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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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mudhugu paRRik kaiththalaththAl munnoru kOl UnRi
vidhir vidhirththuk kaNsuzhanRu  mERkiLai koNdirumi
idhuvennappar mUththavARenRu iLaiyavarEsAmun
madhuvuN vaNdu paNgaL pAdum vadhari vaNangudhumE

Word-by-Word meanings

kaiththalaththAl – with hand
mudhugu paRRi – supporting the back
mun oru kOl – having a stick in the front
UnRi – placing it in the ground firmly
vidhirvidhirththu – have the body shaking
kaNsuzhanRu – eyes rolling [in fatigue]
mEl kiLai koNdu – with high tone
irumi – coughing
iLaiyavar – children
appar – elders
mUththa ARu – attained old-age
idhu en – how (being too old!)
enRu – saying this way
EsA mun – before they scold
madhu – honey in flowers
uN – drinking
vaNdu – beetles
paNgaL pAdum – humming tunes
vadhari – SrIbadhari
vaNangudhum – let us worship

Simple translation

Let us worship SrIbadhari where beetles are drinking honey from the flowers, before children say “How old have you become!” after seeing the man supporting his back with his one hand and having a stick in the front placed firmly, having his body shaking, his eyes rolling in fatigue and coughing in a high tone.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • mudhugu paRRik kaiththalaththAl – Due to weakness, his back will ache, due to that, he will support his back with one hand.
  • mun oru kOl UnRi – To stop from falling down in front, he will hold a stick in his hand. Both the front and back side needs support – such is his physical condition.
  • vidhirvidhirththu – The whole body shakes too.
  • kaN suzhanRu – The changes which happen in every limb is identified [here, the eyes are rolling in fatigue].
  • mERkiLai – mERku – mEl (high), iLai – iLaippu – fatigue. Coughing due to high fatigue. Alternative explanation – mERkiLai – high tone. Coughing with high tone.
  • idhu ennappar mUththavARu enRu – Children would say “Everyone will become old. But this man’s old-age is unbelievable!” appar – aged person. This person looks too old when compared to an old person – that is how old he is!
  • iLaiyavar – The children would think that they will remain youthful ever and the old-age person will remain old forever, and scold the old-age persons.
  • madhu uN … – Instead of just humming one tune, having drunk the honey, the beetles will hum all tunes.
  • vadhari – Thus, this is the abode where, not only such sorrows will be removed, but also, one will get ultimate bliss to remain joyful.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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