Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – periya thirumadal

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periya thirumadal – 1 – manniya palpoRi sErmanniyamay you live long!
periya thirumadal – 1 – manniya palpoRi sErpal poRi sEr Ayira vAy vAL aravinthiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan, the divine mattress for emperumAn), who has many dots (circular spots) on his body and thousands of mouths as well as radiance
periya thirumadal – 1 – manniya palpoRi sErsenni maNik kudumifrom the carbuncles which are present in the raised hoods of AdhiSEshan
periya thirumadal – 1 – manniya palpoRi sErdheyvam sudar naduvuLamong the rays which are extraordinary
periya thirumadal – 2 – manniya nAgaththaNai mElOrmannifitting well
periya thirumadal – 2 – manniya nAgaththaNai mElOra nAgaththaNai mElon top of that mattress of thiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan)
periya thirumadal – 2 – manniya nAgaththaNai mElOrOr mAmalai pOlreclining like a distinguished dark mountain
periya thirumadal – 2 – manniya nAgaththaNai mElOrminnu maNi magara kuNdalangaL vil veesathe ornaments worn in the ear have rare gems studded in them and these gems emit radiance similar to rainbow.
periya thirumadal – 3 – thunniya thAragaiyinthunniya thAragaiyin pEroLi sEr AgAsam ennumsky which is said to be lit up by the densely located stars.
periya thirumadal – 3 – thunniya thAragaiyinvidhAnaththin kIzhAlunder the canopy
periya thirumadal – 3 – thunniya thAragaiyiniru sudaraithe twin sources of radiance, viz., divine chakra and divine conch
periya thirumadal – 3 – thunniya thAragaiyinmannum viLakkAga ERRilike lighting a lamp which never gets put out.
periya thirumadal – 4 and 5 – pannu thiraikkavarimaRi kadalum pannu thiraikkavari veesathe king of ocean fanning with the chowry (fly-whisk) of agitating waves
periya thirumadal – 4 and 5 – pannu thiraikkavarinilamangai thannai munanAL aLavittameasuring earth at an earlier time [as thrivikrama]
periya thirumadal – 4 and 5 – pannu thiraikkavarithAmarai pOl manniya sEvadiyaitowards the lotus-like divine feet
periya thirumadal – 6 – ennum malarppiNaiyalvAn iyangu thAragai mIn ennumthe stars which roam around in the sky
periya thirumadal – 6 – ennum malarppiNaiyalmalar piNaiyal Eyndhadecorated with kadhamba mAlai (garland strung with a medley of flowers)
periya thirumadal – 6 – ennum malarppiNaiyalmazhaik kUndhalhaving a flowing tress similar to clouds
periya thirumadal – 7 – thennan uyar poruppumthennanuyar poruppum dheyva vadamalaiyum ennum ivaiyE mulai Athe mountain of thirumAlirum sOlai and thiruvEngadamalai (thirumalai hill) as her bosom
periya thirumadal – 7 – thennan uyar poruppumvadivu amaindhahaving a fitting form
periya thirumadal – 7a – anna nadaiya aNangEanna nadaiyahaving a gait similar to that of a swan
periya thirumadal – 7a – anna nadaiya aNangEaNangu thAnbhUmippirAtti who is a divine lady
periya thirumadal – 8 – thannudaiya angaigaLAlthannudaiya am kaikgaLAl adiyiNaiyai thadavagently massaging the divine feet [of emperumAn] with her beautiful hands
periya thirumadal – 8 – thannudaiya angaigaLAl(thus, with all these greatness)
periya thirumadal – 8 – thannudaiya angaigaLAlkidandhureclining eminently
periya thirumadal – 8 – thannudaiya angaigaLAlOr unniya yOgaththu uRakkam thalaikkoNda pinnaiafter assuming the posture of reclining where he is thinking about protecting the world
periya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbithan nAbi valayaththuin the region of his navel
periya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbipEr oLi sErbeing with great radiance
periya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbimanniya thAmarai mAmalar pUththumaking the forever indestructible lotus flower to blossom
periya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbia malar mElatop that lotus flower
periya thirumadal – 10 – munnam thisaimuganaimunnam thisaimuganaith thAn padaikkaeven as he created brahmA during the time of creation (after deluge)
periya thirumadal – 10 – munnam thisaimuganaimaRRavanumthat brahmA too
periya thirumadal – 10 – munnam thisaimuganaimunnam nAnmaRaigaL padaiththananhe obtained the four vEdhas (from supreme being)
periya thirumadal – 10 – munnam thisaimuganaiammaRaidhAnthose vEdhas
periya thirumadal – 11 – mannum aRam porulmannum aRam poruL inbam vIdu enRubeing firmly established as righteousness, wealth, love and mOksham (attaining paramapadham or SIvaikuNtam)
periya thirumadal – 11 – mannum aRam porululagil nal neRi mEmbattana nAngu anREthese are the four ultimate benefits as said in this world as being attained through correct means.
periya thirumadal – 11 – mannum aRam porulnAnginumamong these four benefits
periya thirumadal – 11 – mannum aRam porulpinnai peyar tharum enbadhuafter this physical body is gone [after death], it will get another body (as mentioned in SAsthras)
periya thirumadal – 12 – thonneRiyai vENduvArOr thol neRiyaithat paramapadham (or archirAdhi mArga, the way to reach paramapadham) is distinguished and is existing for a very long time
periya thirumadal – 12 – thonneRiyai vENduvArvENduvArnbsp;
periya thirumadal – 12 – thonneRiyai vENduvArvIzhkaniyum Uzh ilai ennumfruits which had ripened and had fallen on their own as well as leaves which dried up
periya thirumadal – 12a – ennum ivaiyEivaiyE nugarndhueating these two
periya thirumadal – 12a – ennum ivaiyEudalam varundhitormenting the physical body
periya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbaithunnum ilaikkurumbaith thunjiyumlying inside hermitages which are close to each other
periya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbaivenjudarOnsun who has cruel rays
periya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbaimannum azhal nugarndhumeating (the sun’s) hot rays which are established firmly
periya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbaivaN thadaththin utkidandhumimmersing in the bountiful ponds
periya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAyinnadhOr thanmaiyar Aythus, having such nature
periya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAyIngu udalam vittezhundhuleaving the physical body in this world and rising up
periya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAythol neRikkaN senRAr enappadum sol allAlother than saying that he reached an ancient place
periya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAyinnadhu Or kAlaththu idhu peRRAron a specific day, a particular person reached mOksham (SrIvaikuNtam)
periya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAyennavum kEttaRivadhillaihas not been heard, as told by someone
periya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOnuLadhu ennilin the event that (the mOksha whose presence I deny completely) is present
periya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOnmannum kadum kadhirOn maNdalaththin nal naduvuLright at the central region of sun, whose rays are permanent and fierce
periya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOnannadhu Or illiyin Udu pOythrough the path of that subtle hole, which cannot be described by words
periya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOnvIdu ennum thol neRikkaN senRArai sollumingaLshow those who have gone to that location which you call as mOksham, and returned
periya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOnsollAdhEinstead of showing such persons
periya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsumannadhE pEsumrepeating the oft-repeated saying (that SAsthram indicates that there is mOksham)
periya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsumaRivu il siRu manaththu avaraithose who do not have rationale and who have narrow minds
periya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsumkaRpippOm yAmEshould we instruct them?
