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pErAyiram udaiyAn enRAL – pErththEyum

Word by Word Meanings

pEr Ayiram udaiyAn enRAL – she [fortune teller] said that only emperumAn, who has a thousand divine names [caused this disease]
pErththEyum – further


pEr Ayiram udaiyAn enRAL – She said that the one whose name she repeats often and who is said to be as in periya thirumozhi 10.8.4 “nAmam palavumudai nAraNa nambi” (nArAyaNan, who is complete in all aspects, and who has many divines names), is the one who is making her [parakAla nAyagi] to suffer like this.

pEr Ayiram udaiyAn enRAL – If we try to find out his name, first one name appeared; then two; then four; then ten; and, thousands of names appeared! Is he not the one who is praised by rishis (sages) as “dhEvO nAma sahasravAn” (the deity with thousands of names) and by nammAzhwAr in thiruvAimozhi 1-3-4pErumOr Ayiram piRapala udaiya emperumAn” (being my lord with thousands of names suiting his forms).

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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