Glossary/Dictionary by pAsuram – periya thirumozhi – 4th centum

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periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum < td> being the one who incarnated as varAha [wild boar] coconut trees< td> mAnam 
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  pOdhu  flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  alarndha  blossomed
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  pozhil sOlai  filled with dense gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  puRam engum  in all of the surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  thAdhu  pollen
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  udhira  to fall down
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  poru  hitting each other
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  thiraigaL vandhu  waves come
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  alaikkum  throwing up
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  maNNi  the river named maNNi, its
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  then karai mEl  on the southern banks
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  mAdhavan thAn  sarvESvaran who is the divine lord of SrI mahAlakshmi
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  uRaiyum  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  vayal  surrounded by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  vari  striped
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  thEdhena  as in -thenna thenna- (head-swaying tune)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  in isai  beautiful song
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  pAdum  singing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-1-pOdhalarndha  thiruththEvanAr thogai  the divine abode named thiruththEvanAr thogai.
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  yAvarumAy  having all chEthanas (sentient beings) as his prakAram (form)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  yAvaiyumAy  having all achEthanas (insentient objects) as his prakAram
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  ezhil  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  vEdham  shown in vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  poruLgaLumAy  having entities as his prakAram
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  mUvarumAy  being the antharyAmi of brahmA and rudhra who perform creation and annihilation, and incarnating as vishNu who sustains
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  mudhalAya  being the cause for such brahmA and rudhra
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  mUrththi  sarvESvaran who is supreme
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  amarndhu  firmly placed
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  uRaiyum  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  mA  riding the horse
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  varum  arriving
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  thiN  firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  padai  having weapons
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  mannai  royal kings
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  venRi koLvAr  brAhmaNas who can defeat
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  mannu  residing firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  dhEvarum  dhEvathAs such as indhran et al
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  senRu  approach
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  iRainjum  remaining to be prayed to
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  pozhil  having gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-2-yAvarumAy  thiruththEvanAr thogai  dhivyadhESam named thiruththEvanAr thogai.
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  vAn nAdum  paramapadham which is located in the supreme sky
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  maN nAdum  leelA vibhUthi (samsAram) which has the earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  maRRu uLLa  further, present in those worlds
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  pal uyirum  different types of AthmAs
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  thAn Aya  having these as his prakAram, and being antharAthmA for all of these
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  thalaivan  the lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  emperumAn  sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  amarndhu uRaiyumidam  firmly residing abode
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  AnAdha  imperishable
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  perum  endless
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  selvaththu  having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  aru  difficult to learn
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  maRaiyOr  where brAhmaNas, who have completely learnt vEdham, are residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  nAngai thannuL  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  thEn Arum  filled with honey
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  malar  having flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-3-vAnAdum  thiruththEvanAr thogai  dhivyadhESam named thiruththEvanAr thogai.
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  indhiranum  dhEvEndhra
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  imaiyavarum  (other) dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  munivargaLum  great sages (such as sanaka et al)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  ezhil amaindha  having beauty which fits in him (due to always reciting vEdham)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  sandham  having learnt vEdham (fully)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  malar  having lotus flower as birth place
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  sadhumuganum  four-headed brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  kadhiravanum  sun
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  chandhiranum  moon
peri ya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  endhai  -Oh my lord!
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  emakku  In our matter
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  aruL ena  You should shower your mercy- – as they pray this way
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  ninRu aruLum idam  (to fulfil their desires) the abode where he is mercifully present
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  ezhil  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  sundharam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  pudai  all the surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-4-indhiranum  thiruththEvanAr thogai  dhivyadhESam named thiruththEvanAr thogai.
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  aNdamum  sky
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  alai  waves agitating
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  ikkadalum  these oceans
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  avanigaLum  the islands (such as jambUdhvIpam)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  kula varaiyum  anchoring mountains (such as himavAn)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  uNda  mercifully consumed (these during praLayam)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  pirAn  benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  uRaiyum idam  the abode where he resides
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  oLi  having radiance
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  maNi  precious gems
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  sandhu  sandalwood trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  agil  dhEvadhAru (eagle wood) logs
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  kanagam  gold
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  theL  pure, flawless
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  thiraigaL  waves-
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  vara  in the arrival
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  thirattum  bringing and making a heap of collections
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  thigazh  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  maNNi  river maNNi-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  then karai mEl  on the southern banks
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  thiN  firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  thiRalAr  those who are strong
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  payil  densely living
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-5-aNdamum  thiruththEvanAr thogai  thiruththEvanAr thogai .
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  nAl maRaiyum  vEdhams which are best among the pramANams [authentic texts] and are of four types
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  thodarAdha  having greatness of not being able to be aptly spoken by
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  pAlaganAy  being a young child
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  gyAlam ellAm  the whole world
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  amudhu seydhu  swallowed
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  Al ilaiyil  in a tender banyan leaf
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  paLLi koLLum  mercifully resting
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  paraman  supreme lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  idam  the abode where he eternally resides
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  maNNith then karai mEl  on the southern banks of maNNi river
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  sAli  of the reddish paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  vaLam  richness
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  perugi varum  growing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  sEl  sEl (carp) fish
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  ugaLum  jumping
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  vayal  having fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-6-gyAlam ellAm  thiruththEvanAr thogai  dhivyadhESam named thiruththEvanAr thogai.
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  OdAdha  (new) not usually seen (in this world)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  AL ariyin  narasimha-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  uruvAgi  assuming the form
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  vAdAdha  not bending (remaining firm)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  vaL  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  ugirAl  with the nails
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  iraNiyanai  hiraNyAsuran
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  piLandhu  tore
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  aLaindha  stirring (the limbs)
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  mAladhu  sarvESvaran who has great love towards his devotees, his
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  idam  abode
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  Edu  in the book
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  ERu  to be seen after writing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  perum  being incomprehensible
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  selvaththu  having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  ezhil  having beauty of revealing bhagavAn-s svarUpam etc
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  maRaiyOr  the eternal residence of SrIvaishNavas who are experts in vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  nAngai than uL  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  sEdu  youthfulness
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  ERu  growing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  malar  of the flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-7-OdAdha ALariyin  thiruththEvanAr thogai  thiruththEvanAr thogai.
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  var  by cloth
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  Arum  held
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  iLam kongai  having youthful bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  maidhiliyai  pirAtti, the daughter of the ruler of mithilA
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  maNam puNarvAn  to marry
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  kAr Ar  very black
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  thiN  strong
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  silai  bow
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  iRuththa  being the one who broke
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  thani  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  kALai  youthful chakravarthith thirumagan
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  karudhum idam  the abode where he is desirously residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  Er Arum  very beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  perum  unbounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  selvaththu  wealthy
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  ezhil maRaiyOr  filled with SrIvaishNavas who analyse the beautiful vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  nAngai thannuL  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  sIr Arum  very beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  malar  having flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-8-vArArum  thiruththEvanAr thogai  thiruththEvanAr thogai.
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  migu  huge
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  kumbam  having head
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  madham  fleshy [being fat]
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  yAnai  kuvalayApIdam, the elephant
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  pAganodum  with its mahout
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  kulaindhu  shivered
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  vIzha  to fall
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  adhan kombai  its tusk
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  paRiththu  plucked
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  eRindha  threw down
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  kUththan  krishNan who has beautiful leelAs
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  amarndhu  firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  uRaiyumidam  abode where he is eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  seNbagaththin  sheNbaga flower-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu&nbsp ; vambu  freshness
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  avizhum  spreading
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  maNam  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  kamazhum  smelling nicely
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  nAngai thannuL  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  sem pon  made with reddish gold
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  madhiL  fortified streets
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  pozhil  gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  pudai  to have them within it
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  sUzh  being vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-9-kumba migu  thiruththEvanAr thogai  thiruththEvanAr thogai .
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  kAr  with cloud
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  Ar  matching
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  thirumEni  having divine form
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  kaNNan  krishNan
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  amarndhu  firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  uRaiyum  residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  idam  being the abode
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  sIr Arndha  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  pozhil  having gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  thiruththEvanAr thogai  on the dhivyadhESam named thiruththEvanAr thogai
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  kUr Arndha  very sharp
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  vEl  having the weapon, spear
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  kaliyan  thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  kURu  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  thamizh  in the dhivya prabandham in dhrAvida (thamizh) language
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  paththum  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  vallAr  those who have learnt
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  Er Arndha  very noble
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  vaigundhaththu  in SrIvaikuNtam
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  imaiyavarOdu  being united with nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-1-10-kAr Arndha  iruppAr  will eternally reside there.
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  kambam  swaying (having waves)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  mA  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  kadal  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  adaiththu  building a bridge
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  ilangaikku  for the lankA city
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  man  rAvaNa who is the lord, his
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal& nbsp; kadhir  radiant
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  avai  such
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  mudi paththum  ten heads
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  ambinAl  with arrows
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  aRuththu  severed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  avan thambikku  for vibhIshaNAzhwAn who was rAvaNa-s brother
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  arasu aLiththavan  chakravarthith thirumagan who mercifully gave the kingdom
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  uRai  firmly residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  dhEsam  abode
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  palA  jackfruit trees-
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  sem  best
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  nirai  rows
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  seNbagam  sheNbaga trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  mAdhavi  kurukkaththi
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  sUdhagam  mango trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  vAzhaigaL  plantain trees (by these)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  sUzh  being surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  vambu  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  ulA  spreading
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  kamugu  areca trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  Ongiya  being tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-1-kamba mA kadal  vaN purudOththamam  dhivyadhESam named vaN purudOththamam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  pallavam  shoots
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  thigazh  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  pU  blossomed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  kadambu  on the kadamba tree
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  ERi  climbed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  a kALiyan  such [cruel] kALiya-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  paNam  hoods
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  arangil  on the [dance] stage
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  uRa  to make him tired (and not escape)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  vandhu  approached
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  ollai  quickly
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  pAyndhu  jumped
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  aru  rare
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  nadam  dances
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  seydha  one who did
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  umbar kOn  the lord of dhEvas
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh &n bsp;uRai kOyil  abode where he resides
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  nalla  having the goodness to perform karmAnushtAnams (carrying out deeds prescribed in vEdhas)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  vem  hot
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  thazhal mUnRu  three types of fire
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  nAl vEdham  four vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  ai vELvi  five great yagyas
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  ARu angam  six ancillary subjects [of vEdham]
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  valla  those who can teach to others
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  andhaNar  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  malgiya  is abundantly filled
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-2-pallavam thigazh  nAngUr vaNpurudOththamamE  vaN purudOththamam in thirunAngUr.
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  aNdar Anavar  cowherds
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  vAnavar kOnukku enRu  considering to offer to dhEvEndhran [the head of celestial entities]
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  amaiththa  prepared
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  adhu sORu  that food
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  ellAm  fully
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  uNdu  mercifully consumed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  kO nirai  herds of cow
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  mEyththu  tended
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  avai  those cows
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  kAththavan  krishNan who protected
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  ugandhu  joyfully
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  inidhu  being pleased
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  uRai kOyil  abode where he is residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  koNdal  clouds
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  Ar  complete
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  muzhavu  having the roar
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  kuLir  rejuvenating
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  vAr  well grown
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  pozhil  in gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  mayil kulam  pride of peacocks
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  nadam Ada  as they dance
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  vaNdu thAn  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  isai  songs
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  pAdidum  singing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-3-aNdar Anavar  nAngUr vaN purudOththamamE  vaN purudOththamam in thirunAngUr.
