Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – periya thirumozhi – 1st centum

Sorted by word

 kaN idungi  yaSOdhAp pirAtti who is his real mother< tr>< td>periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval 
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  perum thuyar  being the recipient of great sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  idumbaiyil  in the body which is the cause for all sorrows
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  piRandhu  being born
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  kUdinEn  being unable to distinguish between body and soul, and remained closely together;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  kUdi  having remained in this manner for a long time
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  iLaiyavar  young women
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  tharum  giving
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  kalaviyE  union only
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  karudhi  thinking about
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  avar thammOdu  following their foot steps
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  OdinEn  ran behind them;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  Odi  in this manner, not remaining in any place, running around many matters seeking joy
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  manaththAl  with the intellect which was following the worldly pleasures
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  varundhinEn  experienced sorrow; further,
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  vAdinEn  suffered (like a support-less creeper);
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  vAdi  having suffered
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  uyvadhu  for being uplifted
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  Or poruLAl  a nice principle (sarvESvaran-s mercy)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  uNarvu enum  gyAnam (knowledge)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  perum  big
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  padham  state
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  therindhu nAdinEn  understood as it is, analysed -bhagavath vishayam (matters relating to bhagavAn) is good and samsAram (bondage in material world) is bad-;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  nAdi  having analysed
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  nAn  I, who am unqualified to recite the divine name
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  nArAyaNA ennum  nArAyaNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  nAmam  the divine name
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-1-vAdinEn vAdi  kaNdu koNdEn  got to see.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  AviyE  Oh my life!
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  amudhE  Oh one who is enjoyable for me like nectar!
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  ena  saying these many praises
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  ninaindhu  thinking about the insignificant pleasures they give
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  urugi  melting like ice
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  avaravar  of those women
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  paNai  large
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  mulai  bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  thuNaiyA  having as protection
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  pAviyEn  I who am a sinner
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  uNarAdhu  without knowing -sarvESvaran is the rakshaka (protector)-
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  eththanai pagalum  forever
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  nALgaLum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  pazhudhupOy ozhindhana  was wasted;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  thUvi  with wings
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  sEr  matching
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  annam  swan
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  thuNaiyodum  with its female counterpart
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  puNarum  living together
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  punal  with water
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  kudandhai  ArAvamudhAzhwAr in thirukkudandhai
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  thozhudhu  worshipped
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  nAn  I who was immersed in worldly pleasures
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  uyya  to get uplifted
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  nArAyaNA ennum nAmam  the divine name -nArAyaNa-
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  en nAvinAl  with my tongue
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-2-AviyE amudhE  kaNdu koNdEn  praised and realised.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  sEmamE  well-being only
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  vENdi  desiring (but without not performing virtuous duties which are required for that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  thIvinai  sins
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  perukki  increasing
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  therivaimAr  of women
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  uruvamE  physical beauty only
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  maruvi  thinking about
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  kazhindha  wasted
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  annALgaL  those times
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  UmanAr  mute persons
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  kaNda  saw
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  kanavilum  more than the dream
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  pazhudhAy  being useless
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  ozhindhana  lost; hence
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  kAmanAr  for cupid
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  thAdhai  being the father
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  nammudai  for all of us
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  adigaL  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  tham  him
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  adaindhAr  for those who hold as refuge
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  manaththu  in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  iruppAr  sarvESvaran who firmly remains
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  nAmam  word
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  nArAyaNA ennum  nArAyaNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  nAmam  divine name
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  nAn  I who was running behind worldly pleasures
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  uyya  to be uplifted
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  nAn  who is too lost for redemption
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-3-sEmamE vENdi  kaNdu koNdEn  realised.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  venRiyE  Victory only
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  vENdi  desired
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  vIzh  that which will be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  porutku  for wealth
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  irangi  worrying
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  vEl kaNAr  with the women whose eyes resemble spear
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  kalaviyE  union only
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  karudhi  considered
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  ninRavA nillA  not being firm on anything
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  nenjinai  heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  udaiyEn  I who am having
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  en seygEn  what will I do; (not having the means to reach you, I am unable to do anything)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  anRu  on the day when earth was engulfed by deluge
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  nedu  tall
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  visumbu  sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  aNavum  growing to touch
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  panRiyAy  having the form of varAha (wild boar)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  pAragam  earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  kINda  uplifted
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  pAzhiyAn  the strong one
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  AzhiyAn  sarvESvaran-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  aruLE  by mercy only
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  nAn  I who was attached to worldly pleasures
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  nanRu  properly
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  uyya  to be uplifted
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  nArAyaNA ennum nAmam  the divine name nArAyaNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  nAn  I who was prideful
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-4-venRiyE vENdi  kaNdu koNdEn  realised.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  kaLvanEn AnEn  (Previously, bhagavAn-s possession AthmA) I stole;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn&nbs p; padiRu  very evil acts
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  seydhu iruppEn  I kept doing;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  kaNda A  any aspects seen
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  thirithandhEnElum  even after engaging
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  thiru aruL  (his) merciful glance
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  sikkena  firmly
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  peRREn  I got;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  theLLiyEn AnEn  I acquired clarity (about his lordship and my servitude);
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  sel  to travel in (archirAdhi mArgam, the path leading to paramapadham)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  gadhikku  to paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  amaindhEn  became complete, to go;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  (further)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  uL elAm  all that which are inside (i.e., bones, nerves) my body
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  urugi  melting
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  kural  tone
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  thazhuththu ozhindhEn  stuttered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  udambu elAm  everywhere on my body
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  kaNNa nIr sOra  to have tears of happiness flow over
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  naL  dense
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  iruL aLavum  throughout the night
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  pagal aLavum  throughout the day
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  nArAyaNA ennum nAmam  the divine name, nArAyaNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  nAn  I, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-5-kaLvanEn AnEn  azhaippan  got to call out.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  nambigAL!  Oh those who are complete (with enjoying bhagavAn-s qualities)!
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  em pirAn  being my benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  endhai  being my father
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  ennudaich chuRRam  being all my relationships
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  enakku arasu  being my ruler
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  ennudai vAzh nAL  being my life-span
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  arakkar  rAkshasas (demoniac people)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  verukkoLa  to be scared
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  ambinAl  with arrows
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  nerukki  suffocating them
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  avar uyir  their lives
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  seguththa  destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  em aNNal  the eternal abode of sarvESvaran, who is my lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  vambu  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  ulAm  blowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  sOlai  garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  mA  lengthy
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  madhiL  having fort
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  thanjai mA maNik kOyilE  thanjai mA maNik kOyil only
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  vaNangi  worshipped
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  nAn uyya  to be uplifted (like all of you)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  nArAyaNA ennum nAmam  the divine name, nArAyaNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-6-empirAn endhai  kaNdu koNdEn  I got to realise.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  ulagil  for the residents of this earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  thoNdarai  those who roam around doing menial services
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  il  greatness of (their) household life
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  piRappu  greatness of (their) birth
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  aRiyIr  not knowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  ivar  those who are wealthy now
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  avar  were previously in poverty
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  eNNIr  without knowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  thanmai  their nature
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  innadhu enRu  is in this particular manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  uNarIr  not knowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  kaRpagam!  Oh generous ones who resemble desire fulfilling kalpaka tree!
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  pulavar  for learned persons
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  kaLaigaN  Oh protector!
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  enRu  saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  kaNdavA  as thought in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  pAdum  praising
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  sol  for words
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  poruL  and meanings
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  ALIr  you who are experts
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  vammin  come over;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  sollugEn  I am informing you (so that you don-t lose the apt goal);
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  nIr  you who are like me
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  punal  by water
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  kudandhai  ArAvamudhan emperumAn who is mercifully residing in thirukkudandhai
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  thozhumin  worship;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  nArAyaNA ennum  the word which explains -I am all kinds of relationship-
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  nAmam  divine name
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  pAdi&n bsp; speaking fully
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  uymmin  be uplifted;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-7-iRpiRappu  nal poruL kANmin  see, this is the ultimate principle.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  kalaigaL  SAsthrams
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  kaRRilEn  I have not learned (from an AchArya);
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  aim pulan  five senses
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  karudhum  sought out
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  karuththuL  in matters
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  manaththai  mind
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  thiruththinEn  intentionally engaged;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  adhanAl  due to this
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  pEdhaiyEn  I who am ignorant
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  nanmai  good thoughts
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  peRRilEn  did not have;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  peru  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  nilaththu  earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  Ar  filled
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  uyirkku ellAm  for all creatures
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  seRRamE  ways to harm
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  vENdi  thinking
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  thiritharuvEn  roaming around;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  (though I was roaming around for a long time, due to his merciful glance)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  thavirndhEn  I was freed from all of that;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  selgadhikku  to go to paramapadham which is the apt destination (through archirAdhi mArgam)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  uyyum ARu  path to be uplifted
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  eNNi  considering
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  adiyEn  I who am a servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  nArAyaNA ennum nAmam  the divine name, nArAyaNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  nal thuNaiyAga  as good help
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-8-kaRRilEn kalaigaL  paRRinEn  held on.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  nArAyaNA ennum nAmam  the divine name, nArAyaNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  kulam  (for those who meditate upon it) birth in great family
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  tharum  will grant;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  selvam  wealth
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  tharum  will grant;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  adiyAr  servitors
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  padu  the sins to be experienced and exhausted
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  thuyar Ayina ellAm  everything which is known as dhu:kham (sorrow)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  nilam tharam seyyum  will completely flatten;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  nIL visumbu  paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  aruLum  will grant
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  aruLodu  with mercy
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  peru nilam  the great position of kainkaryam
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  aLikkum  will grant;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  valam  strength (to enjoy him)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  tharum  will grant;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  maRRum  all other aspects of well-being
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  thandhidum  will facilitate;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  peRRa thAyinum  more than the mother who gave the body
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  Ayina  expansion of true knowledge which is good
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  seyyum  will cause;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  nalam tharum  giving kainkaryaSrI (wealth of servitude)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  sollai  divine name
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  nAn  I who had no knowledge about the existence of such wealth
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-9-kulandhaRum  kaNdu koNdEn  got to realise.