periya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsumadhu niRkalet the discussion on mOksham remain as it is.
periya thirumadal – 17 – munna nAn sonnamunnam nAn sonna aRaththin vazhi muyanRa annavar thAmthose who carried out their activities in the path of righteousness that I had mentioned earlier.
periya thirumadal – 18 – annavar thAmAyiram kaN vAnavarkOn pon nagaram pukkureaching the beautiful land of indhra, who has a thousand eyes
periya thirumadal – 19 – ponnagaram pukkuamarar pORRi seppato be praised by the celestial entities
periya thirumadal – 19 – ponnagaram pukkupongu oLi sErhaving a radiance which keeps growing
periya thirumadal – 19 – ponnagaram pukkukol navilum kOLarimAth thAn sumandhu kOlam sErbeing beautiful and supported by a strong lion which talks slanderously about the activity of killing
periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththinmanniya singa Asanaththin mElon top of the throne which is staying firmly (being seated)
periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththinvAL negungaNhaving eyes which are sharp like a sword
periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththinkanniyarAl ittafanned by celestial women
periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththinkavarippodhi avizhndhuthe bundle of chowry (fly-whisk) blossoming (nearby)
periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththinin iLa pU thenRal iyangasweet, gentle and fragrant southerly wind wafting in
periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththinmarungu irundhabeing nearby
periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungulminnanaiya nuNmarungul melliyalArtender women having waist as subtle as lightning
periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungulmunnam mugizhththarevealed at the beginning itself
periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungulveN muRuval(their) white teeth
periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungulmugizh niLa vandhu arumbayoung moon, spreading
periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungulannanvar thamwomen-folk like that
periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungulmAn nOkkam uNduenjoying their look which is like the look of a doe
periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungulAnguat the same time
periya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungulaNimalar sErwith abundance of beautiful flowers
periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththinpon iyal kaRpagaththin kAdu uduththasurrounded by a forest of golden hued kaRpaga trees (wish-fulfilling, celestial tree)
periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththinmAdu ellAm manniya mandhAram pUththa madhu thivalaiin the drops of honey secreting from the flowers of pArijAtha trees (another celestial tree, with fragrant flowers), which are seen on all sides
periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththinin isai vaNdu amarum sOlai vAyin the orchards, inside which beetles are humming with sweet music
periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththinmAlai sEr manniya mAmayil pOl kUndhalbeing decked with flowers and having tresses which look like the long feathers of peacocks, fitting well
periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththinmazhai thadam kaNhaving expansive eyes which are cool and dark like rain bearing cloud
periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththinmin idaiyarOdumwith celestial damsels who have their waists slender like lightning
periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththinvENdidaththu viLaiyAdiplaying joyfully in places which they desire
periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththumannum maNi thalaththuhaving a floor studded with distinguished gem stones
periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththumANikka manjariyinhaving flowery decorations made with ruby stones
periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththuminnin oLisEr paLingu viLimbu aduththahaving cornice (similar to thiNNai that we see in traditional houses) made with crystals which have radiance similar to lightning
periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththumannum pavaLakkAlhaving glittering pillars of red coral
periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththusemponsey maNdabaththuLinside the hall made of reddish gold (pure gold)
periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththuannam nadaiya arambaiyar tham kaivaLarththabeing nurtured by caressing with their own hands, by celestial women who have a gait similar to that of a swan
periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththuin isai yAzh pAdalthe song from vINai (a stringed, traditional musical instrument) which has sweet notes
periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththukEttu inbuRRuhearing it and feeling joyful
periya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhumiruvisumbil mannu mazhai thavazhumin the expansive ethereal layer, with the region of clouds fitting well
periya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhumvAn nilA nIL madhi thOywith the huge, beautiful moon fitting well
periya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhumminnin oLi sErhaving the lustre of lightning
periya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhumvisusmbu Urum mALigai mElin the aerial vehicle which is roaming around in the sky
periya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhummazhai kaNNArwomen with cool eyes
periya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhummannu maNi viLakkai mAttihanging the lamps of rubies, which will never get put out
periya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimAvichiththiramA pAppaduththabeing spread out expansively
periya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimApannu paLLimElon the mattress which is to be extolled
periya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimAthunniya sAlEgam sUzh kadhavam thAL thiRappawith the doors of the closely fabricated windows opening out
periya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimAannam uzhakka nerindhu ukka vAL neelam naRu chinna thAdhu sUdiwearing the grains of fragrant, minute pollens from the blue water lily which had been crushed by the stamping of swans
periya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimAOr mandhAram thunnu naRumalarAl thOL kottidecorating the shoulders with fragrant flowers which are from the distinguished mandhAram tree (a celestial flower bearing tree)
periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAykaRpagaththin mannu malar vAy maNivaNdu pinthodarabeing followed by beetles which had settled on the flowers of kalpaka vruksha (celestial, wish-fulfilling tree)
periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAyin iLa pU thenRalthe most enjoyable southerly wind
periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAyIngu pugundhuwafting inside wherever these people are going
periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAyiLa mulai mElon top of the young bosom
periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAynal naRu sandhana sERu uL pularththadrying up a fragrant sandal wood paste
periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAythAnga aru sIr min idai mEl kai vaiththu irundhukeeping the hand on the (subtle) difficult-to-bear waist which is like a beautiful lightning
periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAyEndhu iLa mulai mElon top of the well-risen bosom
periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Arampon arumbu Aram pulambachains (worn by the celestial damsel) make sounds
periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu AramAnguin that place
periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aramagam kuzhanidhuwith the heart softening
periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Araminna uruvin imaiyA thadam kaNNArhaving such great, expansive eyes
periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aramannavar thamsuch celestial damsels’
periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu ArammAn nOkkam uNduenjoying the look of a doe’s eyes
periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu AramAngualong with that
periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu AramaNi muRuval innamudham mAndhi irupparthey would have consumed the nectar of beautiful smile.