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  parum  huge
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  kai  having trunk
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  yAnaiyin  kuvalayApIdam-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  kombinai  tusks
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  paRiththu  plucked
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  adhan pAganai  the mahout who can conduct that elephant
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  sAdi  killed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  pukku  entered inside
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  orunga  who came together
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  mallarai  chANUra and mushtika
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  konRu  destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  pin  subsequently
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  kanjanai  kamsan
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  udhaiththavan  krishNa who kicked
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  uRai kOyil  the abode where he is residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  karumbin  sugarcane garden-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  Udu  in the middle
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  uyar  grown tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  sAligaL  red paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  viLai tharu  growing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  kazhaniyil  in fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  mali  present abundantly
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  vAvi  wells-
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  marungu elAm  in the surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  Ongiya  grown tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  pozhil  having gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-4-parungai yAnaiyin  nAngUr vaN purudOththamE  vaN purudOththam in thirunAngUr.
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  sAdu  the wheel which was possessed by the demon
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  pOy  went far away
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  vizha  to fall down and be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  thAL  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  nimirththu  stretched
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  Isan  rudhran
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  than padaiyOdum  with his armies
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  kiLaiyOdum  with his close aides such as shaNmukha, gaNapathi et al
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  Oda  made to be defeated and run away
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  vANanai  bANAsura
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  Ayiram thOLgaLum  thousand shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  thuNiththavan  krishNa who destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  uRai kOyil  the temple where he is residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  Adu  swaying
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy&nbs p; vAn  big
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  kodi  flags
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  agal  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  visumbu  sky
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  aNavi  embracing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  pOy  flying high
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  pagalavan  sun
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  oLi  rays
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  maRaikkum  blocking, to be not seen
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  mAdam  by halls
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  mALigai  by homes
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  sUzh tharu  being surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-5-sAdu pOy  nAngUr vaN purudOththamE  vaN purudOththam in thirunAngUr.
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  mUnRu adi  for three steps of land
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  kaiyAl  with his divine hand
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  nIr ERRu  accepting the water which was given in charity
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  (then)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  ayan  brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  alar kodu  gathering flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  thozhudhu  worshipped
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  Eththa  to praise
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  gangai  river gangA
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  pOdhara  to start the flow of
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  kAl  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  nimirththu aruLiya  one who stretched
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  kaNNan  sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  vandhu  (further) came for the protection of devotees
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  uRai kOyil  the temple where he is residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  kOngu avai  the buds of the kOngu tree
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  mangaimAr  the women (of that town)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  kongai  bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  kAtta  show
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  kumudhangaL  reddish Ambal flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  vAy kAtta  show their lips
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  mA  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  padhumangaL  lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  mugam  face
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  kAttidum  showing (things which resemble various limbs of the women)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-6-angaiyAl  nAngUr vaN purudOththamamE  vaN purudOththamam in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4- 2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  oL  very
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  thiRal  strong
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  pon peyarOn  hiraNyan
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  uLaiya  to feel sorrowful
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  (avan) thanadhu  his
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  uram  chest
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  piLandhu  tore
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  udiraththai  blood
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  aLaiyum  stirred with hand
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  vem  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  sinaththu  angry
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  ari  being narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  pari  kESi who came in the form of a horse
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  kIRiya  one who tore down
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  appan  benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  vandhu uRai kOyil  the temple where he came and resided
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  iLaiya mangaiyar  young girls (while dancing)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  iNai adi  worn in their both feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  silambinOdu  with the sound from the anklets
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  ezhil koL  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  pandhu adippOr  those who play ball
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  kai vaLaiyil ninRu  originating from the bangles worn in the hands
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  oli  sound
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  malgiya  is abundant
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-7-uLaiya veN thiRal  nAngUr vaN purudOththamamE  vaN purudOththamam in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  vAL  radiance
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  Ar  filled
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  kaN  having eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  umai  pArvathi
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  pangan  rudhra who is having in one part (of his body), his
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  van  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  sAbam  curse
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  nInga  to rid
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  adhu  the sin which caused such curse
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  aRRu  to be exhausted
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  mULai  bone
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  Ar  complete
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  siraththu  brahmA-s skull (which got stuck to his hand)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  aiyam  alms
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  mun  previously
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  aLiththa  who gave
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  em  being my benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  mugil vaNNan  sarvESvaran who has cloud like nature
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  uRai kOyil  the temple where he resides
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  pALai  having swathes
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  vAn  grown tall reaching up to the sky
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  kamugu  areca trees-
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  Udu  in the middle
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  uyar  tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  thengin  coconut trees-
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  van  big
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  pazham  fruit
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  vizha  fall (into the tank)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  vALai  fish which are present there
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  veruvi  got afraid
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  pOy  leaving that place
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  pAy  jumping into another place
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  thadam  by ponds
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  sUzh  surrounded by
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-8-vALaiyAr thangaL  nAngUr vaN purudOththamamE  vaN purudOththamam in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  indhu  having moon
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  vAr  lengthy
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  sadai  having matted hair
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  Isanai  rudhran
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  payandha  created
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  nAnmuganai  brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  than  his
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  ezhil  beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  Arum  filled
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  undhi  in divine navel
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  mA  huge
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  malar  lotus flower-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  mImisai  on
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  padaiththavan  sarvESvaran who created
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  ugandhu  being joyful
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  inidhu  with pleasure
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  uRai kOyil  the temple where he is residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  mandhi  female monkey
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  vAzhaiyin  in plantain tree
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  kozhu  rich
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  kani  fruits
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  kundhi  being in a crouching posture
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  nugarndhu  ate
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  than  its
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  kuruLaiyai  younger one
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  thazhuvi  embraced
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  pOy  left from there
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  mAm paNai mEl  on the branches of the mango tree
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  vaigu  sleeping
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-9-indhuvAr sadai  nAngUr vaN purudOththamamE  vaN purudOththamam in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  maNNuL  In earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  Ar  abundant
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  pugazh  having fame
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  vEdhiyar  where SrIvaishNavas, who are naturally engaged in vEdha adhyayanam, are residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  vaN purudOththamaththuL  mercifully present in dhivyadhESam named vaN purudOththamam
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  aNNal  sarvESvaran, who is lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  sE  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  adik kIzh  under the divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  adaindhu  reached
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  uyndhavan  who became redeemed
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  Ali  for the residents of thiurvAli
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  man  being the king
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  aruL mAri  thirumangai AzhwAr who is a cloud, raining mercy
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  paNNuL  in tune
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  Ar thara  being complete
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  pAdiya  sang
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  pAdal  being pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  ip paththum  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  vallAr  those who have learnt
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  ulagil  in this world
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  eN ilAdha  countless
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  pEr inbam  great joy
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  uRRu  attain (and subsequently)
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  imaiyavarOdum  with nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-2-10-maNNuLAr pugazh  kUduvar  will unite.
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  ulagaththavar  all the residents of the world
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  pEr aNindhu  gather as a huge crowd
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  thozhudhu  surrender
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  Eththum  one who remains to be praised
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  pEr aruLALan  (on them) one who gives boundless mercy
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  kAr  seen in rainy season
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  aNi ninRadhu  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  mEgam oppAnai  one who is similar to a cloud
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  em pirAnai  being our benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  vAr aNi  tied up by a corset
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  mulaiyAL  having bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  malar magaLOdu  with periya pirAttiyAr who was born in flower and is eternally youthful
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  maN magaLum  and SrI bhUmip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  udan niRpa  while they stand together
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  sIr  having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  aNi  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  mAdam  having mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  nal naduvuL  present in the good central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  kaNdu koNdu  enjoyed with my eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  uyndhu  enlivened
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-1-pEraNindhu  ozhindhEn  became satisfied
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  piRappodu  Birth
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  mUppu  old-age (and other changes)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  onRu  even a little bit
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  illavan thannai  being the one who is not having
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  bEdhiyA  not having differences such as inequality etc (and being the same at all times)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  inba veLLaththai  being the firm abode of bliss like an ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  iRappu  in past
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  edhir kAlam  in future
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  kazhivum  and in present (in all three times)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  AnAnai  one being present
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  Ezh isaiyin  saptha svara-s (seven tunes-)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  suvai thannai  being enjoyable like the taste
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  maRai  revealed by vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  perum poruLai  important principle
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  vAnavar kOnai  sarvESvaran who is the leader of nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  siRappu udai maRaiyOr  eternally inhabited by best among the brAhmaNas who have greatness
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  nal naduvuL  present in the good central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  kaNdu koNdu  enjoyed with my eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  vAzhndhu  enlivened
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-2-piRappodu mUppu  ozhindhEn  became satisfied
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  thidam  firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  visumbu  sky
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  eri  fire
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  nIr  water
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  thingaL  moon
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  sudarum  sun
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  sezhu  rich
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  nilaththu  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  uyirgaLum  creatures
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  maRRum  further
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  padar  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  poruLgaLum  objects (for these)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  Ay  being antharAtmA (in-dwelling super-soul)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  ninRavan thannai  one who is present
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  kadal  ocean-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  niRam  matching the colour
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  vaNNan thannai  one who has the divine form
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  pangayaththu  born in the lotus flower in the divine navel
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  avan  being famous in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  thidam  unshakeable
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  mozhi  having speech
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  ayan anaiya  matching brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  maRaiyOr  best among brAhmaNas are residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  nal naduvuL  present in the good central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  kaNdu koNdu  enjoyed with my eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  uyndhu  enlivened
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-3-thidavisumbu  ozhindhEn  became satisfied
periya-thirum ozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  vasai  defect
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  aRu  not having
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  kuRaLAy  being vAmana
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  mAvali  mahAbali-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  vELviyil  sacrifice
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  maN  earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  aLavittavan thannai  one who measured
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  asaivu  shaking
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  aRum  not having
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  amarar  nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  adi iNai  at the two divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  vaNanga  to surrender and serve
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  alai  waves are agitating
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  kadal  in thiruppARkadal (kshIrAbdhi – milk ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  thuyinRa  mercifully rested
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  ammAnai  being the benefactor
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  uyar  best
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  maNi  embossed with precious gems
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  magudam  divine crown
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  sUdi  wearing
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  ninRAnai  one who mercifully remains
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  thisaimugan  with four-headed brahmA
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  anaiyOr  brAhmaNas who are having fame which is comparable, their
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  nal naduvuL  present in the good central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  kaNdu koNdu  enjoyed with my eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  uyndhu  enlivened
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-4-vasaiyaRu kuRaLAy  ozhindhEn  became satisfied
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  thI  evil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  manaththu  having mind
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  arakkar  demons-
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  thiRal  strength
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  azhiththavanE  oh one who destroyed!
