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ErAr pozhil sUzh idavendhai nIrmalai                                      73
sIrArum mAlirunjOlai thirumOgUr

Word by Word Meanings

ErAr pozhil sUzh idavendhai nIrmalai – thiruvidavendhai which is surrounded by beautiful gardens, thirunIrmalai
sIrArum mAlirunjOlai thirumOgUr –
beautiful thirumAlirunjOlai, thirumOgur


ErAr pozhil sUzh idavendhai – thiruvidavendhai (a dhivyadhEsam near present day mAmallapuram) has beautiful gardens around it so that emperumAn, who has taken the form of wild boar in this dhivyadhESam, can roam around, as an outlet, in line with his form. The emperumAn is residing in this divine abode to reflect his infatuation with bhUmippirAtti, just as mentioned in thirunedundhANdagam 18 “pArvaNNa madamangai paththar” (one who is infatuated with bhUmippirAtti). I will go there, inform the people as to how he tortured me, a servitor of pirAtti and ask them to decide for themselves whether the affection which he shows towards bhUmippirAtti is real or an outward show, thus subjecting his love to a measurement.

nIrmalai – just as it has been said in thirunedundhANdagam 18 “nIrvaNNan nIrmalaikkE pOvEn” (I will go to thirunIrmalai itself where he is manifesting his characteristic of being simple, like water), thirunIrmalai is the divine abode which acts like shadow for those who have lost their self-restraint while trying to attain him so that they could take comfort. I will tell them to see in my form as to how I, who am engaging in madal after losing my self-restraint, am unable to enter that abode too.

sIrArum mAlirum sOlai – emperumAn remains without moving, like a tree, in the southern direction, which was not regarded highly in ancient days by vaidhikas (those who follow vEdhams) and manifests his simple and easily approachable qualities to lowly people too, as brought out in periyAzhwAr thirumozhi 5-3-3 “punaththinaik kiLLip pudhu avi kAtti un ponnadi vAzhga enRu inakkuRavar pudhiyadhu uNNum ezhil mAlirunjOlai endhAy” (Oh one who is residing in thirumAlirunjOlai and who is my lord! The hilly tribal people offer freshly plucked millets to your divine feet, and without asking for any other benefit, worship you and eat the offered millets). I will go there, show my form and establish that his qualities are one of supremacy (and not simplicity) and of being tough to approach and not easily to approach.

thirumOgUr – isn’t this the divine abode for emperumAn who is blissful with his devotees, without any distinction, through the faculties of mind, body and speech, just as it has been mercifully mentioned in thiruvAimozhi 10-1-6thirumOgUr Aththan” (one who has taken residence at thirumOgUr and is trustworthy)? I will show how trustworthy he is, after going there.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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