Glossary/Dictionary by word – periya thirumadal

Sorted by pAsuram

a malar mElatop that lotus flowerperiya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbi
a nAgaththaNai mElon top of that mattress of thiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan)periya thirumadal – 2 – manniya nAgaththaNai mElOr
Adavar mElon the male (towards men)periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
AdhalAlfor both the purushArthams aRam (dharmam or righteousness) and poruL (wealth), since kAmam (love) is the benefit,periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
AdhanUrat thiruvAdhanUrperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
adhu niRkalet the discussion on mOksham remain as it is.periya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsum
adi iNaiyumthe divine feetperiya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippa
agam kuzhanidhuwith the heart softeningperiya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram
Agamumhis divine chestperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
alar Esato be abused (by worldly people)periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
algulumwaistperiya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalum
aLLal vAyin marshy placesperiya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNda
amarar pORRi seppato be praised by the celestial entitiesperiya thirumadal – 19 – ponnagaram pukku
ammaRaidhAnthose vEdhasperiya thirumadal – 10 – munnam thisaimuganai
aNai kattibuilding sEthu (and mercifully entering lankA)periya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalai
aNangu thAnbhUmippirAtti who is a divine ladyperiya thirumadal – 7a – anna nadaiya aNangE
andhaNanaibeing supremely mercifulperiya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai
ANdu aLakkum aiyanaione who controls passing of timeperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
Angualong with thatperiya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram
Anguat the same timeperiya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul
Anguin that placeperiya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram
anguin that stateperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
Angu kaNdu kai thozhudhuseeing him at that thirunaRaiyUr and worshipping himperiya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOL
angu onnA asurar thuLangamaking the inimical demons (such as namuchi et al) in those seven worlds to sufferperiya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurar
aNi mayil Aylike a beautiful peacock, in her tressesperiya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadha
aNi muRuval innamudham mAndhi irupparthey would have consumed the nectar of beautiful smile.periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram
aNi nIr vayal AlithiruvAli, the divine abode, which has (agricultural) fields, full of waterperiya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
aNimalar sErwith abundance of beautiful flowersperiya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul
annasuchperiya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEy
anna aRaththin payan Avadhu idhu anREthis is the benefit that one gets for that purushArtham dharmam (which I had spoken of, earlier)periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
anna aru thavaththinUdu Oycompleting that great penance (when asked what benefit she derived)periya thirumadal – 49 – thannudaiya kUzhai
anna kadalaiocean which has that complexionperiya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalai
anna nadaiyahaving a gait similar to that of a swanperiya thirumadal – 7a – anna nadaiya aNangE
anna thiRaththadhEit is as lowly and as temporary (as this)periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
anna uruvil ariyaias narasimhamUrththy (emperumAn’s divine form with lion face and human body) who has such (distinguished) divine formperiya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai
annadhE pEsumrepeating the oft-repeated saying (that SAsthram indicates that there is mOksham)periya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsum
annadhu Or bUdhamAytaking the form of a demon which cannot be spoken of in wordsperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
annadhu Or illiyin Udu pOythrough the path of that subtle hole, which cannot be described by wordsperiya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOn
annam Aylike a swan, in her gaitperiya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadha
annam nadaiya aNangusithAppirAtti who has the gait of a swanperiya thirumadal – 39 – anna nadaiya
annam nadaiya aNanguthe divine lady (pArvathi) who has the gait of a swanperiya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiya
annam nadaiya arambaiyar tham kaivaLarththabeing nurtured by caressing with their own hands, by celestial women who have a gait similar to that of a swanperiya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu
annam uzhakka nerindhu ukka vAL neelam naRu chinna thAdhu sUdiwearing the grains of fragrant, minute pollens from the blue water lily which had been crushed by the stamping of swansperiya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimA
annanvar thamwomen-folk like thatperiya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul
annaththaione who incarnated as a swanperiya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
annavan thansivapirAn (rudhra) who is like thatperiya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilai
annavanaione who cannot be defined that he is like thisperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
annavanaithat elder brotherperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
annavar thamsuch celestial damsels’periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram
arakkar kulapopAvaione who looked like an idol, born in the clan of demonsperiya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
Aramumthe chain (worn on the divine chest)periya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippa
arangaththu mannumresiding permanently at thiruvarangamperiya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththai
arasu ozhindhuavoiding ruling of the land (and setting forth for the forest)periya thirumadal – 35 – thannudaiya thAdhai
aRiviththAlafter informingperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
aRivu il siRu manaththu avaraithose who do not have rationale and who have narrow mindsperiya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsum
aRivummy knowledge (which is within that heart)periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
ariyaione who incarnated as hayagrIva (horse face, human body)periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
arumaRaiyaione who has the vEdhas (sacred texts) as his formperiya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
aththuNaikkaNat that very momentperiya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRu
atta buya karaththu emmAn ERRaibeing our lord at [the divine abode] attabuyakaramperiya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththu
avan thanthat arjuna’speriya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
avanudaiyahisperiya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmEl
avanumthat mahAbali (who heard that)periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRu
avuNarkku vAL vEndhanbeing a radiant leader among asuras [demonic entities]periya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANan
avvanRil pedai vAy siRu kuralukkuhearing the feeble voice from the mouth of the female love-birdperiya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRil
Ayan vEy innisai Osaikku irangAdhArthose who are not disheartened after hearing the sweet music played by the shepherd on his fluteperiya thirumadal – 30 – thennan podhiyil
Ayar vizhavin kaNin the ArAdhanai (worship) carried out by the herdspeople to indhira, the chief of celestial entitiesperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
Ayiram kaN mannavan vAnamumthe swargalOka (heaven) belonging to the thousand eyed indhraperiya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththum
Ayiram kaN vAnavarkOn pon nagaram pukkureaching the beautiful land of indhra, who has a thousand eyesperiya thirumadal – 18 – annavar thAm
Ayiram thOL mannu karathalangaL mattiththu(Siva) spreading his hands with thousands of shoulders in all directionsperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
azhiththu urappiabusing him by using ignominious wordsperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
bAradhamam Amit will end just like mahAbAradham [will be so huge]periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAl
chinnam malar kuzhalumtresses, adorning themselves with flowers which had just then blossomed.periya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalum
dhananjayanaiarjunaperiya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vEl
dheyvam sudar naduvuLamong the rays which are extraordinaryperiya thirumadal – 1 – manniya palpoRi sEr
em mAmaNiyaione who we can handle, like a blue gemperiya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththai
