siRiya thirumadal – 43 – kArAr varai

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kArAr varai nattu nAgam kayiRAgap                                      47
pErAmal thAngik kadaindhAn thiruththuzhAyth
thArArndha mArvan thadamAl varai pOlum                       48

Word by Word Meanings

kAr Ar varai nattu – anchoring the manthara mountain (a celestial mountain), which has monsoon cloud (as the shaft for churning)
nAgam kayiRAga – using the snake vAsuki as the rope for churning
pErAmal thAngi – sustaining that mountain so that it does not shift sideways or below or above, [during the churning process]
thiru thuzhAy thAr Arndha mArvan kadaindhAn – he churned the ocean donning a garland of thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) on his chest.
thadam mAl varai pOlum pOr Anai – an elephant in exultation, which was like a huge mountain


kAr Ar varai nattu – anchoring the manthara mountain, on which monsoon clouds had settled, as the shaft for churning the ocean. His capability was such that when he anchored the mountain, the clouds atop the mountain were not disturbed at all.

nAgam kayiRAganAgam – snake. kamsukam (joy); akamdhukkam (sorrow). nAgam – great joy. Since snake is a chEthana (sentient entity) it would appear to us that it would suffer if it is wound around the mountain and used as a rope for churning the ocean. But it experienced a great joy on account of the supreme being touching it, and as a means of giving vent to its joy, it participated in the act of churning and sustained that joy.

pErAmal thAngik kadaindhAn – positioning himself as a tortoise below the mountain so that the mountain would not sink to the bottom of the ocean during churning operation, taking different forms to support the mountain on the sides as well as on top to support it, he churned the ocean.

thiruththuzhAy thAr Arndha mArvan – when he was churning the ocean, he did it such effortlessly that not even a petal from the garland on his shoulder withered.

thada mAl varai pOlum – the [just concluded] narration was about dhEvas (celestial entities) who desire other benefits [and not emperumAn himself}. The narration to be made now describes how he came running helter-skelter to the tank bund to save the elephant, which considered emperumAn himself as its ultimate benefit, destroyed the elephant’s enemy and accepted servitude from the elephant.

thada mAl varai pOlum pOrAnaithadavmAl varai – mountain which is huge and tall. The elephant is like that mountain. What is the significance of mentioning the greatness of the elephant’s form? This is to show that the huge elephant’s trouble would also be huge, just like the old saying which says that the swelling on a finger would be proportional to the size of the finger.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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