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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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vendhAr enbum sudu nIRum meyyil pUsik kaiyagaththu Or
sandhAr thalai koNdu ulagEzhum thiriyum periyOn thAn senRu en
EndhAy! sAbam thIrenna ilangu amudhu nIr thirumArbil
thandhAn sandhAr pozhil sUzhndha sALakkirAmam adai nenjE!

Word-by-Word meanings

vendhAr – those who were cremated
enbum – bone
sudu nIRum – the ashes which resulted from those burnt bodies
meyyil – on his body
pUsi – applied
sandhu Ar – having holes
Or – which cannot be filled by anyone
thalai – brahma kapAlam (skull of brahmA)
kai agaththu – in his hand
koNdu – carrying
ulagEzhum – in seven worlds
thiriyum – one who roams around
periyOn thAn – rudhra who is considering himself to be great
senRu – went (to sarvESvaran)
en endhAy – oh my well-wisher!
sAbam – this curse
thIr – “kindly eliminate”
enna – as he prayed
ilangu – shining
thirumArvil – from his divine chest
amudhu nIr – nectarean water [sweat]
thandhAn – eternal abode of one who sprinkled and mercifully freed him of such curse
sandhu – sandalwood trees
Ar – filled
pozhil – by gardens
sUzhndha – surrounded
sALakkirAmam adai nenjE – Oh mind! Reach such SrI sALagrAmam.

Simple translation

rudhra who considers himself to be great, applied on his body, the bones of those who were cremated and the ashes which resulted from those burnt bodies and carried the brahma kapAlam which was having holes and cannot be filled by anyone and roamed around the seven worlds; such rudhra went to sarvESvaran and as he prayed “Oh my well-wisher! Kindly eliminate this curse”, emperumAn who is having SrI sALagrAmam which is surrounded with gardens filled with sandalwood trees, sprinkled the divine sweat from his shining, divine chest and mercifully freed rudhra of such curse. Oh mind! Reach there.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • vendhAr embum – Applying the bone and ashes of those who were cremated, having the skull which has many holes, in his hand. Since he severed the head at the spot where all nerves from the body connect into the head, the skull had many holes.
  • ulagil … – Just as one who ruled a town would be paraded with shackles [due to committing mistakes], rudhra is helplessly roaming around with the skull in his hand, where he ruled the place considering himself to be the lord. Such prideful rudhra went to SrI sALagrAmam and prayed to sarvESvaran “Oh my lord! You should free me from this curse”.
  • thirumArvil – ilangu amudhu nIr – thandhAn – From the shining, divine chest, he gave [sprinkled] the sweat which resembles divine nectar and freed rudhra from the curse.
  • sandhu Ar pozhil – Surrounded with gardens filled with sandalwood trees.

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