siRiya thirumadal – 13 – ArAnum solliRRum

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ArAnum solliRRum koLLEn aRivazhindhu
thIrA udambodu pEdhuRuvEn kaNdu irangi                        14

 Word by Word Meanings

ArAnum solliRRum – (among friends and relatives) if anyone says something good [for me], even that
koLLEn – I will not listen to that
aRivu azhindhu – getting (my) intellect destroyed
thIrA udambodu – with the body which will not get destroyed
pEdhu uRuvEn – I, who was like a mad person


ArAnum solliRRum koLLEn – I will not listen to mothers who advise well for me and to friends who say sweet words for me. In order to get over the separation, one could sustain oneself by reminiscing about the union which occurred with emperumAn. Did not sIthAppirAtti tell the demonic women, who were with single eye and single ear, about how she, along with SrI rAma, lived in dhaSaratha’s palace so that she could sustain herself during separation from SrI rAma? I should have done something similar in order to sustain myself. Not only did parakAla nAyagi not do this, she did not listen to the good and sweet words of her mothers and friends, respectively.

What is the reason for not listening to them?

aRivu azhindhu – One could listen only if (s)he had the knowledge, which is the pre-requisite for listening.

thIrA udambodu – Would the body, which gets destroyed, not get destroyed? At least one could escape from the suffering of being in separation. Instead of getting destroyed, it is behaving like the AthmA, which is said to be, as said in SrI bhagavadh gIthA 2-24achchEdhyam adhAyham” (it cannot be cut [with a knife]; it cannot be burnt).

pEdhuRuvEn kaNdirangi – taking pity on me, who is like this, without intellect, due to separation.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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