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  manju  clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  ulAm  moving around
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  sOlai  garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  aRai  humming
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  mA nIr  have abundant water
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  mangaiyAr  protection for the residents of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  vAL  having sword
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  kalikanRi  AzhwAr who eliminated the defects of kali
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  sem solAl  with beautiful words
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  eduththa  mercifully spoken to be known by all
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  dheyvam  divine
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  mAlai  garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  ivai koNdu  with this thirumozhi (decad)
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  thunjumbOdhu  at the end of the body
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  azhaimin  call out;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  thuyar varil  when afflicted with sorrows
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  ninaimin  meditate upon this only;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  thuyarileer  Oh you who have no sorrows
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  sollilum  even if you recited
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  nanRAm  will lead to goodness;
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  nArAyaNA ennum nAmam  the divine name, nArAyaNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  nammudai  our
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  vinaikku  for sins
periya-thirumozhi-1-1-10-manjulAm sOlai  nanjudhAn kaNdIr  is poison!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  nenjE  Oh heart!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  anRu  when sugrIva surrendered
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  vAli  one with the name vAli
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  mA  very
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  valam  powerful
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  oruvanadhu  the distinguished, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  udal  body
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  keda  to fall apart
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  vari  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  silai  bow
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  vaLaiviththu  bent to shoot the arrows;
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  (today)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  Elam  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  nARu  blowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  pozhil  in the gardens
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  idam peRa  in an expansive manner (sarvESvaran)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  irundha  being present and giving audience
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  imayaththuL  in himavAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  Ali  having small droplets
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  mA mugil  huge clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  adhir thara  making tumultuous sounds
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  peeli  having feathers
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  mA  large
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  mayil  peacocks
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  aru  difficult to climb
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  varai  mountains
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  agadu  lower stomach
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  uRa  to rub
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  mugadu  on their peaks
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  ERi  climb
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  nadam seyum  dancing
periya -thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  sunai  having ponds
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  piridhi  the dhivyadhESam named thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-1-vAli mAvalaththu  senRu adai  try to go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  nenjE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  mAk kadal  the vast ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  kalanga  to agitate
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  ari kulam  the groups of monkeys
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  paNi  service
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  seyya  as they perform (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  aru  unshakeable
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  varai  with the mountains
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  aNai katti  building the bridge
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  mA  great
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  ilangai nagar  lankApuri
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  podi seydha  turned to dust
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  adigaL thAm  sarva svAmi (lord of all)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  irundha  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  nal imayaththu  in the distinguished himavAn (Himalayas)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  vilangal pOlvana  like a mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  viRal  having strength
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  irum  great
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  sinaththana  having anger
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  vEzhangaL  elephants
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  thuyar kURa  to greatly fear
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  pilam  caves
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  koL  having as residence
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  vAL  like a sword
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  eyiRu  having teeth
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  ari avai  lions
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  thiri tharu  roaming around
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  piridhi  thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-2-kalanga mAkkadal  senRu adai  try to go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  thudikoL  like udukkai (a percussion instrument which is slim in the middle)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  nuN  very slender
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  idai  waist
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  suri  curly
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  kuzhal  hair
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  thuLangu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  eyiRu  having teeth
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  iLam kodi thiRaththu  for nappinnaip pirAtti who resembles a young creeper
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  Ayar  herdspeople-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  idi koL  like a thunder
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  vem  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  kural  having sound
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  inam vidai  the seven bulls which appeared in a herd
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  adarththavan  sarvESvaran who destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  irundha  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  nal  good
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  imayaththu  in himavAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  isai sola  as they are humming
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  kadi koL  having fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  vEngaiyin  malabar kino tree-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  naRum  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  malar  flower-filled
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  amaLiyil  on the bed
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  maNi  filled with blue gem stones
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  aRai misai  on the rocks
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  vEzham  exultant elephant
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  pidiyinOdu  along with its female counterpart
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  thuyilkoLum  sleeping
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  piridhi  thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  senRu  go
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  nenjE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-3-thudikoL  adai  try to reach.
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  maRam  Anger
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  koL  assumed
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  AL ari  narasimha-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  uru ena  as said as the form
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  veruvara  to fear
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  oruvanadhu  the incomparable hiraNya, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  agal  wide
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  mArvam  chest
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  thiRandhu  split open
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  vAnavar  dhEvathAs-
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  maNi  filled with gems
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  mudi  crowns
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  paNi thara  to bow (at his divine feet)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  irundha  the abode where the eternal sarvESvaran is residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  nal  good
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  imayaththuL  in himavAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  EnangaL  pigs
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  iRangi  lean down
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  vaLai  bent
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  maruppu  with the horns
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  idandhida  as they break (the gem rocks apart) and push them down
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  (those broken pieces)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  arugu  in close proximity
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  kidandhu  remain
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  eri vIsum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  mA  big
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  piRangu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  maNi  gems
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  aruviyodu  with the floods caused by rain
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  izhi tharu  rolling down
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  piridhi  in thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  senRu  go
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  nenjE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-4-maRangoL ALari  adai  try to reach.
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  kanai  resounding (by the ornaments)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  kazhal  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  amarargaL  brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  thozhudhu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  Eththa  to be praised
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  karai sey  not breaching the shore
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  mA  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  kadal  in thiruppARkadal (milk ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  kidandhavan  sarvESvaran who is mercifully reclining
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  mEgalai  having divine garment
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  alar magaL avaLOdum  with periya pirAtti who was born in lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  amarndha  firmly residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  imayaththu  in himavAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  varai sey  resembling a mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  mA  having huge form
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  kaLiRu  elephants
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  iLam   young
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  vedhir  bamboo-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  vaLar  grown very tall
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  muLai  sprouts (pulling them)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  aLai  in the caves
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  migu  filled
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  thEn  honey
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  thOyththu  dip
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  pirasam  with the beehive
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  vAri  that honey
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  than iLam pidikku  for their calves
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  aruL seyum  giving
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  piridhi  in thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  senRu  go
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  nenjE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-5-karaisey mAkkadal  adai  try to reach
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  vAnavar  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  iNangi  gathered
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  Ayiram paNangaL udaiya  one who is having thousand hoods
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  nal  having goodness (of servitude)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  aravu  thiruvanandhAzhwAn (AdhiSEsha)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  aNai  on the divine mattress
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  paLLikoL  mercifully resting
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  paramA  Oh one who is greater than all!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  enRu  praising in such manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  maNi  wearing crown which is studded with gems
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  mudi  with their heads
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  paNi thara  to be worshipped
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  irundha  mercifully residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  nal  good
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  imayaththu  in himavAn;
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  maNam koL  fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  mAdhavi  spring flower-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  nedu  long
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  kodi avai  creepers
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  visumbu uRa  to reach the sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  nimirndhu  grew
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  mugil  clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  paRRi  climb
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram & nbsp;piNangu  due to surrounding
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  pU  blossoming flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  pozhil  in the gardens
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  nuzhaindhu  entered
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  isai solum  humming the tunes
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  piridhi  in thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  senRu  go
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  nenjE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-6-paNangaL Ayiram  adai  try to reach
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  nenjE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  kArkoL  taking over the cloud
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  vEngaigaL  vEngai (kino) trees
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  thazhuviya  embracing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  kanam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  varai  present on the slopes
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  kaRi  black pepper-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  vaLAr  grown
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  kodi  creepers
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  thunni  dense
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  punam  in the lands on river banks
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  varai  small hills
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  thazhuviya  living
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  pOr koL  ready to fight
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  vEngaigaL  having cheetahs
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  pU  (always) blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  pozhil  having garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  imayaththuL  in himalayan mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  imaiyOrgaL  dhEvathAs such as brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  Er koL  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  pU  blossomed
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  sunai  ponds
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  thadam  on the ghats
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  padindhu  bathing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  inam  belonging to same species
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  malar ettum  eight types of flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  ittu  submit
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  pErgaL Ayiram  thousand divine names
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  paravi ninRu  speaking incoherently
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  adi thozhum  worshipping
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  piridhi  in thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-7-kArkoL vEngaigaL  senRu adai  go and reach.
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  iravu  night only
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  kUrndhu  being more
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  iruL perugiya  being dark only
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  varai muzhai  in the mountain caves
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  irum pasi adhu  great hunger
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  kUra  as increased
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  aravam  pythons
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  Avikkum  yawned
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  agan pozhil thazhuviya  having inner garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  aru  difficult to climb
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  varai  having slopes
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  imayaththu  in himavAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  paraman  oh greater than all!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  Adhi  Oh cause of the universe!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  em  for us
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  pani  cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  mugil  cloud like
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  vaNNan  oh one who is having a form
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  enRu eNNi ninRu  saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  imaiyOrgaL  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  piramanOdu  with brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  senRu  go
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  adithozhum  can approach
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  perum thagai  having great fame
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  piridhi  in thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  senRu  go
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  nenjE  oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-8-iravu kUrndhu  adai  try to reach.
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  Ayira nAmangaL  (his) thousand divine names
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  Odhi  recite (with that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  uNarndhavarkku  for those who acquired the knowledge (that he is the protector)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  uRu  occur
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  thuyar  sins
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  adaiyAmal  to not reach (them)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  Edham inRi  to not have any sorrows (for his devotees)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  ninRu aruLum  mercifully prese nt
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  nam  our lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  perum thagai  greatly famous
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  irundha  coming and residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  imayaththu  in himavAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  thAdhu  buds
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  malgiya  being abundant
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  piNdi  aSOka flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  viNdu  opened
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  alarginRa  blossoming
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  thazhal purai  like fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  ezhil  beauty
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  pEdhai  ignorant
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  vaNdugaL  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  nOkki  saw (that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  eri ena  considering that to be fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  veruvaru  fearing
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  piridhi  in thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  senRu  going
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  nenjE  manassE (Oh mind!)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-9-odhi-ayira-Odhi Ayira  adai  try to reach.
