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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

As AzhwAr surrendered unto the divine feet of emperumAn, he got reminded about all his evil deeds; due to that he says “All along, I wasted my time”.


silambadi uruvil karunedungaNNAr
thiRaththanAy aRaththaiyE maRandhu
pulambadindhuNNum bOgamE perukkip
pOkkinEn pozhudhinai vALA
alamburi thadakkai AyanE! mAyA!
vAnavarkkarasanE! vAnOr
nalamburindhiRainjum thiruvadi adaindhEn
naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy!

Word-by-Word meanings

naimisAraNiyaththuL – mercifully residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam
endhAy – Oh my lord!
silambu – wearing an anklet
uruvil – being beautiful
adi – feet
karu nedu – dark and wide
kaNNAr thiRaththanAy – being attached towards women who have such (dark and wide) eyes
aRaththai – you who are the embodiment of dharma
maRandhE – without thinking about even a little bit (about you)
pulan – senses
padindhu – remaining firmly
uNNum – experience
bOgamE – pleasures
perukki – increased further
pozhudhinai – time
vALA – in a useless manner
pOkkinEn – have spent;
alam puri – Carrying the weapon, plough
thadam – huge
kai – having divine hands
AyanE – oh one who incarnated in the cowherd clan!
mAyA – Oh one who has amazing activities!
vAnavarkku – for dhEvathAs
arasanE – Oh king!
vAnOr – nithyasUris
nalam purindhu – with love
iRainjum – worshipping
thiruvadi – divine feet (of your highness)
adaindhEn – I approached as the refuge.

Simple translation

Oh my lord, mercifully residing in SrI naimiSAraNyam! Being attached to women who are having beautiful feet decorated with anklets and who have dark and wide eyes, without thinking even a little bit about you who are an embodiment of dharma, remaining fully on my senses, increasing my pleasures further, I have spent my time in a useless manner. Oh one who incarnated in the cowherd clan, having huge divine hands which are carrying the weapon, plough! Oh one who has amazing activities! Oh king of dhEvathAs! I approached your divine feet which are worshipped by nithyasUris with love, as my refuge.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • silambu adi – The feet having anklets.
  • uruvil – To attract him (a man), they will apply reddish paste.
  • karu nedum kaNNAr – They will glance at him with their dark, wide eyes; being captivated by such women, he will remain at their feet; subsequently, since he will not be able to easily attain them, he will remain firmly at places where they are discussed.
  • aRaththaiyE maRandhu – He will not forget to even rob others to offer things to them. But he will try hard to forget what will uplift him.
  • pulan … – To start with, his senses will be very attached to worldly pleasures like a cow which gazes everywhere; further, remaining where there is scope for enjoyment, creating interest in the senses towards those enjoyable objects, and increasing the pleasures, to fall head over heels, to enjoy them.
  • pOkkinEn – In this manner, I spent the time, which is priceless when spent on bhagavath vishayam (matters related to bhagavAn), in a useless way.
  • alam puri thadakkai AyAnE – Instead of taking away everything he has, emperumAn is of the nature to grant everything he can have to his fullest satisfaction. Having a huge hand which can grant as much as required for the recipient to say “stop”. alam can also be considered as the thamizh version of halam (plough), indicating “one who is having the divine hand which carries a plough”.
  • mAyA – Oh one who is having amazing qualities and activities, who manifests those to make anyone to forget his/her huge loss of time when the person falls at the divine feet once!
  • vAnavarkku arasanE – Oh one who is the refuge for brahmA et al!
  • vAnOr … – nithyasUris who are enjoying emperumAn forever, would love him as if they are seeing him for the first time and surrender unto his divine feet. I surrendered unto such divine feet.
  • naimisAraNiyaththuL endhAy – You who are giving your audience to nithyasUris, being enjoyable to them in paramapadham, have presented yourself in SrI naimiSAraNyam to be surrendered by me, and hence I surrendered unto you.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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