Glossary/Dictionary by word – gyAna sAram

Sorted by pAsuram

 aasai migu sindhayaraay  When people, with a deep desire in their heartsgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 AatRu nIr  from riversgyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 abimAnikkum abimAnikkum  caste that they are born in (due to the association of their body)gyAna sAram 13 – paNdE uyir anaiththum 
 adaindhavar pAl  svAmi aruLALa perumAL emberumAnAr refers to devotees of srIman nArAyaNan towards whom the latter behaves in a particular manner that is being detailed in the ensuing phrases.gyAna sAram 25 – aRRam uraikkil 
 adaivar vIdu reach the eternal abode of sriman nArAyaNan namely paramapadhamgyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 AdhariyAr  will not accept or pay heed togyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 adhu those praisesgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 adi thEn  the sweetness of the Lotus feet (literally, “thEn” is nectar and “adi” is feet)gyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 adigaL  lotus feet ofgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 adikku anbar  devotees, who are at the feet ofgyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 adiyAr  devotees ofgyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 adiyomennumvaazhvu  the most prized title of “eternal servants to the Lord”,gyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 aduvE is nothing but to seek refuge under the lotus feet of one’s AchAryan.gyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 Akkai mudiyum padi pirathal  they would reach the state of destruction of the body (die);gyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 alagai mulai  the demoness pUthanA’s breastmilkgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 ALAnAr  those who have become servants togyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 aLikkum to yield to requests or to grant wishes,gyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 alli malar pAvaikku  periya pirAtti,gyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 am mandhirathAl the object / cynosure of thirumanthiramgyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 amalan  without any blemishes andgyAna sAram 16 – dhEvar manisar 
 ambuyaikOn perumAL srIman nArAyaNan is being referred by many adjectives like husband of thiru, elder brother of lakshmaNan etc.gyAna sAram 25 – aRRam uraikkil 
 ambuyathAL kOn-ai  the king of the one who sits on the Lotus (emperumAn, the king of pirAtti)gyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 Anai iDar kadindha  (who) removed the suffering of the elephant (gajendhrAhvan)gyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 anaiththulagumkAththu protects all of the worldsgyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 anaithuyiRkum  towards all livesgyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 anal umizhndhu  spit balls of firegyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 Anbar  the bhakthasgyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 anbar  devotees who aregyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 anbar  Perumal, who is the lover ofgyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 anbar adiku  at the lotus feet of devotees of thegyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 anbozhiyil  and lose all bhakti towards the AchAryangyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 anbu seyyAr  or have any attachment towards anything apart from perumALgyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 Andam  the entire universe including the 14 worldsgyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 anjanai than sEyai This is similar to how, hanuman, who is the son of anjanA devigyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 annavan thAL  from Sriman NArAyanAn’s lotus feetgyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 anRadhanai InRugandha A  soon after delivering the calfgyAna sAram 25 – aRRam uraikkil 
 anRum  then HE (sriman nArAyaNan) will get angry and destroy the person.gyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 apporuL  and goes behing crazily behind that treasure (without knowing if and where it exists in the first place)gyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 apUmisayOn  created by Brahma, who was born from the navel of Sriman Narayana,gyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 Ar kali serndhida mAyndhaRRu  but when it mixes with the ocean, all these differences are destroyed and they become onegyAna sAram 15 – kudiyum kulamum 
 aRanAgAdhu then, the surrender (sharanAgathi) that this person did earlier, would not rescue him rather would make him and his sharanAgathi act, a failuregyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 araNAgum is the refuge for a person.gyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 Arap perunthuyarE seythidinum anbargaL pAl  It may seem like a devotee is being given lots of great suffering bygyAna sAram 21 – Arap perunthuyarE 
 ArEnum thAm  goes to see if anyonegyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 aRindhavar pAR senRu  Those who go to a guru who knows the means already yetgyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 aRivE vadivAm nAraNan thAtkE adimai nAn  the realized souls have this knowledge about being subservient to sriman nArAyaNAgyAna sAram 16 – dhEvar manisar 