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  kariya  dark
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  mAmugil  huge clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  padalangaL avai  the groups
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  kidandhu  remaining in one place
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  muzhangida  as they make noise (hearing that noise)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  periya  big
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  mAsuNam  pythons
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  kaLiRu enRu  confusing those clouds to be elephants (arriving to be their prey)
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  varai ena  like mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  peyar tharu  will come swaying
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  piridhi  eternally residing in thiruppiridhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  emperumAnai  on sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  vari koL  having stripes
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  aRai  humming
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  pai  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  pozhil  having garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  mangaiyar  the ruler of the residents of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  kaliyandhu  AzhwAr-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  oli  merciful pAsurams which have sound
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  mAlai  being garland
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  ariya  difficult for anyone to know
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  in  sweet
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  isai  pAsurams which have tune
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  pAdum  those who recite
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  adiyavarkku  the bhAgavathas
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  aruvinai  great sins
periya-thirumozhi-1-2-10-kariya mAmugil  adaiyA  will not reach
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  muRRa mUththu  becoming very old
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  kOl  stick
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  thuNaiyA  having as help
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  mun adi  step to place forward
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  vaLaindhu nOkki  looking down by bowing the head
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  iRRa kAl pOl  like a broken leg
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  thaLLi  stumble
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  angu  in a place
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  meLLa  softly
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  irundhu  being seated
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  iLaiyAmun  before giving up on getting tired, in this manner,
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  peRRa thAy pOl vandha  one who came in the form of the mother
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  pEychchi  pUthanA-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  peru mulaiyUdu  through the large bosom
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  uyirai  her life
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  vaRRa  to become dry
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  vAngi  sucked
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  uNda  mercifully consumed
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  vAyAn  the abode of sarvESvaran who has such beautiful lips
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  vadhari  SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-1-muRRa mUththu  vaNanguvOm  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  kaiththalaththAl  with hand
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  mudhugu paRRi  supporting the back
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  mun oru kOl  having a stick in the front
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  UnRi  placing it in the ground firmly
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  vidhirvidhirththu  have the body shaking
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  kaNsuzhanRu  eyes rolling [in fatigue]
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  mEl kiLai koNdu  with high tone
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  irumi  coughing
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  iLaiyavar  children
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  appar  elders
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  mUththa ARu  attained old-age
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  idhu en  how (being too old!)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  enRu  saying this way
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  EsA mun  before they scold
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  madhu  honey in flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  uN  drinking
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  paNgaL pAdum  humming tunes
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  vadhari  SrIbadhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-2-mudhugu paRRi  vaNangudhum  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  mey  in the body
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  narambu  nerves
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  uRigaL pOl  like rope
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  ezhundhu  becoming projected (well visible from outside)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  Un  flesh
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  thaLarndhu  become loosened
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  uLLam  heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  eLgi  becoming broken (to go away)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  neRiyai nOkki  seeing the route (due to the fatigue)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  kaN suzhanRu  rolling the eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  ninRu  remaining immovable
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  nadungAmun  before reaching the stage of shivering
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  nenjam  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  aRidhi Agil  if you have knowledge
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  anbAy  having bhakthi (towards sarvESvaran)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  Ayira nAmam  (his) thousand divine names
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  solli  reciting
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  veRi koL  very fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  paNgaL  musical songs
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  pAdum  humming
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  vadhari  SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-3-uRigaLpOl  vaNangudhumE  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  eyes shrinking
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  pILai  dirt in the eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  sOra  to come out
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  piththu  bile
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  ezha  to rise
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  mUththu  having attained old-age
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  irumi  cough
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  thALgaL  feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  thammil mutti  hitting each other
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  nOva  to cause pain
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  thaLLi  stumble
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  nadavAmun  before walking
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  kALaiyAgi  being a youth
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  kanRu mEyththu  tending the calves
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  anRu  that day (when indhra showered hail storm)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  kunRu  gOvardhana hill
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  eduththu  lifted as umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  ninRAn  stood holding it (for seven days) – his
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  vALai  fish
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  pAyum  jumping around
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  thadam  ponds
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  vadhari  SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-4-pILai sOra  vaNangudhum  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  paNdu  During adulthood
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  kAmarAna ARum  the way girls had a liking for him
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  pAvaiyar  those girls-
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  vAy  in their mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  amudham  nectar
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  uNda ARum  how he drank
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  vAzhndha ARum  how he enjoyed petty pleasures (and destroyed the self)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  okka  in a singular manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  uraiththu  spoke (and due to that fatigue)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  irumi  coughed (in between)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  thaNdu  stick
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  kAlA  having as foot
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  UnRi UnRi  (due to weakness, in the same place) pressing it repeatedly
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  thaLLi  becoming weak
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  nadavAmun  before having to walk
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  vaNdu pAdum  beetles humming
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  thuzhAyAn  sarvESvaran, who is adorning thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) garland, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  vadhari  SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-5-paNdu kAmar  vaNangudhum  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  eyththa  weak
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  sollOdu  with speech
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  ILai  due to mucus
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  Engi  becoming weak
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  irumi  suffering from cough
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  udalam  body
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  iLaiththu  becoming thin
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  piththarpOla  like mad men
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  siththam vERAyp pEsi  thinking one thing and speaking something else
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  ayarA mun  before breaking down
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  aththan  being lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  endhai  being my father
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  AdhimUrththi  being the cause of the universe
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  Azh  deep
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  kadalai  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  kadaindha  one who churned
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  maiththa  dark
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  sOdhi  having radiance
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  emperumAn  sarvESvaran who accepted me as a servitor, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  vadhari  SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-6-eyththa sollOdu  vaNangudhum  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  sIththiraLai oppa  like a cluster of pus
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  aikkaL  mucus
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  pOdha undha  as it get pushed out (seeing that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  seppu nEr  like a copper pot
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  mel  soft
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  kongai  having bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  nallAr  the women whom he thought to be his well-wishers
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  pappa  Oh my
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  appar  the elderly person
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  mUththa ARu  the way he has aged
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  pAzhppadhu  is unbelievably bad (saying this way)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  thAm  they (who liked him previously, looking at those who were nearby)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  un thamar  he who is related to you
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  kANmin  see his state
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  enRu  saying this
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  siriyAdha munnam  before they make fun
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  nangaL  for us
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  vaippum  wealth for emergency situations
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  vAzhvum AnAn  our prosperous life, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  vadhari  SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-7-pappa appar  vaNangudhum  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  pOmin  Go away
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  Isi  -chI! chI!- (thamizh phrase to show disgust)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  Ingu  here
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  irEnmin  don-t stay
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  irumi  due to cough
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  iLaiththIr  have a weakened body (hearing our words)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  uLLam kUsi ittIr  felt shameful in your heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  enRu pEsum  those who speak this way
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  kuvaLai  like a kuvaLai flower
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  kaNNiyarpAl  towards women who have eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  nAsamAna pAsam  attachment which will lead to destruction
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  vittu  giving up
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  nal neRi nOkkal uRil  while looking out for the noble path
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  vAsam malgu  filled with fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  thuzhAyAn  where sarvESvaran who is adorning thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) is permanently residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  vadhari  SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-8-Isi pOmin  vaNangudhum  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  meyyil  in the body
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  pulangaL  senses
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  naiya  to become weak
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  mUththu  having become old
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  pOndhu  going to a secluded place
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  irundhu  remaining (there)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  uLLam eLgi  having the heart worried
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  kalanga  as imbalance (in vAdha, piththa and SlEshma) occurs (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  aikkaL  kapam (mucus)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  pOdha undhi  getting pushed out greatly
periya-th irumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  kaNda  as things are seen
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  pidhaRRA mun  before blabbering
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  valam koL  (performing favourable actions such as) circumambulating etc
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  thoNdar  SrIvaishNavas who are servitors
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  alangalAya  in the form of a garland
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  thaN thuzhAy  cool thiruththuzhAy
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  koNdu  holding in hand
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  Ayiram nAmam  (his) thousand divine names
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  solli  recite
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  pAdi  sing
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  Adum  dancing
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  vadhari  sarvESvaran who is residing in SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-9-pulangaL naiya  vaNangudhum  let us worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  thaN thEn  cool honey
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  uNdu  drink
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  vAzhum  living joyfully
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  vadhari  mercifully residing in SrI badhari
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  nedumAlai  on the supreme lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  kaNdal  thAzhai (a type of plant)
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  vEli  as protective fence
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  mangai  for thirumangai
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  vEndhan  king
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  kaliyan  mercifully spoken by AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  oli mAlai koNdu  with this decad which is having a garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  thoNdar  servitors
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  pAdi  sing
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  Adak kUdidil  if they can dance
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  nIL visumbil allAl  other than in paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  maRRu  any other
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  Or aNdam  a world
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  avarkku  for them
periya-thirumozhi-1-3-10-vaNdu thaNdEn  Atchi aRiyOm  won-t rule
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  anRu  long ago (when earth was consumed by deluge)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  imaiyavar  brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  iNai adi  divine feet which are beautiful together
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  vaNanga  to worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  mun  in the beginning of varAha kalpa (one day of brahmA)
periya- thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  EnamAgi  assuming the form of a wild-boar
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  iru nilam  vast earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  idandhu  dug it out
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  thAnavan  rAvaNa who was born in dhanu clan, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  Agam  body
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  tharaNiyil  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  puraLa  to roll
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  thadam  big
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  silai  bow
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  kuniththa  mercifully bent
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  en thalaivan  nArAyaNa, my lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  thEn amar  having abundance of honey
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  sOlai  spread out like an orchard
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  kaRpagam  kalpaka tree
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  payandha  created
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  dheyvam  divine
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  naRu  fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  malar  flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  vAnavar  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  koNarndhu  brought (and submitted)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  vaNangum  to worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  gangaiyin karai mEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  vadhari AchchirAmaththu  in badharikASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-1-EnamunAgi  uLLAn  is mercifully residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  kAnidai  in the forest
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  uruvai  the illusory deer
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  kaNdu  saw
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  sudu saram  arrow which will burn
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  thurandhu  shooting (at it)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  mun  on the day when surgrIva surrendered
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  kodum thozhil  cruel activity
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  uravOn  on vAli who is strong as well
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  Un udai  filled with flesh
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  agalaththu  on the chest
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  adu kaNai  the killer arrow
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  kuLippa  to pierce
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  uyir  (his) life
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  kavarndhu  took away
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  ugandha  and became pleas ed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  em oruvan  my lord who has matchless strength
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  thEn udai  having honey
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  kamalaththu  born in the lotus flower in emperumAn-s divine navel
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  ayanodu  with brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  dhEvar  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  senRu senRu  pushing each other and entered
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  iRainjida  to bathe [and purify oneself] before surrendering
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  vAnidai  on the sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  mudhu nIr  the ancient water
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  perugu  flowing greatly
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  gangaiyin karai mEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-2-kAnidai uruvai  vadhariyAchchiramaththu uLLAn  is mercifully residing in SrI badharIkASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  ilangaiyum  lankA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  kadalum  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  adal arum  invincible (by anyone)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  thuppil  having strength
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  irunidhikku iRaivanum  rAvaNa who is the lord of Sanka nidhi and padhma nidhi
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  arakkar kulangaLum  the demoniac clan
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  keda  to be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  mun  during rAmAvathAram
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  kodu  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  thozhil  acts
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  purindha  performed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  koRRavan  sarvESvaran, the king
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  kozhu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  sudar  sun
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  suzhanRa  circumambulate
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  vilangalil  on mEru mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  urinji  hit
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  mEl ninRa  atop
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  visumbil  on the sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  veL  having whitish colour
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  kodith thugil ena  like a cloth hoisted on a flag-post
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  virindhu  vastly spread
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  valam tharum  being strong (due to its force)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  maNi  clear
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  nIr  filled with water
periya-thirumozhi- 1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  gangaiyin karai mEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-3-ilangaiyum kadalum  vadhariyAchchirAmaththu uLLAn  is eternally residing in SrI badharIkASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  manamE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  ini  now
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  unakku  to you who don-t know the greatness of bhagavAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  thuNivu  a firm advise
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  solluvan  I am giving;
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  thoNdargaL thamakku  for the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  piNi  hurdles
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  pOkki  eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  amarar  nithyasUris-
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  peru visumbu  paramapadhamn [SrIvaikuNtam]
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  aruLum  mercifully granting
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  pEr aruLALan  very merciful
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  emperumAn  sarvESvaran,
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  aNi nIr  beautiful water
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  malar  with flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  aNi  decorated
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  kuzhalAr  having hair
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  arambaiyar  the celestial girls-
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  thugilum  clothes
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  Aramum  ornaments
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  vAri vandhu  gathering those
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  maNi  precious gems
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  kozhiththu  pushing
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  izhindha  coming
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  gangaiyin karai mEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  vadhariyAchchirAmaththu  in SrI badharIkASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  uLLAn  mercifully residing (him)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  thozhudhu  worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-4-thuNivini  ezhu  try to be uplifted.
