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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

No specific introduction.


Isi pOmin Ingu irEnmin irumiyiLaiththIr uLLam
kUsiyittIr enRu pEsum kuvaLaiyam kaNNiyarpAl
nAsamAna pAsam vittu nanneRi nOkkaluRil
vAsam malgu thaNduzhAyAn vadhari vaNangudhumE 

Word-by-Word meanings

pOmin – Go away
Isi – “chI! chI!” (thamizh phrase to show disgust)
Ingu – here
irEnmin – don’t stay
irumi – due to cough
iLaiththIr – have a weakened body (hearing our words)
uLLam kUsi ittIr – felt shameful in your heart
enRu pEsum – those who speak this way
kuvaLai – like a kuvaLai flower
am – beautiful
kaNNiyarpAl – towards women who have eyes
nAsamAna pAsam – attachment which will lead to destruction
vittu – giving up
nal neRi nOkkal uRil – while looking out for the noble path
vAsam malgu – filled with fragrance
thaN – cool
thuzhAyAn – where sarvESvaran who is adorning thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) is permanently residing
vadhari – SrI badhari
vaNangudhum – let us worship

Simple translation

Let us worship SrI badhari where sarvESvaran who is adorning fragrant, cool thiruththuzhAy (thuLasi) is permanently residing, while looking out for the noble path after giving up attachment which will lead to destruction, towards women who have beautiful eyes which resemble kuvaLai flower say “Go away! chI chI! (disgusting) Don’t stay here. Your body has weakened due to cough and you feel ashamed in your heart”.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

  • Isi pOmin – Saying “Go away! chI chI!”
  • pOmin – The women will say “Go away!” The man will think otherwise due to past impressions [previously, they would say playfully “Go away!” indicating her intent to have him there], and remain there.
  • Ingu irElmin – They will say “Do you know where you are? You have no connection with this place. Hence, you must go”.

At that time, he will say “Why so? Why should I go?” They will respond,

  • irumi iLaiththIr – uLLam kUsi ittIr – You have become weak due to cough. You know about yourself. Thinking about our presence, you will think “Why am I being insulted in front of everyone in this manner” and will feel ashamed. Those women who say in this manner.
  • kuvaLai am kaNNiyarpAl – They will see the way he is insulted, very eagerly. He will think – whether very strong poison or very sweet nectar, it is a fortune to be seen by them. This way their glance will stir up his emotions towards them.
  • nAsamAna pAsam vittu … – This attachment will lead to his destruction in any situation. Attachment in lowly matters will naturally lead to destruction. Giving it up, while looking out for noble path, one should worship SrI badhari where emperumAn is adorning a thuLasi garland to support those who surrender unto him.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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