 aRiyAdhArum  Those who dont knowgyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 Arpadhan mun that made the brahmAsthram to untie itself at the very momentgyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 aRRam uraikkil This phrase would mean if one were to tell with certainty, i.e., if one were to ascertain something as final and concrete, here it is.gyAna sAram 25 – aRRam uraikkil 
 aRRam uraikkil adaindhavar pAl ambuyaikOn  If one were to tell certainly, to the ones who have taken refuge at the feet of perumAL who is the husband of the one who sits on the lotus flower,gyAna sAram 25 – aRRam uraikkil 
 Arthu  destroy,gyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 aruL purindha  accepted this disciple out of extreme compassiongyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 aruL purivar be the target of the grace;gyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 aruL seyyAn  will not grant these unnecessary things similar togyAna sAram 20 – viruppuRinum thoNdarkku 
 aruLAl out of compassiongyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 aruLAl  With the divine blessings ofgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 aruLAlE  compassiongyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 arulE  compassion (karunai) of ONLY thegyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 arumperu  (such people would be considered as) the most precious and rare adiyArgyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 Asil The faultless one (the fault that a person makes when he expects something in return of something he does to a person).gyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 AtcheyalE  to servegyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 atru  is without itgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 avan thALiNayai  the lotus feet of their AchAryan (leader)gyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 avar and only such personsgyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 avar  AchAryan out ofgyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 avar  However, those very same worldly peoplegyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 avar saridhai  Their activitiesgyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 avidu sollum  those funny speeches ofgyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 Azhi vaNNan thannadik kIzh vIzhndhu saraN enRu iranthorukAl  because you can fall at the feet of the one with the color of the ocean and tell HIM that HE alone is your savior.gyAna sAram 23 – Uzhi vinaik kuRumbar 
 Azhiyangai (Azhi-am-kai)  (and who) holds Azhi (discus) in his beautiful (am) hand (kai),gyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 azhundhuvAr  will get immersed ingyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 bEthangkoNdu enna payan peRuvIr  However, these differences are not useful and are worthless becausegyAna sAram 14 – bUthangkaL aindhum 
 bOgam  where there is utmost happinessgyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 bUthangkaL aindhum porundhum udalinAR piRandha  The bodies of all the people born here are made up of the five entities – land, water, fire, air and ethergyAna sAram 14 – bUthangkaL aindhum 
 changaRpam seybavar  who regardgyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 cheydha pizhai uNdu pala enRu uLam thaLarEl  are innumerable and we may be frightened of the same, but fear notgyAna sAram 24 – vaNdu padi thuLaba 
 dhEvar manisar thiriyakku thAvaramAm  dhEvAs including the likes of indhiran, people like brAhmaNar or Kings, cows, birds, trees, herbs or shrubsgyAna sAram 16 – dhEvar manisar 
 eendhadharpin  after He has given such a life,gyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 ekkAlum  will forevergyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 endruiruppaar  and lives with the determined mind thatgyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 endruuLamtheLindhu  and gets clear thoughtgyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 eNNAdhe  (One who)does not pay attention to / does not considergyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 ennakuraivendumini  why would there be any worries after that about ways to reach Him (upAyam), and about the kainkaryam (benefit/upEyam)? (we don’t have to worry about anything is the meaning)gyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 ennALum  alwaysgyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 eNNuginRa  Such persons who think that waygyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 ennum adhu The sharanAgathi shAsthra that says so andgyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 enRu irAdhAr People who do not regard that the aforementioned things are nothing but their gurugyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 enRum People who think about these three, will forevergyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 enRum  alwaysgyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 enRum iRavAdhirunthiduga inRE iRakka  and life is similar, as it is not forever and one may die suddenly.gyAna sAram 17 – onRiduga viNNavar 
 ERAr  will not reachgyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 ERi  on the right track on the path towards paramapadhamgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 eri thIyiR sudu mEl avarkku eLidhAm  and discards all of these in the blazing fire,gyAna sAram 19 – nalla pudhalvar 