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  vandha  one who arrived like mother
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  pEy  pUthanA-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  idaikku irundhu  staying on her lap
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  maRRu  further
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  avaL than  her
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  peru mulai  large bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  suvaiththida  consumed;
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  (Seeing that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  peRRa thAy 
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  idaikku  on (pUthanA-s) lap
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  iruththal  staying firmly
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  anjuvan  I am scared
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  enRu  saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  thaLarndhida  feeling ashamed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  vaLarndha  one who mercifully grew
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  en thalaivan  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  sEy mugadu  tall peak-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  uchchi  atop
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  aNdam  oval shaped universe
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  sumandha  holding
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  sem pon sey vilangalil  on the mEru mountain which is made of reddish gold
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  ilangu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  vAy  spacious
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  mugadu  from the peak
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  izhindhu  falling down
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  gangaiyin karaimEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-5-pEyidaikkirundhu  vadhariyAchchirAmaththu uLLAnE  one who is residing in SrI badharikASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  mun  Previously
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  thEr  chariot wheel
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  aNangu  will be a match if tried very hard
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  algul  a girl having waist region
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  sezhu  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  kayal  like a kayal fish
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  kaNNi thiRaththu  for nappinnaip pirAtti who is having eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  maRam  angry
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  oru thozhil  an action
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  purindhu  did
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  pAr  residents of earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  aNangu  to suffer
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  imil  having humps
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  ERu Ezhum  the seven bulls
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  adarththa  one who killed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  pani  cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  mugil  like a cloud
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul& nbsp; vaNNan  having divine complexion
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  emperumAn  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  kAraNam thannAl  due to bhagIratha-s penance
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  kadu  having great speed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  punal kayaththa  stopping the water
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  karu varai  huge mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  piLavu ezha  to blast
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  kuththi  piercing
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  vAraNam  the elephants (which are present there)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  koNarndha  which brought along and falling
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  gangaiyin karai mEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-6-theranangalgul-thEraNangalgul  vadhariyAchchirAmaththu uLLAnE  one who is residing in SrI badharikASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  vem thiRal  having great strength
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  kaLiRum  the elephant named airAvatham
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  vElai vAy  came out of thiruppARkadal (milk ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  amudham  amrutham (nectar)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  viNNodu  with svargam (heaven)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  viNNavarkku arasum  being the king of dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  indhiraRku  for indhra
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  aruLi  bestowed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  emakkum  for us (who are ananyaprayOjanar (without any expectations))
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  Indha aruLum  one who gives (himself)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  endhai  being my father
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  em adigaL  being our lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  emperumAn  being my master
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  andharaththu  in svargam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  amarar  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  adi iNai  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  vaNanga  to worship
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  Ayiram mugaththinAl aruLi  as mercifully desired by the divine heart of sarvESvaran to flow in thousand tributaries
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  mandharaththu  from manthara mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  izhindha  fell down
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  gangaiyin karai mEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-7-vendhiRal kaLiRum  vadhariyAchchirAmaththuLLAnE  is residing in SrI badharIkASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  oru kAl  while remaining in panchavati
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  mAn&nb sp; mArIcha who came in the form of a deer
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  munindhu  showing anger on
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  vari  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  silai  bow
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  vaLaiththa  aimed (at him) by bending
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  mannavan  being the king
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  pon niRam  having golden hue
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  uravOn  strong hiraNya-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  Un  flesh
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  munindhu  showing anger
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  avanadhu  his
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  udal  body
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  iru piLavA  to split into two parts
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  ugir nudhi  the edge of his nails
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  maduththu  made to enter
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  avan thAn  brahmA himself
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  aranai  rudhra
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  munindhu  showing anger
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  itta  gave
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  vem thiRal  very cruel
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  sAbam  curse
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  thavirththavan  sarvESvaran who eliminated
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  thavam purindhu  performing penance
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  uyarndha  became brahmarishi (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  mAmuni  viSvAmithran
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  koNarndha  (perumAL and iLaiyaperumAL) brought along
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  gangaiyin karai mEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-8-mAn munindhu  vadhariyAchchiramaththuLLAnE  is residing in SrI badharIkASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  koNdal  clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  mArudhangaL  groups of winds
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  kula varai  anchoring mountains
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  thogu nIr  having abundance of water
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  kurai  making sound
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  kadal  oceans
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  ulagu udan  with earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  anaiththum  and all other objects
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  uNda  being the one who mercifully consumed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  mA  huge
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  vayiRROn  one who has a stomach
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  oL  shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  sudar  chandhra (moon) and sUrya (sun)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  Eyndha  having
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  umbarum  higher worlds
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  Uzhiyum  kalpas (time – brahmA-s days)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  AnAn  sarvESvaran who is having as prakAram (form)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  anRu  when bhagIratha was bringing gangA down
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  aNdam  brahma lOkam (abode of brahmA)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  Udu aRuththu  finding a way through
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  andharaththu  from sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  izhindhu  coming down
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  avaniyAL  SrI bhUmip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  alamara  to cause anguish (being unable to bear)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  perugum  flowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  maNdu  being dense
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  mA  being abundant
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  maNi  clear
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  nIr  having water
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  gangaiyin karai mEl  on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-9-koNdal mArudhangaL  vadhariyAchchirAmaththuLLAnE  is residing in SrI badharIkASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  varum  coming with great speed
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  thirai  having waves
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  maNi  clear
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  nIr  having water
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  gangaiyin karai mEl  present on the banks of gangA
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  vadhari AchchirAmaththu  in SrI badharIkASramam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  uLLAnai  one who is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  karu  being dark
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  munnIr  having three types of water
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  kadal vaNNanai  sarvESvaran, who is having the divine complexion of ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  eNNi  meditating upon
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  vAy  mercifully spoke with his divine words
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  oli seydha  in the form of a garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  panuval  being the songs
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  varam seydha  compiled with the mercy of bhagavAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  aindhum aindhum  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  vallArgaL  those who are able to recite along with their meanings
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  iru  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  kadal  surrounded by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  ulagam  this earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  veL  whitish
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  kudaik kIzh  remaining on the shades of umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  ANdu  ruling over with a sceptre (further)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  vAnavar  brahmA who is the leader of dhEvathAs starting with indhra, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  ulagu udan  sathya lOkam
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  maruvi  reaching (and enjoying there)
periya-thirumozhi-1-4-10-varum thirai  imaiyavar Aguvar  will become a part of nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  silaiyum  bow
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  kaNaiyum  arrows
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  thuNaiyAga  having as his help
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  kalaiyum  deer
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  kariyum  elephants
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  parimAvum  horses
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  thiriyum  roaming around
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  kAnam  forest
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  kadandhu  crossing
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  pOy  going very far
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  venRi  causing battle which will lead to victory
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  seruk kaLaththu  in the battle-field
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  senRAn  entered
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  alai  having waves
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  nIr  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  malai koNdu  rocks
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  aNai katti  building bridge
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  madhiL  fort
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  nIr  having ocean as moat
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  ilangai  having lankA as his capital
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  vAL  having sword
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  arakkar thalaivan  rAvaNa, the leader of rAkshasas, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  thalai paththu  ten heads
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  aRuththu  severed
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  ugandhAn  sarvESvaran became joyful; the eternal abode of such sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  sALakkirAmam  SrI sALagrAmam
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  nenjE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-1-kalaiyum kariyum  adai  try to reach
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  kadam sUzh  having the liquid that comes out during periods of exultation
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  kariyum  elephants
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  parimAvum  horses
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  oli  resounding
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  mAththErum  great chariots
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  kAlALum  foot soldiers
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  udan sUzhndhu  gathering together
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  ezhundha  appearing in a rousing manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  kadi  fortified
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  ilangai  evil forces in lankA
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  podiyA  to become dust
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  vadi  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  vAy  having mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  saram  arrows
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  thurandhAn  chakravarthi thirumagan (divine son of dhaSaratha) who shot
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  iru  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  visumbil  residing in svarga (heaven)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  imaiyOr  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  idam engum  on the vast earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  sUzhndhu  spread
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  vaNanga  to be worshipped
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  maNam  fragrance (of flowers such as sengazhunIr)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  kamazhum  blowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  thadam  by ponds
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  sUzhndhu  being surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  engum  in all directions
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  azhagAya  having beauty
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  sALakkirAmam  SrI sALagrAmam
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-2-kadam sUzh pariyum  adai nenjE  Oh mind! Try to reach.
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  ulavu  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  thiraiyum  ocean having waves
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  kula varaiyum  seven anchoring mountains (such as mEru)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  Uzhi mudhalA  time etc
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  eN dhikkum  entities in eight directions
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  nilavum  chandhra (moon)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  sudarum  sUrya (sun)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  iruLum  darkness, for all these
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-u lavu thiraiyum  Ay  being prakAri (substratum)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  ninRAn  one who remained
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  venRi  victory
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  viRal  and having strength
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  Azhi  thiruvAzhi (divine sudharSana chakra)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  valavan  one who holds in his right hand
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  vAnOr tham  for brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  perumAn  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  engyAnRum  at all times
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  maruvA  those who don-t surrender (unto him)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  arakkarkku  for the rAkshasas
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  salavan  sarvESvaran who is the enemy and who is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  salam  by water
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  sUzhndhu  being surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  azhagAya  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-3-ulavu thiraiyum  sALakkirAmam adai nenjE  Oh mind! Try to reach SrI sALagrAmam.
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  UrAn  one who is having thiruvUragam as his abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  kudandhai  one who is mercifully resting in thirukkudandhai
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  uththaman  being purushOththama
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  orukAl  when karan et al came to fight
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  silai  bow-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  irukAl  both ends
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  vaLaiya  bent (to show his strength)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  thErA  cannot analyse and understand (that he cannot be won by us)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  arakkar  rAkshasas-
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  thEr veLLam  groups of chariots
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  seRRAn  destroyed them to become pieces
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  vaRRA  not becoming dry
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  varu  overflowing continuously
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  punal  with water
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  sUzh  surrounded by
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  pErAn  one who is eternally residing in thiruppEr nagar
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  Ayiram pEr udaiyAn  one who has countless divine names
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  piRangu  dense
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  siRai  having wings
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  aRaiginRa  singing with tune
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  thArAn  sarvESvaran who is adorning thiruththuzhAy (t huLasi) garland and mercifully residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  thArA  filled with birds named thArA
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  vayal  by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  sUzhndha  surrounded by
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-4-UrAn kudandhai  sALakkirAmam adai nenjE  Oh mind! Try to reach SrI sALagrAmam.
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  aduththu  approached
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  Arththu  making noise
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  ezhundhAL  sUrpaNakA who came with zeal
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  pilam  like a cave
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  vAy vittu  opening her mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  alaRa  to cry out
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  avaL  her
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  mUkku  nose
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  ayil  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  vALAl  with a sword
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  viduththAn  one who severed (with the help of iLaiya perumAL)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  viLangu  very shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  sudar  have radiance
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  Azhi  one who is having thiruvAzhi (divine chakra)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  viNNOr  for nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  perumAn  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  kaduththu  with great speed
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  Arththu  making an uproarious sound
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  ezhundha  appeared
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  peru mazhaiyai  great rain
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  naNNAr mun  in front of indhra et al who opposed
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  inam  herd
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  niraikkA  to protect the cows
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  kal onRu  mountain named gOvardhan
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  Endhi  held
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  thaduththAn  stopped, the abode where he is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  thadam sUzhndhu  surrounded by ponds
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  azhagAya  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-5-aduththArththezhundhAL  sALakkirAmam adai nenjE  Oh mind! Reach such SrI sALagrAmam.
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  thAyAy vandha  one came in the disguise of mother
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  pEy  pUthanA-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  uyirum  life
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  thayirum  curd
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  vizhudhum  butter
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  udan uNda  mercifully consumed them in the same manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  vAyAn  having divine mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  EyAn  one who does not deserve to beg
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  thUya  being very pure
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  vari  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  uruvin  having form
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  kuRaLAy  as vAmana
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  mAvaliyai  from mahAbali
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  senRu  going there
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  inRE  right now
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  mUvadi maN thA enRu  saying -you should give three steps of land-
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  irappa  as he begged (and as mahAbali poured the water)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  ulagu Ezhum  seven worlds
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  thAyAn  one who jumped and measured
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  kAyA malar vaNNan  the eternal abode of sarvESvaran who has the complexion of a kAyAm flower
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-6-thAyAy vandha  sALakkirAmam adai nenjE  Oh mind! Reach such SrI sALagrAmam.
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  EnOr  demons, who are enemies
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  anja  to fear
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  vem  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  samaththuL  in the battle
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  ariyAy  being narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  pariya  one who is having big body
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  iraNiyanai  hiraNya-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  Un Ar  filled with flesh
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  agalam  chest
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  piLavu eduththa  tore down
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  oruvan  having incomparable strength
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  thAnE  such sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  iru sudarAy  being chandhra and sUrya
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  vAnAy  being sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  thIyAy  being fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  malaiyAy  being mountains
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  alai nIr  surrounded by ocean with waves
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  ulagu anaiththum  all worlds
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  thAnAy  remained to be directly identified as him
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  thAnum AnAn than  the merciful abode of sarvESvaran who is also having distinguished form
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-7-EnOr anja  sALakkirAmam adai nenjE  Oh mind! Reach such SrI sALagrAmam.