em viththaganaione who has amazing qualities and activities, for usperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
emperumAnthat perumAn [supreme entity]periya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOL
emperumAnthe lord of all, my swAmyperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
emperumAn thankaNNapirAn (krishNa)’speriya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa
en ivan ennappaduginRa IdaRavumgetting ruined of character with people wondering “Will anyone dance like this?”periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
en manaththu mAlaione who has deep love for me and who never leaves my mindperiya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanai
en mulaiyummy bosomperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
en nalanummy qualitiesperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
en nilaimai ellAmall my various statesperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
en nilaimai ellAm aRiviththAlif I appeal to him, stating my dispositions ..periya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOL
en sevi thanakkEonly for my earsperiya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyum
en seygEnwhat means will I carry out (to escape from this)?periya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimEl
en thanakkEonly for meperiya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
en uraikkEnHow much could I tell (you)?periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrE
en uRu nOythe disease which happened to meperiya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAl
enakkE eri vIsumis blowing fire only for meperiya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmai
e nakkE poRaiyAgithey have become an unwanted burden even for meperiya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangai
Endhu iLa mulai mElon top of the well-risen bosomperiya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAy
ennai manam kavarndha Isanaithe entity complete [in all aspects] who stole my heartperiya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththu
ennAl tharappattadhu enRalumas he said that “the three steps of land have been given by me”periya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRu
ennavum kEttaRivadhillaihas not been heard, as told by someoneperiya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAy
ennudaiya innamudhaithe supreme enjoyer, who is giving me dharSan (for me to worship)periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
ennudaiya kaN kaLippa nOkkinEnI saw such that my eyes rejoiced.periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippa
ennudaiya nenjE ilakkAga thamilyEn mEl eyginRAnkeeping my heart as the target he (cupid) is shooting those arrows on me, who is having none to support.periya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaL
ennudaiya nenjukku Or ir vAL Amit is like a unique sword which cut my heartperiya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimEl
ennudaiya nenjummy heartperiya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
ennudaiya pAdhaththAl yAn aLappaby measuring with my footperiya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLa
eri vizhiththulooking with fiery eyesperiya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgi
eththanai Orunqiue in many waysperiya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa
evvuL perumalaiyaione who is reclining at thiruvevvuL (present day thiruvaLLUr) as if a huge mountain were recliningperiya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
Ezh ulagum pOy kadandhugoing across all the worlds aboveperiya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRu
EzhaigALOh ignorant people!periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrE
ezhum sudaraias an effulgent lampperiya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNda
ezhundha kAmaththAldue to the disease of lust which swelledperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
idai kazhi mannum em mAyavanaias our thirumAl (emperumAn) who has taken permanent residence in the corridor [of mrigaNdu maharishi’s hermitage] at thirukkOvalUrperiya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNda
idai min Aylike lightning, in the beauty of her waistperiya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEy
idavendhai Isanaisupreme being who has taken residence at thiruvidavendhaiperiya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanai
idhanai kAkkum A enwhat is the way to escape from this grave danger?periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyum
idhu viLaiththahaving created such a situation (by southerly breeze etc [which have been mentioned earlier])periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyum
iLa iraNdu vEy Aylike two bamboo shoots (for shoulder)periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEy
iLa mulai mElon top of the young bosomperiya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAy
in amudham veLLaththaibeing greatly enjoyable as a sweet ocean of nectarperiya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai
in iLa pU thenRalthe most enjoyable southerly windperiya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAy
in iLa pU thenRal iyangasweet, gentle and fragrant southerly wind wafting inperiya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththin
in iLa pU thenRalumthe southerly breeze which is sweet, youthful [full of vigour] and fragrantperiya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmai
in iLa vAdai thadavabeing stroked by the sweet, youthful northerly windsperiya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalum
in isai Osaiyum vandhucoming with a sound as sweet as musicperiya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyum
in isai vaNdu amarum sOlai vAyin the orchards, inside which beetles are humming with sweet musicperiya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththin
in isai yAzh pAdalthe song from vINai (a stringed, traditional musical instrument) which has sweet notesperiya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu
iNai seppu Aylike two domes (for bosoms)periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEy
inam vaLaiyumdistinguished bangles on the handperiya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
indhaLUrat thiruvindhaLUrperiya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai
Ingu pugundhuwafting inside wherever these people are goingperiya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAy
Ingu udalam vittezhundhuleaving the physical body in this world and rising upperiya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAy
inidhu vAzhndhadhuvumthat she lived happilyperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
inna uruvin imaiyA thadam kaNNArhaving such great, expansive eyesperiya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram
innadhOr thanmaiyar Aythus, having such natureperiya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAy
innadhu Or kAlaththu idhu peRRAron a specific day, a particular person reached mOksham (SrIvaikuNtam)periya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAy
irai thEr azhundhUrat thiruvazhundhUr, to seek preyperiya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNda
iru pozhil sUzhsurrounded by huge orchardsperiya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAl
iru sudaraidivine disc and divine conch which appear like sUrya (sun) and chandhra (moon)periya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
iru sudaraithe twin sources of radiance, viz., divine chakra and divine conchperiya thirumadal – 3 – thunniya thAragaiyin
iruvisumbil mannu mazhai thavazhumin the expansive ethereal layer, with the region of clouds fitting wellperiya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhum
ivaithese bosomsperiya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangai
ivaiyE nugarndhueating these twoperiya thirumadal – 12a – ennum ivaiyE
kachchiin the town of kAnchIpuramperiya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai
kadal mallai mannum mAyavanaithe amazing entity who has taken permanent residence at thirukkadanmallai (present day mahAbalipuram)periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
kAdhalanaianirudhdhAzhwAn (grandson) who is dear [to krishNa]periya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa
kadi malarinin a flower full of honeyperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
kaippidihthumarrying himperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
kal aRai mElinside the sannidhi (sanctum sanctorum) made of stonesperiya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
kal navil thOL kALaiyaiher beloved, who is having mountain-like huge shoulder and who is proud like a bullperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
kal navil thOL kALaiyaione who is a youth with his shoulders similar to a mountainperiya thirumadal – 90 – konnavil thOL
kal navil thOL kAmanmanmadha (cupid) who has (firm) shoulders which are like mountainperiya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimEl
