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nErAvan enROr nisAsaridhAn vandhALai                              39

Word by Word Meanings

nEr Avan enRu – one who said “I am equal“
Or nisAsari vandhALai – one who came running, the demon sUrpaNakA (asking SrI  rAma to marry her)


than sIthaikku nErAvan . . . . silai kuniththAn – sUrpaNakA came [to chithrakUtam], saying “I am fully equal to sIthA; I will marry SrI rAma”. He cut her ears and nose, disfiguring her. She ran to kara (a demon) and fell at his feet. This sequence captures the narration of how he killed kara and his brother dhUshaNa.

than sIthaikku – sithA who was apt for him [SrI rAma] in all ways. Just as it is mentioned in the SrI rAmAyaNa SlOkam “thulya Seela vayOvruththAm thulyAbhijana lakshaNAmrAghavO’rhathi vaidhEhim tham chEyam asithEkshaNA II” (only SrI rAma is apt for sIthA who has equivalent qualities, age, conduct, as well as equivalent clan and beauty; in the same way, this (sIthAp)pirAtti only, who has black eyes, is apt for him) and in SrI rAmAyaNam AraNya kANdam SlOkam 37-18 “apramEyam hi thath thEjO yasya sA janakAthmajA” (it is impossible to estimate that radiance called as SrI rAma to whom the daughter of King janaka belongs), sUrpaNakA came saying that she is the equal to that sIthA , whose glory SrI rAma himself desired.

nErAvan enRu – she came, with her grotesque form, saying that she matches sIthA, who was splendorous with all the defining characteristics of a lady.

Or nisAsari – since she came with anger against sIrthAppirAtti, saying that she matches sIthAppirAtti, who is the jaganmAthA (mother  for the entire world), the fortune teller highlights that she comes from the demonic clan which eats corpse.

thAn – she, who is no match for SrI rAma, calls herself as a match for sIthA, who is superior to even SrI rAma.

than sIthaikku nErAvan enROr nisAsari thAn vandhALai – just as it is mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 16 – 14 “thrailOkyarAjyam sakalam sIthAyA nApnuyAth kalAm” (the kingdoms of the three worlds and the one who rules them (SrI rAma) will not be a match for even a part of sIthA), even if all wealth of SrI rAma and he himself were put on a balance, they cannot equal sIthA. When such is the reality, sUrpaNakA came saying that she is a match for sIthA.

vandhALai – as soon as sUrpaNakA came to SrI rAma, he told her “I am already married and have taken a vow that I will have only one wife; go to lakshmaNa, who is not married”; lakshmaNa told her “I am his servitor; if you marry me, you have to do menial service to them both. Hence, only if you marry SrI rAma himself, could you get a title [as his queen] and sit on the same throne on which he sits”.  After being tossed a few times between the two of them, she decided that it was only sIthA who was preventing her from realising her wish and hence pounced on her saying “I will eat you up”.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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