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinanna aRaththin payan Avadhu idhu anREthis is the benefit that one gets for that purushArtham dharmam (which I had spoken of, earlier)
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinoN poruLumthe benefit for the distinguished artha (wealth) purushArtham
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinanna thiRaththadhEit is as lowly and as temporary (as this)
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinAdhalAlfor both the purushArthams aRam (dharmam or righteousness) and poruL (wealth), since kAmam (love) is the benefit,
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinkAmaththinfor that purushArtham kAmam
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinmannum vazhi muRaiyEin the path of love towards bhagavAn which is the well established path
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinnAm niRRumwe will be firmly involved with.
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinmAn nOkkin annam nadaiyArwomen who have eyes like a doe and gait like a swan
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinalar Esato be abused (by worldly people)
periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththinAdavar mElon the male (towards men)
periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrArmannum madal UrAr enbadhu Or vAsagamuma saying “one should not engage in madal to sustain (one’s life)”
periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrArthen uraiyil kEttu aRivadhu uNduwe have heard of in thamizh language
periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrArnAm adhanai theLiyOmwe do not consider that as having any clarity (it is not apt)
periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrArmannum vadaneRiyE vENdinOm(in this matter of engaging in madal) we will follow the method prescribed in great samskrutha literature
periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrArvENdAdhArthose who do not like (to cross the limit as mentioned in samskrutha texts)
periya thirumadal – 30 – thennan podhiyilthennan podhiyil sezum sandhanak kuzhambinannadhu Or thanmai aRiyAdhArthose who do not know that property of the sandalwood paste made from sandalwood trees which grow in the podhigai malai (podhigai mountain range) in the kingdom of pANdyas.
periya thirumadal – 30 – thennan podhiyilAyan vEy innisai Osaikku irangAdhArthose who are not disheartened after hearing the sweet music played by the shepherd on his flute
periya thirumadal – 30 – thennan podhiyilmAl vidaiyinthe bull which comes infatuated (with the cow)
periya thirumadal – 30 – thennan podhiyilmannu maNi pulamba vAdAdhArthose who are not dispirited after hearing the great sound of the bell (tied to that bull’s neck)
periya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRilpeNNaimEl pinnumhooking its beak with its male’s, on top of the palm tree
periya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRilavvanRil pedai vAy siRu kuralukkuhearing the feeble voice from the mouth of the female love-bird
periya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRilunnithinking back on the union with their males
periya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRiludal urugi naiyAdhArthose who do not have their physical forms destroyed, by melting
periya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRilumbar vAyin the sky
periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththathunnu madhi uguththaemitted by moon which has dense rays
periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththathU nilA nIL neruppilin the huge fire, also known as pure moon
periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththatham udalam vEvath thaLarAdhArthose who do not weaken such that their bodies are burnt
periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththaWho are such appreciative people?
periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththakAmavELmanmadha (cupid)
periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththasilai vAy mannum malar vALi kOththu eyyaeven when manmadha strings arrows of flowers on his bow and shoots (affirming that engaging with madal is the purushArtham (benefit) now)
periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththapon nedu vIdhi pugAdhArthose who do not enter the beautiful, long streets
periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththatham pU aNai mElon their bed of flowers
periya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalumchinnam malar kuzhalumtresses, adorning themselves with flowers which had just then blossomed.
periya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalumalgulumwaist
periya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalummel mulaiyumsoft bosom
periya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalumin iLa vAdai thadavabeing stroked by the sweet, youthful northerly winds
periya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalumkaN thuyilumsleeping (happily)
periya thirumadal – 34 – pon aNaiyAr pinnumpon anaiyAr thAmthose who are fortunate
periya thirumadal – 34 – pon aNaiyAr pinnumpinnum thiru uRugalet them shine with more and more of physical beauty
periya thirumadal – 34 – pon aNaiyAr pinnumpOr vEndhanrAma, who is like a tiger in war
periya thirumadal – 35 – thannudaiya thAdhaithannudaiya thAdhai paNiyAlas per the counsel of his father dhaSaratha
periya thirumadal – 35 – thannudaiya thAdhaiarasu ozhindhuavoiding ruling of the land (and setting forth for the forest)
periya thirumadal – 36 – ponnagaram pinnEponnagaramall the people who were residing in the beautiful city of ayOdhyA
periya thirumadal – 36 – ponnagaram pinnEpinnE pulambaeven though they came behind (SrI rAma) crying (telling him not to go to the forest)
periya thirumadal – 36 – ponnagaram pinnEvalam koNdunot stepping back from his from resolve
periya thirumadal – 36 – ponnagaram pinnEvaLam mannu nAdu kaivitturenouncing the wealthy state of kOsala
periya thirumadal – 37 – minnuruvil veN thErmAdhirangaL min uruvil veN thEr thirindhuwith the mirage which is like lightning, spread in all directions
periya thirumadal – 37 – minnuruvil veN thErveLippattueverything appears to be arid land, with not even a blade of grass seen anywhere.
periya thirumadal – 37 – minnuruvil veN thErkal niRaindhu thIyndhu kazhai udaindhu kAl suzhanRubeing full of stones, grass having been burnt, bamboo cracking up, with tornado continuously striking
periya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRupinnummoreover
periya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRuthirai vayiRu pEyE thirindh uhaving only ghosts, which are with empty stomachs (due to lack of food), which keep roaming
periya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRuulavA kol navilumhaving only the sound of killing continuously being emitted
periya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRuvem kAnaththUduinside the cruel forest
periya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRukodu kadhirOn thunnu veyil vaRuththa vembaral mElon top of the pebbles which have been roasted by the rays of the hot sun
periya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRuvaidhEvi enRu uraikkumone who is referred to as vaidhEhi
periya thirumadal – 39 – anna nadaiyaannam nadaiya aNangusithAppirAtti who has the gait of a swan
periya thirumadal – 39 – anna nadaiyamannan irAman pinbehind that mahAraja, SrI rAma
periya thirumadal – 39 – anna nadaiyapanju adiyAlwith soft, like cotton, divine feet
periya thirumadal – 39 – anna nadaiyanadandhilaLEdid she too not go?
periya thirumadal – 40 – pinnum karu negungaNpinnumapart from that
periya thirumadal – 40 – pinnum karu negungaNkaru nedu kaN sem vAy piNai nOkkin min aNaiya nuN marungulhaving dark, long hands, reddish mouth, looks of a deer and a slender waist similar to lightning
periya thirumadal – 40 – pinnum karu negungaNvEgavadhi enRu uraikkumbeing spoken of as vEgavadhi (name of a lady)
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmkannia girl
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmthan innuyir kAdhalanai kANAdhunot allowing (her) to see her husband who is like her lifeline
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmthannudaiya mun thOnRal koNdu Egaher elder brother carrying her (preventing her from being with her husband)
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmanguin that state
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmannavanaithat elder brother
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmnOkkAdhunot minding him
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmazhiththu urappiabusing him by using ignominious words
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmthAn senRuleaving, forcefully
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmvAL amarumin a big battlefield
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmkal navil thOL kALaiyaiher beloved, who is having mountain-like huge shoulder and who is proud like a bull
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmkaippidihthumarrying him
periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAmmINdum pOyreaching her dwelling place
periya thirumadal – 42 – ponnnavilum Agampon navilum Agamin the chest (of her beloved) which is like gold
periya thirumadal – 42 – ponnnavilum AgampuNarndhilaLEdid she not get embraced?
