your daughter].

num magaLai – the one who was born in your womb. Will your daughter, who is a supreme devotee of emperumAn, and who was born in your stomach, be afflicted by the supreme deity or by other deities?

thIrA nOy seydhAn ena uraiththAL – she says that this disease will never be cured, to those who ask her as to when it will get cured. Just as it has been said in thiruvAimozhi 4-6-1uRRa nalnOy” (attained a good disease) since this disease of devotion towards bhagavAn is good to be accepted, she says that this is an incurable disease when they ask with trepidation “What should we do if this disease is cured?” Since this will exist until AthmA (soul) exists and will continue even after the soul reaches SrIvaikuNtam, she says that this will not get cured ever. This is termed as a disease since it is separation from emperumAn leading to sorrow.

ena uraiththAL – since the words of the fortune-teller are like a gentle waft of breeze mixed with droplets of water falling on her, parakAla nAyagi is reiterating the words.

uraiththAL – how beautifully did the fortune-teller describe these! It appears that just to hear her words, one can permanently be in this disease.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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