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  enRu  saying this
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  senRu  reached
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  adaindhavar thamakku  for those who surrendered, being refugeless
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  thAy manaththu  like mother-s heart
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImana ththu  irangi  melted
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  aruLinai  mercy
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  kodukkum  showering
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  dhayaradhan  dhaSaratha-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  madhalaiyai  being the one who became the son
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  kAmanai  manmatha (cupid)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  payandhAn thannai  sarvESvaran who gave birth to
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  sayam  being surrounded as a bunch
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  thE  filled with honey
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  malar  having flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  pozhil  gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  sUzh  surrounded by
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  nal naduvuL  present in the good central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  adiyEn  your servitor,
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  nAn  I
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  kaNdu koNdu  enjoyed with my eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  uyndhu  enlivened
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-5-thImanaththu  ozhindhEn  became satisfied
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  mallai  abundant
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  mA  having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  munnIr  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  adharpada  to worship
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  malaiyAl  by rocks
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  aNai seydhu  building a bridge
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  magizhndhavan thannai  being the one who became joyful
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  kallin mIdhu  on the mountain named thrikUtam
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  iyanRa  built
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  kadi  protection
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  madhiL  having fort
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  ilangai  lankA
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  kalanga  to become agitated
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  Or  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  vALi  arrow
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  thottAnai  one who touched and shot
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  selvam  having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  nAlmaRaiyOr  brAhmaNas who are learned in four vEdhams, their
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  nal naduvuL  present in the good central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  alli  having petals
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  mA  best
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  malarAL thannodum  along with periya pirAttiyAr who is residing on the lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  adiyEn  I, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  kaNdu koNdu  enjoyed with my eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  allal  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-6-mallai mA munnIr  thIrndhEn  got to eliminate.
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  vem  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  sinam  having anger
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  kaLiRu  kuvalayApeedam
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  veguNdum  showing anger
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  vil  bow
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  iRuththum  broke
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  mallum  wrestlers
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  adarththavan thannai  one who tormented
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  kanjanai  kamsan
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  kAyndha  showing anger and killed
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  kALai  young
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  ammAnai  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  karu  blackish
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  mugil  like a cloud
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  thiru niRaththavanai  one who has the best divine form
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  anjanak kunRam  a mountain of black pigment
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  ninRadhu oppAnai  one who is shining as if it is standing
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  sem sol  having beautiful (true) words
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  nAl maRaiyOr  experts in four vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  nal naduvuL  present in the good central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  kaNdu koNdu  enjoyed with my eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  allal  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-7-venjinak kaLiRum  thIrndhEn  eliminated
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  anRiya  one who became angry (and fought)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  vANan  bANAsuran-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  Ayiram thOLum  thousand shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  thuNiya  to be severed and to fall on the ground
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  anRu  at that time
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  Azhi  sudharSana chakra
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  thottAnai  being the one who touched and launched
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  min  radiance
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  thigazh  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  kudumi  having peaks
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  vEngada malai mEl  on thirumalA which is known as thiruvEngadam
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  mEviya  one who eternally resides
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  vEdham  being the one who is revealed in vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  viLakkai  one who is self-illuminous like a lamp
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  manRu  in the assembly (of bhAgavathas)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  adhu  that assembly
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  poliya  to become abundant
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  magizhndhu  became joyful
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  ninRAnai  one who is mercifully present
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  then thisai  for the southern direction
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  thiladham anaiyavar  the best among the brAhmaNas who are shining like the thilak (vertical symbol) on the forehead
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  vaNangi  surrendered
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-8-anRiya vANan  nAn vAzhndhu ozhindhEn  I became enlivened.
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  kaLangani  like kaLAppazham (a berry fruit)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  vaNNA  Oh one who has the complexion!
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  kaNNanE  Oh krishNa!
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  enRan  shining to me
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  kArmugilE  Oh one who is having rejuvenating form similar to monsoon cloud!
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  ena  in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  ninaindhittu  meditated
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  uLam  heart
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  kanindhu irukkum  well matured
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  adiyavar thangaL  servitors-
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  uLLaththuL  in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  URiya  remaining permanently
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  thEnai  being sweet like honey
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  vaLam koL  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  pEr inbam  immeasurable bliss
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  manni  acquired
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  ninRAnai  one who is mercifully present
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  theLindha  those who are certain about the truth
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  nAnmaRaiyOr  experts of four vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  nal naduvuL  present in the good central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  nAn  I
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  vaNangi  worshipped
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-9-kaLangani vaNNA  vAzhndhozhindhEn  became enlivened
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  thEn  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  amar  filled
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  sOlai  having gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  nal  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  naduvuL  in the central location
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  sem pon sey kOyilin uLLE  in the dhivyadhESam named sembonsey kOyil
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  vAnavar  for nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  kOnai  sarvESvaran who is the lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  kaNdamai  the way he saw
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  sollum  one who reveals
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  mangaiyAr  protection for the residents of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  vAL  having strong sword
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  kalikanRi  AzhwAr-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  Unam il  not having any shortcoming in the qualities
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  pAdal  song
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  onbadhOdu onRum  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  ozhivu inRi  without missing any word or sentence
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  kaRRu vallArgaL  those who can recite
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  mAnam  being vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  veN  whitish
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  kudaik kIzh  remaining under the umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  vaiyagam  earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  ANdu  rule over (and then)
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  magizhndhu  being joyful
periya-thirumozhi-4-3-10-thEnamar sOlai  vAnavar Aguvar  will blend into the group of nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  paLLaththu  sprouted from a pit
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  nURu idhaz hgaL  having many petals
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  aravindham  lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  nuzhaindha  entered
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  paguvAy  having huge mouth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  naNdin  crab-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  sERu aLaiyil  mud filled hole
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  iLam kamugin  young areca trees-
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  mudhu pALai  ripened swathes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  veN muththam  white pearls
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  sindhu  dispersing
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  mARRu arasar  dhuryOdhana et al, who are enemies, their
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  maNi  embossed with precious gems
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  mudiyum  crowns
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  thiRalum  strength
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  thEsum  fame
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  maRRu  further
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  avar tham  their
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  kAdhalimAr  wives-
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  kuzhaiyum  earrings, mangaLasUthram etc
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  thandhai  his father vasudhEva-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  kAl  tied on his feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  thaLaiyum  shackles
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  udan  at once
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  kazhala  to slip and fall down
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  vandhu  descended from paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  thOnRi  being the one who incarnated
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  kadham  angry
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  nAgam  gajEndhrAzhwAn
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  kAththu  protected
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  aLiththa  showed his mercy
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-1-mARRarasar  kaNNar kaNdIr  merciful krishNa
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  nel  on paddy grains
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  thoduththa  tied in rows
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  neelam malar  by karuneydhal flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  niRaindha  complete
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  sUzhal  in the surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  irum  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  siRaiya  having wings
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  vaNdu  beetles-
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  oliyum  sound
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  nedum  wide
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  kaNAr tham  ladies who are having eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  siRu  small
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  adi mEl  worn on the feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  silambu  anklets-
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  oliyum  sound
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  mizhaRRu  sounding in an incoherent manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  pon  golden
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  thodi  having bangles on the forearm
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  thOL  having shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  madam  filled with noble qualities
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  magaL than  yaSOdhAp pirAtti-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  vadivu  form
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  koNda  one who came accepting
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  pollAdha  evil
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  van  cruel-hearted
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  pEychchi  pUthanA
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  kongai  (her) bosom
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  vAngi  pulled out from the cloth which was covering it
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  peRRu eduththa  one who gave birth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  thAypOla  like the mother
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  maduppa  placed (in his mouth) (at that time)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  Arum  anyone
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  pENA  not desired
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  nanju  poison (in that bosom)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  uNdu  mercifully consumed
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  ugandha  became joyful
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-2-poRRodith thOL  piLLai kaNdIr  this is the child.
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  madal eduththa  with abundant branches
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  nedu  tall
periya-thirumo zhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  thengin  from coconut trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  pazhangaL  fruits
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  vIzha  as they fall (on the mangoes, dropping off due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  mAnganigaL  mangoes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  thirattu  as a bunch
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  uruttA  pushing along
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  varu  coming
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  nIr  having water
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  ponni  river kAviri
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  thidal  dunes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  eduththu  eliminated
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  angu  in those places where there were dunes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  malar  flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  sumandhu  carrying and arriving
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  izhiyum  flowing
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  pasu veNNey  freshly churned butter
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  padham  in the well formed state (before it loses its freshness)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  Ara  to mercifully consume
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  padal adaiththa  closed with the door
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  siRu  small
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  kurambai  in the huts
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  pukku  carefully analysed and entered inside
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  adal adarththa  set out to fight
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  vEl  sharp like spear
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  kaNAr  the cowherd girls who are having eyes, their
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  thOkkai  top end of sari (near border)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  paRRi  held (and pulled)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  alandhalamai  torment
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  seydhu  caused
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  paNNai muRRum  everywhere in the town of the cowherds
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  uzhalum  roaming around
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-3-padal adaiththa  aiyan kaNdIr  is the lord.
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  Er Arum  Having complete beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  malar  having flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  pozhilgaL  in the gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  engum  at all places
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  thazhuvi  embraced and came
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  ezhil  having beauty (fragrance)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  kAl  wind
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  madhiyai  moon
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  thodar  stopped from moving
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  viLangu  shining due to that
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  sOdhi  having radiance
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  sIr Arum  complete in wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  maNi mAdam  on the mansions which are studded with precious gems
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  thigazhum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  vAr Arum  held by the corset
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  mulai  having bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  madavAL  having humility
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  pinnaikkAgi  for nappinnaip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  vaLai  curved
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  maruppil  having horns
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  kadum  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  sinaththu  having anger
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  van  strong
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  thAL Arndha  having feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  kAr Ar  being black (due to their youth)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  thiN  firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  vidai  bulls
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  adarththu  crushed together
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  vadhuvai ANda  one who directed the auspicious marriage ceremony
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  karu mugil pOl  like a black cloud
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  thiru niRaththu  having nice beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  en  one who enslaved me showing that beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-4-vArArum mulai madavAL  kaNNar kaNdIr  is krishNa.
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  malai ilangu  shining like mountains
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  nirai  in rows
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  sandhi  connected with each other
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  mAdam  having mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  vIdhi  on the streets
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  madam  incoherently sweet
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  mozhiyAr  ladies who have the speech
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  mugaththu  shining in the face
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  iraNdu silai  eye-brows which resemble two bows
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  vilangi  curved
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  Adavarai  heroes-
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  manam siRai koNdu irukkum  capturing the heart
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  kalai  by the garment
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  ilangum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  agal  wide
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  algul  having waist region
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  kadhir  having rays
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  muththa  like pearl
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  veN  whitish
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  nagaiyAL  having rows of teeth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  kamalap pAvai  periya pirAttiyAr-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  karum kaN  having black eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  Aychchi  napinnaip pirAtti-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  mulai  bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  ilangum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  oLi maNi  made of radiant gems
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  pUN  necklace
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  vadamum  pearl necklace
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  thEyppa  as they rub (his divine chest) (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  mUvAdha  not ageing (i.e. not losing freshness)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  varai  mountain like
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  nedum  lengthy
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  thOL  having shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-5-kalai ilangum  mUrththi kaNdIr  is the lord.
