periya thirumadal – 92 – minnidaiyAr sEriyilum

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minnidaiyAr sEriyilum vEdhiyargaL vAzhvidaththum                                       135
thannadiyAr munbum tharaNi muzhudhALum
konnavilum vElvEndhar kUttaththum nAttagaththum                                     136

Word by word meaning

min indaiyAr sEriyilum – in the gatherings of women
vEdhiyargaL vAzhvidaththum – in the places where vaidhikas (those who follow vEdhams) live
than adiyAr munbum – in the presence of emperumAn’s followers
tharaNi muzhudhALum konnavilum vElvEndhar kUttaththum – in the courts of those kings who rule over the entire earthern region and who have cruel armies
nAdu agaththum – in all the other places 


minnidaiyE sEriyilum – I will first go to the women who have lost out their hearts to him, just like I did, and tell them “He has told me ‘I do not know anyone other than you’; acting as if he were deeply in love with you, he has told you ‘I do not know anything other than your waists which are like lightning’; know how deceptive his words are”

minnidaiyAr – women such as ANdAL, cow-herd women et al. Has he not earned the name of being a great appreciator of their beauty? I will destroy that name by showing them as to how he has appreciated my beauty.

vEdhiyargaL vAzhvidaththum – in places which are inhabited by great people such as vyAsa, parAsara et al, who carry out devotion, spiritual rites, mangaLASAsanam (praising) etc  after knowing that he is the supreme entity, through authentic sources such as Sruthi (vEdhas) etc. I will go to their gatherings where they say that he is the supremely generous entity and show them my body [which has become so weak, in separation from him].

thannadiyAr munbum – I will go to gatherings of people such as iLaiyaperumAL [lakshmaNa], nammAzhwAr et al, who have lost out to his auspicious qualities and given themselves up to him as his servitors and tell them “Look how his qualities are”.

The term vEdhiyar refers to those who are deeply engaged in activities which are mentioned in vEdhas in order to attain emperumAn and the term than adiyAr refers to those who are fully engaged with emperumAn’s divine feet as the readily available means to attain him.

tharaNi muzhudhALum kol navilum vElvEndhar kUttaththum – wouldn’t kings such as kulasEkara AzhwAr, thoNdaimAn chakravarththy et al,  who are great warriors born into the lineage of great clans and who have earned the name of Kings since they are ruling over various countries on this earth, celebrate about emperumAn’s qualities of valour and protection? I will go to gatherings of such kings and destroy his qualities of valour and protection by telling them “Look at the valour that he, who was born in the clan of ikshvAku [the first king in the clan in which SrI rAma was born], has shown on a weak woman such as I; look at how he, who protects everyone, has protected me”.

nAttagaththum – Will I go to only a few places which have been mentioned above? I will go to all the places where he has established himself as a supreme being. I will go to all places where he has established himself as a supreme warrior.

In the next article, we will discuss the next part of this prabandham.

adiyEn krishNa rAmAnuja dhAsan

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