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  vendhAr  those who were cremated
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  enbum  bone
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  sudu nIRum  the ashes which resulted from those burnt bodies
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  meyyil  on his body
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  pUsi  applied
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  sandhu Ar  having holes
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  Or  which cannot be filled by anyone
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  thalai  brahma kapAlam (skull of brahmA)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  kai agaththu  in his hand
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  koNdu  carrying
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  ulagEzhum  in seven worlds
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  thiriyum  one who roams around
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  periyOn thAn  rudhra who is considering himself to be great
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  senRu  went (to sarvESvaran)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  en endhAy  oh my well-wisher!
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  sAbam  this curse
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  thIr  kindly eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  enna  as he prayed
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  ilangu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  thirumArvil  from his divine chest
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  amudhu nIr  nectarean water [sweat]
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  thandhAn  eternal abode of one who sprinkled and mercifully freed him of such curse
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  sandhu  sandalwood trees
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  Ar  filled
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  sUzhndha  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-8-vendhAr enbum  sALakkirAmam adai nenjE  Oh mind! Reach such SrI sALagrAmam.
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  thoNdAm inamum  group of SrIvaishNavas who are totally serving emperumAn
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  imaiyOrum  nithyasUris (eternal associates of bhagavAn in paramapadham)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  thuNai nUl  wearing two yagyOpavIthams
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  mArvin  having chest
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  andhaNarum  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  aNdA  Oh controller of all oval shaped universes!
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  emakku  in our matters
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  aruLAy  show your mercy
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  enRu  saying so
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  aNaiyum  approaching
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  kOyil  t emple-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  arugu ellAm  nearby places
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  Ar  being filled with
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  pozhilin  present in the garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  pazhanaththu ayal  in the surroundings of the water-bodies
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  vayalin  from the fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  kayal  fishes
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  pAya  as they jump (into the water-bodies)
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  thAmaraigaL  lotus buds
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  mugam alarththum  becoming blossomed and shining due to that
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-9-thoNdAm inamum  sALakkirAmam adai nenjE  Oh mind! Reach such SrI sALagrAmam.
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  ulagaththu  in this world
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  aRivudaiyAr ArAr  all the wise people
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  amarar  nithyasUris-
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  nal nAdu  distinguished paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  arasALa  to rule
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  pEr Ayiramum  his thousand divine names
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  OdhumingaL  try to recite;
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  anRi  if you are unable to recite
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  thArA  thArA birds
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  Arum  filled
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  vayal  by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  sUzhndha  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  sALAkkirAmaththu  arrived in SrI sALagrAmam
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  adigaLai  on the lord of all
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  kAr Ar  filled with clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  puRavin  having surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  mangai  for thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  vEndhan  king
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  oli  having tune
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  sey  mercifully composed
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  thamizh mAlai ivaiyE  these ten pAsurams which are in the form of a garland of thamizh words
periya-thirumozhi-1-5-10-thArAvArum  pidhaRRumin  try to recite incoherently
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  naimisAraNiyaththuL  mercifully residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  endhAy  Oh my lord!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  vAL nilA  radiant
 muRuval  gentle smile
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  siRu nudhal  small forehead
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  peru  wide
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  thOL  having shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  mAdharAr  women-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  vanam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  mulaiyE  bosoms only
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  payan  as ultimate goal
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  pENinEn  I desired;
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  pEdhaiyEn  I who am foolish
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  adhanai  that
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  pizhaiyena  as mistake
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  karudhi  considered
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  piRavi nOy  the disease of samsAram (cycle of birth/death)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  aRuppAn  to eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  ENilEn irundhEn  did not think about;
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  eNNinEn  I analysed my previous state;
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  eNNi  thinking in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  iLaiyavar  the young women-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  kalaviyin thiRaththai  the matter of union with them
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  nANinEn  I felt ashamed;
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  nANi  feeling ashamed
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  un  your
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  thiruvadi  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  vandhu  approached
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-1-vANilA muRuval  adaindhEn  surrendered.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  naimisAraNiyaththuL  mercifully residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  endhAy  Oh my lord!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  silambu  wearing an anklet
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  uruvil  being beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  adi  feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  karu nedu  dark and wide
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  kaNNAr thiRaththanAy  being attached towards women who have such (dark and wide) eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  aRaththai  you who are the embodiment of dharma
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  maRandhE  without thinking about even a little bit (about you)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  pulan  senses
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  padindhu  remaining firmly
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  uNNum  experience
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  bOgamE  pleasures
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  perukki  increased further
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  pozhudhinai  time
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  vALA  in a useless manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  pOkkinEn  have spent;
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  alam puri  Carrying the weapon, plough
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  thadam  huge
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  kai  having divine hands
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  AyanE  oh one who incarnated in the cowherd clan!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  mAyA  Oh one who has amazing activities!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  vAnavarkku  for dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  arasanE  Oh king!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  vAnOr  nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  nalam purindhu  with love
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  iRainjum  worshipping
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  thiruvadi  divine feet (of your highness)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-2-silambadi uruvil  adaindhEn  I approached as the refuge.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  veL  Whitish
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  thirai  having waves
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  vElai  thiruppARkadal (kshIrAbdhi – milk ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  alamara  to agitate
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  kadaindha  one who churned
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  nAdhanE  Oh lord!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy!  the benefactor who arrived in SrI naimiSAraNyam
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  sUdhinaip perukki  spending a lot of time gambling
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  kaLavinaith thuNindhu  having firm faith in robbing
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  suri  curly
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  kuzhal  having hair
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  madandhaiyar thiRaththu  towards the women
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  kAdhal miguththu  having increased love
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  kaNda A  in the matters visible to eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  thirindha  following as desired
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  thoNdanEn  I who served them
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  naman thamar  servitors of yama
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  seyyum  doing
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  vEdhanaikku  thinking about the torture
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  odungi  having the limbs weakened
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  nadunginEn&nbsp ; one who was shivering
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  un thiruvadi  at your highness- divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-3-sUdhinaip perukki  vandhu adaindhEn  came and surrendered.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy  Oh my lord who is residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  nambanE  Oh trustworthy one!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  vambu ulAm  fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  kUndhal  having hair
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  manaiviyai  (one-s) wife
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  thuRandhu  abandoned
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  piRar poruL  others- wealth
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  piRar dhAram  others- wives
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  enRu ivaRRai  these
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  nambinAr  those who desired
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  iRandhAl  when they die
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  naman thamar  servitors of yama
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  paRRi  catch them
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  eRRi  torture them
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  vaiththu  keeping them in a place
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  sembinAl  with copper
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  iyanRa  made
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  eri ezhuginRa  very hot with fiery sparks
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  pAvaiyai  a woman-s statue (placing in front)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  pAvI!  Oh sinner!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  thazhuvu  embrace (this)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  ena mozhivadhaRku  for the words [which they will] speak
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  anji  fearing that
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-4-vambulAm kUndhal  un thiruvadi vandhu adaindhEn  came and surrendered at your divine feet.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  naimisAraNiyaththuL  mercifully residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  endhAy  Oh my lord!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  idumbaiyAl  by poverty
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  adarppu uNdu  being tormented
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  thuRRu  handful (of food at least)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  idumin  give
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  O enRu  Crying out -Oh- revealing their poverty
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  irandhavarkku  for those who begged
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  illaiyE enRu  not having (anything to give you)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  nedum solAl  with harsh words
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  maRuththa &nb sp;refused
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  nIsanEn  very lowly
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  nAn  I, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  andhO  alas!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  vinaip payan thannai  the result of the sins (which were committed previously)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  ninaikkilEn  not thinking about
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  kadum  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  solAr  having words
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  kadiyAr  having cruel acts
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  kAlanAr thamarAl  by the servitors of yama
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  paduvadhu  experienced
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  Or kodu  very cruel
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  miRaikku  thinking about the torture
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  anji  fearing
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  nadungi  shivering
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  un thiruvadi  at your highness’ divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-5-idumbaiyAl adarppuNdu  vandhu adaindhEn  came and surrendered.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  paramanE  Oh greater than all!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  pARkadal kidandhAy  On one who is mercifully resting in kshIrAbdhi (milk ocean)!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy  Oh my lord who is residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  kOdiya  not engaging in good aspects
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  manaththAl  having mind
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  sinam  causing anger in others
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  thozhil  acts
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  purindhu  having performed
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  nAy inaththodu  with dogs etc
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  thirindhu  hunting
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  thiLaiththittu  having enjoyed
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  Odiyum  running (far to hurt others)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  uzhanRum  anguishing
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  uyirgaL  creatures
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  konREn  having killed
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  uNarvilEn  having become ignorant
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  adiyEn   I, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  nAdi  analysed
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  un thiruvadi vandhu adaindhEn  I came and surrendered at your divine feet.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  AdhalAl  Due to that
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  namanAr pAdiyai  hell, which is the town of yama
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  parisu  presence
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  peridhum  very much
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-6-kOdiya manaththAl  azhiththu ittEn  destroyed.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  viLangani  demon kapiththAsura who came in the form of a wood apple
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  munindhAy  oh one who showed your anger and destroyed!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  vanjanEn adiyEn  I, who am deceitful, my
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  nenjinil  (entering) in heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  piriyA  not leaving
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  vAnavA  Oh controller of nithyasUris!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  enRum  always
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  thAnavarkku  for demons
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  nanjanE  Oh death!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy  Oh my lord who is residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  nIdhi allAdhana  What is forbidden by SAsthrams
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  nenjinAl  by mind
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  ninaindhum  thought
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  vAyinAl   by mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  mozhindhum  spoke
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  seyhdhum  practiced
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  thunjninAr  those who perished
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  sellum  to go
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  thol  ancient
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  neRi  path to hell
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  kEttE  immediately on hearing
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  thuLanginEn  having shivers
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-7-nenjinAl ninaindhum  un thiruvadi vandhu adaindhEn  surrendered unto your divine feet.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  kuRungudi  one who mercifully resides in thirukkuRungudi
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  nedu  vast and deep
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  kadal  the ocean-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  vaNNA  having beautiful form with such complexion!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  naimisAriNayaththul endhAy  Oh my lord, who is residing in SrI naimaiSAraNiyam!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  kaliyAr  age of kali
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  naliga enRu  saying -torment him-
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  en mEl  on me
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  aivar  the five senses
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  EvinAr  sent;
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  vAzhum ARu enganE  How will those senses survive?
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  kOvinAr seyyum  to be done by those popular five senses
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  kodumaiyai  cruel acts
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  madiththEn  driving away
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  en nAvinAl  with my tongue
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  pA  with good meters
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  Ar  filled
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  in sol  sweet words
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  pal malar  many flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  koNdu  earned
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  paravi  hailed
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  un pAdhamE paNindhu  falling at your highness- divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-8-EvinAr kaliyAr  un thiruvadi nAn adaindhEn  I surrendered at your divine feet.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  thEn  honey
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  udai  having
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  kamalam  having lotus flower as abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  thiruvinukku  for periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  arasE  oh beloved one!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  thirai koL  Having waves
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  mA nedu  vast, deep
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  kadal  in thiruppARkadal (milk ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  kidandhAy  oh one who is mercifully reclining!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  naimisAraNiyaththuL  mercifully residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  endhAy  oh great benefactor!
