siRiya thirumadal – 57 – kArAr thirumEni

SrI:  SrImathE SatakOpAya nama:  SrImathE rAmAnujAya nama:  SrImath varavaramunayE nama:

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kArAr thirumEni kANum aLavum pOych
chIrAr thiruvEngadamE thirukkOvalUrE                                                        69

Word by Word Meanings

kAr Ar thirumEni kANum aLavum pOy – going from place to place [one divine abode to another] until I see his divine form which is like a dark cloud
sIr Ar thiruvEngadamE thirukkOvalUrE – the eminent thiruvEngadam and thirukkOvalUr


kAr Ar thirumEni kANum aLavum pOy – did she not suffer like this only because she saw his divine form initially? When asked as to till when her determination to engage in madal will last, she says that it will be most appropriate if she could see him, she will then stop engaging ith madal. Alternatively, when her friend says “You should unite with him” she responds “It is not necessary to unite with him. Earlier too, I suffered after seeing him; even now, it is sufficient if I see him”.

When asked as to how she is going to see him, she says . . . .

sIrAr thiruvEngadamE . . . .  – I will go to each place where he is manifesting each of his [innumerable] qualities, show my body which has been eaten away by separation, and by destroying his quality manifested in each of those places I will make him come running to me in despair; thus, I will see him. Now she talks about some of those divine abodes where he is manifesting such qualities:

sIr Ar thiruvEngadamE – great thiruvEngadam. amalanAdhipirAn 3 says “mandhi pAy vadavEngada mAmalai vAnavargaL sandhi seyya ninRAn” (the divine abode of thiruvEngadam, located in the northern direction, has monkeys jumping from one tree to another; emperumAn has taken residence here so that nithyasUris could come here and carry out worship); thiruvAimozhi 1-8-3 says “kaNNAvAn enRum maNNOr viNNOrkkuth thaNNAr vEngada viNNOR veRpanE” (one who has the ever-cool thiruvEngadam, which is nithyasUri’s place, is the protector for both samsAris and nithyasUris); nAnmugan thiruvandhAdhi 45 says “thaNNaruvi vEngadamE vAnOrkkum maNNOrkkum vaippu” (it is only thiruvEngadam, with its cool streams, which is the wealth for nithyasUris and SrIvaishNavas on earth). Thus we see that thiruvEngadam has the greatness of being equal to both nithyasUris and to nithyasamsAris. parakAla nAyagi says that by going there “I will tell all the people how indifferent such emperumAn has been to me and ensure that he is not the lord of both vibhUthis (realms)”

thirukkOvalUrEmudhal thiruvandhAdhi 86 says “nIyum thirumagaLum ninRAyAl kunReduththup pAyum pani maRuththa panbALA vAsal kadai kazhiyA utpugA kAmar pUngOval idai kazhiyE paRRi ini” (Oh one who is simple and who held the gOvardhana hill to block the torrential rain! How amazing is it that you and your pirAtti are standing in the corridor of the hermitage (where the first three AzhwArs were standing) wherein no one could go out or no one could enter, and are showering your mercy!) emperumAn is still standing there since it is the place where the first thre AzhwArs assembled together, enjoying the smell of that soil. parakAla nAyagi says that she will go to thirukkOvalUr, show her emaciated form and tell everyone how he gave up on his devotee.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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