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pOrAr neduvElOn ponpeyarOn Agaththaich

Word by Word Meanings

pOrAr neduvElOn ponpeyarOn Agaththai hiraNya kashyapu (always) has the battle-ready long spear. That hiraNya’s chest . . . . .


pOrAr neduvElOn . . .  – The earlier narration was about emperumAn’s killing rAvaNa for the sake of pirAtti, after waiting till the end, trying to see if he could correct him. Now, the narration is about how he could not wait patiently since he had to appear the instant his devotee prahlAdha told hiraNya that emperumAn is present in the pillar also. He had to take a half-human, half-lion form and destroy the enemy of his devotee.

pOrAr vEl – the spear which is battle-ready. It has to constantly hurt the bodies of his enemies in the battle front and does not even have the time to take rest in the weapons storage yard. This spear is constantly surrounded by flesh, blood, intestine etc as well as birds of prey such as vultures and eagles.

nedu vEl – It is mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam yudhdha kANdam 100-12 AlikandhamivAkAsam avashtabhya mahath dhanu:“ (keeping a huge bow which extends up to the sky, pressed). Once SrI rAma draws an arrow on the bow, it will not stop until it carries out its task. In the same way, this spear, once it is released by hiraNya on his enemy, will not stop even if he tries to control it. This is its greatness.

vElOn – one who has that spear. The implied meaning is that even when he lay dead, he was holding on to the spear, making it appear that it was his identification.

pon peyarOn – he has as his name gold, which is the meaning for the term hiraNya.

Agaththai – his chest. For carrying out hunting in forests, people will rear pigs as bait and feed the pigs sumptuously to make them stout. In the same way, hiraNya had made his chest huge with the strength of the boons that he had received from brahmA et al.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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