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  Un  flesh
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  idai  in between
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  suvar vaiththu  placed as wall
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  enbu  bone
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  thUN nAtti  planted as pillar
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  urOmam  with hair
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  mEyndhu  covered
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  onbadhu vAsal  nine entrances
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  udai  having
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  kurambai  this body which is a house
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  piriyumbOdhu  while leaving
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  unRan  your highness-
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  saraNamE  divine feet only
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  saraNam enRu  to have as refuge
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  irundhEn  I considered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  nAnudai  (now) my
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  thavaththAl  by your highness, the penance
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  thiruvadi  your highness- divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-9-Unidaich chuvar vaiththu  adaindhEn  I reached.
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  Edham vandhu  sorrows approaching
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  aNugA vaNNam  not to reach
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  nAm eNNi  thinking in our mind
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  thozhudhum  let us surrender (unto him)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  ezhumin enRu  saying -arise-
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  imaiyOr  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  nAdhan  their lord, indhra
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  vandhu irainjum  coming and surrendering
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  naimisAraNiyaththu endhaiyai  my lord who is mercifully residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  sindhaiyuL vaiththu  placing him in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  kAdhal miguththa  one who is having great love (towards bhagavath vishayam)
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  vAy  mercifully composed
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  oli sey mAlai  the garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  kaRRu vallArgaL  those who can learn with meaning
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  nIr  having abundant water
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  Odham  surrounded by the ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  vaiyagam  this world
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  veL  whitish
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  kudaikkIzh  under the shade of the umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  ANdu  ruling with sceptre
periya-thirumozhi-1-6-10-Edham vandhaNugA  umbarum Aguvar  will become united with nithyasUris as well.
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  angu  In that place where prahlAdha vowed
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  kaN  spacious
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  gyAlam  whole world
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  anja  to fear
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  Or  novel
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  AL ariyAy  in the form of narasimha (as he appeared, seeing that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  avuNan  hiraNya, the demon
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  ponga  to arouse
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  Agam  (his) body
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  vaL ugirAl  with sharp, divine nail
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  pOzhndha  split and thrown
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  punidhan  the pure sarvESvaran (residing)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  idam  the abode is
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  sem kaN  having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  ALi  lions
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  pai  greenish
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  kaN  having eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  Anai  elephants-
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  kombu  tusks
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  koNdu  grabbing
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  paththimaiyAl  due to bhagavath bhakthi
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  adik kIzh  at the divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  ittu  offering
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  iRainjum  surrendering
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-1-angaN gyAlam anja  singavEL kunRam  singavEL kunRam.
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  alaiththa  (due to anger) with swaying tongue
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  pEzh vAy  huge mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  vAL  radiant
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  eyiRu  teeth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  Or  matchless
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  kOL  strong
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  ariyAy  being a lion
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  kolai  killing others as nature
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  kaiyALan  having hand
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  avuNan  hiraNyan-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  nenju  chest
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  idandha  one who split and threw
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  kUr ugirALan  sarvESvaran who is having sharp divine nail and is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  idam  abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  malaiththa  stopped (by hunters)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  sel  those who are going on holy pilgrimage
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  sAththu  group
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  eRindha  fought
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  pUsal  in the battle
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  val  making heavy noise
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  vAy  having mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  thudi  hourglass shaped drum
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  kaduppa&n bsp; to make noise
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  silai  bow
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  kai  having in hand
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  vEdar  hunters-
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  thezhippu  noise
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  aRAdha  going on continuously
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-2-alaiththa pEzhvAy  singavEL kunRam  singavEL kunRam
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  Eyndha  matching his form
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  pEzh  huge
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  vAy  mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  vAL  sword like
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  eyiRu  teeth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  Or  matchless
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  kOL  strong
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  ariyAy  being narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  avuNan  hiraNya, who is demoniac
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  vAyndha  grown to match narasimha-s form
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  Agam  body
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  vaL ugirAl  with sharp divine nail
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  vagirndha  easily tore and threw
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  ammAnadhu  sarvESvaran-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  idam  abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  Oyndha  tired (due to roaming around in barren lands)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  mAvum  animals
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  udaindha  broken (by heat)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  kunRum  small hills
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  anRiyum  further
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  ninRu  having within
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  azhalAl  by fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  thEyndha  remaining as half burnt
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  vEyum  bamboo
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  alladhu  other than those
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  illA  nothing else is present
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-3-Eyndha pEzhvAy  singavEL kunRam  singavEL kunRam
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  evvam  causing sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  vem  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  vEl  having spear
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  Edhalan  enemy
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  pon peyarOn  hiraNya-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  in uyirai  good life
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  vavvi  snatched
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  Agam  (his) body
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  vaL ugirAl vagirndha ammAnadhidam  the abode of the lord who tore with his strong divine nail
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  kavvum  biting (those who are seen)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  nAyum  dogs
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  kazhugum  (similar) eagles
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  uchhip pOdhodu  with sun
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  kAl suzhanRu  to have the feet hobble
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  dheyvam allAl  except for the devotees who worship him with love
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  sella oNNA  not possible to go and reach
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-4-evvam vevvEl  singavEL kunRam  singavEL kunRam
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  menRa  (due to anger) chewing
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  pEzh vAy  huge mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  vAL  sword like
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  eyiRu  teeth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  kOL  strong
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  Or ariyAy  as matchless narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  ponRa  became destroyed (just on seeing that form)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  avuNan  hiraNya, the demon, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  Agam  body
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  vaL ugirAl  with sharp, divine nail
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  pOzhndha  split into two parts
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  punidhan  sarvESvaran who has pure mind, where he is residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  idam  abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  ninRa  without any shortcoming
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  sem thI  reddish fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  sURai  tornado
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  moNdu  scooping it
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  nIL visumbu Udu  in the vast sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  iriya  since it is moving in a scattered manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  senRu  going to its vicinity
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  kANdaRku  to see
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  ariya  difficult for everyone
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  kOyil  divine abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-5-menRa pEzhvAy  singavEL kunRamE  singavEL kunRam
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  erindha  burning due to anger
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  pai  greenish
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  kaN  eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN & nbsp;ilangu  radiant
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  pEzh vAy  having huge mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  eyiRRodu  with teeth (looking at such a form)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  idhu evvuru  what kind of a form is this?
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  enRu anji  fearing in such manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  vAnOr  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  irindhu  becoming scattered here and there
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  kalangi  hobbled
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  Oda  to run away
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  irundha  mercifully seated
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  ammAnadhu  sarvESvaran-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  nerindha  joined together
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  vEyin  bamboo-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  muzhaiyuL ninRu  through the gap
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  uzhuvai  tigers
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  nIL neRivAy  in the vast path
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  thirindha  roaming around
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  Anai  elephants (which travelled)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  suvadu  footprints
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  pArkkum  seeing (by observing the smell)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-6-erindha paingaN  singavEL kunRamE  singavEL kunRam
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  munaiththa sIRRam  great anger
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  pOy  leaving here
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  viN suda  reaching the sky and heating it up
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  mU ulagum  residents of all three worlds
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  piRavum  and
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  anaiththum  residents of brahma lOkam etc
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  anja  to fear
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  AL ariyAy  having narasimha form
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  irundha  mercifully seated
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  ammAnadhu  lord of all, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  kanaiththa  making noise (while burning)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  thIyum  fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  kallum  rocks (which are burning by that fire)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  allA  more cruel than that
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  vil  bow
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  udai  having in han d
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  vEdarumAy  having hunters
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  thinaiththanaiyum  even for a moment (for non-devotees)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  sella oNNA  unreachable
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-7-munaiththa sIRRam  singavEL kunRamE  singavEL kunRam
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  nA  tongue
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  thazhumba  to have scars
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  nAnmuganum  brahmA who has four faces
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  Isanum  rudhran
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  Ay  to not lose their position
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  muRaiyAl  in proper manner (that emperumAn is lord and we are servitors)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  Eththa  as they praise
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  angu  there (remaining to be praised by them)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  Or ALariyAy irundha ammAnadhidam  the abode where he is mercifully present as matchless narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  kAyththa  filled with unripe fruits
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  vAgai  vAgai (lebbeck) trees-
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  neRRu  nuts
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  olippa  to make noise
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  kal adhar  branching through rocks
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  vEyngazhai  tube shaped bamboo
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  pOy  growing to reach up to the sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  thEyththa  due to rubbing with each other
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  thIyAl  by the fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  viN  sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  sivakkum  become reddish
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-8-nAththazhumba nAnmuganum  singavEL kunRamE  singavEL kunRam
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  nammudai  being our refuge
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  namperumAn  being our lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  alli mAdhar  periya pirAttiyAr who has lotus flower as her residence
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  pulgu  to embrace
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  ninRa  one who mercifully resides
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  Ayiram thOLan  sarvESvaran who is having thousand divine shoulders, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  nelli  gooseberry trees
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  malgi  filled
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  kal  rocks
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  udaippa  to break
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  pul ilai  palm leaf
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  Arththu  to make noise
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  adharvAy  in the path
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  silli  birds named -silveedu-
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  sil enRu ol aRAdha  to not let up on making noise which sounds in the tone -sil-
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  singavEL kunRam  singavEL kunRam ;
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  nallai nenjE  Oh mind who is agreeing with me!
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-9-nallai nenjE  nAm thozhudhum  We will (go there) and be uplifted by worshiping him
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  sem  reddish
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  kaN  having eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  ALi  lions
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  ittu  offered (the objects for worship at the divine feet)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  iRainjum  surrendering
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  singavEL kunRu  singavEL kunRam (hill)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  udaiya  having as his abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  engaL  even for us who are samsAris (materialistic people)
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  Isan  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  empirAnai  on sarvESvaran who is my benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  iru  great
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  thamizh nUl  in thamizh SAsthram
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  pulavan  being an expert
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  mangai ALan  being the king of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  thol mannu  eternally remaining
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  sIr  wealth
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  aRai  making noise
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  thAr  garland
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  sem kai ALan  being very generous
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  kaliyan  mercifully spoken by thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  sem sol mAlai  garland of honest words
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  vallavar  those who can learn
periya-thirumozhi-1-7-10-sengaNALi ittiRainjum  thIdhu ilar  will be free from evil aspects.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  sangu  conches
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  thangu  present
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  kadal  thiruppARkadal (kshIrAbdhi)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  thuyil koNda  mercifully resting
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha & nbsp;thAmaraik kaNNinan  having lotus flower like divine eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  kOvalan  being krishNa
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  kongu  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  alarndha  spreading
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  malar  filled with flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  kurundham  kurukkaththi tree (which is possessed by a demon)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  osiththa  one who destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  pongu  who came fiercely
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  puLLinai  bakAsuran-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  vAy  mouth
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  piLandha  one who tore and threw down
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  em pirAn  being my benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  purANar tham  sarvESvaran who is popular through purANams, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  idam  abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  pongu nIr  having abundance of water
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  sem  reddish
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  kayal  fish
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  thiLaikkum  joyfully living
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  thiruvEngadam  thiruvEngadam thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  nenjamE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-1-kongalarndha  adai  try to reach
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  val  one who is having hard heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  pEy  pUthanA-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  mulai  bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  iranga  to secrete milk naturally
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  uyir  her life
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  uNda  mercifully consumed
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  pirAn avan  sarvESvaran who is the benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  paLLiyAvadhu  mattress (resting place, where he mercifully rests)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  pARkadal  thirukkARkdal (kshIrAbdhi)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  arangam  and SrIrangam;
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  perugum  growing
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  theLLiyAr  ananyaprayOjanar (those who don-t expect anything but kainkaryam)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  veLLiyAn  one who has white complexion (in krutha yugam)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  kariyAn  one who has black complexion (in kali yugam)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  maNi niRa vaNNan  one who has blue jewel like complexion (in dhvApara yugam)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  enRu eNNi  meditating (repeatedly on these forms) in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  nAdoRum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  vaNangum  surrendering
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  malai  hill
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  thiruvEngadam  thirumalA;
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  (that abode)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-2-paLLiyAvadhu pARkadal  nenjamE adai  Oh mind! Reach there.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  ninRa  standing firm (due to being possessed by demon)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  mA marudhu  the big marudha tree
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  iRRu vIzha  to break and fall down
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  nadandha  going through
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  ninmalan  one who has very pure heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  nEmiyAn  one who is having divine chakra (in his divine hand)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  vAnavar  nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  enRum  always
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  kaithozhum  worshipping
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  thAmarai  lotus flower like
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  iNai adi  having a pair of divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  em pirAn  being benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  kanRi  (indhra) being angry
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  mAri  heavy rain
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  pozhindhida  poured
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  A  cows-
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  niraikku  for their herds
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  idar  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  nIkkuvAn  to eliminate and protect them
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  kadidhu  quickly
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  senRu  went
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  kunRam  gOvardhana hill
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  eduththavan  the abode, where sarvESvaran who lifted and held as umbrella, is mercifully residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  thiruvEngadam  thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  nenjamE  Oh mind!