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  mAn pOlum  like a deer
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  mel  tender
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  nOkkil  vision
 seyya  reddish
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  vAyAr  ladies who are having lips
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  maradhagam pOl  having greenish complexion similar to that of emerald
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  madam  having childishness
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  kiLiyai  parrot
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  kai mEl koNdu  having on their hands
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  thEn pOlum  like honey
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  mel  sweet
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  mazhalai  tender speech
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  payiRRum  teaching
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  dharaNiyALan  chakravarthith thirumagan who is the emperor of earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  thAn pOlum  like a king
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  EnRu  arose
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  ezhundhAn  came opposing
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  enRu  simply considering this
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  adhu kaNdu  seeing such simplicity
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  dhariththu iruppAn  being fearless
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  arakkar thangaL  demons-
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  kOn pOlum  like the king (considering himself to be great)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  EnRu  arose
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  ezhundhAn  rAvaNa who came fighting, his
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  kunRam anna  like a mountain
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  irubadhu thOL  twenty shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  udan  at once
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  thuNiththa  severed
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-6-thAn pOlum  oruvan kaNdIr  is the unique one.
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kongu  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  alarndha  spreading
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  malar  decorated with flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kuzhalAr  ladies who are having hair
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kongai  on the bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  thOyndha  spread
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kungumaththin  kumkum (vermillion), its
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kuzhambu  slush
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  alaindha  mixed
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kOlam thannAl  by the beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  sem  reddish
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kalangal  the flood which is muddy
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  veN  whitish
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  maNal mEl  on the sand dunes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  thavazhum  slowly spreading
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  pongu  having well-grown radiance
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  ilangu  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  puri  having strings
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  nUlum  yagyOpavItham (sacred thread)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  thOlum  krishNAjinam (deer skin)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  thAzha  hanging
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  pollAdha  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kuRaL uruvAy  being in the vAmana [dwarf] form
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  porundhA  having a birth which does not align with him
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  vANan  mahAbali-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  mangalam  auspicious
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  sEr  apt
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  maRai  having chants of vEdham
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  vELvi adhanuL  in the fire sacrifice
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  pukku  entered
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  kuRai  which he was not owning
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  maN agalam  the earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  irandha  begged
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-7-pongilangu puri nUlum  maindhan kaNdIr  is the young boy.
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  ilangiya  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  nAl maRai anaiththum  all vEdhams which are of four classifications
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  angam ARum  the six ancillary subjects [of vEdhams] viz vyAkaraNam, SIkshA, niruktham, kalpam, chandhas, jyOthisham
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  Ezhu isaiyum  saptha svaras (seven notes)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  kELvigaLum  ithihAsas (epics) etc
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  eN dhikku  in all eight directions
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  engum  in all areas
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  silambiya  roaring
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  nal  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  perum  immeasurable
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  selvam  wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  thigazhum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  silambin idai  placed inside the anklets
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  siRu paralpOl  like the small stones
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  periya mEru  the huge, stout mEru mountain
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  thirukkuLambil  on the beautiful hoof
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  kaNagaNappa  to sound
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  thiru  (present in his divine chest) periya pirAtti-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  AkAram  presence
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  kulunga  to sway
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  idandhu  dug out and picked up (the earth)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  nila madandhai thanai  SrI bhUmip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  pulgi  embraced
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  kOttidai  on the tusk
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  vaiththu aruLiya  one who mercifully placed
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-8-silambin idai  en kOmAn kaNdIr  is my lord.
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  UzhidhoRum UzhidhoRum  through ages
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  uyarndha  grown
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  selvaththu  having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  Ongiya  rising in tumult
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  nAl maRai anaiththum  all vEdhams which are in four categories
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  thAngum  holding
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  nAvar  having brAhmaNas who are having the tongue
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  sEzh uyarndha  very tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  maNi  gem studded
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  mAdam  by mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  thigazhum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  sem kaN mAl  sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  Ezh ulagum  in seven islands
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  thAL  having nearby hills
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  varaiyum  on mountains
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  engum  at all areas
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  Udi  climbed and flew
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  eN thisaiyum  in all eight directions
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  maNdalamum  at all places
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  aNdam  in brahmA-s universe
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  maNdi  greatly
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  mOzhai ezhundhu  bubbles rose
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  Azhi  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  migum  overflowing
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  Uzhi veLLam  flood during deluge
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  mun  in earlier times
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  agattil  in his divine stomach
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  odukkiya  one who secured
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-9-Ezhulagum  em mUrththi kaNdIr  is our lord.
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  sIr  wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  aNindha  having
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  maNi  filled with gems
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  mAdam  mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  thigazhum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  thiruththeRRi ambalaththu  mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thiruththeRRi ambalam
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  en  being my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  sem kaN mAlai  on sarvESvaran who is having reddish eyes
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  kUr aNindha  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  vEl  spear
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  valavan  one who handles
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  Ali nAdan  being the ruler of thiruvAli region
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  kodi  having flags
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  mAdam  filled with mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  mangaiyar  for the residents of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  kOn  being the king
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  kuRaiyal ALi  being the protector of thirukkuRaiyalUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  pAr aNindha  spread all over the earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  thol  natural
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  pugazhAn  having fame
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  kaliyan  thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  sonna  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  pAmAlai  in the form of a garland of songs
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  ivai aindhum aindhum  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  vallAr  those who can recite
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  sIr aNindha  having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  ulagaththu  in this world
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  mannar Agi  being kings (subsequently)
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  sEN visumbil  in paramapadham
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  vAnavarAy  being present along with nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-4-10-sIraNindha  thigazhvar  will shine.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  thUmbu udai  having holes
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  panai  stout like a palm tree
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  kai  having trunk
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  vEzham  gajEndhrAzhwAn-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  thuyar  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  keduththu aruLi  mercifully eliminated
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  mannu  fitting well (on earth) and remaining (well rooted)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  kAmbu udai  having bamboos
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  kunRam  gOvardhana mountain
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  Endhi  held as umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  kadu  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  mazhai  hailstorm
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  kAththa  stopped and protected gOkulam
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  pU  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  punal  having water
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  ponni  the divine kAvEri river
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  muRRum  at all places
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  pugundhu  entered
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  pon  gold (which were present there)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  varaNda  as brought along
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  engum  at all places
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  thEm pozhil  water filled gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  kamazhum  spreading fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-1-thUmbudai  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kavvai  having loud roar
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  vAL  sword like
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  eyiRu  having teeth
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  van  cruel minded
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  pEy  pUthanA-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kadhir  shining (due to abundance of poison)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  mulai  bosom
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  suvaiththu  mercifully consumed
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  ilangai  lankA-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  manniya  eternal
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  idumbai  poverty of being connected to evil people
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  thIra  to eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kadum  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kaNai  (killer) arrows
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  thurandha  who shot
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kovvai  like kOvai fruit
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  vAy  having lips
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  magaLir  ladies-
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kongai  applied on bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kungumam  vermillion mix
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kazhuvi  wash
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  pOndha  and flowing
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  dheyvam  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  nIr  water
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  kamazhum  spreading fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-2-kavvai vAL  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  mA  kESi, the demon-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  thozhil  act
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  madanga  to be controlled
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  seRRu  killed
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  marudhu  marudha trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  iRa  to break
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  nadandhu  crawled in between those
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  van  strong
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  thAL  having feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  sE  bulls
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  thozhil  act
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  sidhaiththu  destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  pinnai  nappinnaip pirAtti-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  sevvi  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  thOL  with should ers
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  puNarndha  one who embraced
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  nA thozhil  the act of the tongue, adhyayanam (learning/reciting) which was done
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  maRai  vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  vallArgaL  brAhmaNas who can handle
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  nayandhu  eagerly
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  dharmaththai  conducted
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  vaN  generous
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  kai  with the hands
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  thI thozhil  fire rituals
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  payilum  conducting
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-3-mAththozhil madanga  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  thAngu arum  unable to bear (for anyone)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  sinaththu  having anger
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  van thAL  having strong feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  thadam kai  kuvalayApeedam, which is having huge trunk, its
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  mA  large
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  maruppu  tusk
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  vAngi  plucked
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  pUm  blossomed
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  kurundhu  kurundha tree
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  osiththu  broke
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  puL  bakAsura-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  vAy  mouth
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  piLandhu  tore
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  erudhu  bulls
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  adarththa  one who crushed and killed
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  mAngani  mangoes
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  nugarndha  ate
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  mandhi  female monkey
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  vandhu  left there
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  vaNdu  (came to drink honey) beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  iriya  to disperse and run away
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  vAzhai  plantain tree-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  thI  sweet
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  kani  fruits
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  nugarum  ate
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-4-thAngarum sinaththu  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  karumagaL  very lowly like a chaNdALa woman
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  ilangai Atti  being the controller of lankA
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  pilam koL  cave like
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  vAy thiRandhu  opening her mouth
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  than mEl  on self
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  varum avaL  sUrpaNakA, who came
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  seviyum  ear
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  mUkkum  nose
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  vALinAl  with the sword
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  thadhindha  severed
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  peru magaL  having natural femininity
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  pEdhai  one who is ignorant on the defects of devotees
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  mangai  bhUmip pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  thannodum  with her
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  pirivu ilAdha  one who never separates (being together always)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  thirumagaL  SrIdhEvi
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  maruvum  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-5-karu magaL  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  keNdaiyum  mathsya (fish)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  kuRaLum  vAmana
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  puLLum  hamsa (swan), the bird
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  kEzhalum  varAha (pig)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  ariyum  narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  mavum  hayagrIva (having such incarnations)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  aNdamum  brahmA-s oval shaped universe
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  sudarum  sun and moon
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  allA  other
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  ARRalum  best entities
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  Aya  one who is mercifully present to have as his prakAram (forms)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  oN thiRal  very strong
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  thennan  pANdiya, who was the ruler of southern region
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  Oda  to flee
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  vadavarasu  chOzha who was the king of the region north of pANdiya-s kingdom
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  Ottam kaNda  made to flee after losing
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  thiN thiRalALar  very strong brAhmaNas-
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-6-keNdaiyum kuRaLum  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  kunRamum  mountains
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  vAnum  ether
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  maNNum  earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  kuLir  cool
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  punal  water
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  thingaLOdu  moon
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  ninRa  firmly stood
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  vem sudarum  sun which has hot rays
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  allA nilaigaLum  all other stars (all of these)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  Aya  having as his prakAram
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  manRamum  wide streets
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  vayalum  fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  kAvum  gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  mAdamum  mansions (caused from these)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  maNam  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  koNdu vandhu  extracting it
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  engum  in all places
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  thenRal  southerly breeze from the mountain
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  ulavum  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-7-kunRamum vAnum  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  sangaiyum  doubt
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  thuNivum  clarity
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  poyyum  untruth
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  meyyum  truth