 ERRarum vaigunthaththu iruppu  is the one suited for attaining the timeless paramapadham, to be with other devotees of sriman nArAyaNA, very easily, as this is a task that is impossible to achieve by ones own efforts.gyAna sAram 19 – nalla pudhalvar 
 eRRe  what a foolish / ignorant act!!!gyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 eRRE than kanRin udambin vazhuvanRO? kAdhalippadhu  No! Just like the mother cow happily cleans out and licks the impurities from the body of its calfgyAna sAram 25 – aRRam uraikkil 
 ettezhuthum ashtAkshara mahA manthram namely “thirumanthram”gyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 evvuyirkkum indhirai kOn thannadiyE kANum saraN  all the jIvAthmAs have to take refuge at the feet of the hero of thirumAmagaL, sriman nArAyaNAn.gyAna sAram 14 – bUthangkaL aindhum 
 Eyndhu iruppAr  and will be more than befitting to the role that will be performed there at paramapadham which is described asgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 Ezhai manamE! inith thaLarEl – but, the heart without knowledge, do not fretgyAna sAram 23 – Uzhi vinaik kuRumbar 
 gunam  the character/nature ofgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 guNamum  their good qualities andgyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 guru  a guru who hasgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 guruvai  If a person were to think of his AchAryan, who taught and explained the manthram,gyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 idam  residesgyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 idar  the samsaric ocean that is the source of all troubles.gyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 idarai venRu will win over the samsAric battles andgyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 idhuutradhu  is the apt thing (utradhu)gyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 igazhndhu  and disregards his AchAryan andgyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 illam  a perfect home,gyAna sAram 19 – nalla pudhalvar 
 InamadhA  and treat / dismiss them (AchAryan and perumAL’s idol form) as cheap and unworthygyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 InamilA anbar enRAlum eydhilA  The impeccable devotees at the lotus feet of sriman nArAyaNan, with a lot of bhakthi, should be such thatgyAna sAram 18 – InamilA anbar 
 Indha guruvum the guru who gave the thirumathiram to a person andgyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 indhiran than nAdu  Heaven, Indiras landgyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 inilathE  in this earthgyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 iRai uraiyaith thERAdhavarum  those who does not have belief in sharanAgathi shAsthram as told by krishnA in HIS bhagavad gIthai; Such people willgyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 Iram sei  the one who shows infinite compassion forevergyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 iRath thavazhndha  These asuras in the marudha tree, fell by being broken completely, when sriman nArAyaNA crawled between them.gyAna sAram 12 – mARAy iNaindha 
 irundhAlum muL mEl iruppu  rAmA stays in their hearts though HE is residing on top of a prickly thorngyAna sAram 10 – nALum ulagai 
 iruvarum  These two sets of people (one who disrespect AchAryan and the one who disrespects perumAL)gyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 ivai anaiththum allal enath thORRi  but has no ego or attachment with all these things and understands that they are a source of pain and sufferings, from the innermost parts of his heartgyAna sAram 19 – nalla pudhalvar 
 ivarai  AchArya’s devotees andgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 kadidhu quickly andgyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 kalangidumO  or shakegyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 kaLippum kavarvum ivaRRAl piRakkumO thaRReLindha pin  But, after realizing the true nature of a soul and knowinggyAna sAram 17 – onRiduga viNNavar 
 kamalai  pirAtti who sits on the beautiful lotus,gyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 kamalam  one who sits on top of a lotus flowergyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 kandEr Please look at this order and understand its significance.gyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 kani pol  like how a fruitgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 kANum kaN illAdhavan kAN iRai  and ignores them as if He saw nothing, similar to a person who cannot seegyAna sAram 24 – vaNdu padi thuLaba 
 kaRRaith thuzhAy sEr and collection of beautiful bunch of thulasigyAna sAram 8 – muRRap buvanam 
 kAsiniyil  the earthgyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 kattiyadhu and was being tied by a weapon called brahmAsthram by the demon indhirajit (son of rAvana).gyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 kazhal anRi maRRonRai ichchiyA anbar  The devotees of Emperumaan, who do not like anything apart from Lord’s Holy Feet and do not ask for any other benefits excluding those divine FeetgyAna sAram 8 – muRRap buvanam 
 kelvan  of the consort ofgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 kElvan  Sriyapathi/PerumAL,the bridegroom of PiratigyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 kiLayum relativesgyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 kIzhAm naragu  hell and forever be theregyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 kOdhil impeccablegyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 kodhiladiyar  unblemished devoteesgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 kOkanagai kELvan adiyArkky avan adiyE Agum  feet of the husband of pirAtti and becoming HIS devotees and get the svarUpam of being treated as one, with no differences.gyAna sAram 15 – kudiyum kulamum 