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-3-ninRa mAmarudhu  adai  reach there.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  anRu  towards the end of dhvApara yugam
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  bAradham  in the bhAratha yudhdham (mahAbhAratha battle)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  pArththaRkAy  for arjuna
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  kai seydhittu  personally organising the army
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  v enRa  won over (dhuryOdhana et al, and due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  param sudar  one who is very radiant
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  Ayar tham pAdiyil  in thiruvAyppAdi (SrI gOkulam)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  em kOvalan  taking birth in the cowherd clan
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  angu  in such SrI gOkulam
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  kuravai  in rAsa krIdA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  kOththup piNaindha  holding hands and danced
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  EththuvAr tham  those who praise, their
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  manaththu  in mind
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  uLLAn  present eternally
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  idavendhai  in thiruvidavendhai
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  mEviya  is firmly present
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  em pirAn  my lord-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  thIrththam  pure
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  nIr  having water
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  thadam  by ponds
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  sOlai  gardens
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  sUzh  surrounded by
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-4-pArththaRkAy anRu  thiruvEngadam adai nenjamE  Oh mind! Reach thirumalA.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  vaN kaiyAn  being the one with a generous hand
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  avuNarkku  for the demons
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  nAyagan  mahAbali, the leader, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  vELviyil  in the sacrificial arena
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  mANiyAy  being a celibate boy
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  senRu  went
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  maN  earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  kaiyAl  with his hand
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  irandhAn  being the one who begged
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  marAmaram Ezhum  the seven ebony trees
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  eydha  (in rAmAvathAram) shot them down
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  valaththinAn  being the strong one
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  eN kaiyAn  being the one with many divine hands
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  imayaththu uLLAn  being the one who is mercifully residing in himavAn (in thiruppiridhi in the himalayas)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  irunjOlai  in thirumAlirunjOlai which is known as southern thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  mEviya  one who is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  em pirAn  being the lord of all
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  (the one which was caught by the crocodile)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  thiN  strong
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  kai  having trunk
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  mA  SrI gajEndhrAzhwAn-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  thuyar  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  thIrththavan  sarvESvaran who eliminated, is present in
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  thiruvEngadam  thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-5-vaNkaiyAn avuNarkku  adai nenjamE  Oh mind! Reach there.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  eN dhisaigaLum  eight directions
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  Ezhu ulagamum  seven worlds
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  paNdu  during mahApraLayam (great deluge)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  vAngi  consumed
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  pon  praiseworthy
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  vayiRRil  in (his) divine stomach
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  peydhu  placed
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  Or Al ilai  on a banyan leaf
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  paLLi koNdavan  being the one who was mercifully resting
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  pAl  (shining) like milk
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  madhikku  occurred for the moon
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  idar  decay
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  thIrththavan  one who eliminated
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  oN thiRal  very strong
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  avuNan  hiraNya, the demon, his
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  uraththu  in the chest
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  ugir vaiththavan  being the one who placed the divine nail and tore
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  oL  radiant
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  eyiRRodu  with teeth
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  thiN  firm
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  thiRal  having strength
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  ariyAy avan  eternal abode of the one who appeared in the form of narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  thiruvEngadam  thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-6-eN dhisaigaLum  adai nenjamE  Oh mind! Reach there.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  pArum  earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  nIr  water
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  eri  fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  kARRinOdu  with air
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  AgAyamum  ether
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  ivai  these five elements
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  AyinAn  one who remains as
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  Ayiram pErum  thousand divine names
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  pEsa  to recite and surrender
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  ninRa  being the one who is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  piRappili  sarvESvaran who is without a birth
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  perugum  growing
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  kArum  clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  vAr pani  lot of mist
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  nIL visumbu idai  in the great sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  sOrum  to pour
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  mAmugil  huge clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  thOy thara  to rest
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  sEru  matching
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  vAr  lengthy
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  pozhil  by garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  sUzh  being surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  ezhil  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  thiruvEngadam  thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-7-pArum nIr  adai nenjamE  Oh mind! Reach there.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  ambaram  ether
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  anal  fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  kAl  air
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  nilam  earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  salam  water, these five elements
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  Agi ninRa  one who remained as
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  amarar  for nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  kOn  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  vambu  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  ulAm  blowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  malar mEl  on the lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  mali  remaining firm
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  madam  being full with the quality of humility
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  mangai than  for periya pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  kozhunan avan  sarvESvaran, who is the divine consort, where he eternally resides
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  kombu anna  like a creeper
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  idai  waist
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  madam  having humility
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  kuRa mAdhar  the women of the hilly region
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  nIL  tall
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  idhaNamdhoRum  from every watch-tower
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram a nal  sem  reddish
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  punam avai  dry lands
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  kAval koL  protecting
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  thiruvEngadam  thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-8-ambaram anal  adai nenjamE  Oh mind! Reach there.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  pEsum  recited (by all)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  in  sweet (for the tongue)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  thirunAmam  divine name
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  ettu ezhuththum  the eight divine syllables
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  solli ninRu  reciting once
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  pinnarum  further
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  pEsuvAr thammai  those who keep reciting
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  uyya  to be uplifted
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  vAngi  accepted
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  piRappu  (their) connection in this samsAram
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  aRukkum  one who mercifully eliminates
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  pirAn  the act of the great benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  idam  abode is
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  vAsam  fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  mA  best
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  malar  flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  nARu  spreading the fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  vAr  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  sUzh tharum  being surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  ulagukku ellAm  for all worlds
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  thEsamAy  giving radiance
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  thigazhum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  malai  hill
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  thiruvEngadam  thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-9-pEsumin thirunAmam  adai nenjamE  Oh mind! Reach there.
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  sem  reddish (due to youth)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  kayal  fish
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  thiLaikkum  joyfully living
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  sunai  having ponds
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  thiruvEngadaththu  in thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  uRai  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  selvanai  on Sriya:pathi (divine consort of SrI mahAlakshmi)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum &nbsp ;mangaiyar  for the people of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  thalaivan  being the king
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  kali kanRi  AzhwAr who rid the defects of kali
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  vaN  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  thamizh  with thamizh language
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  sol  mercifully sang
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  sem  honest
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  mAlaigaL  garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  dhariththu  holding in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  uraikka vallArgaL  those who can recite
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  thanjamadhAga  firmly
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  vangam  filled with ships
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  mA  vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  kadal  surrounded by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  vaiyam  for earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  kAvalar Agi  being the protector
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  vAn ulagu  paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  ALvar  will get to rule
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  (in this principle)
periya-thirumozhi-1-8-10-sengayal thiLaikkum  sangai inRi  Remain without a doubt.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  vEy  bamboos
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  Ey  being dense
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  pU  blossomed
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  virai Ar  very fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  pozhil sUzh  surrounded by garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  thiruvEngadavA  oh one who is identified by SrI vEnkatAdhri!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  thAyE enRum  (one who is not the real mother) as mother
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  thandhai enRum  (one who is not the real father) as father
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  thAramE enRum  (one who is not the real wife) as wife
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  kiLaiyE enRum  (those who are not real relatives) as relatives
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  makkaLE enRum  (those who are not real children) as children
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  nOy pattu ozhindhEn  experienced disaster
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  nAyEn  I who am very lowly as a dog
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  unnai  your highness who are the natural relative
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  kANbadhu  to see
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  Or AsaiyinAl  with the desire
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  vandhu  arriving at your highness- divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  adaindhEn&nbsp ; I surrendered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  ennai  I who am a servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  nalgi  showing mercy
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-1-thAyE thandhai  AL koNda aruL  kindly accept my service
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  thEn  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  Ey  filled
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  pU  having flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  pozhil  by garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  thiruvEngada mA malai  being the one who is having thirumalA as abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  en AnAy  oh one who forbears my faults just as an elephant would do!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  mAn Ey  like that of a deer
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  kaN  eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  madavAr  women who are having humility as well, their
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  mayakkil  in their glance
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  pattu  being captivated
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  mA nilaththu  in the vast earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  nAnAvidha naragam  in many types of narakam (hell)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  pugum  to enter
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  pAvam  sin
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  nAnE  I have individually
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  seydhEn  having performed
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  vandhu  came
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  adaindhEn  I held your highness- divine feet as refuge;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  adiyEnai  I, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-2-mAnEy kaN madavAr  AL koNdu aruLE  Kindly accept my service.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  kunRu  on the peaks
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  Ey  resting
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  mEgam  clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  adhir  making loud noise
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  kuLir  being cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  mA  great
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  malai vEngadavA  oh one who has SrI vEnkatAchalam as your identity!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  kuRikkOL  knowledge such as discrimination between body and self
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  onRu  none
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  ilAmaiyinAl  due to not having
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  pal uyirai  many creatures
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  konREn  tormented;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai&n bsp; irandhArkku  for those who begged
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  inidhAga  with good words
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  enREnum  ever
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  uraiththaRiyEn  I, the servitor, who did not say
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  anRE  right then
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  vandhu adaindhEn  I came and surrendered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-3-konREn palluyirai  adiyEnai At koNdu aruL  kindly accept my service.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  nilam  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  thOy  resting
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  nIL mugil  huge clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  sEr  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  neRi  path
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  Ar  having
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  thiruvEngadavA  Oh leader of SrI vEnkatAdhri!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  eththanai kulamum  In every clan
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  piRandhu iRandhu  taking birth and dying
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  eyththu ozhindhEn  having weakened
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  oru nalamum ilEn  not having any goodness
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  nalladhu  having goodness (in getting the result)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  Or aRamum  performance of any sAdhanam (means)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  seydhilEn  not having done
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  alandhEn  I, the servitor, who suffered (in every birth)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  vandhu adaindhEn  I came and surrendered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-4-kulandhAn eththanaiyum  adiyEnai At koNdu aruL  kindly accept my service.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  seppu Ar  like copper which is protective
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  thiN  firm
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  varai  by hills
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  thiruvEngada mA malai  being the one who is having thirumalA as his abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  en  for followers like me
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  appA  Oh benefactor!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  thuppA  Oh one who is capable!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  eppAvam palavum ivaiyE  these many types of sins
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  seydhu  performed
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  iLaiththozhindhEn  became sorrowful (on hearing about the results of such sins)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  nin adi  your highness- divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  thudarndhu  followed
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  Eththavum  to surrender with bhakthi
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  kiRkinRilEn  being incapable
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  vandhu adaindhEn  I came and surrendered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-5-eppAvam palavum  adiyEnai At koNdu aruL  kindly accept my service.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  viN  sky
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  Ar  to touch
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  nIL  tall
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  sigaram  peaks
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  virai  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  Ar  having
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  thiruvEngadavA  Oh one who has thirumalA as your abode!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  aNNA  Oh one has all types of relationships!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  maNNAy  being earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  nIrAy  being water
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  eriyAy  being fire
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  kAlAy  being air
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  manju  clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  ulAvum  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  AkAsamumAm  being sky, hence, being made of the five great elements
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  puN Ar  resembling a wound
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  Akkai thannuL  (being held captive) in the body
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  pulambi  calling out
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  thaLarndhu  becoming weakened
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  eyththu ozhindhEn  I who have become very tired
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  vandhu adaindhEn  I came and surrendered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-6-maNNAy nIr  adiyEnai At koNdu aruL  kindly accept my service.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  kari  elephants
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  sEr  present in abundance
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  pU  filled with flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  pozhil  by garden
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  kanam  firm
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  mA malai  huge mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  vEngadavA  Oh one who is having thirumalA as your residence!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  ariyE  Oh lion!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  pAlaganAy  while being a child
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  theiryEn  being ignorant
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  pala thImaigaL  (further) many cruel acts
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  seydhumittEn &nbsp ;having performed
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  periyEn Ayina pin  after becoming a youth
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  piRarkkE  needed for others
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  uzhaiththu  searched and gave
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  Ezhai AnEn  I, the servitor, lost my ability (now)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  vandhu adaindhEn  I came and surrendered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-7-theriyEn pAlaganAy  adiyEnai At koNdu aruL  kindly accept my service.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  kOl  from poles
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  thEn  honey
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  pAyndhu  overflowing
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  ozhugum  flooding
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  kuLir  cool
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  sOlai sUzh  surrounded by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  vEngadavA  Oh one who is having thirumalA as residence!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  em  for us, devotees
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  perumAn  Oh great benefactor!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  pal piRavi  to take many births
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  nORREn  I, the servitor, who performed sAdhanAnushtAnam (other upAyams such as bhakthi yOgam)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  ERREn  I became qualified (to receive your highness- merciful glance); (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  unnai  your highness
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  kANbadhu  to see
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  Or  a
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  AsaiyinAl  with the desire
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  ippiRappE  in this birth itself
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  idar uRRanan  I became worried;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  ARREn  being unable to tolerate (the repetitive births)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  vandhu adaindhEn  I came and surrendered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-8-nORREn palpiRavi  adiyEnai At koNdu aruL  kindly accept my service.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  mAyanE  Oh one who has amazing qualities and activities!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  engaL  (makes you tolerate) our (mistakes)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  mAdhavanE  Oh one who is dear to periya pirAtti!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  kal thEn  honey placed in the cave in mountain
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  pAyndhu ozhugum  greatly flooding
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  kamalam  filled with lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  sunai  having waterfalls
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  vEngadavA  Oh eternal resident of thirumalA!