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  iththaraNi  this earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  Ombum  one which protects
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  pongiya  growing
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  mugilum  cloud
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  allA  other
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  poruLgaLum  entities (all of these)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  Aya  one who can control
periya-thir umozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  pangayam  from lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  uguththa  flowing
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  thERal  honey
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  parugiya  drank
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  vALai  huge fish
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  pAya  as it jumps
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  sem  reddish
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  kayal  small fish
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  ugaLum  jump away (due to fear)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-8-sangaiyum thuNivum  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  pAvamum  pApam (sin)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  aRamum  puNNiyam (puNyam/virtue)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  vIdum  mOksham
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  inbamum  joy
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  thunbam thAnum  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  kOvamum  anger
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  aruLum  mercy
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  allA  other
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  guNangaLum  qualities such as sathva (goodness) etc (all of these)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  Aya  one who controls
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  mUvaril  among brahmA, vishNu and rudhra
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  engaL  one who is our refuge
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  mUrththi  lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  ivan ena  being clear that it is only this vishNu
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  munivarOdu  along with sages such as sanaka et al
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  dhEvar  dhEvathAs such as indhra et al
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  vandhu  approach
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  iRainjum  remaining to be surrendered to
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  nAngUr  present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-9-pAvamum aRamum  thirumaNik kUdaththAn  is mercifully present in thirumaNik kUdam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  thingaL  (reaching) in the orbit of moon
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  thOy  touching
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  mAdam  having mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  thirumaNikkUdaththAnai  on emperumAn who is mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named thirumaNikkUdam
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  mangaiyar  for the residents of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  thalaivan  being the king
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  vaN  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  thAr  having garland
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  kaliyan  thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  vAy  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  oligaL  these ten pAsurams which are a garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  vallAr  those who can recite
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  pongu  rising
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  nIr  being surrounded by water-filled ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  ulagam  earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  ANdu  rule over
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  pon ulagu  heaven
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  ANdu  enjoy
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  pinnum  further
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  vem kadhir  sun-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  parudhi vattaththu  orbit-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  Udu pOy  going through the middle (i.e. going through the archirAdhi mArgam)
periya-thirumozhi-4-5-10-thingaL thOy  viLanguvAr  will shine (in paramapadham)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  ualgam muRRum  (SrI gajEndhrAzhwAn) all worlds
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  thAvaLandhu  hopped around (seen at that time)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  thadam  huge
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  malar  having flower
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  poygai  in the pond
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  pukku  entered
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  angu  in that pond
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  nA  for the tongue
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  vaLam  divine name which is decoration
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  navinRu  recited
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  Eththa  as it praised
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  nAgaththin  (that) elephant-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  nadukkam  fear
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  thIrththAy  oh one who eliminated!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  mA vaLam  great wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  perugi  grew
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  mannu  remaining fixed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  maRaiyavar  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  vAzhum  living joyfully
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
pe riya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  kAvaLambAdi  in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  mEya  one who is residing firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  kaNNanE  Oh krishNa!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  nIyE  you who are partial towards devotees
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-1-thAvaLandhu  kaLaigaN  should be the protector
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  EnamAgi  Being AdhivarAha
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  maN  earth which was stuck in the wall of the aNdam (oval shaped universe)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  idandhu  dug out
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  mAvali  mahAbali-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  vali  strength
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  tholaippAn  to eliminate
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  viNNavar  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  vENda  as they prayed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  senRu  went
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  vELviyil  (in his) fire sacrifice
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  kuRai  earth which was missing from his possession
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  irandhAy  Oh one who begged!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  thuNNena  quickly
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  mARRAr thammai  enemies
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  thulaiththavar  where the brave men who won over, are residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  kAvaLam thaN pAdiyAi  Oh one who is present in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  mEya  One who is eternally residing (in that dhivyadhESam)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  kaNNanE  Oh krishNa!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  nIyE kaLaigaN  You should be the protector.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-2-maNNidandhu  kAvaLandhaNpAdi  Note that the meaning for this word is as in, kA – gardens-, vaLam – due to abundance, thaN – cool, pAdi – dhivyadhESam. dhivyadhESam which is cool due to abundance of gardens.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  ezhu  rising
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  uruththu  having anger
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  vAli  vAli-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  mArvil  on the chest
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  oru kaNai  an arrow
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  uruva  to pierce well
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  Otti  shot
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  karuththudai  being the target of your divine heart
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  thambikku  sugrIva mahArajar who is the brother (of such vAli)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  inbam  to cause joy
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  kadhir  radiant
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli &nb sp;mudi  crown
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  arasu  and the kingdom
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  aLiththAy  oh you who mercifully granted!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  paruththu  being stout
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  ezhu  sprouting
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  palavum  jack fruit tree-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  mAvum  mango trees-
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  pazham  fruits
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  vizhundhu  fell down
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  ozhugum  honey is flooding
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  kAvaLam thaN pAdiyAi  Oh one who is present in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  karuththanE  Oh you who are skillful!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-3-uruththezhu vAli  nIyE kaLaigaN  You should be the protector.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  munai mugaththu  in the battlefield
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  arakkan  rAvaNan
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  mALa  to be killed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  paththu mudigaL  (his) ten heads
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  aRuththu  severed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  vIzhththu  to make them fall down
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  Angu  there
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  anaiyavaRku  for such rAvaNan
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  iLaiyavaRkE  for vibhIshaNan who is his younger brother
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  arasu  kingdom
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  aLiththaruLinAnE  Oh one who mercifully granted!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  sunaigaLil  in water-bodies
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  kayalgaL  fish
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  pAya  (feared) to run away
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  surumbu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  thEn  honey
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  nugarum  drank (with a roar)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  kAvaLam thaN pAdiyAi  Oh one who is present in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  kanai  resounding
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  kazhal  oh one who is having an anklet of valour!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-4-munai mugaththu  nIyE kaLaigaN  You should be the protector.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  padam  having (expanded) hoods
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  aravu  kALiyan-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  uchchi than mEl  on the head
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  pAyndhu  jumped
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  pal nadangaL  many different types of dances
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  seydhu  performed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  madavaral  having humility
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  mangai thannai  eternally youthful periya pirAtti
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  mArvagaththu  on his divine chest
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  iruththinAnE  oh you who have eternally placed!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  thadam  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  varai  like mountains
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  mAdam  mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  thangu  present
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  thagu  apt
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  pugazh  glory
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  mEya  is present
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  kAvaLam thaN pAdiyAi  Oh one who is present in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  kadavuLE  Oh lord of all!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-5-padavara uchchi  nIyE kaLaigaN  You should be the protector.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  mallarai  wrestlers such as chANUra et al
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  attu  fought
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  mALa  killed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  kanjanai  kamsan
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  malaindhu  fought
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  konRu  killed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  pal arasu  many kings
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  avindhu vIzha  to be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  bAradhap pOr  mahAbhAratha war
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  mudiththAy  Oh one who completed!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  nal  distinguished (dense)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  araN  having beauty (shade)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  kAvin  gardens-
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  nIzhal  in the shade
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  naRai  fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  kamazh  smelling
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  mEya  firmly residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  kal  strong
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  araN  being the one who is having protection
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  kAvaLam thaN pAdiyAi  Oh one who is present in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-6-mallarai attu  nIyE kaLaigaN  You should be the protector.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  mUththavaRku  for dharma puthra, who is the eldest
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  arasu vENdi  desired for (to give) kingdom
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  munbu  previously
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  thUdhu ezhundharuLi  went as messenger
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  mAththu  on elephant
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  amar  sitting firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  pAgan  mahout
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  vIzha  to fall down and die
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  madham  fleshy
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  kari  kuvalayApIdam-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  maruppu  tusk
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  osiththAy  oh one who broke!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  pU amar  filled with flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  sOlai  gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  Ongi  being tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  punal  water
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  parandhu  spread (all over the garden)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  ozhugum  flowing
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  kAvaLam thaN pAdiyAi  Oh one who is present in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  kAththanE  Oh protector!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-7-mUththavaRku  nIyE kaLaigaN  You should be the protector.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  Evu  in battle
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  iLam kannikkAgi  for the young sathyabhAmA
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  imaiyavar kOnai  dhEvEndhran
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  seRRu  defeated
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  kA  garden-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  vaLam  beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  kadidhu  quickly
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  iRuththu  destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  kaRpagam  kalpaka tree [a type of tree which grants all the wishes prayed to it, for]
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  koNdu pOndhAy  oh you who brought!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  vaLam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  pU  having flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  pozhilgaL  gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  sUzhndha  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam k annikkAgi  purandharan  by indhran
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  seydha  made
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  kAvaLam pAdi mEya  firmly present in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  kaNNanE  Oh krishNa!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-8-EviLam kannikkAgi  nIyE kaLaigaN  You should be the protector.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  sandhamAy  being the controller of chandhas (meter in poems)
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  samayamAgi  being the controller of the order (that is, count of letters) matching that chandhas
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  samayam  the orderly nature
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  aimbUdhamAgi  being the controller of the five elements
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  andhamAy  being the cause of deluge
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  AdhiyAgi  being the cause of creation
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  avai  revealing those principles
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  aru  difficult to know the meanings
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  maRaiyum AnAy  Oh you who are the controller of vEdhams!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  mandham  mandhAra trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  Ar  filled
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  pozhilgaL thORum  in all the gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  madam mayil  humble peahens
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  Alum  dancing
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  gandham Ar  very fragrant
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  kAvaLam thaN pAdiyAi  Oh one who is present in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi!
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-9-sandhamAy  nIyE kaLaigaN  You should be the protector.
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  mA vaLam  great wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  perugi  grew
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  mannum  remaining firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  maRaiyavar  best among brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  vAzhum  living happily
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  kAvaLam pAdi  in the dhivyadhESam named thirukkAvaLambAdi
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  mEya  remaining firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  kaNNanai  on krishNa
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  sonna  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  vaLam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  pA paththum  ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  vallAr  those who can recite
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  pAr misai  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  arasarAgi  being kings
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  kO (gO)  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  iLa mannar  all the princes
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  thAzha  to be subservient
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  kudai nizhal  in the shade of the umbrella
periya-thirumozhi-4-6-10-mAvaLam perugi  polivar  will remain wealthy
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  kaN Ar  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  kadal pOl  like ocean (having beauty and depth)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  thirumEni  having divine form
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  kariyAy  Oh krishNa!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  naNNAr  enemies-
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  munai  in the battle
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  venRi koLvAr  best among brAhmaNas who can defeat (the enemies)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  mannu  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  thiN Ar  strong
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  madhiL  by forts
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  thiruveLLak kuLaththuL  mercifully living in the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLakkuLam
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  aNNA  Oh you who are naturally related!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  adiyEn  I, who have no refuge, my
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  idarai  sorrows (viz. connection with prakruthi (this body))
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-1-kaNNAr kadal  kaLaiyAy  you should mercifully sever.
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  kondhu Ar  filled with flower bunches
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  thuLavam  thuLasi-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  malar koNdu  stringing flowers as garland
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  aNivAnE  you who are mercifully adorning (on the divine crown)!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  nandhAdha  imperishable
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  perum  inconceivable
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  pugazh  having glories
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  vEdhiyar  best of brAhmaNas, their
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  sendhAmarai  having reddish lotus flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  nIr  surrounded by ponds
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  thiruveLLak kuLaththuL  mercifully residing in thiruveLLak kuLam
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  endhAy  Oh my lord!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  adiyEn  I, who have no refuge, my
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  idarai  sorrows (viz. connection with prakruthi (this body))
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-2-kondhAr  kaLaiyAy  you should mercifully sever.
