periya thirumozhi – 1.10.4 – uNdAy uRimEl

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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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uNdAy uRimEl naRuney amudhAga
koNdAy kuRaLAy nilam IradiyAlE
viNthOy sigarath thiruvEngadam mEya
aNdA! adiyEnukku aruL puriyAyE

Word-by-Word meanings

uRi mEl – placed on the ropes hanging down from ceiling
naRu ney – pure ghee
amudhAga – as nectar
uNdAy – Oh one who mercifully ate!
kuRaLAy – mercifully incarnating as vAmana
nilam – earth
IradiyAlE – with two steps
koNdAy – Oh one who measured and accepted!
viN thOy – tall to reach up to paramapadham
sigaram – having peak
thiruvEngadam – in thirumalA
mEya – one who remains firmly
aNdA – Oh controller of dhEvas who live inside the oval shaped world!
adiyEnukku – for me, the servitor
aruL puriyAy – mercifully grant the opportunity to serve you.

Simple translation

Oh one who mercifully ate the pure ghee which is placed on the ropes hanging down from ceiling! Oh one who measured and accepted earth with two steps mercifully incarnating as vAmana! Oh controller of dhEvas who live inside the oval shaped world, firmly remaining in thirumalA having tall peak which reaches up to paramapadham! Mercifully grant me, the servitor, the opportunity to serve you.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

uNdAy … – AzhwAr is speaking about emperumAn being unable to sustain himself without the food (ghee) which is in contact with his devotees, the act of helping them without caring for himself. You ate the pure ghee which was safely placed in the rope hanging down from the ceiling, considering it to be nectar.

koNdAy … – You who are the supreme lord, assuming the form of vAmana, accepted the vast earth with your two steps.

viN thOy … – Oh one who is firmly residing on thirumalA where the peak reaches up to paramapadham!

aNdA – Oh cowherd boy! Alternatively – oh one who is the controller of those who live inside the oval shaped world!

adiyEnukku … – You should give me the opportunity to do my kainkaryam to you, which does not match the kainkaryam of yaSOdhAp pirAtti and indhra.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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