periya thirumadal – 42 – ponnnavilum AgampU gangai punal munnam parakkum nal nAdanthe head of the great country where the beautiful waters of the river gangA had earlier increased its flow abundantly
periya thirumadal – 42 – ponnnavilum Agammin Adumhaving radiance
periya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vElkol navilum nIL vElhaving a spear, which is long and which knows how to kill, in the hand
periya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vElkurukkaL kula madhalaione who was born in the clan of kurus
periya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vElthan nigar onRu illAdha venRione with unparalleled victories
periya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vEldhananjayanaiarjuna
periya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vElpannAgarAyan madam pAvaiwoman with timidity, ulUpi, who is the daughter of gauravya, a king of snakes
periya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vElpAvai than manniya nAN achcham madam ivai agalaridding herself of feminine qualities such as shyness, fear, timidity
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaithannudaiya kongai mugam neRiyasuch that the face of her bosom became stiff
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaithAn(discarding her shyness) on her own
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaiavan thanthat arjuna’s
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaipon varai Agambeautiful, mountain-like chest
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaithazheeikkoNdu pOyembracing
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaithanadhuher
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongainal nagaram pOy pukkureaching beautiful place (in the land of snakes)
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongainayandhucelebrating
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaiinidhu vAzhndhadhuvumthat she lived happily
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaimun uraiyil kEttu aRivadhillaiyEhave you not heard of, in mahAbhAratham?
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaisUzh kadaluLin the expansive ocean
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaipon nagaram seRRaone who destroyed the towns of hiraNyAsura
periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongaipurandharanOdu Er okkumit will parallel the greatness of dhEvEndhra (head of celestial entities)
periya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANanmannavanbeing the king among kings
periya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANanavuNarkku vAL vEndhanbeing a radiant leader among asuras [demonic entities]
periya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANanvANan thannudaiya pAvaias the daughter of bANAsura
periya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANanulagaththu than okkum kanniyarai illAdha kAtchiyALushai, who is so extremely beautiful, with none in the world equalling her in beauty
periya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANanthannudaiya innuyir thOzhiyAlwith the help of her dear friend, chithralEkai
periya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANanmannu maNi varai thOL mAyavanone with amazing activities, having divine shoulders adorned with divine thuLasi garland and matching a mountain of gemstones
periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththapAviyEn ennai idhu viLaiththa Ir iraNdu mAlvaraiththOLthe four shoulders which are like a huge mountain and which torment me, who is a sinner
periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththamannavanking of kings
periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththaemperumAn thankaNNapirAn (krishNa)’s
periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththakAdhalanaianirudhdhAzhwAn (grandson) who is dear [to krishNa]
periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththamAyaththAl koNdupOy kanni thanpAl vaikkataken deceptively, to where she was staying and kept beside her
periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththamaRRavanOduwith anirudhdha
periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththaeththanai Orunqiue in many ways
periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththamanniya pErinbam eydhinALshe experienced permanent, heavenly bliss
periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrEEzhaigALOh ignorant people!
periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrEmaRRu ivaidhAn ennAlE kEttIrEAre you remaining to hear examples like these, from me?
periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrEen uraikkEnHow much could I tell (you)?
periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrE(I will tell you one more example; hear this)
periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrEmannu malai araiyan pon pAvaibeing the distinguished daughter of himavAn, the unshakeable king of mountains
periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrEvAL nilA minnu maNi muRuval sem vAyhaving a reddish mouth, with a beautiful smile matching the radiant moon
periya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiyaumai ennumhaving the name umA
periya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiyaannam nadaiya aNanguthe divine lady (pArvathi) who has the gait of a swan
periya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiyanudangu idai sEr pon udambnu vAdaher beautiful form with the quivering waist, withering
periya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiyapulan aindhum nondhu agalaher five senses getting distressed and leaving her
periya thirumadal – 49 – thannudaiya kUzhaithannudaiya kUzhaiher tresses
periya thirumadal – 49 – thannudaiya kUzhaisadAbAram thAn thariththushe made it into matted hair and wore it
periya thirumadal – 49 – thannudaiya kUzhaianna aru thavaththinUdu Oycompleting that great penance (when asked what benefit she derived)
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLAyiram thOL mannu karathalangaL mattiththu(Siva) spreading his hands with thousands of shoulders in all directions
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLmAdhirangaLdirections
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLminni eri vIsasuch that fire and smoke got emitted
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLmEl eduththalifted in the top direction
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLkazhal sUzh kAlone foot with a valorous anklet
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLpon ulagam Ezhum kadandhugoing past the beautiful worlds above
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLumbar mEl silumbaextending (the single foot) more and more, high above
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLmannu kulam varaiyum mArudhamum thAragaiyum thannudanE suzhalathe firmly standing kula parvathams (mountains which sustain earth), wind and stars spinning with him
periya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaLsuzhanRu Adumone who was himself dancing with a spin
periya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilaikol navilum mU ilai vElone who has the weapon sUlam (spear), which has three leaves [sharp edges], which indulges in the occupation of killing
periya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilaikUththanone who is famously called as a dancer
periya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilaipodiyAdione who is famous for applying ash all over his body
periya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilaiannavan thansivapirAn (rudhra) who is like that
periya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilaipon agalam Angu senRu aNaindhilaLEdid she not go to him and embrace his beautiful chest?
periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAlpAviyERkufor me, the sinful person
periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAlpanni uraikkum kAlif I have to say more expansively (citing more examples)
periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAlbAradhamam Amit will end just like mahAbAradham [will be so huge]
periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAlen uRu nOythe disease which happened to me
periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAlyAn uraippak kENminplease listen to it, as I narrate it.
periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAlWhat is it?
periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAliru pozhil sUzhsurrounded by huge orchards
periya thirumadal – 53 – mannu maRaiyOrmaRaiyOr mannumplace inhabited by vaidhikas (those who follow vEdhas)
periya thirumadal – 53 – mannu maRaiyOrthirunaRaiyUrat thirunaRaiyUr
periya thirumadal – 53 – mannu maRaiyOrmA malaipOl pon iyalum mAdam kavAdam kadandhu pukkumanaging to cross the divine door of the sannidhi (place inside a temple where emperumAn’s divine form resides), which is like a huge mountain and which is like gold
periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippaennudaiya kaN kaLippa nOkkinEnI saw such that my eyes rejoiced.
periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippanOkkudhalumto the extent that I had seen
periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippamannan(thirunaRaiyUr) nambi’s [emperumAn who is complete in all aspects and who resides in thirunaRiyUr]
periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippathirumArbumthe chest where pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) resides
periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippavAyumthe divine mouth (which is full of his smile)
periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippaadi iNaiyumthe divine feet
periya thirumadal – 55 – pannu kara thalamumpannu kara thalamumthe divine hands which are to be praised
periya thirumadal – 55 – pannu kara thalamumkaNgaLumthe divine eyes
periya thirumadal – 55 – pannu kara thalamumOr maNi varai mEl ponniyal pangayaththin kAdu pUththadhu pOljust like a forest of golden lotus blooming on top of a bluish gem coloured mountain (and shining)
periya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippaminni oLi padaippaemitting radiance similar to lightning
periya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippavIzh nANumthe waist cord which is much desired
periya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippathOL vaLaiyumthe
periya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippamanniya kuNdalamumthe divine ear rings which are fitting well
periya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippaAramumthe chain (worn on the divine chest)
periya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippanIL mudiyumthe huge divine crown
periya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippathunnu veyil viriththa chULAmaNi imaippathe lustrous ruby which is embedded on the radiant locks
periya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadhamannu maragadhak kunRin marungEnear emperumAn who remains as a mountain of emerald, being the refuge for all.
periya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadhaOr in iLa vanji kodi onRu ninRadhupirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is distinguished, enjoyable (for emperumAn) and like a youthful creeper, stood
periya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadhaannam Aylike a swan, in her gait
periya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadhamAn Aylike a deer, in her glance
periya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadhaaNi mayil Aylike a beautiful peacock, in her tresses
periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEyidai min Aylike lightning, in the beauty of her waist
periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEyiLa iraNdu vEy Aylike two bamboo shoots (for shoulder)
periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEyiNai seppu Aylike two domes (for bosoms)
periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEymun Aya thoNdai Aylike the fruit of the hedges creeper in the front (for lips)
periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEykulam keNdai iraNdAylike two great keNdai (fresh-water fish, carp or barbus) (for the eyes)
periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEyannasuch
periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEythiru uruvamthe divine form of SrIdhEvi (Sri mahAlakshmi)
periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEyninRadhu aRiyAdhEnot knowing that (she) is standing (nearby)
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjumennudaiya nenjummy heart
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjumaRivummy knowledge (which is within that heart)
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjuminam vaLaiyumdistinguished bangles on the hand
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjumpon iyalum mEgalaiyumgolden waist band
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjumozhiya pOndhERkufor me who has lost (everyone of the above)
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum(as if to suffer further)
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjummannu maRi kadalum Arkkumeven the immobile ocean will roar
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjummadhi uguththa in nilA in kadhirumthe sweet light emitted by the rays of the moon
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjumen thanakkEonly for me
periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjumveydhu Agumemitted heat
periya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmaithannudaiya thanmai thavira thAn en kolDid anyone do anything to convert the natural quality of coolness of the moon to a hot state like this?
periya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmaithennan podhiyilin the malaiyamalai (podhigai mountain) of the king of pANdyas, who is the chief of the southern region
periya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmaisezhu sandhin thAdhu aLaindhumixing the pollen from the beautiful sandalwood trees
periya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmaiman i ulagai manam kaLippa vandhu iyangumroaming such that the minds of the people, who are in this permanent world, are happy
periya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmaiin iLa pU thenRalumthe southerly breeze which is sweet, youthful [full of vigour] and fragrant
periya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmaienakkE eri vIsumis blowing fire only for me
periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimElmunniya peNNai mElon the palm tree seen in front
periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimElmuL muLari kUdu agaththuin the nest made with lotus stem which has thorns
periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimElpinnum avvanRil siRuvAych chiRu pedaiyumfeeble voice emanating from the mouth of the female love bird which has locked its beak with that of the male
periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimElennudaiya nenjukku Or ir vAL Amit is like a unique sword which cut my heart
periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimElen seygEnwhat means will I carry out (to escape from this)?
periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimElkal navil thOL kAmanmanmadha (cupid) who has (firm) shoulders which are like mountain
periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimElkaruppuch chilai vaLaiyadrawing (his) bow made of sugarcane
periya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaLkol navilum pUngaNaigaL kOththu(on that bow) stringing arrows made of flowers which are capable of killing
periya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaLstanding close (to the target) so that the bows will pierce through well
periya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaLthannudaiya thOL kazhiya vAngipulling (the string of the bow) to reach his shoulder
periya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaLennudaiya nenjE ilakkAga thamilyEn mEl eyginRAnkeeping my heart as the target he (cupid) is shooting those arrows on me, who is having none to support.
periya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaLpin idhanai kAppIrdhAn illaiyEthere is none who could now enable me to escape from this danger
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOrkal navilum kAdu agaththuin the forest which is full of stones
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOrOr valli(blossomed) in a creeper
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOrkadi malarinin a flower full of honey
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOrnal naRu vAsamgreat fragrance
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOrmaRRu ArAnum eydhAmEnot being useful for anyone
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOrmannum vaRu nilaththu Angu vALA uguththadhu pOlbeing wasted on the hard ground
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOrpEdhaiyEn ennudaiya peNmaimy femininity, I being ignorant
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOren nalanummy qualities
periya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOren mulaiyummy bosom
periya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangaimalar mangai mannum mandhanbeing the supreme being who is firmly attained by periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who resides on a flower
periya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangaikaNapuraththup ponmalai pOl ninRavan thanemperumAn who stands as a golden mountain in thirukkaNNapuram, his
periya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangaipon agalam thOyAvElwe have not attained his beautiful, divine chest
periya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangaivALA ivai thAn enwhat is the use of these wasted things?
periya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangaiivaithese bosoms
periya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangaienakkE poRaiyAgithey have become an unwanted burden even for me
periya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRumun irundhubeing present right in front of my eyes
periya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRumUkkinRuageing more and more
periya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRumUvAmai kAppadhu Orto prevent it from aging like that
periya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRumannu marundhu aRivIr illaiyEno one is there who has seen a great medicine
periya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRumAl vidaiyinamong the bulls which are infatuated (with cows)
periya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththuthunnu pidar eruththuin the hump of the large nape
periya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththuthUkkuNdubeing hung
periya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththukanniyar kaN miLirasuch that young girls will roll their eyes (on seeing it)
periya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththuvan thodarAl kattuNdubeing tied by a strong rope
periya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththumAlai vAyduring evening time
periya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththuthannudaiya nA ozhiyAdhu Adum thani maNiyinwith the gong of the unparalleled bell striking continuously
periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyumin isai Osaiyum vandhucoming with a sound as sweet as music
periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyumen sevi thanakkEonly for my ears
periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyumkol navilum ehkil kodidhy Ay nedidhu Agumit is longer than the spear which is capable of killing, and more cruel than that.
periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyumidhanai kAkkum A enwhat is the way to escape from this grave danger?
periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai OsaiyumsolleerPlease say (if there is a means available)
periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyumidhu viLaiththahaving created such a situation (by southerly breeze etc [which have been mentioned earlier])
periya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAymannanbeing great
periya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAynaRu thuzhAy vAzh mArbanhaving his chest decorated with the fragrant thuLasi
periya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAymunnam mA madhi kOL viduththa mugil vaNNanhaving the complexion of rain bearing clouds, who, in earlier times, had removed chandhra (moon)’s distress.
periya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAykAyAvin chinna naRu pU thigazh vaNNanhaving a complexion similar to the small flower with sweet fragrance, from the flowering plant kAyA (a bilberry plant)
periya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAyvaNNam pOlsimilar to his complexion
periya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalaianna kadalaiocean which has that complexion
periya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalaimalai ittuthrowing mountains
periya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalaiaNai kattibuilding sEthu (and mercifully entering lankA)
periya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalaimA maNdu vem samaththuin the cruel battle which was full of four types of armies [chariot, elephant, horse and foot soldiers]
periya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalaimannan irAvaNanaithe demon king rAvaNa
periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththumpon mudigaL paththum puraLamaking the ten beautiful heads to roll (on the ground)
periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththumsaram thurandhuraining arrows
periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththumthen ulagam ERRuviththa sEvaganaias a great warrior who made (that rAvaNa) to reach yamalOka (hell)
periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththumAyiram kaN mannavan vAnamumthe swargalOka (heaven) belonging to the thousand eyed indhra
periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththumvAnavar tham ponnulagumthe divine words of (other) dhEvathAs (celestial deities)
periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththumthannudaiya thOL valiyAL kaikkoNda dhAnavanaihiraNyAsura who made them his, through the strength of his shoulders
periya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgipinafter passage of some time
periya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgiOr ari uruvam Agiincarnating as an incomparable narasinga mUrththy (lion face and human body)
periya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgieri vizhiththulooking with fiery eyes
periya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgikol navilum vem samaththuk kollAdhEnot killing in battlefield where people are killed
periya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgivallALanthat hugely strong demon’s
periya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgimannu maNi kunji paRRi vara Irththupulling closely, the hair which is decorated with crown made of gems
periya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmElthannudaiya thAL mEl kidAththimaking (hiraNya) to lie on his lap
periya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmElavanudaiyahis
periya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmElpon agalambeautiful chest
periya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmElvaL ugirAl pOzhndhuparted asunder with his sharp nails
periya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmElpugazh padaiththagetting the fame (of having protected his follower, prahlAdha)
periya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmElmin ilangum Azhi padai thadaikkai vIranaibeing a great warrior who has the divine chakrAyudham (disc) which is radiant like lightning
periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththaimannu i agal idaththaithis expansive earth where everyone is fitting well
periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththaimA mudhu nIr thAN vizhungawhen mAhapraLayam (deluge) swallowed
periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththaipinnumafter that
periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththaiOr EnamAy pukkuentered (the ocean) as a divine boar
periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththaivaLai maruppinof the curved tusks
periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththaikol navilum kUr nudhi mElon top of the sharp edges which are capable of killing enemies
periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththaivaiththu eduththa kUththanaione who did a great activity, carrying (that earth)
periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyaimannum vada malaiyaithe manthara (a celestial) mountain which was ancholred firmly
periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyaimaththu Agaas a churning shaft
periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyaimAsuNaththAlwith a snake (vAsuki, encircling)
periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyaiminnum iru sudarum piRangu oLiyum thanninudanE suzhala malai thiruththuchurning that manthara mountain (churning the ocean) such that the radiant moon, sun, sky and other lustrous entities spun around with him
periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyaivAnavarai in amudham Uttioffering sweet nectar to celestial entities
periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyaimannum thuyar kadindhaone who drove away their long standing fear of death
periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyaivaLLalaithe greatly generous entity
periya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam ArummaRRu anRiyumapart from that
periya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam Arumthan uruvam Arum aRiyAmalmaking his nature unknown to anyone else
periya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam ArumthAn Or mannum kuRaL uruvin mANi Ayhe, who is the most supreme among all men, made himself into a divine dwarf bachelor
periya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam ArummAvali thanmahAbali’s
periya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam Arumpon iyalum vELvikkaN pukkirundhutaking abode in the yAgabhUmi (the place where mahAbali conducted the ritual) where gold was being gifted
periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLapOr vEndhar mannaithat mAvali who is the chief of kings who have the strength to indulge in war
periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLamanam koLLa vanjiththubewildering him to make him believe (that this bachelor has come only to seek alms)
periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLanenju urukkisoftening his heart (through the beauty of his gait, speech etc)
periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLamannaOh King!
periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLaennudaiya pAdhaththAl yAn aLappaby measuring with my foot
periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLamU adi maN tharuga enRusaying ‘give me three steps of land’
periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRuvAy thiRappa as he asked, opening his mouth
periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRuavanumthat mahAbali (who heard that)
periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRuennAl tharappattadhu enRalumas he said that “the three steps of land have been given by me”
periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRuaththuNaikkaNat that very moment
periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRumin Ar mudi pOy viN thadavathe radiant crown went and stroked the ethereal layer
periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRumEl eduththathat which was lifted high up
periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRupon Ar kanai kazhal kAlthe coveted divine foot, decorated with valorous anklet and making a sound
periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRuEzh ulagum pOy kadandhugoing across all the worlds above
periya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurarangu onnA asurar thuLangamaking the inimical demons (such as namuchi et al) in those seven worlds to suffer
periya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurarsela nIttiextending further (to go beyond)
periya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurarmannu i agal idaththaithis permanent, expansive
periya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurarmAvaliyai vanjiththudeceiving mahAbali (like this)
periya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurarthan ulagam Akkuviththa thALAnaihaving divine feet, which made [such worlds] as his world
periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganaithAmarai mEl min idaiyAL nAyaganaithe consort of pirAtti who was born on a lotus and who has a waist similar to lightning.
periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganaiviNNagaruL ponmalaiyaione who is shining like a golden mountain at thiruviNNagar.
periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganaiponni maNi kozhikkum pUngudandhai pOrvidaiyaione who is reclining like a bull which has got tired after waging a war, at thirukkudandhai, where the river kAviri brings precious gems
periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganaithen nan kuRungudiyuL sembavaLam kunRinaione who is shining like a reddish coral like mountain at thirukkuRungudi which is a distinguished divine abode in the southern direction
periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganaithaN sERai manniya vaLLalaithe supremely generous entity who has fittingly taken residence in the cool thiruchchERai.