kal navilum kAdu agaththuin the forest which is full of stonesperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
kal niRaindhu thIyndhu kazhai udaindhu kAl suzhanRubeing full of stones, grass having been burnt, bamboo cracking up, with tornado continuously strikingperiya thirumadal – 37 – minnuruvil veN thEr
kaLavin kaNin a cunning wayperiya thirumadal – 93 – than nilaimai ellAm
kAmaththinfor that purushArtham kAmamperiya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
kAmavELmanmadha (cupid)periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththa
kaN thuyilumsleeping (happily)periya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalum
kaNapuraththup ponmalai pOl ninRavan thanemperumAn who stands as a golden mountain in thirukkaNNapuram, hisperiya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangai
kaNgaLumthe divine eyesperiya thirumadal – 55 – pannu kara thalamum
kaNNapuraththAnaione who is dwelling at thirukkaNNapuramperiya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAda
kannia girlperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
kanni madhiL sUzh kaNamangai kaRpagaththaione who is dwelling mercifully like a kalpaka vruksham (wish-fulfilling divine tree) at thirukkaNNamangai which is surrounded by newly built compound wallperiya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
kanniyar kaN miLirasuch that young girls will roll their eyes (on seeing it)periya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththu
kanniyarAl ittafanned by celestial womenperiya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththin
kaRpagaththin mannu malar vAy maNivaNdu pinthodarabeing followed by beetles which had settled on the flowers of kalpaka vruksha (celestial, wish-fulfilling tree)periya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAy
kaRpippOm yAmEshould we instruct them?periya thirumadal – 16 – annadhE pEsum
karu nedu kaN sem vAy piNai nOkkin min aNaiya nuN marungulhaving dark, long hands, reddish mouth, looks of a deer and a slender waist similar to lightningperiya thirumadal – 40 – pinnum karu negungaN
karuppuch chilai vaLaiyadrawing (his) bow made of sugarcaneperiya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimEl
kattuNda peRRimaiyumhow great it was being tied downperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
kavarippodhi avizhndhuthe bundle of chowry (fly-whisk) blossoming (nearby)periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththin
kAyAvin chinna naRu pU thigazh vaNNanhaving a complexion similar to the small flower with sweet fragrance, from the flowering plant kAyA (a bilberry plant)periya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAy
kazhal sUzh kAlone foot with a valorous ankletperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
kEttu inbuRRuhearing it and feeling joyfulperiya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu
kidandhureclining eminentlyperiya thirumadal – 8 – thannudaiya angaigaLAl
kodu kadhirOn thunnu veyil vaRuththa vembaral mElon top of the pebbles which have been roasted by the rays of the hot sunperiya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRu
kol navilum Azhi padaiyAnaione who has as his weapon, the divine disc which is capable of annihilating enemiesperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
kol navilum ehkil kodidhy Ay nedidhu Agumit is longer than the spear which is capable of killing, and more cruel than that.periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyum
kol navilum kOLarimAth thAn sumandhu kOlam sErbeing beautiful and supported by a strong lion which talks slanderously about the activity of killingperiya thirumadal – 19 – ponnagaram pukku
kol navilum kUr nudhi mElon top of the sharp edges which are capable of killing enemiesperiya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththai
kol navilum kUththanAycarrying out the dance which kills (women)periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
kol navilum mU ilai vElone who has the weapon sUlam (spear), which has three leaves [sharp edges], which indulges in the occupation of killingperiya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mU vilai
kol navilum nIL vElhaving a spear, which is long and which knows how to kill, in the handperiya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vEl
kol navilum pUngaNaigaL kOththu(on that bow) stringing arrows made of flowers which are capable of killingperiya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaL
kol navilum vem samaththuk kollAdhEnot killing in battlefield where people are killedperiya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgi
kOttiyUrat thirukkOttiyUrperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
kOvalUrthirukkOvalUrperiya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNda
kozhu kayal kaNeyes which are like carp (a fresh water fish)periya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal
kudam Adidancing with potsperiya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
kulam keNdai iraNdAylike two great keNdai (fresh-water fish, carp or barbus) (for the eyes)periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEy
kurukkaL kula madhalaione who was born in the clan of kurusperiya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vEl
kUththanone who is famously called as a dancerperiya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilai
mA malaipOl pon iyalum mAdam kavAdam kadandhu pukkumanaging to cross the divine door of the sannidhi (place inside a temple where emperumAn’s divine form resides), which is like a huge mountain and which is like goldperiya thirumadal – 53 – mannu maRaiyOr
mA maNdu vem samaththuin the cruel battle which was full of four types of armies [chariot, elephant, horse and foot soldiers]periya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalai
mA mudhu nIr thAN vizhungawhen mAhapraLayam (deluge) swallowedperiya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththai
madhi uguththa in nilA in kadhirumthe sweet light emitted by the rays of the moonperiya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
mAdhirangaLdirectionsperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
mAdhirangaL min uruvil veN thEr thirindhuwith the mirage which is like lightning, spread in all directionsperiya thirumadal – 37 – minnuruvil veN thEr
mAdu ellAm manniya mandhAram pUththa madhu thivalaiin the drops of honey secreting from the flowers of pArijAtha trees (another celestial tree, with fragrant flowers), which are seen on all sidesperiya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththin
mAl vidaiyinamong the bulls which are infatuated (with cows)periya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRu
mAl vidaiyinthe bull which comes infatuated (with the cow)periya thirumadal – 30 – thennan podhiyil
malai ittuthrowing mountainsperiya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalai
mAlai sEr manniya mAmayil pOl kUndhalbeing decked with flowers and having tresses which look like the long feathers of peacocks, fitting wellperiya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththin
mAlai vAyduring evening timeperiya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththu
malar mangai mannum mandhanbeing the supreme being who is firmly attained by periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who resides on a flowerperiya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangai
malar piNaiyal Eyndhadecorated with kadhamba mAlai (garland strung with a medley of flowers)periya thirumadal – 6 – ennum malarppiNaiyal
mAlirunjOlai maNALanaias the bridegroom who has taken residence at thirumAlirunjOlaiperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
mAmalar mEl annam thuyilumswans sleeping on distinguished lotus flowersperiya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
mAmunikkAfor the sake of sage viSvAmithraperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
mAn Aylike a deer, in her glanceperiya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadha
man i ulagai manam kaLippa vandhu iyangumroaming such that the minds of the people, who are in this permanent world, are happyperiya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmai
mAn nOkkam uNduenjoying the look of a doe’s eyesperiya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram
mAn nOkkam uNduenjoying their look which is like the look of a doeperiya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul
mAn nOkkin annam nadaiyArwomen who have eyes like a doe and gait like a swanperiya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
manam koLLa vanjiththubewildering him to make him believe (that this bachelor has come only to seek alms)periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLa
mangaiyar tham kaN kaLippaeyes of the (herd)ladies’ to rejoiceperiya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuL
mANikka manjariyinhaving flowery decorations made with ruby stonesperiya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu
maNimAdak kOyil mannu maNALanaistanding forever at maNimAdakkOyil (divine abode in thanjAvUr) as a bridegroomperiya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAda
