periya thirumadal – 27 – pon arumbu Aram

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ponnarumbu Aram pulamba agam kuzhaindhu Angu
inna uruvin imaiyAth thadam kaNNAr                                                                 35
annavar tham mAnOkkam uNdAngu aNimuRuval
innamudham mAndhiyiruppar idhuvanRE                                                          36                                    

Word by word meaning

pon arumbu Aram pulamba – chains (worn by the celestial damsel) make sounds
Angu – in that place
agam kuzhanidhu – with the heart softening
inna uruvin imaiyA thadam kaNNAr – having such great, expansive eyes
annavar tham – such celestial damsels’
mAn nOkkam uNdu – enjoying the look of a doe’s eyes
Angu – along with that
aNi muRuval innamudham mAndhi iruppar – they would have consumed the nectar of beautiful smile.


pon arumbu Aram pulamba – the chains made of golden coins are making noise. During union, since the bodies are in embrace, the chains also move and make a noise. The chains are made of three or five rows of coins and the noise which they make is termed as pulambal (lamenting).

arumbu Aram pulamba – Even during union, the chains cannot be removed as they are such beautiful. It appears that they (the chains) are saying “Aren’t we a decoration for her!” even as they appear to be blossoming from her bosom. AzhwAr is indirectly hinting at the pleasures of union.

agam kuzhaindhu – agreeing to that union, with the heart softening.

Angu – in that celestial land [svargam]

inna uruvin imaiyAth thadam kaNNArinnavuru – their inexplicable beauty is similar to gold which has been melted in the furnace [and drawn to form jewels]

imaiyAth thadam kaNNAr . . . – looking at the sight of those damsels who have  beautiful eyes  like those of a doe. The term imaiyA does not refer to the nature of celestial people who do not close their eyelids as a natural behaviour but their inability to close the eyes due to the beauty of the object being seen. Once the food of their vision is digested, they let out a smile to blossom from their lips. The visitors would drink the juice of their lips and satiate their thirst.

iruppar – This shows that due to the excessive pleasures, they are unable to let go of this and will hold on to it.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

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