 kOn  is her ruler.gyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 kozhikkum  pours ingyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 kozhunan  AchAryan is verily sriman nArAyaNan HIMSELF, the husband of the onegyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 kudhithezhundha  that jumped and came outgyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 kudiyum kulamum ellAm  The birth place, gender, gOthram and all other identifications at birth are rendered useless after reaching thegyAna sAram 15 – kudiyum kulamum 
 kuRRam uNarndhu igazhum koLgaiyanO?  notices the mistakes of His devotees and would dislike them, would this be true?gyAna sAram 25 – aRRam uraikkil 
 kUruvadhum the thoughts that is being told in such shAsthram such as “manu shAsthram”gyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 mAdhavanukku  mAdhavan (implies pirAtti)gyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 mAdu  cows that yield copious amounts of milkgyAna sAram 19 – nalla pudhalvar 
 mAdum Cows that yield milk,gyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 maindhan udaR puNNai isai thAdhai aRRu  a father approves a painful surgery for his son, as a means of treatment for his injurygyAna sAram 21 – Arap perunthuyarE 
 mAk koNdal nigar mAl  thuLasi garland and is like the color of dark rain bearing cloudsgyAna sAram 11 – than ponnadi 
 malanga  transform,gyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 malar madandhai kOn  sriman nArAyaNA, who is the King of the one living in the lotus flower (sri mahAlakshmi)gyAna sAram 12 – mARAy iNaindha 
 malar magaL kOn  If a person were to think of perumAL sriman nArAyaNan’sgyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 malarAL  one who sits on Lotus flower andgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 mAlukku  perumAL sriman nArAyaNangyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 manaiyAL navaiyil kiLai  wife, faultless relatives,gyAna sAram 19 – nalla pudhalvar 
 manayum House that breeds happiness,gyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 Mandhiramum Thirumanthiram,gyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 mandi  with all its strengthgyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 maNi  highly valuable jewel and is agyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 mAnidarai ellAvaNNaththAlum  they do not interact in any way or continue the association, including speaking with mundane, worldly people,gyAna sAram 18 – InamilA anbar 
 mAnidarkA  to rectify the human beings who are to be correctedgyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 mAnidavan ennum  as just another human beinggyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 manu mudhal nUl shAsthras such as “manu shAsthram” etc.,gyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 manu nUrku nalla padiyAm  will serve as standing examples of manu dharma shAsthrams.gyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 maRai munivar thEdum that which the sages seek which is nothing butgyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 mArAy iNaindha maRudham  is the sole enemy of the twin asuras, who were joined together to become a marudha tree due to a curse.gyAna sAram 12 – mARAy iNaindha 
 maRRonRil  are not interestedgyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 maRROr paranai  would go ahead towards another god (who is none other than perumAL HIMSELF here)gyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 maRROr sAdhanathai if a person indulge himself in other activities after losing confidence in his sharanAgathigyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 maruLAm iruL  darkness due to ignorance; Hence, this disciple does not have to go togyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 Mathagathu  top of his disciple (sishyan) head thatgyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 matrondrai  benefits like wealth, etc., (and such earthly desires)gyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 matRu  other(s) gyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 meen enavE  (they would), like the state of a fishgyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 mei poruLum The true and inner meaning ofgyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 mEru  mountain that is a huge mountain with umpteen number of precious gemsgyAna sAram 11 – than ponnadi 
 meynnalamAm thEril poRuththaRku aridhu eninum  but on further reasoning, it would be clear that these sufferings are due to emperumAn’s immense love, just like agyAna sAram 21 – Arap perunthuyarE 
 mILAp  which is a place of no returngyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 mugil vaNNan is the one who has the colour of dark rain bearing cloudsgyAna sAram 8 – muRRap buvanam 
 munnIr kadal  the ocean with three types of watergyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 muRan azhiya was destroyed his mighty valorgyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 muRRa buvanam ellAm uNda the one how swallowed all worlds without any trace and keep them in HIS stomachgyAna sAram 8 – muRRap buvanam 
