periya thirumadal – 91 – than aruLum Agamum

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than aruLum Agamum thArAnEl thannai nAn

Word by word meaning

than aruLum Agamum thArAnEl – if he does not grant me his divine grace and his divine chest
thannai – that emperumAn
nAn – I (who know all his activities) 


than aruLum Agamum thArAnEl – if he does not shower his mercy on me and if he does not embrace my bosom with his divine chest and give me fresh lease of life, just as people build sheds during summer to donate water to the needy ones which is an activity intended to do good for themselves instead of to the ones who take water from these sheds. The implied meaning is that if emperumAn does not do this [showering his mercy and embracing AzhwAr], AzhwAr’s life will not remain in his body.

thannai  – emperumAn who is acting as if he is very loving while in truth he does not have any love for AzhwAr, just like puffed rice has no sweetness in it even though it is coated with a layer of jaggery. Alternative interpretation – emperumAn who has such greatness that he has to be attained even if one were to engage with madal.

nAn – I, who am going to disclose all the lies about him who is acting as if he were very true. Alternatively, this would also mean – I, who will not remain without attaining him, even if it means that I have to destroy both his and my nature.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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