siRiya thirumadal – 19 – kArAr thirumEni

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kArAr thirumEni kAttinAL – kaiyadhuvum                             22
sIrAr valampuriyE enRAL – thiruththuzhAy

 Word by Word Meanings

kAr Ar thirumEni kAttinAL – she showed (his) divine form which is like monsoon cloud, as a simile.
kaiyadhuvum – present in his divine hand
sIr Ar valampuriyE enRAL – she showed through gestures that it is only the beautiful conch, curling to the right hand side.


pErththEyum kArAr thirumEni kAttinAL – by pointing out to the clouds which remove one’s ennui, she showed his [emperumAn’s] divine form. Farther down in this thirumadal, parakAla nAyagi is going to say “kArAr thirumEni kaNdadhuvE kAraNamA”, giving the reason for her suffering.

kaiyadhuvum sirAr valampuriyE enRAL – She said that he has the opulent pAnchajanyam conch on his hand. sIr Ar – being wealthy and in contrast with the colour of the divine form. She pointed out to the conch which is like the moon rising amidst darkness and which is wealthy. Alternatively, sIr Ar valampuri – conch which is opulent. We can construe this as mentioning about the opulence of conch as said divinely by ANdAL in her nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 7-4 “indhiranum unnOdu selvaththukkElAnE” (even indhra, who is famous for being very rich, cannot stand in front of you, in terms of wealth), nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 7-7, “sangaraiyA unselvam sAla azhagiyadhE” (Oh pAnchajanyam who is the best among conches! Your opulence is indeed very distinguished) nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 7-9 “selvap perum sangE” (Oh conch with a distinguished wealth) and nAchchiyAr thirumozhi 7-8 “uNbadhu sollil” (if we have to speak about your food intake .  . . (you consume the nectar from the divine mouth of the one who measured all the worlds)).

What is the distinguished opulence of his conch? ANdAL describes it in her nAchchiyAr thirumozhi as follows: uNbadhu sollil ulagaLandhAn vAyamudham – it consumes the nectarean fluid from the divine mouth of emperumAn as he feeds it; kaNpadai koLLal kadalvaNNan kaiththalaththE – stealing glances at emperumAn’s divine form, the conch sleeps turning itself on the right and left, on his divine hand, just like a lady who has worn her beloved’s garland, lies under his embrace; peNpadaiyAr unmEl perum pUsal sARRuginRAr – nectar from his [emperumAn’s] mouth is a common property for all women. Women, who are like armies in their numbers in SrI madhurA {mathurA) and in SrI AyppAdi (gOkulam) are screaming that their wealth is being stolen and appealing whether this is fair; paNpala seyginRAy – you are carrying out unlawful acts. You are not doing what devotees who are dear to emperumAn will do. They will enjoy emperumAn along with other devotees, and never on their own; pAnchajanniyamE – Your activity and the quality which is the reason for that activity are incongruent with the place where you have reached. They are more congruent with the place where you were born [pAnchajanyam was born in the body of a demonic person, panchasanan].

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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