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  kunRAl  lifting up gOvardhana mountain
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  kuLir mAri  rain which made everyone freeze
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  thaduththu  stopped
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  ugandhAnE  oh you who became joyful!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  nanRAya  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  perum pugazh  great glories
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  vEdhiyar nAngUr  of brAhmaNas in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  senRAr  those who go
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  vaNangum  worshipping
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  thiruveLLak kuLaththuL  in thiruveLLakkuLam
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  ninRAy  oh you who are mercifully residing!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  nediyAy  Oh you who are having inconceivable svarUpam, guNam etc!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-3-kunRAl kuLir  adiyEn idar nIkku  you should mercifully eliminate my sorrows.
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  kAn  in the forest
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  Ar  youthful (and roaming around in the forest)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  kari  kuvalayApIdam-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  adhu kombu  great, matching tusk
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  osiththa  broke
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  kaLiRE  Oh wild elephant!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  nAnA vagai  complete in all manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  nallavar  distinguished, noble persons
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  manniya  residing firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  thEn Ar  filled with beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  thiruveLLak kuLaththuL  mercifully present in thiruveLLak kuLam
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  AnAy  Oh you who are like a wild elephant!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  adiyEnukku  towards me, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-4-kAnAr kari  aruL puriyAy  kindly shower your mercy.
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  vEdu Ar  filled with hunters
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  thiruvEngadam  on thiruvEngadam mountain
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  mEya  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  viLakkE  you who are self-illuminous!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  nAdu Ar  spread all over the nation
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  pugazh  having glories
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  vEdhiyar manniya nAngUr  in thirunAngUr which is firmly inhabited by brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  sEdu Ar  filled with sprouts
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  pozhil sUzh  surrounded by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  thiruveLLakkuLaththAy  Oh you who are mercifully residing in thiruveLLakkuLam!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  pAdA  Singing (about you)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  varuvEn  I, who am coming
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  vinai Ayina  all the sins
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-5-vEdAr thiruvEngadam  pARRu  you should mercifully drive away (destroy).
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  kallAl  with rocks
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  kadalai  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  aNai katti  built a bridge
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  ugandhAy  oh you who became joyful!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  nallAr  having the goodness named compassion
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  palar  many
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  vEdhiyar  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  manniya nAngUr  thirunAngUr where they remain firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  thiruveLLak kuLaththu  in thiruveLLak kuLam
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  uRaivAnE  oh you who are eternally residing!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  selvA  Oh SrImAn! [one who has all the wealth]
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  ellA idarum  all sins
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  kedumARu  to be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-6-kallAl kadalai  aruLAy  you should kindly shower your mercy.
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  kOlAl  Having a stick as the instrument
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  nirai mEyththa  tended the cows
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  em  one who made me exist for you
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  kOvalar kOvE  Oh best among the cowherd people!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  nAl Agiya  in four categories
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  vEdhiyar  best among brAhmaNas who have learnt vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  manniya nAngUr  firmly inhabited thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  sEl Ar  filled with sEl fish
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  vayal sUzh  surrounded by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  thiruveLLak kuLaththuL  mercifully residing in thiruveLLak kuLam
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  mAlE  Oh great one!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  ena valvinai  my cruel sins
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-7-kOlAl nirai  thIrththu aruLAy  you should mercifully eliminate.
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  adhu  such distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  vArAgam Agi 
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  immaNNai  this earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  idandhAy  (from the wall of the oval shaped universe) oh you, who dug out!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  nArAyaNanE  Oh you who have vAthsalyam (motherly love towards all creatures)!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  nalla  having good conduct
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  vEdhiyar  brAhmaNas-
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  sIr Ar  filled with wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  pozhil sUzh  surrounded by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  thiruveLLak kuLaththuL  in thiruveLLak kuLam
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  ArAvamudhE  Oh you who are very sweet who never satiates!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  adiyERku  for me who is a servitor
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-8-vArAgamadhAgi  aruLAy  kindly shower your mercy.
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  pU Ar  firmly residing on the lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  thirumAmagaL  periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  pulgiya  embraced
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  mArbA  oh you who are having divine chest!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  nA Ar  filled in the tongue (of the people of the world)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  pugazh  having glory
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  vEdhiyar  brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  manniya  residing firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  thiruveLLak kuLaththu uRaivAnE  Oh you who are residing in thiruveLLak kuLam!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  dhEvA  Oh you who are shining due to your simplicity!
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  ivan  this
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  adiyAn  servitor
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  A A  Alas! Alas! (He is suffering in this samsAram)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-9-pUvAr thirumAmagaL  enRu aruLAy  you should kindly shower your mercy.
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  nal anbudai  having paramabhakthi (supreme state of devotion)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  vEdhiyar  best among brAhmaNas
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  manniya  firmly residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  nAngUr  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  thiruveLLak kuLaththu  in the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLak kuLam
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  uRaivAn  one who eternally resides
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  selvanai  towards SrImAn
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  kallil  more than mountain
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  mali  great (having strength)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  thOL  having shoulders
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  kaliyan  thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  sonna  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  mAlai  these ten pAsurams which are in form of a garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  vallar ena  that they can recite
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  vallavar  those who could be classified (by others)
periya-thirumozhi-4-7-10-nallanbudai  vAnavar thAmE  will become part of the assembly of nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  pavaLam  beautiful like coral
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  vAyAL  having lips
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  en madandhai  my daughter
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  kavaLam  which can eat a lot
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  yAnai  kuvalayApIdam-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  kombu  tusks
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  osiththa  who broke
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  kaNNan enRum  saying -krishNa-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  kAmaru  desirable
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  sIr  having beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  kuvaLai anna  matching karuneydhal [blue Indian water-lily] flower
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  mEgam anna  matching cloud
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  mEni  form
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  koNda  accepted
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  kOn  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  en Anai enRum  saying -my strong elephant- (one who is having such activities)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  thavaLam  whitish
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  mAdam  houses-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  nIdu  being tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  nAngai  eternally residing in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  thAmaraiyAL kELvan  beloved the consort of periya pirAttiyAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  enRum  blabbering in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  (further)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  pArththan paLLi  dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-1-kavaLa yAnai  pAduvAL  she sings.
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  panji anna  like cotton
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  mel  soft
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  adiyAL  this girl, parakAla nAyaki who is having divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  kanjan  by kamsa
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  vitta  sent by
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  vem  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  sinaththa  having anger
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  kaLiRu  kuvalayApIdam
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  adarththa  killed
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  kALai enRum  as youth
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  vanjam  with mischief
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  mEvi  fixed (having such mind)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  vandha  approached
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  pEyin  pUthanA-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  uyirai  life
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  uNda  consumed (finished)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  mAyan enRum  as the amazing person
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  sem  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  sol ALar  brAhmaNas who have the truthful words
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  nIdu  eternally inhabited
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  nAngai  mercifully residing in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  dhEva dhEvan enRu  as dhEvAdhi dhEvan
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  enRu Odhi  repeatedly saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-2-kanjan vitta  pArththan paLLi pAduvALE  sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  en madandhai  my daughter
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  aNdar kOn  being the controller of the residents of the universe
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  en Anai enRum  as one who is having acts of an enjoyable elephant for me
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  Ayar mAdhar  cowherd girls-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  kongai  with bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  pulgum  embracing
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  seNdan enRum  as one who is having flower bouquet
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  nAn maRaigaL  four vEdhams
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  thEdi  analysed
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  Odum  and chasing
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  selvan enRum  as one who is having wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  vaNdu ulavu  beetles are roaming
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  pozhil koL  having gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  mannu  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  mAyan enRu  as amazing person
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  enRu Odhi  saying repeatedly
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  paNdu pOl anRu  unlike previously
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-3-aNdar kOn  pArththan paLLi pAduvALE  sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  pal vaLaiyAL  having many bangles
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  en madandhai  my daughter
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  kOl  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  vaLaiyAr tham  girls who are wearing bangles
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  mugappE  in front of
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  kollai AnAL  crossed the limit (she went out alone)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  parisu azhindhAL  she became devoid of shyness etc, which are important identities of a woman
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  mallai  abundant
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  mun  ancient
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  nIr  ocean having water
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  thattu  built a bridge
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  ilangai  lankA
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  kattu azhiththa  made it lose its structure
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  mAyan enRum  as the amazing person
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  selvam  wealth
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  malgum  present in abundance
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  maRaiyOr  best of the brAhmaNas-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  nAngai  mercifully residing in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  dhEva dhEvan enRu  as dhEvAdhi dhEvan
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  enRu Odhi  repeatedly saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-4-kollai AnAL  pArththan paLLi pAduvALE  sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  en madandhai  my daughter
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  anRu  when rAvaNa came to fight
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  arakkar  demons-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  Avi  lives
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  mALa  to be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  Azh  deep
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  kadal  by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  ilangai  lankA
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  seRRa  destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  kurakku  for monkeys
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  arasan enRum  as the lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  kOlam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  villi enRum  as the one who holds the bow
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  mAmadhiyai  beautiful moon
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  nerukkum  blocking the movement
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  mAdam  by the mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  nIdu  being tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  nAngai  mercifully present in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  ninmalan enRu  ver y pure natured one, as he does not have any expectation
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  enRu Odhi  repeatedly saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  parakku azhindhAL  having lost her femininity
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-5-arakkar Avi  pArththan paLLi pAduvALE  sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  pAlil  more than milk
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  nalla  being sweet
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  mel  soft
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  mozhiyAL  this girl, who is having speech
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  gyAlam muRRum  whole earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  uNdu  mercifully consumed (during deluge)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  umizhndha  let out (during creation)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  nAdhan enRum  saying one who is the lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  nAl nilam  earth which is made of four types of lands
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  sUzh  surrounding
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  vElai anna  matching the ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  kOlam  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  mEni  having complexion
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  vaNNan enRum  saying one who is having form
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  sEl  sEl fish
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  mEl ezhundhu  rising up
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  ugaLum  jumping
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  vayal koL  having fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  nAngai  mercifully residing in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  dhEva dhEvan enRu  as dhEvAdhi dhEvan
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  enRu Odhi  repeatedly saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-6-gyAlamuRRum  pArththan paLLi pAduvALE  sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  pAdagam  the ornament decorating the foot
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  sEr  fitting well
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  mel  tender
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  adiyAL  my daughter having divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  nAdi  seeking
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  enRan uLLam  my mind
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  koNda  mesmerised
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  nAdhan enRum  as -the lord-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  nAnmaRaigaL  vEdhams which are categorized into four
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  enRum  always
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  thEdi  analysed
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  kANa mAttA  to be unable to see
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  selvan enRum  as -SrImAn-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  siRai koL  having nice wings
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  sEdu  swarm
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  ulavu  roaming
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  pozhil koL  having gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  nAngai  mercifully residing in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  dhEva dhEvan enRu  as dhEvAdhi dhEvan
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  enRu Odhi  repeatedly saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-7-nAdi endhan  pArththan paLLi pAduvALE  sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  en madandhai  my daughter
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  ulagam  the whole world
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  Eththum  qualified to be praised
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  oruvan enRum  as -the distinguished one-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  oL  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  sudarOdu  with moon and sun
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  umbar  by dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  eydhA  unable to be approached
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  nilavum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  Azhi  thiruvAzhi (sudharSana chakra)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  padaiyan enRum  as -the one who has divine weapon-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  nEsan enRum  as -the one who has love towards his devotees-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  then thisaikku  for southern direction
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  thiladham anna maRaiyOr  brAhmaNas who are like thilakam (chief, like the symbol on the forehead), their
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  nAngai  mercifully residing in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  dhEva dhEvan enRu  as dhEvAdhi dhEvan
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  enRu Odhi  repeatedly saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  palarum  everyone
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  Esa  to accuse her
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-8-ulagam Eththum  pArththan paLLi pAduvALE  sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  paN anna  like a song
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  mel  soft
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  mozhiyAL  this girl who is having speech
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  kaNNan enRum  as -krishNa-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  vAnavargaL  dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  kAdhaliththu  having love
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  malargaL  flowers
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  thUvum  to sprinkle
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum& nbsp; eNNan enRum  as -the one who resides in their thoughts-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  inban enRum  one who gives joy
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  Ezh ulagukku  for all the seven worlds
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  Adhi enRum  as -the cause-
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  thiNNam  firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  mAdam  having mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  nIdu nAngai  mercifully residing in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  dhEva dhEvan enRu  as dhEvAdhi dhEvan
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  enRu Odhi  repeatedly saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-9-kaNNan enRum  pArththan paLLi pAduvALE  sings about the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  pAruL  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  nalla  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  maRaiyOr  best among brAhmaNas are residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  nAngai  in thirunAngUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  pArththan paLLi  one who is mercifully residing in the dhivyadhESam named pArththan paLLi
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  sem kaN  having reddish eyes (due to motherly love)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  mAlai  on sarvESvaran who is having great love towards his devotees
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  vAr koL  being covered by a cloth
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  nalla  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  mulai  having bosoms
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  madavAL  the girl (sang)
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  pAdalai  divine words
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  thAy  her mother
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  mozhindha  spoke
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  mARRam  the way
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  kUr koL  sharp
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  nalla  best
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  vEl  having spear as the weapon
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  kaliyan  thirumangai AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  kURum  mercifully explained
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  thamizh  in thamizh
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  paththum  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  vallAr  those who can recite
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  Er koL  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  vaigundhaththu  in SrIvaikuNtam
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  nALum  everyday
periya-thirumozhi-4-8-10-pAruL nalla  inbam eydhuvAr  will be joyful.