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilummAmalar mEl annam thuyilumswans sleeping on distinguished lotus flowers
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilumaNi nIr vayal AlithiruvAli, the divine abode, which has (agricultural) fields, full of water
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilumennudaiya innamudhaithe supreme enjoyer, who is giving me dharSan (for me to worship)
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilumevvuL perumalaiyaione who is reclining at thiruvevvuL (present day thiruvaLLUr) as if a huge mountain were reclining
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilumkanni madhiL sUzh kaNamangai kaRpagaththaione who is dwelling mercifully like a kalpaka vruksham (wish-fulfilling divine tree) at thirukkaNNamangai which is surrounded by newly built compound wall
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilumminnaione who has periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is resplendent like lightning
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilumiru sudaraidivine disc and divine conch which appear like sUrya (sun) and chandhra (moon)
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilumveLLaRaiyuLat thiruveLLaRai
periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilumkal aRai mElinside the sannidhi (sanctum sanctorum) made of stones
periya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththaiponnaishining like gold
periya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththaimaradhagaththaihaving a greenish form matching emerald
periya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththaiputkuzhi em pOr ERRaidwelling in [the divine abode of] thirupputkuzhi, as my lord and as a bull ready to wage a war
periya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththaiarangaththu mannumresiding permanently at thiruvarangam
periya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththaiem mAmaNiyaione who we can handle, like a blue gem
periya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththaivallavAzhone who has taken residence at thiruvallavAzh
periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanaipinnai maNALanaibeing the consort of nappinnai pirAtti (nILA dhEvi)
periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanaipEril piRappu iliyaidwelling at thiruppErnagar, being ready forever [to protect his followers]
periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanaithol nIr kadal kidandhaone who reclined on the ocean during the time of great deluge
periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanaithOLA maNi sudaraibeing the radiance of gem which has not been pierced
periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanaien manaththu mAlaione who has deep love for me and who never leaves my mind
periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanaiidavendhai Isanaisupreme being who has taken residence at thiruvidavendhai
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaikadal mallai mannum mAyavanaithe amazing entity who has taken permanent residence at thirukkadanmallai (present day mahAbalipuram)
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaivAnavar tham senni maNi sudaraione who is radiant as the prime jewel for nithyasUris
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaithaNkAl thiRalvaliyaithe hugely powerful entity who has taken residence at thiruththaNkAl
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaithannai piRar aRiyA thaththuvaththaione whose nature cannot be known by others (who are not under the shadow of his divine mercy)
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaimuththinaione who is like a pearl
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaiannaththaione who incarnated as a swan
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaimInaione who incarnated as a fish
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaiariyaione who incarnated as hayagrIva (horse face, human body)
periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallaiarumaRaiyaione who has the vEdhas (sacred texts) as his form
periya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNdamun i ulagu uNda mUrththiyaiin an earlier time, as the lord, keeping all these worlds in his divine stomach and looking after them
periya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNdakOvalUrthirukkOvalUr
periya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNdaidai kazhi mannum em mAyavanaias our thirumAl (emperumAn) who has taken permanent residence in the corridor [of mrigaNdu maharishi’s hermitage] at thirukkOvalUr
periya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNdapEy alaRa mulai uNda piLLaiyaias an infant who ate [from] the bosom of the demon pUthana such that she cried out in pain
periya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNdaaLLal vAyin marshy places
periya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNdairai thEr azhundhUrat thiruvazhundhUr, to seek prey
periya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNdaezhum sudaraias an effulgent lamp
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaithen thillaich chiththirakUdaththu en selvanaithe wealthy entity (who has taken residence) at thillai chiththira kUtam, which is in the southern direction
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaimazhaiclouds
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaiminnishining brightly
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaithavazhumcoming to, gently
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaithiruvEngadamat thiruvEngadamalai (one who has taken residence)
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaiem viththaganaione who has amazing qualities and activities, for us
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaimannanaias the supreme lord
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaimAlirunjOlai maNALanaias the bridegroom who has taken residence at thirumAlirunjOlai
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaikol navilum Azhi padaiyAnaione who has as his weapon, the divine disc which is capable of annihilating enemies
periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillaikOttiyUrat thirukkOttiyUr
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaianna uruvil ariyaias narasimhamUrththy (emperumAn’s divine form with lion face and human body) who has such (distinguished) divine form
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaithiru meyyaththuin thirumeyyam
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaiin amudham veLLaththaibeing greatly enjoyable as a sweet ocean of nectar
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaiindhaLUrat thiruvindhaLUr
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaiandhaNanaibeing supremely merciful
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaikachchiin the town of kAnchIpuram
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaivELukkai ALariyaias narasimha in the divine abode of thiruvELukkai
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaipAdagaththu manniya em maindhanaias our youthful entity at thiruppAdagam where he has taken permanent residence
periya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyaivehkAvilat thiruvehkA
periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththuunniya yOgaththu uRakkaththaione who is sleeping in yOga [body and mind joined together] while being fully aware
periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththuUragaththuL annavanaibeing very distinguished in thiruvUragam [a divine abode in kAnchIpuram]
periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththuatta buya karaththu emmAn ERRaibeing our lord at [the divine abode] attabuyakaram
periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththuennai manam kavarndha Isanaithe entity complete [in all aspects] who stole my heart
periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththuvAnavar tham munnavanaibeing the leader of celestial entities
periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththumUzhikkaLaththu viLakkinaione who is shining at thirumUzhikkaLam [a divine abode in kEraLa]
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrannavanaione who cannot be defined that he is like this
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrAdhanUrat thiruvAdhanUr
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrANdu aLakkum aiyanaione who controls passing of time
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrnennalai inRinai nALaiyaione who is the controller of yesterday, today and tomorrow
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrnIrmalai mEl mannumone who has taken residence at thirunIrmalai
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrmaRai nAngum AnAnaihaving the form of four vEdhas
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrpullANione who has taken residence at thiruppullANi
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrthennan thamizhai vadamozhiyaione who is described by both thamizh and samaskrutha languages
periya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUrnAn gUrat thirunAngUr
periya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAdamaNimAdak kOyil mannu maNALanaistanding forever at maNimAdakkOyil (divine abode in thanjAvUr) as a bridegroom
periya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAdanal nIr thalaichchanga nANmadhiyaias the nANmadhiyapperumAL at thalaichchangAdu which is surrounded by good water
periya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAdanAn vaNangum kaNNanaias kaNNan (krishNa) who I worship
periya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAdakaNNapuraththAnaione who is dwelling at thirukkaNNapuram
periya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAdathen naRaiyUr maNi mAdak kOyil mannu maNALanaione who has taken residence as a bridegroom in the famous thiruraRaiyUr maNi mAdak kOyil
periya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOLkal navil thOL kALaiyaione who is a youth with his shoulders similar to a mountain
periya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOLAngu kaNdu kai thozhudhuseeing him at that thirunaRaiyUr and worshipping him
periya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOLen nilaimai ellAm aRiviththAlif I appeal to him, stating my dispositions ..
