siRiya thirumadal – 14 – ErAr kiLikkiLavi

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ErAr kiLikkiLavi emmanaidhAn vandhennaich
chIrAr sezhum puzhudhik kAppittuch chengurunjith        16
thArAr naRumAlaich chAththaRkuth thAn pinnum

 Word by Word Meanings

Er Ar kiLi kiLavi em anai kaNdu irangi – my mother, who has a speech which is similar to that of a beautiful parrot, took pity on me, seeing me
thAn vandhu – came on her own (near me)
ennai – for me
sIr Ar sezhum puzhudhikAppu ittu – protecting me by applying the powder from the divine feet of great, distinguished bhAgavathas
sem kurinji thAr Ar naRu mAllai sAththaRku – for SAsthA, another deity, who wears the fragrant flowers of kurinji (a hilly flower)
thAn pinnum – she, who hadn’t so far [done]


kiLik kiLavi – my mother, who was hard-hearted, without any pity on her basic nature, and who  told me harshly “Do not have any affection towards him”, now took pity on me and spoke to me, just as a beautiful parrot would, with words which were very sweet for the ears.

ErAr kiLik kiLavi – this would also imply that her speech was sweeter than a parrot’s speech. The mother’s speech was so sweet that one could say that the speech of a parrot would sound like the song of a demon.

What is the reason for the hard-hearted mother to take pity like this?

emmanai – since she is my mother. Though the mother was castigating the daughter all along saying “Your pouring affection towards him is not correct”, she will not speak harshly when the existence of the daughter is threatened. Hence, she took pity.

thAn vandhu ennai – seeing my suffering, she came on her own, without my calling out to her.

sIrAr sezhum puzhudhi k kAppittu – Just as it is mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 4-6-6mAyan thamaradi nIRu koNdu aNiyamuyallil maRRillai kANdIr ivvaNangukkE” (if the soil from under the divine feet of devotees of emperumAn were to be applied, there cannot be a better remedy than this), since she was born in a clan of SrIvaishNavas, the mother applied the soil from the divine feet of devotees of emperumAn. The term sezhum puzhudhi would refer to the soil from under the divine feet of emperumAn and the term sIrAr sezhum puzhudhi would refer to the soil from under the divine feet of devotees of emperumAn.

sem kurinji thArAr naRu mAlai sAththaRku –  for SasthA, a deity who wears garland with reddish coloured, fragrant, kurinji flowers (a hilly flower).

sAththan – SasthA; a deity who is referred to as iyanAr or iyappan.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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