periya thirumadal – 72 – thannudaiya thALmEl

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thannudaiya thALmEl kidAththi avanudaiya
ponnagalam vaLLugirAl pOzhndhu pugazh padaiththa                                 102
minnilangum Azhip padaiththadakkai vIranai

Word by word meaning

thannudaiya thAL mEl kidAththi – making (hiraNya) to lie on his lap
avanudaiya – his
pon agalam – beautiful chest
vaL ugirAl pOzhndhu – parted asunder with his sharp nails
pugazh padaiththa – getting the fame (of having protected his follower, prahlAdha)
min ilangum Azhi padai thadaikkai vIranai – being a great warrior who has the divine chakrAyudham (disc) which is radiant like lightning 


thannudaiya thAL mEl kidAththi – on [emperumAn’s] lap where periya pirAtti (SrI mahAlakshmi) will recline, instead of making me [prakAla nAyaki] recline, will he make a rude entity to recline? One of the commentators for this prabandham, azhagiya maNavALap perumAL nAyanAr quotes nampiLLai who has said that he had heard from bhattar (parASara bhattar) who said that parakAla nAyaki is saying “He should have allowed people like me to approach his lap; on the divine feet which are the goal for his followers, how is he keeping a demonic entity? ”

avanudaiya ponnagalam – the demon’s name is hiraNyan which means one made of gold. Thus his chest is golden hued. Alternatively, just as a sacrificial lamb is nurtured well, his chest is made to look beautiful so that it can be an apt prey for emperumAn’s divine nails.

vaLLugirAl pOzhndhu – Since it was golden chest, it melted under the fiery eyes of emperumAn. Then, with his beautiful nails, emperumAn tore it just like one tears the rind of a banana plant.

pugazh padaiththa – emperumAn gained the fame that even when one’s [biological] father turns inimical, he would be the father without any cause and that he is the generous person who would transform himself in order to protect his devotee.

minnilangum Azhi – the fat, huge body of hiraNyan was a small feed for emperumAn’s divine nails. The divine disc, since it could not get any prey, roared and let out effulgence, sticking out its tongue. Did not nammAzhwAr too say in thiruvAimozhi 4-8-7kiLaroLiyAl kuRaivillA ariyuruvAyk kiLarththezhundhu kiLaroLiya iraNiyanadhagal mArvam kizhiththugandha vaLaroLiya kanalAzhi valampuriyan” (emperumAn has the divine disc with its blazing flame and the divine conch even as he appeared with a rage as narasimha and tore apart into two, the broad chest of hiraNya who had a glowing lustre).

vIranai – AzhwAr recalls the nrusimha anushtup manthra which is famous in nrusimha
thApanIyOpanishath “ugram vIram” (the valorous person who is angry).

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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