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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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nAththazhumba nAnmuganum IsanumAy muraiyAl
Eththa angOrALariyAy irundha ammAnadhidam
kAyththa vAgai neRRolippak kalladhar vEyngazhai pOy
thEyththa thIyAl viN sivakkum singavEL kunRamE

Word-by-Word meanings

nA – tongue
thazhumba – to have scars
nAnmuganum – brahmA who has four faces
Isanum – rudhran
Ay – to not lose their position
muRaiyAl – in proper manner (that emperumAn is lord and we are servitors)
Eththa – as they praise
angu – there (remaining to be praised by them)
Or ALariyAy irundha ammAnadhidam – the abode where he is mercifully present as matchless narasimha
kAyththa – filled with unripe fruits
vAgai – vAgai (lebbeck) trees’
neRRu – nuts
olippa – to make noise
kal adhar – branching through rocks
vEyngazhai – tube shaped bamboo
pOy – growing to reach up to the sky
thEyththa – due to rubbing with each other
thIyAl – by the fire
viN – sky
sivakkum – become reddish
singavEL kunRamE – singavEL kunRam

Simple translation

brahmA who has four faces and rudhran praised the matchless narasimha in proper manner, to have scars on their tongue and to not lose their position; the abode where such narasimha is present is singavEL kunRam where the nuts of the lebbeck trees which are filled with unripe fruits, are making noise, and the tube shaped bamboos are branching through rocks, growing to reach up to the sky and turning the sky to be red due to the fire caused by the rubbing of those bamboos with each other.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • nA … – To have scars on the tongue, the four-faced brahmA and rudhran who is the head of dhEvathAs, who were roaming around in human disguise during the rein of hiraNyan, once such hiraNyan died, to not lose their position, came and praised emperumAn due to his natural lordship; the abode of such sarvESvara where he remains to be praised by them and is present in the form of narasimha which was previously unseen.
  • kAyththa … – As the nuts make noise in the lebbeck tree which has many unripe fruits. These trees belong in desert lands and are highlighted.
  • kal adhar vEyngazhai pOy – kazhai – mUngil – bamboo. adhar – vazhi – path. There are bamboos which grow through rocks – tube shaped bamboos. Those bamboos grew up to the sky, and caused fire rubbing with each other. Just as the sky will appear dark due to presence of clouds, here due to this fire, the sky appears reddish. With this, it is explained that – inside the abode, the praises of brahmA et al are heard; outside, the sound of the nuts of lebbeck trees is heard.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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