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  nummai  Your highness
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm   thozhudhOm  surrendered, considering to be the means;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  nundham  your highness-
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  paNi  kainkaryam (service)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  seydhu  performed
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  irukkum  to sustain
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  num adiyOm  became servitors;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  immaikku  now
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  inbam peRROm  got the joy of acquiring knowledge;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  indhaLURIr  one who is mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  en thAy  you who are like my mother!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  emmai  for me
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  kadidhA  quickly
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  karumam  kainkaryam which is the ultimate goal
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  aruLi  mercifully grant
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  A A enRu  saying -Alas! Alas!-
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  irangi  being merciful
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  nammai  for us
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  oru kAl  some time
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  kAtti  showing your divine form
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  nadandhAl  if you mercifully come
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  nAngaL  we who are ananya prayOjanar (who don-t seek anything other than kainkaryam)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-1-nummaith thozhudhOm  uyyOmO  will we not live well?
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  sindhai thannuL  in the heart
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  nIngAdhu  without separating
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  irundha  residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  thiruvE  Oh wealth!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  maruva iniya  one who is enjoyable as we experience him repeatedly
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  maindhA  Oh youthful one!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  thaN  cool
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  Ali  mercifully present in thiruvAli
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  mAlE  Oh you who are very loving towards your devotees!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  sOlai  roaming in the garden
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  mazha kaLiRE  Oh you who are like an elephant calf!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  nandhA  always burning
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  viLakkin  lamp-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  sudarE  Oh you who are radiant like the light!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  naRaiyUr  in thirunaRaiyUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  ninRa  mercifully residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  nambI  Oh you who are complete!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  indhaLUrAy  being mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  en endhAy  Oh my lord!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  adiyERku  for me, the servitor
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  iRaiyum  this small favour (kainkaryam)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-2-sindhai thannuL  irangAy  you are not granting.
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  indhaLUrIrE  Oh you who are mercifully residing in thiruvindhaLUr!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  vaiyam  earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  IradiyAl  with two steps
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  aLandha  one who scaled
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  mUsi  swarmed
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  muralum  humming
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  kaNNi  garland
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  mudiyIr  Oh you who are wearing on your divine crown!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  ingu  in this world
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  kANum  to see
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  Asai ennum  that which is known as desire
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  kadalil  in the ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  vIzhndhu  fell
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  ayarththOm  became bewildered;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  ayalArum  neighbours
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  idhuvE  on this matter
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  EsuginRadhu  blaming;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  nAn  I am too
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  idhuvE  this matter only
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-3-pEsuginRadhu  pEsuginRadhu  speaking
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  ingu  in this, your matter
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  Asai  desire to worship you
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  vazhuvAdhu  without a break
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  Eththum  having the nature to praise you
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  adiyOrkku  your servitors
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  emakku  for us
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  izhukkAyththu  (praising) ended up causing blame.
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  thEsam  all over the place
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  aRiya  to be known
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  umakkE  for you, the lord
periya-thiru mozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  ALAy  as servitors
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  thiriginROmukku  for us, who are roaming around
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  kAsin  (molten) golden coins-
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  oLiyil  more than the shine
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  thigazhum  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  vaNNam  beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  kAttIr  not showing;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  emperumAn  being our lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  indhaLUrIr  oh you who are mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  vAsi valleerE  you who understand the difference of various aspects
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  nIrE  you
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-4-Asai vazhuvAdhu  vAzhndhu pOm  remain joyful.
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  thI  being antharyAmi of agni (fire)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  emperumAn  being its controller
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  nIr  being antharyAmi of jalam (water)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  emperumAn  being its controller
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  thisaiyum  directions
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  iru  vast
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  nilanum  for earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  Ay  being antharyAmi,
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  emperumAn Agi  being their controller
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  ninRAl  though you mercifully remain
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  adiyOm  we, the servitors
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  kANOmAl  (what is the use) if (we are) unable to see you and worship you;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  thAy  being mother
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  emperumAn  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  thandhai thandhai AvIr  being father of father (as the lord of our clan)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  indhaLUrIr  mercifully residing in thiruvindhaLUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  nIr  your highness
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  adiyOmukku  engaging us who are without refuge in kainkaryam
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-5-thI emperumAn  emperumAn alleerO  are you not the lord?
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  indhaLUrIrE  Oh lord who are mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  sollAdhu  not telling (forcefully to your highness)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  ozhiyagillEn  unable to remain;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  aRindha  known (to me)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  sollil  if I try to tell
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  adiyEnai  I who cannot bear the separation
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  num adiyAr&n bsp; servitors of your highness
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  ellArOdum okka  equal to others
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  eNNiyirundhIr  you are thinking;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  nalllAr  the nature of those who have the goodness of being unable to bear the separation of your highness
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  aRivIr  you know;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  thIyAr  the nature of those who have the bad quality of being able to bear the separation of your highness
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  aRivIr  you know;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  ivvulagaththu  in this world
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  ellAm  everything else
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  aRivIr  you know;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  namakku  for us who are unable to bear the separation of your highness
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-6-sollAdhozhiya  IdhE aRiyIr  you do not know about our tender nature only.
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  indhaLUrIrE  Oh lord who are mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  nIr  your highness
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  paNi koLLa  to accept (our) kainkaryam
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  mAttIr AnIr  not having the desire,
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  emmai  us
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  paNi  taste for kainkaryam
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  aRiyA  made to know
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  vIttIr  have abandoned;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  idhanai  this
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  vERE  separately (in a distinguished manner)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  sonnOm  informed to you;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  nundham  your highness-
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  adikkaL  divine feet
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  kAttIr AnIr  did not show;
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  kAttil  if you showed
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  indha nAttE  in this world which does not accept servitude
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  vandhu  came agreeably
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  umakku  for your highness
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  thoNdarAna  being engaged in servitude
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  nAngaL  us
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-7-mAttIr AnIr  uyyOmE  will we not survive?
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  indhaLUrIrE  Oh one who is mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr dhivyadhESam!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  vaNNam  (your highness-) physical beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  eNNungAl  if we start thinking about it
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  munnai vaNNam  the physical beauty in krutha yugam, first
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  pAlin vaNNam  will be milk-s complexion, that is white
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  pinnai vaNNam  physical beauty in the subsequent thrEthA yugam
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  ponnin vaNNam  will have the reddish complexion of gold
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  maNiyin vaNNam  (subsequently the physical beauty in dhvApara yugam) will have the complexion of a dark-blue gem
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  muzhudhum  at all times
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  nilai ninRa  remaining firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  vaNNam  physical beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  koNdal vaNNan  cloud-s complexion
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  puraiyum  remaining together (with the four complexions)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  thirumEni  divine form
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  inna vaNNam enRu  having such complexion
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-8-munnai vaNNam  kAttIr  mercifully show.
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  indhaLUrIrE  Oh one who is mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr dhivyadhESam!
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  endhai  for me and my father
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  thandhai  for his father (in this manner, for our whole clan)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  thammAn  being the lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  enRu  saying in this manner
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  emar  our ancestors
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  Ezh aLavum  for seven generations
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  vandhu  accepting and arriving to do kainkaryam (to your highness)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  ninRa  stood firmly
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  thoNdarOrkkE  in our matters only
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  vAsi valleer  you are analysing (that I cannot show myself);
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  sindhai thannuL  in (my) heart
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  mundhi  for a very long time
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  niRRIr  are present
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  (Still)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  thirumEni  divine form
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  indha vaNNam enRu  as having such nature
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  siRidhum  even a little bit
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-9-endhai thandhai  kAttIr  you are not showing
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  Er Ar  very beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  pozhil  by gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  indhaLUril  mercifully present in thiruvindhaLUr
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  endhai  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  perumAnai  on sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  kAr Ar  filled with clouds
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  puRavil  having surroundings
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  mangai  for thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  vEndhan  king
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  kaliyan  AzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  oli seydha  mercifully spoke
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  sIr Ar  filled with bhagavAn-s qualities
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  in sol  having sweet words
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  mAlai  these ten pAsurams which are a garland of words
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  kaRRu  learnt
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  thirivAr  those who fearlessly roam around
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  ulagaththu  in this world
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  Ar Ar  those people (irrespective of their birth, conduct etc)
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  avarE  they
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  amararkku  for nithyasUris
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  enRum  at all times
periya-thirumozhi-4-9-10-ErAr pozhil  amarar AvAr  will remain praiseworthy.