 naadhan thanadhu  emperumAn.gyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 nadhalilAdhu incessantlygyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 nalla pudhalvar  One who has a great songyAna sAram 19 – nalla pudhalvar 
 nALum ulagai naliginRa vALarakkan  there is a person who tortures everyone in the world daily, has a sword called “chandrahAsam”gyAna sAram 10 – nALum ulagai 
 namakku  has given to the devotees like usgyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 namakku  does not have any knowledge at all; Such persons will begyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 naNiduvar  will reachgyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 nANmalarAL kOnai  the consort (husband) of srI mahAlakshmI (nANgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 naraganRO  will be hellgyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 Naragum  sufferings (literal meaning is ‘hell’)gyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 nAraNanum  and who is also known as sriman nArAyaNangyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 neeril  of watergyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 neethu  to get rid ofgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 nenjchaththu iruppu and stays in the heart of the peoplegyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 nenju  in the heart ofgyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 neRi  meansgyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 neruppai vidAdhE kuzhavi vizha varundhinAlum  a child that wants to touch the fire due to its brightness, not knowing the bad effects of touching fire and cries that it is unable to touch the fire, becausegyAna sAram 20 – viruppuRinum thoNdarkku 
 nIkkamilA  who never want to get separatedgyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 nilai  such is the state ofgyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 nilam  land that is rich and fertile,gyAna sAram 19 – nalla pudhalvar 
 ninRa punal  its dwelling water, which is its’ very sustenance, thengyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 nIsar  they are the lowest of the lowest peoplegyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 nugarum  to enjoygyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 nugarvArkku  for experiencing, (such that)gyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 Oda  dispelsgyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 ondru  one(s)gyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 onn  the beautifulgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 onRiduga viNNavar kOn selvam ozhinthiduga  There is a lot of wealth in this world, like that of the devas (Indiran, etc), which keep coming and going at any point in time and is not the same alwaysgyAna sAram 17 – onRiduga viNNavar 
 Oona  made of flesh, andgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 oppil  matchlessgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 oru mIn  (just like the action of) a fishgyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 oru nAngu vEdham the incomparable vEdhAs that include rig, yajur, sAma and atharvanagyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 oru poruLA  as worthy.gyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 paarpadhanmun  (the above were) before the Lord’s grace was understood by us (before He saw us),gyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 paarthuiruthal  is to expectgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 padiyin mEl nIr kozhuvum ARugaLin  The state of these devotees is the same as the rivers flowing on this earth, filled with watergyAna sAram 15 – kudiyum kulamum 
 pala kaRRum  and appear to be learnedgyAna sAram 13 – paNdE uyir anaiththum 
 paNdE uyir anaiththum  Do the conscientious objects who forevergyAna sAram 13 – paNdE uyir anaiththum 
 Pangayathai  A lotus flower, if itgyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 pangkayath thAL nAyagaRkE  have been a happy servant to the lakshmi nAthan,gyAna sAram 13 – paNdE uyir anaiththum 
 paNigatku  subsequently do kainkaryam at paramapadhamgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 paran anRu enRu  as a person who is not perumALgyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 paRRil and if he considers it as an action that would yield good karmagyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 paRRu guruvai  If a person disregards his AchAryan, who is the person to surrender togyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 pArthanaimunkaathapiraan  (that is, before) lord Krishna protected Arjuna inkurukshEthra war by giving him and us, thebhagavadgItha.gyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 pArvai  Their vision serve asgyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 patrartru  without any hold to other desires or waysgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 pazhi thURRil < /td> were to say that these people go after a human instead of going after perumALgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 pazhuthaal  which if ripensgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 pErum niRamum ellAm  and going by different names, colors like red, white, black, etc., seemingly with many differencesgyAna sAram 15 – kudiyum kulamum 
 perumEluladho  and that there is no better benefit thangyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 petraperumpetrin  having gotten that great benefit (of serving Him)gyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 pIdudaya greatgyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 piRandhu padu nIL thuyaram pin  as their karmA will be destroyed in this birth, like a cotton ball in firegyAna sAram 22 – udaimai nAn 