mannaOh King!periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLa
mannan(thirunaRaiyUr) nambi’s [emperumAn who is complete in all aspects and who resides in thirunaRiyUr]periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippa
mannanbeing greatperiya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAy
mannan irAman pinbehind that mahAraja, SrI rAmaperiya thirumadal – 39 – anna nadaiya
mannan irAvaNan than nal thangaithe affectionate sister of King rAvaNaperiya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
mannan irAvaNanaithe demon king rAvaNaperiya thirumadal – 69 – anna kadalai
mannanaias the supreme lordperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
mannar peru savaiyuL senRadhumthe way he went to the court of great kings (such as dhuriyOdhanA et al)periya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuL
mannavanbeing the king among kingsperiya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANan
mannavanking of kingsperiya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa
mannifitting wellperiya thirumadal – 2 – manniya nAgaththaNai mElOr
manniyamay you live long!periya thirumadal – 1 – manniya palpoRi sEr
manniya kuNdalamumthe divine ear rings which are fitting wellperiya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippa
manniya pErinbam eydhinALshe experienced permanent, heavenly blissperiya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa
manniya singa Asanaththin mElon top of the throne which is staying firmly (being seated)periya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththin
manniya thAmarai mAmalar pUththumaking the forever indestructible lotus flower to blossomperiya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbi
manniya thiNNenavumhow firm he became!periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
mannu i agal idaththaithis expansive earth where everyone is fitting wellperiya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththai
mannu i agal idaththaithis permanent, expansive bhU maNdalam (region of world)periya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurar
mannu kulam varaiyum mArudhamum thAragaiyum thannudanE suzhalathe firmly standing kula parvathams (mountains which sustain earth), wind and stars spinning with himperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
mannu madavOraLwomen of the hamletperiya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal
mannu malai araiyan pon pAvaibeing the distinguished daughter of himavAn, the unshakeable king of mountainsperiya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrE
mannu maNi kunji paRRi vara Irththupulling closely, the hair which is decorated with crown made of gemsperiya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgi
mannu maNi pulamba vAdAdhArthose who are not dispirited after hearing the great sound of the bell (tied to that bull’s neck)periya thirumadal – 30 – thennan podhiyil
mannu maNi varai thOL mAyavanone with amazing activities, having divine shoulders adorned with divine thuLasi garland and matching a mountain of gemstonesperiya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANan
mannu maNi viLakkai mAttihanging the lamps of rubies, which will never get put outperiya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhum
mannu maragadhak kunRin marungEnear emperumAn who remains as a mountain of emerald, being the refuge for all.periya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadha
mannu maRi kadalum Arkkumeven the immobile ocean will roarperiya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
mannu marundhu aRivIr illaiyEno one is there who has seen a great medicineperiya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRu
mannu paRai kaRangathe drum tied (to the waist) to soundperiya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuL
mannum aRam poruL inbam vIdu enRubeing firmly established as righteousness, wealth, love and mOksham (attaining paramapadham or SIvaikuNtam)periya thirumadal – 11 – mannum aRam porul
mannum azhal nugarndhumeating (the sun’s) hot rays which are established firmlyperiya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbai
mannum kadum kadhirOn maNdalaththin nal naduvuLright at the central region of sun, whose rays are permanent and fierceperiya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOn
mannum madal UrAr enbadhu Or vAsagamuma saying “one should not engage in madal to sustain (one’s life)”periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrAr
mannum maNi thalaththuhaving a floor studded with distinguished gem stonesperiya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu
mannum pavaLakkAlhaving glittering pillars of red coralperiya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu
mannum thuyar kadindhaone who drove away their long standing fear of deathperiya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyai
mannum vada malaiyaithe manthara (a celestial) mountain which was ancholred firmlyperiya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyai
mannum vadaneRiyE vENdinOm(in this matter of engaging in madal) we will follow the method prescribed in great samskrutha literatureperiya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrAr
mannum vaRu nilaththu Angu vALA uguththadhu pOlbeing wasted on the hard groundperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
mannum vazhi muRaiyEin the path of love towards bhagavAn which is the well established pathperiya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
mannum viLakkAga ERRilike lighting a lamp which never gets put out.periya thirumadal – 3 – thunniya thAragaiyin
maradhagaththaihaving a greenish form matching emeraldperiya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththai
maRai nAngum AnAnaihaving the form of four vEdhasperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
maRaiyOr mannumplace inhabited by vaidhikas (those who follow vEdhas)periya thirumadal – 53 – mannu maRaiyOr
maRi kadalum pannu thiraikkavari veesathe king of ocean fanning with the chowry (fly-whisk) of agitating wavesperiya thirumadal – 4 and 5 – pannu thiraikkavari
maRRavanOduwith anirudhdhaperiya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa
maRRavanumthat brahmA tooperiya thirumadal – 10 – munnam thisaimuganai
maRRu anRiyumapart from thatperiya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam Arum
maRRu ArAnum eydhAmEnot being useful for anyoneperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
maRRu ivai thAnvarious other activities which are similar to theseperiya thirumadal – 99 – thennulag am ERRuviththa
maRRu ivaidhAn ennAlE kEttIrEAre you remaining to hear examples like these, from me?periya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrE
marungu irundhabeing nearbyperiya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththin
mAsuNaththAlwith a snake (vAsuki, encircling)periya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyai
maththu Agaas a churning shaftperiya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyai
mAvali thanmahAbali’speriya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam Arum
mAvaliyai vanjiththudeceiving mahAbali (like this)periya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurar
mAyaththAl koNdupOy kanni thanpAl vaikkataken deceptively, to where she was staying and kept beside herperiya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa
mazhaicloudsperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
mazhai kaNNArwomen with cool eyesperiya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhum
mazhai thadam kaNhaving expansive eyes which are cool and dark like rain bearing cloudperiya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththin
mazhaik kUndhalhaving a flowing tress similar to cloudsperiya thirumadal – 6 – ennum malarppiNaiyal
mEl eduththalifted in the top directionperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
mEl eduththathat which was lifted high upperiya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRu
mel mulaiyumsoft bosomperiya thirumadal – 33 – chinna malarkkuzhalum
min Adumhaving radianceperiya thirumadal – 42 – ponnnavilum Agam
min Ar mudi pOy viN thadavathe radiant crown went and stroked the ethereal layerperiya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRu
min idaiyarOdumwith celestial damsels who have their waists slender like lightningperiya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththin
min ilangum Azhi padai thadaikkai vIranaibeing a great warrior who has the divine chakrAyudham (disc) which is radiant like lightningperiya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmEl
min indaiyAr sEriyilumin the gatherings of womenperiya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilum
mInaione who incarnated as a fishperiya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
mINdum pOyreaching her dwelling placeperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
minnaione who has periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is resplendent like lightningperiya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