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  Aychchiyar  cowherd women
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  azhaippa  to complain
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  veNNey  butter
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  uNdu  mercifully ate
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  oru kAl  once (during deluge)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  Alilai  on a banyan leaf
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  vaLarndha  mercifully resting there
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  emperumAn  my lord
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  pEychchiyai  pUthanA-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  mulai  bosom
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  uNdu  mercifully sucked (and finished her)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  iNai  joined
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  marudhu  marudha trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  iRuththu  broke
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  peru nilam  vast earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  aLandhavan  the eternal abode of sarvESvaran who accepted (from mahAbali) and measured
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  kAyththa  having unripe fruits
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  nIL  tall
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  kamugum  areca trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  kadhaliyum  plantain trees
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  thengum 
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  engumAm  present everywhere
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  pozhilgaLin  gardens-
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  naduvE  in the middle
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  vAyndha  abundant
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  nIr  water
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  pAyum  flowing
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  maNNiyil  maNNi river-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  thenpAl  present on the southern bank
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  thiruveLLiyangudi  known as thiruveLLiyangudi
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-1-Aychchiyar azhaippa  adhuvE  is that dhivyadhESam.
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  Anirai  herds of cows
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  mEyththu  being the one who protected
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  anRu  during SrI rAmAvathAram
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  alai  tides striking
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  kadal  ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  adaiththittu  building bridge
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  arakkar tham  strong rAkshasas-
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  sirangaLai  heads
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  urutti  one who severed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  kAr  in rainy season
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  nirai  dense
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  mEgam kalandhu  matching a cloud
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  Or  unique
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  uruvam  who is having a form
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  kaNNanAr  krishNa
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  karudhiya  desirously living
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  nirai  in bunches
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  pU  flowering
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  serundhi  serundhi trees- (a type of sedge)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  arumbi  sprouting (and growing further)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  muththu  having pearls
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  punnai  punnai trees- (mast-wood)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  podhumbu  holes
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  idai  in the middle
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  vari  having stripes (beautiful)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  miNdi  being closely together
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  thEn  honey
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  iraiththu  making noise
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  uNdu  consumed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  angu  there itself
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  in  sweetly
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  isai  song
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  muralum  humming
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-2-Anirai mEyththu  thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE  it is thiruveLLiyangudi
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  mun  In the past
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  kadu  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  vidam udaiya  having poison
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  kALiyan  kALiyan-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  thadaththai  pond
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  kalakki  agitated it to become slushy
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  alakkazhiththu  tormented him
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  avan than  his
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  padam  hood
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  iRa  to break
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  pAyndhu  jumped
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  palmaNi  many gems (which were on his head)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  sindha  to scatter
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  pal nadam  many types of dances
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  payinRavan  krishNa who danced, where he is residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  padam  having vast hood
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  aravu  like a snake
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  algul  thigh region
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  nallAr  distinguished
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  pAvaigaL  ladies
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  payiRRiya  practicing
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  nAdagaththu oli  the sound of the drama
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  pOy  rising high
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  adai pudai  day and night
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  thazhuvi  being together
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  aNdam  on the sky
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  ninRu  remaining firm
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  adhirum  sounding tumultuously
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-3-kadu vidam  thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE  the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLiyangudi.
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  kaRavai  cows
periya-thiru mozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  mun  during krishNAvathAram
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  kAththu  protected
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  kanjanai  on kamsan
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  kAyndha  mercifully showed his anger
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  kALamEgam  dark cloud like
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  thiru  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  uruvan  having complexion
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  mun  in the past
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  paRavai  garudAzhwAr
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  uyarththu  hoisting as flag
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  pARkadal  in thiruppARkadal (milk ocean)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  thuyinRa  mercifully rested
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  paramanAr  sarvESvaran who is greater than all
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  thuRai thuRai thORum  on all ghats
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  pon  gold
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  maNi  precious gems
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  sidhaRum  abundantly scattering
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  thogu  coming together
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  thirai  having tides
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  maNNiyin thenpAl  on the southern bank of maNNi river
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  seRi  densely embossed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  maNi  having precious gems
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  mAdam  hoisted on the houses
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  kodi  flags
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  kadhir  orbit of sun
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  aNavum  touching
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-4-kaRavai mun  thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE  is the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLiyangudi
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  pArinai  earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  uNdu  (during deluge) mercifully consumed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  pArinai  earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  umizhndhu  (during creation) spat out
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  oru kAl  during krishNAvathAram
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  bAradham  in mahAbhAratha war
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  kai eRindhu  organised the army in various groups
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  thErinai  arjuna-s chariot
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  Urndhu  conducted
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  thErinai  chariots of bhIshma et al
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  thurandha  chased to drive them away
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  sem kaN  having reddish eyes (due to motherly forbearance)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  mAl  sarvESvaran who is mad about his devotees
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  senRu  came
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  uRai  and eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  Er  ploughs which are used for farming
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  nirai  having rows
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  vayal uL  present in the fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  vALaigaL  vALai fish
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  maRugi  fears
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  idhu  this fertile field
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  emakku  for us to reside
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  idam anRu  not the apt place
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  enRu eNNi  thinking this way
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  sIr  by beauty
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  mali  abundant
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  poygai  ponds
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  senRu  went
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  aNaiginRa  and reached
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-5-pArinai uNdu  thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE  it is thiruveLLiyangudi.
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kARRidai  in great wind
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  pULai  a tender flower
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  karandhana  just as it will be destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kadal  like ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  arakkar tham  rAkshasas-
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  sEnai  army
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  arandhai uRa  to suffer
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kURRidai  yama-s place
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  sella  to reach
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kodu  cruel
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kaNai  arrows
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  thurandha  shot
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kOla  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  villi  having bow
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  rAman than  chakravarthith thirumagan-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  URRidai  in the land where there are water-springs
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  ninRa  sprouted
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  vAzhaiyin  plantain trees-
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  Uzhththu  (well ripened and) separated
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  vIzhndhana  and fell down
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kanigaL  fruits
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  maNdi  eagerly
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  uNdu  ate
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  kayalgaL  kayal fish
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  sERRidai  in the muddy areas
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  ugaL  jumping
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  thigazh  shining
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  vayal  by fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  sUzh  surrounded
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-6-kARRidai  thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE  it is thiruveLLiyangudi
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  oLLiya  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  karumam  the deed of offering oneself fully
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  seyvan  let me do
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  enRu uNarndha  thought as
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  mAvali  mahAbali-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  vELviyil  in the yAgam
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  theLLiya  having clarity (firm belief)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  kuRaLAy  being vAmanan
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  pukku  entered
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  mUvadi  three steps of land (from that mahAbali)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  koNdu  accepted as charity
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  thikku uRa  to reach in all directions
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  vaLarndhavan  one who grew in his divine form
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  aLLi  having buds
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  am  beautiful
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  pozhilvAy  in the gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  irundhu  residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  vAzh  remaining joyful
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  avai kuyilgaL  those cuckoos
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  ari ari enRu  as -hari: hari:-
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  azhaippa  to remain calling out
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  veLLiyAr  those who have sathva nature
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  vaNanga  as they worship
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  viraindhu  very quickly
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  aruL seyvAn  sarvESvaran who is showing his mercy to them, his
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-7-oLLiya karumam  thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE  it is thiruveLLiyangudi
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  mudiyudai  being crowned (and thus prideful)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  amararkku  for dhEvathAs
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  idar  sorrow
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  seyyum  causing
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  asurar tham  for asuras
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  perumAnai  hiraNya, who is the king
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  anRu  when prahlAdhan was tortured
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  ariyAy  being narasimha
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  mun  previously
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  madiyidai  on the lap
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  vaiththu  kept
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  mArvai  his chest
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  kINda  tore apart
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  mAyanAr  amazing sarvESvaran
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  manniya  remaining fixed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  padiyidai  on earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  mAdaththu  in mansions
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  adiyidai  placed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  thUNil  pillars
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  padhiththa  embossed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  pal  many types of
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  maNigaLin  gems-
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  oLiyAl  lustre
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  vidi  as early morning
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  pagal  as day
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  iravu enRu  as night
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  aRivu aridhAya  being difficult to know
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-8-mudiyudai  thiruveLLiyangudi adhuvE  it is thiruveLLiyangudi
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  amarar  dhEvathAs such as brahmA et al
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  kudi kudiyAga  along with wife, children
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  kUdi ninRu  remaining together
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  guNangaLE  (his) auspicious qualities only
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  pidhaRRi ninRu  reciting
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  Eththa  as they praise
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  adiyavarkku  for those servitors
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  aruLi  showering his grace
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  aravaNai  on ananthaSayanam (AdhiSEsha)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  thuyinRa  mercifully resting
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  AzhiyAn  sarvESvaran who is holding the divine chakra
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  amarndhu  remaining fixed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  uRai  eternally residing
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  kOyil  dhivyadhESam is
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  kadiyudai  having fragrance
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  kamalam  lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  adiyidai  at the bottom of the sugarcane and paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  malara  as they blossom (due to that)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  karumbodu  along with sugarcane
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  perum  huge
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  sennel  reddish paddy crops
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  asaiya  as they sway
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  vadivudai  having beautiful form
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  annam  swan
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  pedaiyodum  along with its female spouse
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  sErum  living in that lotus flower
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  vayal  having fertile fields
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-9-kudi kudiyAga  veLLiyangudi adhuvE  is thiruveLLiyangudi
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  paNdu  In the beginning of varAha kalpam
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  mun  before the earth got destroyed
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  Enam Agi  being mahAvarAham (great wild-boar)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  anRu orugAl  when the ocean of deluge formed (with the divine heart of -I could not help before-)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  pAr  earth
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  idandhu  dug out
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  eyiRRinil  on the tusk
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  koNdu  held
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  theL  pure
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  thirai  waves
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  varuda  to caress (his divine feet)
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  pARkadal  in thiruppARkadal
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  thuyinRa  mercifully rested
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  thiruveLLiyangudiyAnai  on sarvESvaran who is mercifully present in the dhivyadhESam named thiruveLLiyangudi
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  vaNdu  beetles
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  aRai  humming
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  sOlai  having gardens
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  mangaiyar  for the residents of thirumangai region
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  thalaivan  being the controller
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  which can cause attachment towards vaishNavas
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  vEl  having the weapon, spear
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  kaliyan  AzhwAr-s
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  vAy oligaL  divine words
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  ivai  these ten pAsurams
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  koNdu  with loving care
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  pAdum  learning/practicing
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  thavamudaiyAr  fortunate ones
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  kurai  resounding
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  kadal  surrounded by ocean
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  ivvulagu  this world
periya-thirumozhi-4-10-10-paNdu mun  ALvar  will get to rule over.

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  1. తాత్పర్యంతో కూడిన తెలుగు అనువాదం వివరణ మాకు పారాయణమ్ అనుగ్రహించిన మీకు ధన్యవాదములు. కృతజ్ఞతలు,….జైశ్రీమన్నారాయణ, ఆళ్వార్ తిరువడిగళే శరణమ్.


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