siRiya thirumadal – 22 – ArAl ilangai

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ArAl ilangai podipodiyA vIzhndhadhu maRRu
ArAlE kanmAri kAththadhudhAn  Azhi nIr                                        26

Word by Word Meanings

ilangai ArAl podipodi A vIzhndhadhu – by whom was lankA blown to smithereens and destroyed?
ArAlE kal mAri kAththadhu – by whom was the hailstorm prevented


ArAl ilangai podi podiyA vIzhndhadhu – how was lankA, which had abundance of strength of boons and physical strength [attributes of its king, rAvaNa], reduced to dust?

ArAl – Was lankA reduced to powder because of dhEvas such as brahmA et al, who gave boons to rAvaNa without knowing their own strengths, who escaped without getting their necks cut, who lost everything except the dresses which they wore, and who prayed to emperumAn with bowed heads and the dress which they wore? Did not these dhEvas struggle after granting boons to rAvaNa et al, just because they felt overly pleased by the worship of rAvaNa et al, not realising the effects of the boons which they granted?

ArAl ilangai – It is implied through this that he, who suffered greatly to retrieve one lady, as mentioned in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 11-7 “uNNAdhu uRangAdhu oli kadalai UdaRuththu peNNAkkai AppuNdu” (crossing the agitating ocean, without food and sleep, due to his desire for his beloved), would not have allowed her (parakAla nAyagi) to suffer.

maRRArAlE kal mAri kAththadhudhAn – since he was denied the food which was offered to him by the people of gOkulam, indhra showered hailstorm out of anger. Who protected [the people of gOkulam] from that hailstorm? Did the cattle and the cattle-herds protect themselves? This implies that he will remove the difficulties which happen because of him. Thus he would protect her [parakAla nAyaki’s] too, since she suffered because of him.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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