 pirindha  gets separated fromgyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 pirivum  (are respectively when) separated from andgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 piriyAmaiyumAi  united withgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 pol  like / similar togyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 pon piRazhum mEruvAy koLLum  accepts it like sparkling with gems, similar togyAna sAram 11 – than ponnadi 
 pongu sudar its scorching bright raysgyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 poR kunRu mudhal  including the likes of the beautiful thirumalA hill which is ingyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 pORRil  if they were euphemize themgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 poruLum  their wealthgyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 poruvariya  and is the one and only placegyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 pozhil  beautiful gardensgyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 pU madandhai kELvan than  by rAman, who is the husband of the periya pirAtti.gyAna sAram 10 – nALum ulagai 
 Pudaitha  has buried / kept some “treasure” undergyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 pugalum  their place of dwellinggyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 pundarIgai  pirAtti, the one born in a Lotus flower andgyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 punmayEyAm  are not praises but only an insultgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 puranda mAthirathAl  shaking and swaying left and right (will not)gyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 pUvin misai AraNangin kELvan  Instead, every thing and everyone is the servant of the husband of srI mahA lakshmi, sitting on the lotus flowergyAna sAram 16 – dhEvar manisar 
 sAdhagam  “sAdhagam” bird that just looks out for rain water and drinks it directly when the rain pours,(If there is no rain, it does not drink any other water and dies off.gyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 sAdhangkaL nAnkinOdum sangkathamAm  and are split in to four types of varNams and brAhmaNar, King, Businessmen, agriculturist (referring to the fourth sect) and everyone is expected to follow these in unison.gyAna sAram 14 – bUthangkaL aindhum 
 sAla urum  The most appropriate thing to do forgyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 sAla virumbum who very much likegyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 sangkudaiya sundharanukku  and the very beautiful conchgyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 sediyAr  mugs a persongyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 seithavangal  penances that are done with a lot of strain on one’s bodygyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 sellAr  place where clouds congregategyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 sen neRiyum the divine path (archirAdhi) that leads to such a wonderful paramapadham, These aforementioned things are nothing butgyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 sERAr aravindham sEvadiyai  feet, which are like the red lotus which blossoms in the mud,gyAna sAram 12 – mARAy iNaindha 
 seRidhal seyyA  does not make his guru happy by not obeying him and doing service unto him andgyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 seyalum  their deeds asgyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 seyvanavum  do other good deeds (for getting good karma),gyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 sharanAgathi sharanAgathi (total surrender) that is being done at the lotus feet of sriman nArAyaNan. One of the salient points of it are thatgyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 sharaNAgathi  path of total surrender unto sriman nArAyaNan;gyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 sindhanai seiginRa that is being medidated upongyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 sirai  a prisongyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 sIrthuvaraimannan  (After) the ruler of the great Dwaraka, The SupremeLord KrishnagyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 sonnadhaR pin uNdO? Thuyar  After saying that HE is your savior, can you really worry about karmA or any associated suffering? No!gyAna sAram 23 – Uzhi vinaik kuRumbar 
 sudarththigiri  the resplendent discusgyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 surudhiyAm  is equivalent to vEdhas themselves.gyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 suvaithArkku  ONE who drankgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 suvargamum  and happiness (literal meaning is heaven)gyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 sUzh  and are surrounded bygyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 thaane vizhum  would fall automatically,gyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 thadAdhE ozhiyumO thAy?  a mother (similar to emperumAn) would only push the child away from the fire, wouldn’t she?gyAna sAram 20 – viruppuRinum thoNdarkku 
 thALE lotus feetgyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 thALil porundhAdhAr uLLaththu  Even though people do not hold the feet of rAmA in their heartgyAna sAram 10 – nALum ulagai 
