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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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paRREl onRumilEn pAvamE seydhu pAviyAnEn
maRREl onRariyEn mAyanE! engaL mAdhavanE!
kalthEn pAyndhozhugum kamalach chunaivEngadavA!
aRREn vandhadaindhEn adiyEnai AtkoNdaruLE

Word-by-Word meanings

mAyanE – Oh one who has amazing qualities and activities!
engaL – (makes you tolerate) our (mistakes)
mAdhavanE – Oh one who is dear to periya pirAtti!
kal thEn – honey placed in the cave in mountain
pAyndhu ozhugum – greatly flooding
kamalam – filled with lotus flowers
sunai – having waterfalls
vEngadavA – Oh eternal resident of thirumalA!
onRu paRRu – any foundation (such as good deed)
ilEn – not having
pAvamE seydhu – performing sins only (due to that)
pAviyAnEn – being sinner
maRRu – other upAyams
onRum – even a little bit
aRiyEn – I, the servitor, who do not know
aRREn – became completely existing for your highness
vandhu adaindhEn – I came and surrendered;
adiyEnai At koNdu aruL – kindly accept my service.

Simple translation

Oh one who has amazing qualities and activities! Oh one who is dear to our periya pirAtti! Oh eternal resident of thirumalA which is having waterfalls filled with lotus flowers where honey placed in the mountain caves are greatly flooding! Not having any foundation, being a sinner who is performing sins only, not knowing even a little bit in any other upAyams, I, the servitor, became completely existing for your highness. I came and surrendered; kindly accept my service.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

paRREl onRum ilEn – For AthmA who ran away from bhagavAn severing the connection, there is no good deed matching the result of attaining bhagavAn. Due to that, performing sins only, I became identified with sins only rather than being identified by gyAnam (knowledge), Anandham (bliss) etc.

maRREl onRaRiyEn – I don’t have knowledge about upAyams which lead to bhagavAn. ahirbudhnya samhithA 37.30 and 37.31 “aham asmi aparAdhAnAm Alaya: …” (“I am the abode of all faults; I have no means [to protect myself]. I have no refuge other than you. Let you be my means” – the thought with this prayer is called SaraNAgathi. Let this be done towards bhagavAn)

mAyanE – Oh one who has amazing abilities to protect even such persons!

engaL mAdhavanE – Oh one who is the refuge for all due to having pirAtti who will make you forgive the mistakes of even such persons!

kal thEn … – As the honey which was placed in the caves will overflow, ooze out into the ponds and the lotus flowers will blossom there.

aRREn – I have become settled at your divine feet.

adiyEnai AL koNdu aruLE – I told that I have no other refuge; you who are my refuge, are dear laksmIpathi (consort of SrI mahAlakshmi); thus, you should accept kainkaryam which matches my svarUpam.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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