siRiya thirumadal – 53 – UrAr ugappadhE

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UrAr ugappadhE AyinEn maRRenakku ingu
ArAyvArillai azhal vAy mezhugu pOl                                        62
nIrAy urugum en Avi nedum kaNgaL

 Word by Word Meanings

UrAr ugappadhE AyinEn – I was in ruins such that the world celebrated.
enakku ingu maRRu – no one else here, for me
ArAyvAr illai – none with whom I could talk
en Avi – my AthmA
azhal vAy mezhugu pOl nIrAy urugum – started melting like wax kept near fire
nedu kaNgaL thAn – the long eyes too


UrAr ugappadhE AyinEn – There are people who think that they have to take all the efforts to attain what they desire to get. Just as they wanted, I too started taking efforts to attain what I desired. Here the term UrAr refers to those who are not favourable to her. Earlier, she used to say “Only emperumAn is the means to attain everything. There is nothing that we can attempt on our own in order to attain him”. They (the unfavourable ones) were waiting for an opportunity to admonish her; now, she has reached a state where they could celebrate by saying “Have you seen how she is suffering after thinking that she can attain him only through him? Those who think ‘He is the means’ will have to suffer like this only. All these people have to come to our way only”

Could you not sustain yourself by talking it over with someone when you get highly distressed?

maRRenakku ingu ArAyvAr illai – when my heart is not helping me, who else is there for conversing? Since she says maRRu illai (there is no one else), only he has to come and examine her troubles; else, there is no other way. Haven’t these AzhwArs said as in thiruvAimozhi 9-9-6avvaruL alllana aruLumalla” (apart from emperumAn’s grace, no one else’s mercy could be termed as grace) and as in mudhal thiruvandhAdhi 15vaiyagaththup pallAr aruLum pazhudhu” (there is no use of the grace of many others’ in this world. Only his grace counts)?

azhalvAy mezhugu pOl nIrAy urugum ennAvi – When asked “Could you remain indifferent like this? Should you not pull up your heart forcefully and sustain yourself?” she says “When my AthmA melts due to this separation just like wax melts when kept near fire, how could I pull up my heart forcefully?”

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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