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Highlights from avathArikai (Introduction)

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vALaiyAr thadangaN umai pangan van sAbam maRRadhu nInga
mULaiyAr siraththu aiyam mun aLiththa em mugil vaNNan uRai kOyil
pALai vAn kamugUdu uyar thengin vanpazham vizha veruvip pOy
vALai pAy thadam sUzh tharu nAngUr vaNpurudOththamamE

Word-by-Word meanings

vAL – radiance
Ar – filled
thadam – vast
kaN – having eyes
umai – pArvathi
pangan – rudhra who is having in one part (of his body), his
van – cruel
sAbam – curse
nInga – to rid
adhu – the sin which caused such curse
aRRu – to be exhausted
mULai – bone
Ar – complete
siraththu – brahmA’s skull (which got stuck to his hand)
aiyam – alms
mun – previously
aLiththa – who gave
em – being my benefactor
mugil vaNNan – sarvESvaran who has cloud like nature
uRai kOyil – the temple where he resides
pALai – having swathes
vAn – grown tall reaching up to the sky
kamugu – areca trees’
Udu – in the middle
uyar – tall
thengin – coconut trees’
van – big
pazham – fruit
vizha – fall (into the tank)
vALai – fish which are present there
veruvi – got afraid
pOy – leaving that place
pAy – jumping into another place
thadam – by ponds
sUzh – surrounded by
nAngUr vaN purudOththamamE – vaN purudOththamam in thirunAngUr

Simple translation

sarvESvaran, being our benefactor, previously gave alms to rudhran who has given one part of his body to pArvathi who has vast, very radiant eyes and who is having brahmA’s skull, to rid the cruel curse and to eliminate the sin which is the cause of such curse; such sarvESvaran is having cloud like nature, is residing in the temple in vaN purudOththamam in thirunAngUr where areca trees which have grown tall reaching up to the sky and have swathes, are having in their middle, tall coconut trees, from where the coconut falls into the pond; seeing that, the fish got fearful and leaving that place, are jumping into another place.

Highlights from vyAkyAnam (Commentary)

vALai … – For dhEvi, pArvathi, who has very radiant and vast eyes, rudhra is giving a part of his body; to have him freed from the strong curse, and to make the great sin which cannot be easily eliminated and which was caused by his act of  severing the head of brahmA who is the master of the universe and his father, without any reason, be eliminated, the greatly generous emperumAn mercifully gave alms into the skull which has no blood and which only has bones; the abode of such emperumAn [who eliminated rudhran’s suffering].

pALai … – The big fruit from the coconut trees in the middle of tall areca trees which have swathes and which have filled the space in the sky, falls in to the pond, due to the close proximity between the coconut trees and the pond; the vALai fish think that the coconuts fall in there, aiming at them and leave the place seeking a place which is safer for them.

In the next article we will enjoy the next pAsuram.

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