siRiya thirumadal – 8 – kArAr kuzhal

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kArAr kuzhal eduththuk katti kadhir mulaiyai                     9
vArAra vIkki manimEgalai thiruththi

Word by Word Meanings

kAr Ar kuzhal eduththuk katti – taking up the tresses and tying them up (so that they will not be dishevelled)
kadhir mulaiyai – the resplendent bosoms
vAr Ara vIkki – binding them tightly so that they would fill out the corset
maNimEgalai thiruththi – properly wearing the waist cord which is decorated with gems


kAr Ar kuzhal eduththuk katti – If he [emperumAn] were to see me tying my dark tresses, he will engage in madal to attain me!

kAr Ar kuzhal eduththuk katti – tying the tresses which are smooth like a bluish carbuncle and dark in colour, and which will remove the ennui of the beholder.

eduththuk katti – since the strands are dense and grow as a tight pack due to her youthful state, and look beautiful when not tied into a bundle, they are difficult to tie into a bundle.

eduththuk katti – if she were to set out [to engage with madal] with her tresses in a dishevelled condition, without tying the them, it would appear as if she could chain him with her tresses.

kadhir mulaiyai – bosom is radiant due to her youthful state.

vArAra vIkki – tying the bosoms in such a way that they would fill out the corset. Due to the contact with her bosoms, the corset appears fulfilled. Isn’t she one who bestows beauty on ornaments! Alternatively, tying the bosoms with the corset very tightly. Just as a wild elephant which runs amok and kills people is tamed and decorated with caparison, if her bosoms are not tied well with the corset, they will make him to lose his balance and fall down; he will be bewildered on looking at them.

maNimEgalai thiruththi – properly wearing the waist cord, decorated with gems. SrI rAmAyaNam ayOdhyA kANdam 55-16 says “thathra SrIyamivAchinthyAm rAmO dhASarathi: priyAm I Ishath samlajjamAnAm thAmadhyArOpayatha plavam II” (chakravathi thirumagan [SrI rAma, son of emperor dhaSaratha] helped sIthA, who was most beautiful like SrIdhEvi, beyond one’s imagination, a bit shy, and who was sweet for him, on to the raft). Just as sIthA, feeling a little shy when SrI rAma touched her, displayed all her beauty to him when he helped her to climb on to the raft, this parakAla nAyagi too made herself to look beautiful for him so as to display all her beauty when he beholds her.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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