periya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOLafter hearing that
periya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOLemperumAnthat perumAn [supreme entity]
periya thirumadal – 91 – than aruLum Agamumthan aruLum Agamum thArAnElif he does not grant me his divine grace and his divine chest
periya thirumadal – 91 – than aruLum Agamumthannaithat emperumAn
periya thirumadal – 91 – than aruLum AgamumnAnI (who know all his activities)
periya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilummin indaiyAr sEriyilumin the gatherings of women
periya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilumvEdhiyargaL vAzhvidaththumin the places where vaidhikas (those who follow vEdhams) live
periya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilumthan adiyAr munbumin the presence of emperumAn’s followers
periya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilumtharaNi muzhudhALum konnavilum vElvEndhar kUttaththumin the courts of those kings who rule over the entire earthern region and who have cruel armies
periya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilumnAdu agaththumin all the other places
periya thirumadal – 93 – than nilaimai ellAmthan nilaimai ellAm aRivippanI will expose all his qualities
periya thirumadal – 93 – than nilaimai ellAmmunam nALin earlier time (during krishNAvathAram)
periya thirumadal – 93 – than nilaimai ellAmminnidai Aychchiyar tham sEriin the hamlet of cow-herd girls whose slender waists were like lightning
periya thirumadal – 93 – than nilaimai ellAmkaLavin kaNin a cunning way
periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padalthunnu padal thiRandhuby opening the gate woven with densely packed palm leaves
periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padalpukkuentering
periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padalthayir veNNeycurd and butter
periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padalthan vayiRu Ara thAn vizhungaas he gobbled these in order to fill up his stomach
periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padalkozhu kayal kaNeyes which are like carp (a fresh water fish)
periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padalmannu madavOraLwomen of the hamlet
periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padalpaRRicatching him
periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padalOr vAn kayiRRAlwith a beautiful rope
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOduuralOdu(tied up) with the mortar
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdukattuNda peRRimaiyumhow great it was being tied down
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOduAyar vizhavin kaNin the ArAdhanai (worship) carried out by the herdspeople to indhira, the chief of celestial entities
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOduthunnu sagadaththAl pukka peru sORRaithe huge quantum of food carried by many carts
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOduannadhu Or bUdhamAytaking the form of a demon which cannot be spoken of in words
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdumun irundhuright in fornt of them
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdumuRRacompletely
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOduthAnhe himself
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOduthuRRiyaeaten
periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdutheRRanavumwhat a shame!
periya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuLmunam nALduring an earlier time
periya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuLvAzhvEndhar thUdhanAyas pANdava’s messenger
periya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuLthannai igazhndhu uraippato be spoken of despicably
periya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuLmannar peru savaiyuL senRadhumthe way he went to the court of great kings (such as dhuriyOdhanA et al)
periya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuLmangaiyar tham kaN kaLippaeyes of the (herd)ladies’ to rejoice
periya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuLmannu paRai kaRangathe drum tied (to the waist) to sound
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAykol navilum kUththanAycarrying out the dance which kills (women)
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAypErththumfurther
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAykudam Adidancing with pots
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAyen ivan ennappaduginRa IdaRavumgetting ruined of character with people wondering “Will anyone dance like this?”
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAythen ilangaiyAttithe queen of lankA in the south
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAyarakkar kulapopAvaione who looked like an idol, born in the clan of demons
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAymannan irAvaNan than nal thangaithe affectionate sister of King rAvaNa
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAyvAL eyiRuhaving teeth like a sword (being resplendent)
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAythunnu sudu sinaththuhaving an anger which will singe
periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAysUrppaNakAcalled as sUrppaNakA
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdupularndhuher body withered [lifeless]
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNduezhundha kAmaththAldue to the disease of lust which swelled
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdupon niram koNduher complexion became pale [lost its colour]
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdusOrvu eydhigoing into a trance
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNduthannai nayandhALaithat demonic woman who desired him
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNduthAn munindhubecoming fiery
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdumUkku arindhucutting off her nose
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdumanniya thiNNenavumhow firm he became!
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNduvAyththa malai pOlumone who had the form similar to a mountain
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNduthan nigar onRu illAdhabeing incomparable
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNduthAtakaiyaia woman called as thAtakA
periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdumAmunikkAfor the sake of sage viSvAmithra
periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththathen ulagam ERRuviththaso as to reach yamalOkam (hell)
periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththathin thiRalumwhat great strength
periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththamaRRu ivai thAnvarious other activities which are similar to these
periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththaunni ulavAthey cannot be thought of completely.
periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththaulagu aRiyaannouncing such activities so that people of the world would know
periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththanAnI, parakAla nAyaki
periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththamunnistanding up front
periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththamuLaiththu ezhundhu Ongi oLi parandha manniya pU peNNai madal UrvanI will engage with madal from beautiful, firm and splendorous palm leaf which has been taken from a well sprouted, high grown pam tree.
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmen nilaimai ellAmall my various states
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmaRiviththAlafter informing
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmemperumAnthe lord of all, my swAmy
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmthan aruLumhis mercy
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmAgamumhis divine chest
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmthArAn Elif he does not grant
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmpinnai pOyafter that, going to
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmoNduRai nIr vElai ulagu aRiyamaking it known to the people of the world, surrounded by ocean which has effulgent places for taking a dip and which is full of water
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmnAnI
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmvaNdu aRai pUm peNNai madal UrvanI will engage with a beautiful madal which is resounding with the humming of beetles.
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmavathArikai
periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAmThis pAsuram is similar to the one at the end of siRiya thirumadal. This pAsuram, composed by the thamizh poet kambar as if it were recited by parakAla nAyaki herself, is recited at the end of periya thirumadal. These pAsurams [this and the one which appears at the end of siRiya thirumadal], show the devotion that kambar had towards thirumangai AzhwAr.

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