Glossary/Dictionary by word – periya thirumozhi – 4th centum

Sorted by pAsuram Word Meaning pAsuram  A A   Alas! Alas! (He is suffering in this samsAram) periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL   A A enRu   saying -Alas! Alas!- periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm   a kALiyan   such [cruel] kALiya-s periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh   adai pudai   day and night periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam   adaindhavar thamakku   for those who surrendered, being refugeless periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu   adaindhu   reached periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh   adaiththittu   building … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – periya thirumozhi – 4th centum

Sorted by word pAsuram Word Meaning periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   pOdhu   flowers periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   alarndha   blossomed periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   pozhil sOlai   filled with dense gardens periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   puRam engum   in all of the surroundings periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   thAdhu   pollen periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   udhira   to fall down periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   poru   hitting each other periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   thiraigaL vandhu   waves come periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   alaikkum   throwing up periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   thadam   vast periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha   maNNi   the … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by word – saptha kAdhai

Sorted by pAsuram pAsuram Word Meaning saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1   AchAriyan   the true AchAryan saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2   adhu   this person who lacks love towards AchAryan saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2   aLiththavan pAl   towards AchAryan who mercifully instructed out of his great mercy saptha-kadhai-pasuram-4   aLiththavan pAl   towards AchAryan who instructed the knowledge saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1   am   beautiful saptha-kadhai-pasuram-6   am   beautiful saptha-kadhai-pasuram-2   anbu ilAr   one who lacks love … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – saptha kAdhai

Sorted by word pAsuram Word Meaning saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1   am   beautiful saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1   pon   pure saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1   arangarkkum   for periya perumAL who has SrIrangam as his temple saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1   Avikkum   for AthmAs which are of three categories viz badhdha (bound), muktha (liberated) and nithya (eternally free) saptha-kadhai-pasuram-1   andharanga sambandham   the close relationship of ananyArha SEshathvam (being an exclusive servitor of … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by Word – Sriranga gadhyam

Sorted by chUrNikai chUrNikai Word Meaning sriranga-gadhyam-1   achEthana  insentient entity sriranga-gadhyam-2   achEthana   insentient sriranga-gadhyam-1   Adhi  similar such qualities sriranga-gadhyam-1   Adhi   starting with these sriranga-gadhyam-1   adhIna   control sriranga-gadhyam-1   adhiSaya   wondrous, exalted sriranga-gadhyam-2   adhrushta   not seen sriranga-gadhyam-6   adhyaiva   this moment sriranga-gadhyam-1   aham   I sriranga-gadhyam-2   aham   I sriranga-gadhyam-3   aikAnthika   of one end sriranga-gadhyam-1   aiSvarya   control sriranga-gadhyam-7   ambudhi   ocean … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by chUrNikai – Sriranga gadhyam

Sorted by Word chUrNikai Word Meaning sriranga-gadhyam-1 sva self sriranga-gadhyam-1 adhIna control sriranga-gadhyam-1 thrividha three types sriranga-gadhyam-1 chEthana sentient entity sriranga-gadhyam-1 achEthana insentient entity sriranga-gadhyam-1 svarUpa basic nature sriranga-gadhyam-1 sthithi sustenance (that through which it sustains itself) sriranga-gadhyam-1 pravruththi activity sriranga-gadhyam-1 bhEdham difference sriranga-gadhyam-1 klESa suffering sriranga-gadhyam-1 karma past deeds sriranga-gadhyam-1 Adhi starting with these … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by chUrNikai – SaraNAgathi gadhyam

Sorted by word pAsuram Word Meaning saranagathi-gadhyam-1   bhagavan   one who possesses six essential qualities (gyAna bala aiSvarya vIrya Sakthi thEjas, which will be explained further in detail) saranagathi-gadhyam-1   nArAyaNa   the residing place for all beings, both sentient and insentient saranagathi-gadhyam-1   abhimatha   being liked by SrIman nArAyaNa saranagathi-gadhyam-1   anurUpa   having same physical beauty as SrIman nArAyaNa … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by Word – SaraNAgathi gadhyam

Sorted by chUrNikai pAsuram Word Meaning saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23   abhayam   without fear saranagathi-gadhdyam-21-23   abhibhAshathE  utter saranagathi-gadhyam-1   abhimatha   being liked by SrIman nArAyaNa saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9   abhyadhika   exceptional or surpassing saranagathi-gadhyam-8-9   achara   that which is static saranagathi-gadhyam-5   achinthya   can not be thought of saranagathi-gadhyam-5   achinthya   beyond thought saranagathi-gadhyam-5   achith   insentients  saranagathi-gadhyam-5   adhbhutha   wondrous saranagathi-gadhyam-5   Adhi  many other qualities saranagathi-gadhyam-1   Adhi  … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by word – yathirAja vimSathi

Sorted by SlOkam Word Meaning SlOkam  adarena   with so much of affection yathiraja-vimsathi-7   adya   reigned by Kalipursha yathiraja-vimsathi-5   adya   the King Kali is reigning the kingdom in this time yathiraja-vimsathi-15   adya   now yathiraja-vimsathi-20   adya varthathe   now residing yathiraja-vimsathi-7   agam punaha punaha   doing repeatedly the sin. yathiraja-vimsathi-11   aham   myself yathiraja-vimsathi-7   aham   myself yathiraja-vimsathi-8   aham   myself yathiraja-vimsathi-9  … Read more

Glossary/Dictionary by SlOkam – yathirAja vimSathi

Sorted by word SlOkam Word Meaning yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan Yah whoever yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan Yathipati prasadineem pleads Yatiraja to shower his grace yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan Yathiraja Vimsatim the matter that pertains to Yatiraja in twenty Slokas, which is called Yatiraja Vimsati yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan stutim that Stotra yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan vyajahara wrote yathiraja-vimsathi-thaniyan prapanna jana chatakambujam Like skylark which gives water to skylarks drawn from … Read more