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nIrAr negungayaththaich chenRalaikka ninRurappi                         37

Word by Word Meanings

nIr Ar nedu kayaththai senRu – going to a deep place in a huge pond which was full of water
alaikka ninRu urappi – agitating it (along with thousand others, mischievous just like him), in such a way that water would flow out like a flood


nIrAr nedungayaththai – Just as it has been mentioned in nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 14-1 “ittamAna pasukkaLai inidhu maRiththu nIrUtti vittukkoNdu viLaiyAda” (making the cows which are his favourite, to drink water by hindering them in their way and forcing them towards water, thus playing with them), there was a pond with plenty of water, from which kaNNa would make the cows to drink water. However, kALiyan, a poisonous snake, contaminated the water with his poison. Thus he spoiled the water, rendering it useless for the cows, which are to be protected by kaNNa.

senRalaikka ninRurappi – he would go with a thousand other cow-herd boys who were as mischievous as he himself was, just as mentioned in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 3-1-1 “thannErAyiram piLLaigLOdu thaLar nadai ittu varuvAn” (he will walk along with a thousand boys like himself, with a tottering gait), to the pond, indulge in mischief such as agitating the pond with his legs and hands, throwing stone on the snake etc, thus provoking it.

senRu alaikka ninRu urappi – This could be construed as kaNNa agitating the water such that it would flow out of the bund on all the sides. Alternatively, it could mean that he indulged in daring acts just like he had laid siege on lankA (during his incarnation as SrI rAma) and made the demons to get ready for battle.

While his childish activities thus far were enough to incite the snake to be furious, listen to his further childish acts, says the fortune teller.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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