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nIrAr kamalam pOl sengaNmAl enRoruvan                        11
pArOrgaLellAm magizhap paRai kaRangach

Word by Word Meanings

nIr Ar kamalam pOl sem kaN – one who has reddish eyes similar to lotus, which is present in abundance in water bodies
mAl enRa oruvan – the purusha (supreme entity) who is called as thirumAl
pArOrgaL ellAm magizha – such that all the people of the world are happy
paRai kaRanga – with the musical instrument paRai (a kind of drum) reverberating


nIrAr kamalam poL . . .  – the activities which he had undertaken to attain me were such that those which I had undertaken to attain him paled in comparison.

nIrAi kamal poL sengaNmAl – thirumAL (consort of SrI mahAlakshmi) whose eyes were reddish like the lotus flower which has blossomed in the water body; the lotus has filled up the water body fully.

nIrAr kamalam – His eyes occupy his entire form, just like only one lotus blossomed, occupies the entire water body. Since it says kamalam pOl sem kaN, this implies that the eye has the characteristics of the lotus such as coolness, softness, fragrance, freshness and colour.

mAl – one who makes the other person to be bewildered, by manifesting his eyes.

enRoruvan – the word oruvan implies that he is referred to as a unique person who would make the beholder look dazed even if that person looks at him superficially. This also implies that he cannot be described that ‘he is like this’ [viz. he cannot be estimated to be like anything]. Just as this AzhwAr himself had mentioned in his periya thirumozhi 10-10-9 “sArngamudaiya adigaLai innAr enRu aRiyEn” (I am unable to know the person who has the divine bow sArngam in his divine hand), he is unable to know the person even after identifying him.

pArOrgaL ellAm magizha – without any distinction between young and old, between great and lowly, he appeared in such a way that all the people within the circle of his vision desired him. Since the term pArOrgaL ellAm has been used, it implies that he made happy not only the greatest and the lowliest, but even those in between these two categories of people.

paRai kaRanga –  just as people beat drums in order to forewarn others about an elephant in exultation is coming to harm them, drums are beaten here too, before his arrival, to inform women that he is coming to harm them.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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