 tham udambaip pArththu  with the worldly people who are proud of thegyAna sAram 13 – paNdE uyir anaiththum 
 thAmaraiyAL nAyagan than  husband of pirAtti, aka perumALs is the onlygyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 thAn  the very same sun that once helped the lotus to bloom, would nowgyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 thAn aRiya  with perumAL knowing about the fact that they no longer associate.gyAna sAram 18 – InamilA anbar 
 than Ariyan pAl  if HE sees that a person has no attachement / affection towards his AchAryan,gyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 than iraivan  one’s AchAryan, who showed the path of sharanAgathi. He is one’s god. Such an AchAryan’sgyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 than kaiporuL  money in handgyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 than ponnadi anRi maaRRonRil  nothing except the beautiful feet of sriman nArAyANan, without being concerned about other benefits,gyAna sAram 11 – than ponnadi 
 than thAL  His divine lotus feet ongyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 than thALil adaindhavarkkum uNdO?  about sriman nArAyaNa being the owner and fall at HIS lotus feet as their sole refuge would not have any concerns at all about the risks and rewards of karmAgyAna sAram 22 – udaimai nAn 
 thAN uvandhu koLLAn  sriman nArAyaNa will not accept it with HIS hearts contentgyAna sAram 12 – mARAy iNaindha 
 thanakku engnganE seydhidinum However the Kainkaryams done to PerumalgyAna sAram 8 – muRRap buvanam 
 thanAriyan poruttA  none other than his AchAryan’s, whogyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 thanaruLAL  out of His infinite compassiongyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 thandha  The one who showed it who is none other thangyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 thandhavanE one’s guru (AchAryan) who revealed the meanings of thegyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 thAnE  such a greatgyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 thAnugandha kOlam  idol form in which HE gladly manifests,gyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 thappil  no imperfections in knowledge and practical implementation of the knowledgegyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 thAzhvu seyyA anbar  The people with great bhakti, who seek forgyAna sAram 11 – than ponnadi 
 thEdi thirivAn aRRu  Such is the act of these two persons that are similargyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 thenAr  that oozes honeygyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 thERi iruppArgaL  those who sternly believe in the fact that thegyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 theruLum  their knowledgegyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 thEsu poli  resplen dentgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 thEsu poli viNNAttil  who is resplendent in srIvaikuntamgyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 thI  fire togyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 thI manaththar thAmum  those who possess a ill heart andgyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 thidamAga aRindhavan  One who knows for suregyAna sAram 22 – udaimai nAn 
 thIdhil  The faultlessgyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 thiladhamena  The characteristics of these devotees is that they consider the devotees of krishnA as holy as the thilakam that is smeared on one’s foreheadgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 thirivAr thammai  and these great AchArya devotees wander everywhere. To such persons, if at allgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 thIrthammuyandruaaduvadhum  (we were doing these before) Take big efforts tobathe in rivers like Ganga, cauvery, etc., to cleanseourselves from sins,gyAna sAram 5 – thIrtha muyandRAduvadhum 
 thirumadandhai kOn  One who is the King of srimahAlakshmi; Such peoplegyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 thirumAlum who is none other than sriman nArAyaNangyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 
 thirumAmagaL  and is known as periya pirAttiyArgyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 thiruppadhigaL ellAm  any of the 108 divya desams (divine abodes of sriman nArAyaNan in this earth)gyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 thiruppolindha mArban  the one who has the shining periya pirAtti on HIS chestgyAna sAram 20 – viruppuRinum thoNdarkku 
 thOLAr  the one with powerful shoulders that havegyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 thoNdAm enath theLindha  with their clean hearts and having realized the truth,gyAna sAram 13 – paNdE uyir anaiththum 
 thoNdar seyum pallAyiram pizhaigaL pArththirundhum  as srIman nArAyaNa does not pay heed to the karmas that HIS true devotees perform unknowinglygyAna sAram 24 – vaNdu padi thuLaba 
 thonrudhalAl  incarnated as humangyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 thudhiyAgum  it will only be deemed as a praise because it exhibits their AchArya bhakti even moregyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 thuNiththavan thOLum thalayum  and this arakkan (rAvaNan’s) 10 heads and 20 shoulders were severedgyAna sAram 10 – nALum ulagai 
 thurisatRu  the unblemished(thurisu is blemish/mistake andgyAna sAram 2 – naragum suvargamum 
 thURRAdhu  if they do not degrade / condescendgyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 uchchiyAl ERkum ugandhu will be very gladly accepted, that too with HIS head!gyAna sAram 8 – muRRap buvanam 
