siRiya thirumadal – 45 – thIrAdha sIRRaththAl

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thIrAdha sIRRaththAl senRiraNdu kURAga
IrA adhanai idar kadindhAn emperumAn                             51

 Word by Word Meanings

thIrAdha sIRRaththAl senRu – going (to the bank of that pond) with uncontrolled fury
iraNdu kURAga – as two pieces
IrA – split (that crocodile)
adhanai idar kadindhAn emperumAn – emperumAn who removed the sorrow of gajEndhran


thIrAdha sIRRaththAl – his anger could not be controlled even after protecting the elephant. His uncontrolled anger stemmed from the thought “What is the point in my letting the elephant be initially caught by the crocodile and then protecting him after he had been hurt?” After the mahAbhAratha war, it is said “nAthisvasthamanA yayau” (he left without his mental agony removed). He left for SrIvaikuNtam with the thought “I did not do anything after dhraupadhi called out to me as ‘gOvindha’”

sIRRaththAl senRu – it appeared that he went on the vehicle of anger and not on the vehicle garuda. Since he was under the control of anger, he went in the path showed by anger. He did not go as per his decision.

iraNdu kURAga IrA – if he had tried to pull the crocodile, the elephant would have got hurt more. Hence he split the crocodile into two, using his chakrAyudham (disc) such that the crocodie released its grip on the elephant’s leg.`

adhanai idar kadindhAn – he assuaged the hurt elephant by gently rubbing his divine hand on the place where the crocodile had gripped, blowing on that spot with his mouth, fomenting that spot with the soft end of his divine upper cloth etc. As per gajEndhran, hurdle to his kainkaryam [of submitting the blossomed lotus flower at the divine foot of emperumAn] is the reason for sorrow. As per emperumAn, the hurt caused by crocodile is the reason for sorrow.

emperumAn – the fortune-teller refers to him as “My Lord” as if she had obtained all the comforting acts of emperumAn that the elephant had got.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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