periya thirumadal – 99 – thennulagam ERRuviththa

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thennulagam ERRuviththa thiNdiRalum maRRivaidhAn                                 147
unni ulavA ulagaRiya Urvan nAn
munni muLaiththezhundhu Ongi oLi parandha                                                  148
manniya pUm peNNai madal

Word by word meaning

then ulagam ERRuviththa – so as to reach yamalOkam (hell)
thin thiRalum – what  great strength
maRRu ivai thAn – various other activities which are similar to these
unni ulavA – they cannot be thought of completely.
ulagu aRiya – announcing such activities so that people of the world would know
nAn – I, parakAla nAyaki
munni – standing up front
muLaiththu ezhundhu Ongi oLi parandha manniya pU peNNai madal Urvan – I will engage with madal from beautiful, firm and splendorous palm leaf which has been taken from a well sprouted, high grown pam tree.


thennulagam ERRuviththa – he let sUrppaNaka to live in this world; in the case of thAtakA, he sent her to the world of yama [hell] itself. How cruel!

thiN thiRalum – how to praise his valour that he shows towards helpless women?

maRRivaidhAn unni ulavA – it is not possible to complete the incidents that I have gathered of this emperumAn, just like one gathers wealth which will help during times of distress. It will suffer the same way that vEdham suffered when it tried to estimate the bliss of emperumAn and returned empty handed. Since he is likely to come scurrying and fall at my feet after I start revealing these, I consider them as my wealth during distress.

ulagu aRiya Urvan nAn – I will engage with madal such that all chEthanas (sentient beings) will come to know of them.

munni – Standing right up-front, saying “I am going to engage with madal”. The meaning implied is that it is not possible to wait for him [thirumangai AzhwAr] any more.

What sort of madal is this?

muLaiththu ezhundhu Ongi oLiparandha manniya pUm peNNai madal – I will engage with madal which has sprouted from earth, grown tall, remained resplendently, remained firm.

Urvan nAn madal – I have a great brahmASthra (very potent weapon) in my hand. What shortfall do I have now? This implies that there is no hurdle for my goal being reached. She is praising this [madal] because she feels that it will help her in uniting with emperumAn, just like viSwAmithra bhagavAn united sIthAppirAtti with perumAL [SrI rAma].

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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