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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


sengaNALi ittiRainjum singavEL kunRudaiya
engaL Isan empirAnai irundhamizh nURpulavan
mangaiyALan mannu thol sIr vaNdaRai thArkkaliyan
sengaiyALan senjol mAlai vallavar thIdhilarE

Word-by-Word meanings

sem – reddish
kaN – having eyes
ALi – lions
ittu – offered (the objects for worship at the divine feet)
iRainjum – surrendering
singavEL kunRu – singavEL kunRam (hill)
udaiya – having as his abode
engaL – even for us who are samsAris (materialistic people)
Isan – being the lord
empirAnai – on sarvESvaran who is my benefactor
iru – great
thamizh nUl – in thamizh SAsthram
pulavan – being an expert
mangai ALan – being the king of thirumangai region
thol mannu – eternally remaining
sIr – wealth
vaNdu – beetles
aRai – making noise
thAr – garland
sem kai ALan – being very generous
kaliyan – mercifully spoken by thirumangai AzhwAr
sem sol mAlai – garland of honest words
vallavar – those who can learn
thIdhu ilar – will be free from evil aspects.

Simple translation

sarvESvaran who is my benefactor is having singavEL kunRam as his abode, where lions having reddish eyes offered objects for worship and surrendered unto him; he is the lord even for us who are samsAris (materialistic people); on such sarvESvaran, thirumangai AzhwAr who is an expert in great thamizh SAsthram and is the king of thirumangai region, who is having eternally remaining wealth and wearing garland where beetles remain and make noise, who is very generous, mercifully spoke this decad which is a garland of honest words; those who can learn this decad will be free from evil aspects.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

sem kaN … – Lions who have reddish eyes due to their vIraSrI (wealth of valour), will kill the animals which are inimical towards them, offer them as part of their worship and surrender unto sarvESvaran. SrI gaNtAkarNAzhwAn (a demon named gaNtA karNa, who became a devotee of emperumAn), killed a rishi and offered that body to krishNa saying “This is the meat of a brAhmaNa body; hence, it is the best; it is very fresh”. emperumAn has singavEL kunRam as his abode. The benefactor who presented himself so that even samsAris like us can go and surrender unto him.

irum thamizh nUl pulavan – One who has so much knowledge to see the end of the thamizh SAsthram (scriptures) which are boundless and are difficult to comprehend for anyone.

mangai ALan – The leader of thirumangai region.

mannu thol sIr … – One who has the eternal wealth of pArathanthryam (total dependence on bhagavAn). SrI rAmAyaNam bAla kANdam 18.28 “lakshmaNO lakshmI sampanna:” (lakshmaNa who is endowed with wealth of kainkaryam). AzhwAr who is wearing garland which is having beetles having drunk honey, keep humming.

sem kai ALan – Greatly generous. One who blessed this prabandham to be enjoyed by all.

sem sol mAlai vallavar – Those who are well learned in this decad which is a garland of honest words which reveal very complicated principles.

thIdhu ilarE – Since narasimhan emperumAn will eliminate the hurdles, they will not be affected by any evil aspects.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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