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  onRu paRRu  any foundation (such as good deed)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  ilEn  not having
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  pAvamE seydhu  performing sins only (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  pAviyAnEn  being sinner
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  maRRu  other upAyams
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  onRum  even a little bit
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  aRiyEn  I, the servitor, who do not know
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  aRREn  became completely existing for your highness
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  vandhu adaindhEn  I came and surrendered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-9-paRREl onRumilEn  adiyEnai At koNdu aruL  kindly accept my service.
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  Ezh ulagukku  for the seven worlds
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  kaNNAy  like eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  uyirAy  being like prANan (vital air)
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  em  to give enjoyment for us, the devotees
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  kAr  cloud like
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  vaNNan  having divine complexion
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  viNNOr thAm  even nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  paravum  praise
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  pozhil  having gardens
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  vEngadam  being the resident of thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  vEdhiyanai  on sarvESvaran, who is spoken by vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  thiN Ar  firm
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  mAdangaL sUzh  surrounded by mansions
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  thirumangaiyar  for the residents of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  kOn  the king
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  kaliyan  mercifully spoken by AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  paN Ar  having tune
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  paththup pAdalum  ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  payilvArkku  those who learn and practice
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  pAvangaL  hurdles
periya-thirumozhi-1-9-10-kANNAy Ezhulagukku  illai  will be destroyed.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  kaN Ar  Vast
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  kadal sUzh  being surrounded by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  ilangaikku  for lankA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  iRaivan than  the leader, rAvaNa-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  thiN  firm
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  Agam  body
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  piLakka  to split [into two]
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  sar am  arrows
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  sela  to be shot
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  uyththAy  the one who directed
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  viNNOr  dhEvathAs such as brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  thozhum  to surrender
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  mA  great
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  vEngada malai  in thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  mEya  residing eternally
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  aNNA  oh one who is all types of relationship!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  adiyEn  the servitor, my
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  idarai  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-1-kaNNAr kadal  kaLaiyAy  kindly eliminate.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  ilangaip padhikku  for the city of lankA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  enRu  always
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  iRaiyAya  being kings
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  arakkar kulam  demoniac clan
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  avar  those demons such as mAli etc
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  kettu  having their state damaged
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  mALa  to die
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  kodi  being the flag
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  puL  (climbing) periya thiruvadi (garudAzhwAr)
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  thiriththAy  one who made to roam around
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  vilangal  (chandhra (moon) and sUrya (sun)) move away from their paths
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  kudumi  having tall peaks
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  thiruvEngadam  on thirumalA which is known as thiruvEngadam
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  mEya  being the one who eternally resides
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  thuLabam  made with thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi)
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  alangal  decorated with garland
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  mudiyAy  oh one who is having divine crown!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-2-ilangaip padhikku  aruLAy  You should mercifully protect me.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  nIr Ar  filled with water
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  kadalum  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  nilanum  earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  muzhudhu  and all other objects
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  uNdu  consumed
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  Er  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  iLam  very tender
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  Alam thaLir mEl  on the peepal leaf
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  thuyil  mercifully resting
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  endhAy  Oh one who is the protector for those who are like me!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  sIr Ar  Having abundant wealth
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  mA  great
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  thiruvEngada malai  on thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  mEya  residing eternally
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  ArA  not satiating (even if enjoyed forever)
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  amudhE  Oh one who is enjoyable like nectar!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  adiyERku  for me, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-3-nIrAr kadalum  aruLAy  show your mercy.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  uRi mEl  placed on the ropes hanging down from ceiling
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  naRu ney  pure ghee
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  amudhAga  as nectar
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  uNdAy  Oh one who mercifully ate!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  kuRaLAy  mercifully incarnating as vAmana
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  nilam  earth
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  IradiyAlE  with two steps
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  koNdAy  Oh one who measured and accepted!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  viN thOy  tall to reach up to paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  sigaram  having peak
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  thiruvEngadam  in thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  mEya  one who remains firmly
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  aNdA  Oh controller of dhEvas who live inside the oval shaped world!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  adiyEnukku  for me, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-4-uNdAy uRimEl  aruL puriyAy  mercifully grant the opportunity to serve you.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  thUNAy  being a mere pillar
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  adhanUdu  inside it
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  ariyAy  being narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  vandhu thOnRi  came and incarnated
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  pENA  one who did not respect
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  avuNan  hiraNya-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  udalam  chest
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  piLandhittAy  oh one who split it into two and threw it down!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  sEN Ar  being very tall
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  mA  having great glory
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  thiruvEngada malai  on thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  mEya  residing firmly
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  kOL  stro ng
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  nAgam  thiruvanandhAzhwAn (AdhiSEsha)
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  aNaiyAy  Oh one who has as divine mattress!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  enai  me, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  I  your highness
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-5-thUNAy adhanUdu  kuRikkoL  should consider in your divine heart.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  mannA  impermanent
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  i  this
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  manisap piRaviyai  human birth
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  nIkki  eliminating
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  than  for him
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  Akki  having as a servitor
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  than  his
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  in aruL  great mercy
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  seyyum  showering
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  thalaivan  having leadership
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  min  by lightning
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  Ar  filled with
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  mugil  clouds
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  sEr  have gathered and are residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  thiruvEngadam  on thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  mEya  firmly residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  en  to give enjoyment to me
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  Anai  having a beautiful form like an elephant
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  en  for me
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  appan  being great benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  en  my
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  nenjilE  in heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-6-mannA immanisap  uLAn  is eternally residing.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  mAn  deer-s eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  Ey  matching
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  madam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  nOkki thiRaththu  on nappinnaip pirAtti who is having divine eyes
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  edhir vandha  came as hurdle
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  An  (roaming) amidst cows
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  Ezh vidai  the seven bulls
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  seRRa  one who killed
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  aNi  very beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  varai  firm like mountain
periya- thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  thOLA  oh one who is having divine shoulders!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  thEnE  Oh one who is sweet like honey for me!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  mA  glorious
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  thiruvEngadamalai  on thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  mEya  being the one who permanently resides
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  kOnE  Oh one who enslaved me!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  en  my
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  manam  mind
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  kudi koNdu  having as abode
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-7-mAnEy madanOkki  irundhAy  you remained firmly.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  sEyan  being unreachable (for those who do not surrender)
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  aNiyan  being easily reachable (for those who surrender)
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  ena  my
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  sindhai uL  in mind
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  ninRa  one who is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  mAyan  amazing
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  vEy  bamboos
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  viNdu  split
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  udhir  remaining scattered on the ground
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  oLi  radiance
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  veN  having whiteness
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  tharaLangaL  pearls
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  vAL  radiant
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  maNi  having precious gems
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  mA  very glorious
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  vEngada malai  on thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  mEya  being the one who is firmly residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  Ayan  krishNa, the cowherd-s
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  adi alladhu  other than the divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  maRRu  anything else
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-8-sEyan aNiyan  aRiyEn  I don-t consider as an entity.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  nandhAdha  continuous
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  kozhu  abundant
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  sudarE  Oh one who is having radiance!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  engaL  being able to eliminate shortcomings of ours, we being incomplete
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  nambI  Oh complete one!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  sindhA  (chinthA) just on thinking
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  maNiyE  Oh precious gem (which will fulfil all desires)!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  thiruvEngadam  On vEnkatAchalam
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  mEya  firmly residing
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  endhAy  oh my relative!
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  vandhAy  You arrived (where I am residing);
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  en manam  in my heart
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  pugundhAy  you entered;
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  manni ninRAy  you firmly remained (in my heart);
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  ini  now onwards
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  yAn  I
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  unnai  you who are the benefactor in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  enRum  ever
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-9-vandhAy en manam  vidEn  will not leave.
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  villAr  the divine hunters who always carry bow
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  mali  abundant
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  vEngada mA malai  on thirumalA
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  mEya  one who is residing firmly
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  mal Ar  very strong
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  thiraL  well rounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  thOL  shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  maNi  like a blue gem
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  vaNNan  having divine complexion
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  ammAnai  on sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  kal  rock
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  Ar  matching
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  thiraL  well rounded
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  thOL  having shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  sonna  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  mAlai  this decad which is in the form of a garland
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  vallAr avar thAm  those who can learn with meanings
periya-thirumozhi-1-10-10-villAr mali  vAnavar Aguvar  will get to perform kainkaryam like nithyasUris.

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