minnanaiya nuNmarungul melliyalArtender women having waist as subtle as lightningperiya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul
minnishining brightlyperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
minni eri vIsasuch that fire and smoke got emittedperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
minni oLi padaippaemitting radiance similar to lightningperiya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippa
minnidai Aychchiyar tham sEriin the hamlet of cow-herd girls whose slender waists were like lightningperiya thirumadal – 93 – than nilaimai ellAm
minnin oLi sErhaving the lustre of lightningperiya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhum
minnin oLisEr paLingu viLimbu aduththahaving cornice (similar to thiNNai that we see in traditional houses) made with crystals which have radiance similar to lightningperiya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu
minnu maNi magara kuNdalangaL vil veesathe ornaments worn in the ear have rare gems studded in them and these gems emit radiance similar to rainbow.periya thirumadal – 2 – manniya nAgaththaNai mElOr
minnum iru sudarum piRangu oLiyum thanninudanE suzha la malai thiruththuchurning that manthara mountain (churning the ocean) such that the radiant moon, sun, sky and other lustrous entities spun around with himperiya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyai
mU adi maN tharuga enRusaying ‘give me three steps of land’periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLa
mugizh niLa vandhu arumbayoung moon, spreadingperiya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul
mUkkinRuageing more and moreperiya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRu
mUkku arindhucutting off her noseperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
muL muLari kUdu agaththuin the nest made with lotus stem which has thornsperiya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimEl
muLaiththu ezhundhu Ongi oLi parandha manniya pU peNNai madal UrvanI will engage with madal from beautiful, firm and splendorous palm leaf which has been taken from a well sprouted, high grown pam tree.periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththa
mun Aya thoNdai Aylike the fruit of the hedges creeper in the front (for lips)periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEy
mun i ulagu uNda mUrththiyaiin an earlier time, as the lord, keeping all these worlds in his divine stomach and looking after themperiya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNda
mun irundhubeing present right in front of my eyesperiya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRu
mun irundhuright in fornt of themperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
mun uraiyil kEttu aRivadhillaiyEhave you not heard of, in mahAbhAratham?periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
munam nALduring an earlier timeperiya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuL
munam nALin earlier time (during krishNAvathAram)periya thirumadal – 93 – than nilaimai ellAm
munnam mA madhi kOL viduththa mugil vaNNanhaving the complexion of rain bearing clouds, who, in earlier times, had removed chandhra (moon)’s distress.periya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAy
munnam mugizhththarevealed at the beginning itselfperiya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul
munnam nAn sonna aRaththin vazhi muyanRa annavar thAmthose who carried out their activities in the path of righteousness that I had mentioned earlier.periya thirumadal – 17 – munna nAn sonna
munnam nAnmaRaigaL padaiththananhe obtained the four vEdhas (from supreme being)periya thirumadal – 10 – munnam thisaimuganai
munnam thisaimuganaith thAn padaikkaeven as he created brahmA during the time of creation (after deluge)periya thirumadal – 10 – munnam thisaimuganai
munnistanding up frontperiya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththa
munniya peNNai mElon the palm tree seen in frontperiya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimEl
muRRacompletelyperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
muththinaione who is like a pearlperiya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
mUvAmai kAppadhu Orto prevent it from aging like thatperiya thirumadal – 65 – munnirundhu mUkkinRu
mUzhikkaLaththu viLakkinaione who is shining at thirumUzhikkaLam [a divine abode in kEraLa]periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththu
nadandhilaLEdid she too not go?periya thirumadal – 39 – anna nadaiya
nAdu agaththumin all the other placesperiya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilum
nal nagaram pOy pukkureaching beautiful place (in the land of snakes)periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
nal naRu sandhana sERu uL pularththadrying up a fragrant sandal wood pasteperiya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAy
nal naRu vAsamgreat fragranceperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
nal nIr thalaichchanga nANmadhiyaias the nANmadhiyapperumAL at thalaichchangAdu which is surrounded by good waterperiya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAda
nAm adhanai theLiyOmwe do not consider that as having any clarity (it is not apt)periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrAr
nAm niRRumwe will be firmly involved with.periya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
nAnIperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
nAnI (who know all his activities)periya thirumadal – 91 – than aruLum Agamum
nAnI, parakAla nAyakiperiya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththa
nAn vaNangum kaNNanaias kaNNan (krishNa) who I worshipperiya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAda
nAnginumamong these four benefitsperiya thirumadal – 11 – mannum aRam porul
nAngUrat thirunAngUrperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
naRu thuzhAy vAzh mArbanhaving his chest decorated with the fragrant thuLasiperiya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAy
nayandhucelebratingperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
nenju urukkisoftening his heart (through the beauty of his gait, speech etc)periya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLa
nennalai inRinai nALaiyaione who is the controller of yesterday, today and tomorrowperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
nIL mudiyumthe huge divine crownperiya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippa
nilamangai thannai munanAL aLavittameasuring earth at an earlier time [as thrivikrama]periya thirumadal – 4 and 5 – pannu thiraikkavari
ninRadhu aRiyAdhEnot knowing that (she) is standing (nearby)periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEy
nIrmalai mEl mannumone who has taken residence at thirunIrmalaiperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
nOkkAdhunot minding himperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
nOkkudhalumto the extent that I had seenperiya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippa
nudangu idai sEr pon udambnu vAdaher beautiful form with the quivering waist, witheringperiya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiya
oN poruLumthe benefit for the distinguished artha (wealth) purushArthamperiya thirumadal – 28 – anna aRaththin
oNduRai nIr vElai ulagu aRiyamaking it known to the people of the world, surrounded by ocean which has effulgent places for taking a dip and which is full of waterperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
Or ari uruvam Agiincarnating as an incomparable narasinga mUrththy (lion face and human body)periya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgi
Or EnamAy pukkuentered (the ocean) as a divine boarperiya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththai
Or in iLa vanji kodi onRu ninRadhupirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) who is distinguished, enjoyable (for emperumAn) and like a youthful creeper, stoodperiya thirumadal – 57 – mannu maragadha
Or mAmalai pOlreclining like a distinguished dark mountainperiya thirumadal – 2 – manniya nAgaththaNai mElOr
Or mandhAram thunnu naRumalarAl thOL kottidecorating the shoulders with fragrant flowers which are from the distinguished mandhAram tree (a celestial flower bearing tree)periya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimA
Or maNi varai mEl ponniyal pangayaththin kAdu pUththadhu pOljust like a forest of golden lotus blooming on top of a bluish gem coloured mountain (and shining)periya thirumadal – 55 – pannu kara thalamum
Or thol neRiyaithat paramapadham (or archirAdhi mArga, the way to reach paramapadham) is distinguished and is existing for a very long timeperiya thirumadal – 12 – thonneRiyai vENduvAr
Or unniya yOgaththu uRakkam thalaikkoNda pinnaiafter assuming the posture of reclining where he is thinking about protecting the worldperiya thirumadal – 8 – thannudaiya angaigaLAl
Or valli(blossomed) in a creeperperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
Or vAn kayiRRAlwith a beautiful ropeperiya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal
ozhiya pOndhERkufor me who has lost (everyone of the above)periya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
pAdagaththu manniya em maindhanaias our youthful entity at thiruppAdagam where he has taken permanent residenceperiya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai
pal poRi sEr Ayira vAy vAL aravinthiruvananthAzhwAn (AdhiSEshan, the divine mattress for emperumAn), who has many dots (circular spots) on his body and thousands of mouths as well as radiance hisperiya thirumadal – 1 – manniya palpoRi sEr
panju adiyAlwith soft, like cotton, divine feetperiya thirumadal – 39 – anna nadaiya
pannAgarAyan madam pAvaiwoman with timidity, ulUpi, who is the daughter of gauravya, a king of snakesperiya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vEl
panni uraikkum kAlif I have to say more expansively (citing more examples)periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAl
pannu kara thalamumthe divine hands which are to be praisedperiya thirumadal – 55 – pannu kara thalamum
pannu paLLimElon the mattress which is to be extolledperiya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimA
paRRicatching himperiya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal
pAvai than manniya nAN achcham madam ivai agalaridding herself of feminine qualities such as shyness, fear, timidityperiya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vEl
pAviyEn ennai idhu viLaiththa Ir iraNdu mAlvaraiththOLthe four shoulders which are like a huge mountain and which torment me, who is a sinnerperiya thirumadal – 46 – ennai idhu viLaiththa
pAviyERkufor me, the sinful personperiya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAl
pEdhaiyEn ennudaiya peNmaimy femininity, I being ignorantperiya thirumadal – 63 – kannavilum kAttagaththOr
peNNaimEl pinnumhooking its beak with its male’s, on top of the palm treeperiya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRil
pEr oLi sErbeing with great radianceperiya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbi
pEril piRappu iliyaidwelling at thiruppErnagar, being ready forever [to protect his followers]periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanai
pErththumfurtherperiya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
pEy alaRa mulai uNda piLLaiyaias an infant who ate [from] the bosom of the demon pUthana such that she cried out in painperiya thirumadal – 84 – munnivvulaguNda
pinafter passage of some timeperiya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgi
pin idhanai kAppIrdhAn illaiyEthere is none who could now enable me to escape from this dangerperiya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaL
pinnai maNALanaibeing the consort of nappinnai pirAtti (nILA dhEvi)periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanai
pinnai peyar tharum enbadhuafter this physical body is gone [after death], it will get another body (as mentioned in SAsthras)periya thirumadal – 11 – mannum aRam porul
pinnai pOyafter that, going toperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
pinnE pulambaeven though they came behind (SrI rAma) crying (telling him not to go to the forest)periya thirumadal – 36 – ponnagaram pinnE
pinnumafter thatperiya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththai
pinnumapart from thatperiya thirumadal – 40 – pinnum karu negungaN
pinnu mmoreoverperiya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRu
pinnum avvanRil siRuvAych chiRu pedaiyumfeeble voice emanating from the mouth of the female love bird which has locked its beak with that of the maleperiya thirumadal – 61 – munniya peNNaimEl
pinnum thiru uRugalet them shine with more and more of physical beautyperiya thirumadal – 34 – pon aNaiyAr pinnum
podhavaNaindhustanding close (to the target) so that the bows will pierce through wellperiya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaL
podiyAdione who is famous for applying ash all over his bodyperiya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilai
pon agalambeautiful chestperiya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmEl
pon agalam Angu senRu aNaindhilaLEdid she not go to him and embrace his beautiful chest?periya thirumadal – 51 – konnavilum mUvilai
pon agalam thOyAvElwe have not attained his beautiful, divine chestperiya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangai
pon anaiyAr thAmthose who are fortunateperiya thirumadal – 34 – pon aNaiyAr pinnum
pon Ar kanai kazhal kAlthe coveted divine foot, decorated with valorous anklet and making a soundperiya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRu
pon arumbu Aram pulambachains (worn by the celestial damsel) make soundsperiya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram
pon iyal kaRpagaththin kAdu uduththasurrounded by a forest of golden hued kaRpaga trees (wish-fulfilling, celestial tree)periya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththin
pon iyalum mEgalaiyumgolden waist bandperiya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
pon iyalum vELvikkaN pukkirundhutaking abode in the yAgabhUmi (the place where mahAbali conducted the ritual) where gold was being giftedperiya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam Arum
pon mudigaL paththum puraLamaking the ten beautiful heads to roll (on the ground)periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththum
pon nagaram seRRaone who destroyed the towns of hiraNyAsuraperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
pon navilum Agamin the chest (of her beloved) which is like goldperiya thirumadal – 42 – ponnnavilum Agam
pon nedu vIdhi pugAdhArthose who do not enter the beautiful, long streetsperiya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththa
pon niram koNduher complexion became pale [lost its colour]periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
pon ulagam Ezhum kadandhugoing past the beautiful worlds aboveperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
pon varai Agambeautiful, mountain-like chestperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
pongu oLi sErhaving a radiance which keeps growingperiya thirumadal – 19 – ponnagaram pukku
ponnagaramall the people who were residing in the beautiful city of ayOdhyAperiya thirumadal – 36 – ponnagaram pinnE
ponnaishining like goldperiya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththai
ponni maNi kozhikkum pUngudandhai pOrvidaiyaione who is reclining like a bull which has got tired after waging a war, at thirukkudandhai, where the river kAviri brings precious gemsperiya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganai
pOr vEndhanrAma, who is like a tiger in warperiya thirumadal – 34 – pon aNaiyAr pinnum
pOr vEndhar mannaithat mAvali who is the chief of kings who have the strength to indulge in warperiya thirumadal – 76 – mannai manam koLLa
pU gangai punal munnam parakkum nal nAdanthe head of the great country where the beautiful waters of the river gangA had earlier increased its flow abundantlyperiya thirumadal – 42 – ponnnavilum Agam
pugazh padaiththagetting the fame (of having protected his follower, prahlAdha)periya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmEl
pukkuenteringperiya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal
pulan aindhum nondhu agalaher five senses getting distressed and leaving herperiya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiya
pularndhuher body withered [lifeless]periya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
pullANione who has taken residence at thiruppullANiperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
puNarndhilaLEdid she not get embraced?periya thirumadal – 42 – ponnnavilum Agam
purandharanOdu Er okkumit will parallel the greatness of dhEvEndhra (head of celestial entities)periya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
putkuzhi em pOr ERRaidwelling in [the divine abode of] thirupputkuzhi, as my lord and as a bull ready to wage a warperiya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththai
sadAbAram thAn thariththushe made it into matted hair and wore itperiya thirumadal – 49 – thannudaiya kUzhai
saram thurandhuraining arrowsperiya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththum
sela nIttiextending further (to go beyond)periya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurar
semponsey maNdabaththuLinside the hall made of reddish gold (pure gold)periya thirumadal – 23 – mannum maNiththalaththu
senni maNik kudumifrom the carbuncles which are present in the raised hoods of AdhiSEshanperiya thirumadal – 1 – manniya palpoRi sEr
sezhu sandhin thAdhu aLaindhumixing the pollen from the beautiful sandalwood treesperiya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmai
silai vAy mannum malar vALi kOththu eyyaeven when manmadha strings arrows of flowers on his bow and shoots (affirming that engaging with madal is the purushArtham (benefit) now)periya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththa
sollAdhEinstead of showing such personsperiya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOn
solleerPlease say (if there is a means available)periya thirumadal – 67 – innisai Osaiyum
