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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

When asked “Is that all? Have you done anything else?” AzhwAr says “I have killed with my hands”.


kOdiya manaththAl sinaththozhil purindhu
thirindhu nAyinaththodum thiLaiththittu
Odiyum uzhanRum uyirgaLE konREn
uNarvilEn AdhalAl namanAr
pAdiyaip peridhum parisazhiththittEn
paramanE! pARkadal kidandhAy!
nAdi nAn vandhu un thiruvadi adaindhEn
naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy! 

Word-by-Word meanings

paramanE – Oh greater than all!
pARkadal kidandhAy – On one who is mercifully resting in kshIrAbdhi (milk ocean)!
naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy – Oh my lord who is residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam!
kOdiya – not engaging in good aspects
manaththAl – having mind
sinam – causing anger in others
thozhil – acts
purindhu – having performed
nAy inaththodu – with dogs etc
thirindhu – hunting
thiLaiththittu – having enjoyed
Odiyum – running (far to hurt others)
uzhanRum – anguishing
uyirgaL – creatures
konREn – having killed
uNarvilEn – having become ignorant
adiyEn –  I, the servitor
nAdi – analysed
un thiruvadi vandhu adaindhEn – I came and surrendered at your divine feet.
AdhalAl – Due to that
namanAr pAdiyai – hell, which is the town of yama
parisu – presence
peridhum – very much
azhiththu ittEn – destroyed.

Simple translation

Oh greater than all! On one who is mercifully resting in kshIrAbdhi (milk ocean)! Oh my lord who is residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam! Having mind which is not engaging in good aspects, having performed acts which cause anger in others, having enjoyed hunting with dogs etc, running far, anguishing, having killed creatures, I, the servitor, analysed and came and surrendered at your divine feet. Due to that, the presence of hell, which is the town of yama is very much destroyed.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • kOdiya manaththAl – Mind is detached even from those who are favourable.
  • sinath thozhil purindhu – Doing cruel acts.
  • thirindhu nAy inaththodum thiLaiththittu – AzhwAr is speaking about hunting along with predators; or he is speaking about playing with lowly people.
  • Odiyum – When told “If we go several miles, we can harm someone”, without hesitating for a moment, running all that distance.
  • uzhanRum – When told “You to try very hard to harm someone”, I will do so.
  • uyirgaLE konREn – I ensured that many lost their lives; I did not just steal their clothes [but completely destroyed them]
  • uNarvilEn – When I did not understand this simple sentence “There is sarvESvaran”, is there any evil deed that I did not do?
  • AdhalAl namanAr pAdiyaip peridhum parisu azhiththittEn – This implies the goal, that is, surrendering unto the divine feet; alternatively, this is also explained along with earlier words [that is, I have even harmed yama]. [First explanation] I won over yama’s orders so that they don’t have any power – implying “I have won over yama’s town”. [Second explanation] When read along with earlier words, AzhwAr is saying “I have been committing so many sins that will make emperumAn think ‘This current yama is not sufficient to punish him; I need to create a new hell and a new leader for that hell'”
  • paramanE – Oh one who is greater than everyone with respect to helping others without any reason.
  • pARkadal kidandhAy – For that purpose [helping others], oh one who has descended to a nearby place, that is, kshIrAbdhi and is mercifully reclining there!
  • nAdi nAn vandhu un thiruvadi adaindhEn – After roaming around fully harming others, on hearing about the result of the same, I analysed the refuge for me and surrendered at your divine feet.
  • naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy – I thought I reached out to you, but you have reached to me even before by arriving in SrI naimiSAraNyam.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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