periya thirumadal – 82 – pinnaimaNALanai

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pinnai maNALanaip pEril piRappiliyai                                                      118
thonnIrk kadal kidandha thOLA maNichchudarai
en manaththu mAlai idavendhai Isanai                                                 119

Word by word meaning

pinnai maNALanai – being the consort of nappinnai pirAtti (nILA dhEvi)
pEril piRappu iliyai – dwelling at thiruppErnagar, being ready forever [to protect his followers]
thol nIr kadal kidandha – one who reclined on the ocean during the time of great deluge
thOLA maNi sudarai – being the radiance of gem which has not been pierced
en manaththu mAlai – one who has deep love for me and who never leaves my mind
idavendhai Isanai  – supreme being who has taken residence at thiruvidavendhai 


vallavAzh pinnai maNALanai – one who is standing [taking residence] at thiruvallavAzh, manifesting the beauty after marrying nappinnaip pirAtti.

pEril piRappiliyai – one who is dwelling at thiruppEr nagar, with the desire to take thousands of incarnations, even though he has taken many incarnations earlier for the sake of his followers, considering them as not being  purposeful.

piRappili – this shows that the supreme being considers in his divine mind that in the incarnations that he had undertaken earlier, he has not done anything.

thol nIr kidandha thOLA maNichchudarai – even though he is constantly with nithyasUris in paramapadham (SrIvaikuNtam), the supreme being thinks that he is alone and feels sorrowful, as mentioned in the sayin g “sa EkAkI na ramEtha” (that supreme being does not enjoy being alone); thus, he creates chEthanas (those with knowledge) and in order to uplift them, takes the first incarnation in thiruppARkadal (milky ocean), shining effulgently, like the radiance of a gemstone which had not been pierced.

thol nIr – this is the seedling for the crops of vibhava and archAvathAras (incarnations in thiruppARkadal and various divine abodes).

thOLA manichchudarai en manaththu mAlai – this would also mean one who has deep affection for me and took residence in my heart, as a result of which he became splendorous. For sarvESvara (the supreme entity), places such as thiruppARkadal are meant for carrying out certain tasks [for the sake of his followers] and are like bAlAlaya [temporary place where emperumAn is located when the sanctum sanctorum is under maintenance/repair] whereas the hearts of followers are the desired places to attain. thaiththirIya upanishath nArAyaNavalli says “viSvasyAyathanam mahath” (for sarvESwaran, heart is the huge temple); nammAzhwAr says in thiruvAimozhi 3-8-2nenjamE nINagarAga irundha en thanjanE” (Oh my companion, who considers my heart as a huge city!); there are also others who had prayed as in iraNdAm thiruvandhAdhi 54iLam kOyil kaividEl” (just because you have taken residence in my heart, please do not give up your residence in places such as thiruppARkadal).

AzhwAr cites an example for the last mentioned . . . .

idavendhai Isanai – one who is shining at thiruvidavendhai since he is with his beloved, bhUmippirAtti (bhUdhEvi). Since he is the consort of bhUmippirAtti, he is dwelling there manifesting that he is the supreme being.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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