 udaimai nAn enRum udaiyAn uyirai  sriman nArAyaNA, is the owner of the soulgyAna sAram 22 – udaimai nAn 
 udal  the body that isgyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 udambum  their bodygyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 ugandhittadhu aNu eninum  when offering anything to sriman nArAyANan, be it even as small as an atomgyAna sAram 11 – than ponnadi 
 ulagar  the worldly peoplegyAna sAram 39 – alagai mulai suvaithArkku 
 ulagaththu  paramapadham where is the King is none other than thegyAna sAram 27 – neRi aRiyAdhArum 
 ularthiyaRu  and destroy the life of lotus. Similarly the ONE who isgyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 uLLaththu  the heart at the heart of us whogyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 ulOgam ennum  as an idol made of a metal like “panchalOkam” etcgyAna sAram 32 – mAnidavan ennum 
 uNNuvadhE  think about it incessantly aboutgyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 uRavai our relationship with them in any form should begyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 uRavu uNdO?  ever have a relationship/contact?gyAna sAram 13 – paNdE uyir anaiththum 
 utpodhindha the stuff that is impregnated with these vEdhAsgyAna sAram 31 – vEdham oru nAngin 
 UtRu nIr  Underground water andgyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 uyar vIdum the one and the only paramapadham and finallygyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 uyirum  their life (i.e., one’s soul)gyAna sAram 37 – poruLum uyirum 
 Uzhi vinaik kuRumbar Ottaruvar enRanjchi  Past karmA will haunt and scare yougyAna sAram 23 – Uzhi vinaik kuRumbar 
 vadamadhurai vandhuthiththAn enRum  and incarnated in the northern Madurai.gyAna sAram 22 – udaimai nAn 
 vaigunthaththu  eternal abode known as srivaikuntam or paramapadham.gyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 vaippenRu  deposit atgyAna sAram 26 – thappil guru aruLAl 
 Vaithu  placesgyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 vAnaththavarkku  by the nithyasUris.gyAna sAram 4 – matRondRai eNNAdhE 
 vaNdu padi thuLaba mArbinidai  The karmas we do against, perumAL who has a thiruthuzhAi garland adorned in his chest, which is full of honey bees that are crowding the thiruthuzhAi buds,gyAna sAram 24 – vaNdu padi thuLaba 
 vAsa malarAL maNavALan is the consort of pirAtti, who was born in a Lotus flower and it is this EmperumangyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 vazhippadudhal  and treat perumAL as his lone refuge. This act is similar to the act of a person who dismisses thegyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 veedu arulum  will liberate and grant mOksham.gyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 veezhum  perform sarangathigyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 veiyOn  the sun withgyAna sAram 35 – enRum anaithuyiRkum 
 vEnkatam  in ThiruvEnkatam thatgyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 vErAga uLLAdhAr oN nidhiyai Indhidhinum  The people who do not regard it in their heads that if, they offer a great deal of wealth instead of seeking HISgyAna sAram 12 – mARAy iNaindha 
 vErichcharOrugai kOn sriman nArAyaNan, the husband of periya pirAttigyAna sAram 21 – Arap perunthuyarE 
 vERonRai eNNAdhAR to keep nothing apart from sriman nArAyaNaN and ask for nothing other than HIMgyAna sAram 9 – Asil aruLAl 
 vErOr kayiRu kondu indhirajith did not rely on brahmAsthram and tried to tie him more by petty ropes after losing confidence in the power of brahmAsthramgyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 vEtRu nIr  Rain water,gyAna sAram 6 – pundarIgai kElvan 
 vidhi This is an order from the shAsthrAsgyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 vidil  If one gets separated fromgyAna sAram 3 – Anai idar 
 vidum sharanAgathi would not come to a person’s rescue, rather fail him completelygyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 villAr  bright, resplendent andgyAna sAram 36 – villAr maNikozhikkum 
 vinai thogaikku  to destroy the sinful karmAs thatgyAna sAram 40 – alli malar pAvaikku 
 viNNAttil  (will be happy only) in SrivaikuntamgyAna sAram 7 – thOLAr sudarth 
 viraiyAr thuzhAy alangkal mAri  thirumAl sriman nArAyANan, who has the fragrantgyAna sAram 11 – than ponnadi 
 viruppuRinum thoNdarkku vENdum idham allAl  Even though a devotee desires non meaningful things, in the lieu of their well-being,gyAna sAram 20 – viruppuRinum thoNdarkku 
 vitidugai renounced without any trace.gyAna sAram 30 – mAdum manayum 
 vitta padai pOl Similarly, like the brahmAstharam that relieved hanumangyAna sAram 28 – sharanAgathi maRROr 
 vittArkku eLiyan vidAdhArkku aRivariyan mattAr thuzhAy alangkal mAl  To such people who have renounced worldly associations, the one with the holy thiruthuzhAi leaves that is oozing with honey, is easily accessible, but difficult to access for those who have not renounced.gyAna sAram 18 – InamilA anbar 
 vittu  as small amount andgyAna sAram 34 – paRRu guruvai 
 vizhukaade thaane  that very saraNAgathigyAna sAram 1 – Una udal 
 yArkum  people in all walks of life is togyAna sAram 38 – thenAr kamala thirumAmagaL 
 yAvaiyum allan ilagum uyir  or any other things in this world cannot have a name that is forever and cannot be identified with any such name.gyAna sAram 16 – dhEvar manisar 
 yAvar Such personsgyAna sAram 29 – mandhiramum Indha 

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