siRiya thirumadal – 40 – kUrArndha vaLLurgirAl

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kUrArndha vaLLugirAl kINdu kudal mAlai                           43
sIrAr thirumArbin mEl kattich chengurudhi

Word by Word Meanings

kUr Arndha vaLLugirAl kINdu – splitting with sharp, divine nails which were close together
kudal – (plucking out) the intestine of that demon
sIr Ar thirumArbin mEl mAlai katti – wearing that as a victorious garland on the chest which is the dwelling place for the valorous lakshmi


kUrArndha vaLLugirAl – with divine nails which were sharp and were close together. vaLLugir – dense nails [nails which were close together]. Alternative explanation: vaLLugir – benevolent nails. When emperumAn engages with his consorts, they will be afraid whether his divine form will become sore just by their looking at him, since he would be so soft towards them, whereas when he engages with his enemies in a battle, he would have enough strength to destroy them. In the same way, these nails will be sharp towards hiraNya while they will be benevolent towards his consorts for their enjoyment. Just as it has been mentioned in various pramANams (authentic sources) such as in the saying “chandhra bhAskara varchasam” (having splendour like moon and sun), “kadhir madhiyam pOl mugaththAn” (face similar to sun and moon) etc, don’t his divine body, body limbs and weapons behave in a friendly way towards those who are favourable to him and in an inimical way toward those who are unfavourable to him!

kINdu – as soon as hiraNya saw narasimha (emperumAn with human body and lion’s head) with his rage,  his body became withered, became supple just like a boar which has been roasted in fire, such that emperumAn could tear it effortlessly.

kudal mAlai sIrAr thirumArbin mEl katti – due to excessive anger, narasimha plucked out hiraNya’s intestine and wore it on his divine chest. In other words, he wore the intestine as a victorious garland on the chest where vijayalakshmi (lakshmi who grants victory) dances, since it is sIrAr thirumArvu; sIrAr refers to vijayalakshmi shining. Alternatively we can construe it as the residence of periya pirAttiyAr (SrI mahAlakshmi) and emperumAn decorated that with this garland. Since she will not be with him if he does not have this anger with the enemies of his devotees, he garlanded her dwelling place with hiraNya’s intestine.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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