sOrvu eydhigoing into a tranceperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
sUrppaNakAcalled as sUrppaNakAperiya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
sUzh kadaluLin the expansive oceanperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
suzhanRu Adumone who was himself dancing with a spinperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
tham pU aNai mElon their bed of flowersperiya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththa
tham udalam vEvath thaLarAdhArthose who do not weaken such that their bodies are burntperiya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththa
thAmarai mEl min idaiyAL nAyaganaithe consort of pirAtti who was born on a lotus and who has a waist similar to lightning.periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganai
thAmarai pOl manniya sEvadiyaitowards the lotus-like divine feetperiya thirumadal – 4 and 5 – pannu thiraikkavari
thAn(discarding her shyness) on her ownperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
thAnhe himselfperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
than adiyAr munbumin the presence of emperumAn’s followersperiya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilum
than aruLumhis mercyperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
than aruLum Agamum thArAnElif he does not grant me his divine grace and his divine chestperiya thirumadal – 91 – than aruLum Agamum
than innuyir kAdhalanai kANAdhunot allowing (her) to see her husband who is like her lifelineperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
thAn munindhubecoming fieryperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
than nAbi valayaththuin the region of his navelperiya thirumadal – 9 – pinnaith than nAbi
than nigar onRu illAdhabeing incomparableperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
than nigar onRu illAdha venRione with unparalleled victoriesperiya thirumadal – 43 – konnavilum nIL vEl
than nilaimai ellAm aRivippanI will expose all his qualitiesperiya thirumadal – 93 – than nilaimai ellAm
thAn Or mannum kuRaL uruvin mANi Ayhe, who is the most supreme among all men, made himself into a divine dwarf bachelorperiya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam Arum
thAn senRuleaving, forcefullyperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
thaN sERai manniya vaLLalaithe supremely generous entity who has fittingly taken residence in the cool thiruchchERai.periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganai
than ulagam Akkuviththa thALAnaihaving divine feet, which made [such worlds] as his worldperiya thirumadal – 78 – onnA asurar
than uruvam Arum aRiyAmalmaking his nature unknown to anyone elseperiya thirumadal – 75 – thannuruvam Arum
than vayiRu Ara thAn vizhungaas he gobbled these in order to fill up his stomachperiya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal
thanadhuherperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
thAnga aru sIr min idai mEl kai vaiththu irundhukeeping the hand on the (subtle) difficult-to-bear waist which is like a beautiful lightningperiya thirumadal – 26 – mannu malarvAy
thaNkAl thiRalvaliyaithe hugely powerful entity who has taken residence at thiruththaNkAlperiya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
thannaithat emperumAnperiya thirumadal – 91 – than aruLum Agamum
thannai igazhndhu uraippato be spoken of despicablyperiya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuL
thannai nayandhALaithat demonic woman who desired himperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
thannai piRar aRiyA thaththuvaththaione whose nature cannot be known by others (who are not under the shadow of his divine mercy)periya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
thannudaiya am kaikgaLAl adiyiNaiyai thadavagently massaging the divine feet [of emperumAn] with her beautiful handsperiya thirumadal – 8 – thannudaiya angaigaLAl
thannudaiya innuyir thOzhiyAlwith the help of her dear friend, chithralEkaiperiya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANan
thannudaiya kongai mugam neRiyasuch that the face of her bosom became stiffperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
thannudaiya kUzhaiher tressesperiya thirumadal – 49 – thannudaiya kUzhai
thannudaiya mun thOnRal koNdu Egaher elder brother carrying her (preventing her from being with her husband)periya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
thannudaiya nA ozhiyAdhu Adum thani maNiyinwith the gong of the unparalleled bell striking continuouslyperiya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththu
thannudaiya thAdhai paNiyAlas per the counsel of his father dhaSarathaperiya thirumadal – 35 – thannudaiya thAdhai
thannudaiya thAL mEl kidAththimaking (hiraNya) to lie on his lapperiya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmEl
thannudaiya thanmai thavira thAn en kolDid anyone do anything to convert the natural quality of coolness of the moon to a hot state like this?periya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmai
thannudaiya thOL kazhiya vAngipulling (the string of the bow) to reach his shoulderperiya thirumadal – 62 – konnavilum pUngaNaigaL
thannudaiya thOL valiyAL kaikkoNda dhAnavanaihiraNyAsura who made them his, through the strength of his shouldersperiya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththum
thArAn Elif he doe s not grantperiya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
tharaNi muzhudhALum konnavilum vElvEndhar kUttaththumin the courts of those kings who rule over the entire earthern region and who have cruel armiesperiya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilum
thAtakaiyaia woman called as thAtakAperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
thavazhumcoming to, gentlyperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
thayir veNNeycurd and butterperiya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal
thazheeikkoNdu pOyembracingperiya thirumadal – 44 – thannudaiya kongai
then ilangaiyAttithe queen of lankA in the southperiya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
then nan kuRungudiyuL sembavaLam kunRinaione who is shining like a reddish coral like mountain at thirukkuRungudi which is a distinguished divine abode in the southern directionperiya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganai
then naRaiyUr maNi mAdak kOyil mannu maNALanaione who has taken residence as a bridegroom in the famous thiruraRaiyUr maNi mAdak kOyilperiya thirumadal – 89 – mannum maNimAda
then thillaich chiththirakUdaththu en selvanaithe wealthy entity (who has taken residence) at thillai chiththira kUtam, which is in the southern directionperiya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
then ulagam ERRuviththaso as to reach yamalOkam (hell)periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththa
then ulagam ERRuviththa sEvaganaias a great warrior who made (that rAvaNa) to reach yamalOka (hell)periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththum
then uraiyil kEttu aRivadhu uNduwe have heard of in thamizh languageperiya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrAr
thennan podhiyilin the malaiyamalai (podhigai mountain) of the king of pANdyas, who is the chief of the southern regionperiya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmai
thennan podhiyil sezum sandhanak kuzhambinannadhu Or thanmai aRiyAdhArthose who do not know that property of the sandalwood paste made from sandalwood trees which grow in the podhigai malai (podhigai mountain range) in the kingdom of pANdyas.periya thirumadal – 30 – thennan podhiyil
thennan thamizhai vadamozhiyaione who is described by both thamizh and samaskrutha languagesperiya thirumadal – 88 – annavanai AdhanUr
thennanuyar poruppum dheyva vadamalaiyum ennum ivaiyE mulai Athe mountain of thirumAlirum sOlai and thiruvEngadamalai (thirumalai hill) as her bosomperiya thirumadal – 7 – thennan uyar poruppum
theRRanavumwhat a shame!periya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
thin thiRalumwhat great strengthperiya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththa
thirai vayiRu pEyE thirindhuhaving only ghosts, which are with empty stomachs (due to lack of food), which keep roamingperiya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRu
thiru meyyaththuin thirumeyyamperiya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai
thiru uruvamthe divine form of SrIdhEvi (Sri mahAlakshmi)periya thirumadal – 58 – minnAy iLavEy
thirumArbumthe chest where pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) residesperiya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippa
thirunaRaiyUrat thirunaRaiyUrperiya thirumadal – 53 – mannu maRaiyOr
thiruvEngadamat thiruvEngadamalai (one who has taken residence)periya thirumadal – 85 – then thillai
thol neRikkaN senRAr enappadum sol allAlother than saying that he reached an ancient placeperiya thirumadal – 14 – innadhOr thanmaiyarAy
thol nIr kadal kidandhaone who reclined on the ocean during the time of great delugeperiya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanai
