periya thirumadal – 60 – thannudaiya thanmai

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thannudaiya thanmai thavirath thAn enkolO                                                     82
thennan podhiyil sezhum sandhin thAdhu aLaindhu
mannivvulagai manangaLippa vandhiyangum                                                  83
inniLam pUndhenRalum vIsum eri enakkE

Word by word meaning

thannudaiya thanmai thavira thAn en kol – Did anyone do anything to convert the natural quality of coolness of the moon to a hot state like this?
thennan podhiyil – in the malaiyamalai (podhigai mountain) of the king of pANdyas, who is the chief of the southern region
sezhu sandhin thAdhu aLaindhu – mixing the pollen from the beautiful sandalwood trees
man i ulagai manam kaLippa vandhu iyangum – roaming such that the minds of the people, who are in this permanent world, are happy
in iLa pU thenRalum – the southerly breeze which is sweet, youthful [full of vigour] and fragrant
enakkE eri vIsum – is blowing fire only for me 


thannudaiya thanmai thaviraththAn enkolO – Just as sIthAppirAtti had willed the hot agni (deity for fire) to remain cool for hanumAn, as mentioned in SrI rAmAyaNam sundhara kANdam 53-29 “SeethObhava hanUmatha:” (Oh agni! Remain cool for hanumAn), did anyone will the cool moon “ushNObhava” (remain hot)? Alternatively, instead of considering this only for moon, one could assume this to be true for ocean which had been spoken of earlier and wind etc, which are going to be spoken of next, so that it could be said that someone had willed that the property of various entities should change.

thennan podhiyil sezhum sandhin thAdhu aLaindhu mannivvulagai manam kaLippa vandhiyangum inniLam pUndhenRalum vIsum eri enakkE – the southerly wind carries with it the pollens of beautiful sandalwood trees which are planted in the podhigai hills of pANdya  king. Such breeze, which is sweet, young and fragrant, blows its coolness abundantly on the people of this permanent world in such a way that their minds are overjoyed. However, that breeze blew fire only on me.

mannivvulagam – azhagiya maNavALap perumAL nAyanAr, one of the two commentators for this prabandham, considered the usage as given here and interpreted it as “this world, which gets inundated often as its norm, is permanent” while the other commentator, periyavAchchAn piLLai considered the usage as manni ivvulagam and interpreted as “just as enabling everyone in this world to live, as its permanent feature, blowing fire only for me became its permanent feature”. The words should be combined as manni iyangum.

vIsum eri – (the breeze) standing at quite a distance from me so that the heat of separation that I am suffering from does not singe it, blew fire on me.

enakkE – it did this [blowing fire] only for me.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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