siRiya thirumadal – 47 – ArAnum allAmai

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ArAnum allAmai kEttengaL ammanaiyum
pOrAr vERkaNNIr avanAgil pUndhuzhAy                                             53
thArAdhozhiyumE thannadichchi allaLE maRRu
ArAnum allanE enRozhindhAL – nAn avanai                                        54

Word by Word Meanings

engaL ammanaiyum – (further) my mother
maRRu ArAnum allAmai chikkena kEttu – after hearing firmly that no other lowly deity is the reason for this disease
pOr Ar vEl kaNNIr – Oh friends who have eyes like a spear which is battle-ready [implying that the eyes are sharp]!
avanAgil – if it is emperumAn (who caused this disease)
pU thuzhAy thArAdhu ozhiyumE – will he not give his prasAdham (mercy) of thuLasi which she [parakAla nAyagi] so desires
than adichchi allaLE – (she is) his servitor
maRRu ArAnum allanE enRu ozhindhAL – (the mother) left without any worry, after saying that there is surely no one else who has caused this disease
nAn – I (meanwhile)
avanai – his


When the fortune teller said like this [that it was emperumAn who has thousands of names who caused this disease in parakAla nAyagi], what did the mothers say?

chikkena maRRu ArAnum allAmai kEttu engaL ammanaiyum – the fortune teller said “this disease came about because of emperumAn”. My mother asked repeatedly “Are you sure that there is no other deity who had any role in this?” After ascertaining this . . . .

pOrAr vEl kaNNIr avan Agil pUndhuzhAy thArAdhu ozhiyumEpOrAr vEl kaNNIr – Oh those who have eyes similar to a battle-ready spear! The opinion here is that seeing the palpable tension in them, the mother is asking them as to why they are feeling stressed.

avanAgil pUndhuzhAy thArAdhu ozhiyumE – thiruviruththam 69 says “nIrERRu aLandha nediya pirAn aruLAvidumE” (Will the supreme entity who took water given by mahAbali as a token of granting him what he had asked for and who measured all the worlds, not shower his mercy on us?) When we have submitted ourselves to him, to say that he will not fulfil our wishes is similar to saying “wet this [article] with fire” which is totally at variance [like an oxymoron]. Just as it is mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 18-30 “rAmO dhvir nAbibhAshathE” (SrI rAma will not speak with two different meanings) and “Ethath vratham mama” (I have taken a vow to protect those who have surrendered to me), he will not deny her the thuLasi which she [parakAla nAyagi] has desired. Hence, there is no need for you to get anxious.

than adichchi allaLE – Even if, by chance, he does not grant her what she desires, does she not have the relationship with him by which she can hold on to his divine feet and obtain what she desires? Hence it is certain that her wish will be fulfilled.

maRRu ArAnum allanE – after ensuring that no other lowly deity has caused this disease in her, the mother felt a huge load off her chest and became clear in her mind, “There is no need for me to worry about her who has an everlasting relationship with emperumAn”. What did she do?

ozhindhAL – she took rest [she got rid of her worries]

nAn – when I was playing with the bundle of flowers, I had attempted to make him engage in madal to attain me. But having lost out to him, after seeing him dancing with his pots, I am now preparing to engage in madal to attain him.

avanai – he manifested his beautiful form and made me to exist exclusively for him.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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