thOL vaLaiyumthe ornaments worn on the shouldersperiya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippa
thOLA maNi sudaraibeing the radiance of gem which has not been piercedperiya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanai
thU nilA nIL neruppilin the huge fire, also known as pure moonperiya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththa
thUkkuNdubeing hungperiya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththu
thunniya sAlEgam sUzh kadhavam thAL thiRappawith the doors of the closely fabricated windows opening outperiya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimA
thunniya thAragaiyin pEroLi sEr AgAsam ennumsky which is said to be lit up by the densely located stars.periya thirumadal – 3 – thunniya thAragaiyin
thunnu madhi uguththaemitted by moon which has dense raysperiya thirumadal – 32 – thunnu madhiyugaththa
thunnu padal thiRandhuby opening the gate woven with densely packed palm leavesperiya thirumadal – 94 – thunnu padal
thunnu pidar eruththuin the hump of the large napeperiya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththu
thunnu sagadaththAl pukka peru sORRaithe huge quantum of food carried by many cartsperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
thunnu sudu sinaththuhaving an anger which will singeperiya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
thunnu veyil viriththa chULAmaNi imaippathe lustrous ruby which is embedded on the radiant locksperiya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippa
thunnum ilaikkurumbaith thunjiyumlying inside hermitages which are close to each otherperiya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbai
thuRRiyaeatenperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
udal urugi naiyAdhArthose who do not have their physical forms destroyed, by meltingperiya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRil
udalam varundhitormenting the physical bodyperiya thirumadal – 12a – ennum ivaiyE
uLadhu ennilin the event that (the mOksha whose presence I deny completely) is presentperiya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOn
ulagaththu than okkum kanniyarai illAdha kAtchiyALushai, who is so extremely beautiful, with none in the world equalling her in beautyperiya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANan
ulagil nal neRi mEmbattana nAngu anREthese are the four ultimate benefits as said in this world as being attained through correct means.periya thirumadal – 11 – mannum aRam porul
ulagu aRiyaannouncing such activities so that people of the world would knowperiya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththa
ulavA kol navilumhaving only the sound of killing continuously being emittedperiya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRu
umai ennumhaving the name umAperiya thirumadal – 48 – anna nadaiya
umbar mEl silumbaextending (the single foot) more and more, high aboveperiya thirumadal – 50 – mannu karathalangaL
umbar vAyin the skyperiya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRil
unnithinking back on the union with their malesperiya thirumadal – 31 – pinnum avvanRil
unni ulavAthey cannot be thought of completely.periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththa
unniya yOgaththu uRakkaththaione who is sleeping in yOga [body and mind joined together] while being fully awareperiya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththu
UragaththuL annavanaibeing very distinguished in thiruvUragam [a divine abode in kAnchIpuram]periya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththu
uralOdu(tied up) with the mortarperiya thirumadal – 95 – pinnum uralOdu
vadivu amaindhahaving a fitting formperiya thirumadal – 7 – thennan uyar poruppum
vaidhEvi enRu uraikkumone who is referred to as vaidhEhiperiya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRu
vaiththu eduththa kUththanaione who did a great a ctivity, carrying (that earth)periya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththai
vAL amarumin a big battlefieldperiya thirumadal – 41 – kanni than innuyirAm
vAL eyiRuhaving teeth like a sword (being resplendent)periya thirumadal – 97 – konnavilum kUththanAy
vAL negungaNhaving eyes which are sharp like a swordperiya thirumadal – 20 – manniya singAsanaththin
vAL nilA minnu maNi muRuval sem vAyhaving a reddish mouth, with a beautiful smile matching the radiant moonperiya thirumadal – 47 – ennAlE kEttIrE
vaL ugirAl pOzhndhuparted asunder with his sharp nailsperiya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmEl
vALA ivai thAn enwhat is the use of these wasted things?periya thirumadal – 64 – mannu malarmangai
vaLai maruppinof the curved tusksperiya thirumadal – 73 – mannivvagalidaththai
valam koNdunot stepping back from his from resolveperiya thirumadal – 36 – ponnagaram pinnE
vaLam mannu nAdu kaivitturenouncing the wealthy state of kOsalaperiya thirumadal – 36 – ponnagaram pinnE
vaLLalaithe greatly generous entityperiya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyai
vallALanthat hugely strong demon’speriya thirumadal – 71 – pinnOr ariyuruvamAgi
vallavAzhone who has taken residence at thiruvallavAzhperiya thirumadal – 81 – pannai maradhagaththai
vAn iyangu thAragai mIn ennumthe stars which roam around in the skyperiya thirumadal – 6 – ennum malarppiNaiyal
vAn nilA nIL madhi thOywith the huge, beautiful moon fitting wellperiya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhum
vaN thadaththin utkidandhumimmersing in the bountiful pondsperiya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbai
van thodarAl kattuNdubeing tied by a strong ropeperiya thirumadal – 66 – thunnu pidareruththu
vANan thannudaiya pAvaias the daughter of bANAsuraperiya thirumadal – 45 – mannavan vANan
vAnavar tham munnavanaibeing the leader of celestial entitiesperiya thirumadal – 87 – unniya yOgaththu
vAnavar tham ponnulagumthe divine words of (other) dhEvathAs (celestial deities)periya thirumadal – 70 – pon mudigal paththum
vAnavar tham senni maNi sudaraione who is radiant as the prime jewel for nithyasUrisperiya thirumadal – 83 – mannum kadanmallai
vAnavarai in amudham Uttioffering sweet nectar to celestial entitiesperiya thirumadal – 74 – mannum vadamalaiyai
vaNdu aRai pUm peNNai madal UrvanI will engage with a beautiful madal which is resounding with the humming of beetles.periya thirumadal – 100 – ennilaimai ellAm
vaNNam pOlsimilar to his complexionperiya thirumadal – 68 – mannan naRundhuzhAy
vAy thiRappaas he asked, opening his mouthperiya thirumadal – 77 – mannA tharuga enRu
vAyththa malai pOlumone who had the form similar to a mountainperiya thirumadal – 98 – ponnirAngoNdu
vAyumthe divine mouth (which is full of his smile)periya thirumadal – 54 – ennudaiya kaN kaLippa
vAzhvEndhar thUdhanAyas pANdava’s messengerperiya thirumadal – 96 – mannar perunjavaiyuL
vEdhiyargaL vAzhvidaththumin the places where vaidhikas (those who follow vEdhams) liveperiya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilum
vEgavadhi enRu uraikkumbeing spoken of as vEgavadhi (name of a lady)periya thirumadal – 40 – pinnum karu negungaN
vehkAvilat thiruvehkAperiya thirumadal – 86 – a nna uruvil ariyai
veLippattueverything appears to be arid land, with not even a blade of grass seen anywhere.periya thirumadal – 37 – minnuruvil veN thEr
veLLaRaiyuLat thiruveLLaRaiperiya thirumadal – 80 – annam thuyilum
vELukkai ALariyaias narasimha in the divine abode of thiruvELukkaiperiya thirumadal – 86 – anna uruvil ariyai
vem kAnaththUduinside the cruel forestperiya thirumadal – 38 – pinnum thirai vayiRRu
veN muRuval(their) white teethperiya thirumadal – 21 – minnaNaiya nuN marungul
vENdAdhArthose who do not like (to cross the limit as mentioned in samskrutha texts) what type of people are they?periya thirumadal – 29 – mannum madalUrAr
vENdidaththu viLaiyAdiplaying joyfully in places which they desireperiya thirumadal – 22 – ponniyal kaRpagaththin
vENduvArthose who desire to attainperiya thirumadal – 12 – thonneRiyai vENduvAr
venjudarOnsun who has cruel raysperiya thirumadal – 13 – thunnum ilaik kurumbai
veydhu Agumemitted heatperiya thirumadal – 59 – ennudaiya nenjum
vichiththiramA pAppaduththabeing spread out expansivelyperiya thirumadal – 25 – pannu vichiththirimA
vidhAnaththin kIzhAlunder the canopyperiya thirumadal – 3 – thunniya thAragaiyin
vIdu ennum thol neRikkaN senRArai sollumingaLshow those who have gone to that location which you call as mOksham, and returnedperiya thirumadal – 15 – mannum kadum kadhirOn
viNNagaruL ponmalaiyaione who is shining like a golden mountain at thiruviNNagar.periya thirumadal – 79 – minnidaiyAL nAyaganai
visusmbu Urum mALigai mElin the aerial vehicle which is roaming around in the skyperiya thirumadal – 24 – mannum mazhai thavazhum
vIzh nANumthe waist cord which is much desiredperiya thirumadal – 56 – minni oLi padaippa
vIzhkaniyum Uzh ilai ennumfruits which had ripened and had fallen on their own as well as leaves which dried upperiya thirumadal – 12 – thonneRiyai vENduvAr
yAn uraippak kENminplease listen to it, as I narrate it.periya thirumadal – 52 – panni uraikkungAl

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